Unlimited Network Of Opportunities Review – #1 MLM Company In PH?

Although this MLM company has been around for more than a decade, it is surprisingly hard to find an informative yet unbiased Unlimited Network of Opportunities review today.

So if you are interested in investing money on this company but you wanted to know if it is actually worth your time and investment…

You are on the right page!!

By taking the time to read this Unlimited Network Of Opportunities (UNO) review, I promise you nothing but the truth about regarding this pioneer MLM company in the Philippines.

Unlimited Network of Opportunities Review Summary

Owner: William Barbo

Price: 7,300PHP (~146USD)

Bare Naked Scam Rating:

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What is Unlimited Network Of Opportunities (UNO) 


Unlimited Network of Opportunities popularly known as UNO is a multi-level marketing company headquartered in Manila, Philippines.Just like the other MLM companies founded in the Philippines, e.g., AIM Global and JC Premiere

UNO’s primary target market are Filipinos and OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) in other countries.

UNO was founded by William Barbo in 2007 and has been one of the companies that pioneered the MLM industry in the Philippines.


As of today, UNO has international branches in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Indonesia and even in the United States and Canada.

UNO promotes natural health and wellness products with a mission to “provide the best products and services and to produce more successful entrepreneurs.”

What are the Products Promoted by UNO

UNO has a wide range of products that focus on health and wellness, beauty and personal care. The company even added a new line of antibacterial household products.

The company manufacture and have their own exclusive product line.

Some of the most popular product that UNO promotes are:

  • Grapeseed extracts;
  • Glutathione capsules;
  • Vitamins;
  • Toothpaste;
  • Whitening soap;
  • Fruit juice;
  • Coffee and;
  • Chocolate beverages.

They also have nanotechnology products such as the scalar pendant and bio-magnetic bracelet.

You can see all the products of UNO if you click HERE.

How To Make Money with UNO

Just like any other MLM companies, you can make money with UNO by Direct Selling and Recruitment.

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Although UNO prides itself as the only local MLM company in the Philippines that offers 10 ways to earn, those ways simply can be classified as,

  • Recruiting new people or
  • Selling products

As an official distributor of UNO, you can earn thru:

Direct Selling

Earn 25 – 50% for every UNO products that you can sell.

Direct Sponsoring

For every person that you sponsor (recruit) to join UNO, you will earn 500PHP (~10USD) in cash plus an additional of 750PHP (~15USD) worth of products.

This is up to infinity. The more person you sponsor to join UNO, the more money you make.

Matching Bonus

UNO uses a hybrid business model that is a combination of a Binary System and Unilevel. In the Matching Bonus, every time the number of people in your Left matches the number on the Right…

You will earn 500PHP (~10USD) to 1,500PHP (~30USD), depending on which level the match happens.

Uni-Level Bonus

Earn up to 29% of your group’s total product purchases and reorders per month.

Mult-Level Marketing Bonus

You have the potential to earn 5 – 45% of your total group earnings depending on your rank.

Direct Uni-Level Bonus

Earn a percentage from all of the Uni-Level Bonus earnings of your group.

Direct Matching Bonus

You have the potential to earn an additional 5 – 10% income from all the Matching Bonus of all the people in your group that you Directly Sponsored.

Super Matching Bonus

As you increase your Rank in UNO’s MLM structure, you will enjoy additional income in your Matching Bonus.

Generation Bonus

Depending on your rank, you have the potential to earn a percentage for all the members on your group.

Global Profit Sharing

If you meet the qualifications, you will be entitled to get a share from 3% of all the products sales of Unlimited Network of Opportunity within the year.

To learn more about the technicalities and requirements to qualify on each potential earnings above…

You can watch this video about UNO compensation plan.

Unlimited Network of Opportunities Compensation Plan Video

How to Join UNO

You can join UNO and become an official distributor by purchasing their Platinum Membership Package that cost 7,300PHP (~146USD).

This package contains your ROI in forms of:

  • UNO products;
  • Business starter kit;
  • Personal accident insurance;
  • Personal website and;
  • Training materials.

Join UNO Now

My #1 Alternative

What I Like about UNO

In this part of my Unlimited Network of Opportunity review, allow me to highlight the things that I personally like about this MLM company.

MLM Industry Leader

Unlimited Network of Opportunities has been operating for more than a decade. The company remain among the more stable and well-established names in the MLM industry.

Up to date, UNO continues to provide a wide range of personal care and health products. Their product line comes with premium ingredients such as grape seed extract, virgin coconut oil, and green tea.

Health and Wellness Products

Uno has its own unique line of products for health and wellness. MLM companies that belong to this niche has a huge target market for their products. I find this very favorable to their distributors.

By having their own unique products, the company makes it a “little” easier for its members to make sales.

Decent Product Profit Margins

As a distributor for UNO, you will be entitled to a 25 – 50% lifetime discount on all the companies current and upcoming products.

This means that if selling is your forte…

You will have the chance to earn good profits every time you can sell your products.

Legit MLM Company

UNO won a multitude of awards for the global excellence of its manufactured product line.

The company has been ISO certified for three consecutive years, and most reviews about UNO and its products are highly positive.

What I Don’t Like about UNO

MLM Companies have a very high distributor failure rate

UNO is an MLM company, and no matter how legit it is, it is still a fact that more than 95% of the people who engage in MLM fail which I will discuss why in a moment.

If you are interested in joining UNO just to use their products and enjoy the perks that come with the Platinum package…

Then its probably alright.

However, if you are planning to commit your full time and effort into this MLM business model, your chances of success are very slim.

Poorly Designed Company Website

The content on UNO’s site is not very easy to read. The fonts are too small, and the layout is poorly conceptualized.

There is also no information about the company’s product prices and a clear guide on how to register should you want to join the company.

The company owners are not mentioned, and a few crucial pieces of information about the company are missing.

High Competitions on Products

Although it is true that the Health and Wellness industry is a vast market for entrepreneurs involved in the MLM industry, it is also fair to say that the majority of all the products you can find in any MLM companies today belongs to this niche.

Statistically speaking…

The competition for Health and Wellness products very high. It would take for an MLM company’s products to be truly exceptional to overcome this issue.

Relatively Expensive Products

Selling UNO’s products will fetch you a good profit.

However, this is due to the simple fact that most of these products are a few times more expensive than the similar products that you can buy in the pharmacy or supermarkets.

For example, you can buy a similar box of commercial Vitamin C for 200PHP (~4USD) instead of UNO’s Ultima-C which costs more than 800PHP (~16USD).

Heavy Focus on Recruitment

The Unlimited Network of Opportunities compensation plan places a heavy emphasis on recruitment instead of awarding their members for selling products.

Other than the fact that the fat paychecks rely on the number of people you can sponsor and recruit to join UNO…

The company also places unfair requirements for a distributor to enjoy Uni-Level (product movements) perks but none for Matching Bonus and Direct Sponsorship (recruitments).

Start Making Money Online Without Recruiting People

Subjected for Authority Investigations

Even of UNO is a legit MLM company; it has been the focus of many investigations regarding the illegal recruitment practices of its top distributors.

While the guilty distributors were jailed for conducting business operations in this manner…

It is still a huge blunder on the company’s part to allow such malpractices to happen on their ranks.

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Unlimited Network of Opportunities Pros and Cons List


  • Legit MLM company
  • An industry leader
  • Unique product line
  • You can earn decent profits thru direct selling


  • Expensive products
  • A poorly designed company website
  • MLM business model has a high failure rate
  • Heavy emphasis on recruitment (close to pyramid schemes)

Why Most Distributors Suffer Failure in the Multi-Level Marketing Industry

A staggering 95% of the total distributors in any MLM company such as UNO fails to make a substantial income in the end. Some of them even ended up losing money.


Well, I have discussed this in one of my article about The Ultimate Truth about MLM No One Dares to Tell You

But if you are too lazy (or busy) to click that link, I will share with you some of the most popular reasons why people fail in the MLM industry.

Lack of Leads

One of the reasons people fail in network marketing and MLM business is by running out of leads.

Although it is true that you can turn to your friends and families within the first months of your business, sooner or later you will run out of leads.

Sooner or later, you will have no one to sell your products to or to present your business.

Unless you enroll in an excellent network marketing training program such as the Attraction Marketing to teach you how to get endless prospects and leads for your business, you will be in a lot of trouble.

Get Exclusive Access To Unlimited Leads/Prospects For Your Business

Insufficient Skills Training

Most of the MLM companies do not provide reliable sales and marketing training to their members.

This is why most distributors are left on their own devices trying to figure out how to make things work.

To generate a means of income, it is not surprising that most of these distributors easily fall prey to sketchy recruitment strategies and shady MLM programs which does more harm than good in the end.

Lack of Network Marketing Skills

And because there are not enough free training programs provided to MLM distributors, most of them do not possess the actual skills to help them grow their business.

To be an effective distributor for UNO (and any other MLM companies), you absolutely must master the art of selling and how to invite people to your business.

I encourage you to start with Attraction Marketing.

This network marketing strategy will teach you the skills on how to generate endless prospects for your business. 

You will also be able to connect to the people who are most likely to join your company or buy your products and most of all; you will learn how to recruit people without getting rejected.

Regarding this matter, I can recommend some helpful articles that will significantly improve your chance to succeed in the MLM industry.

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IS UNO a Scam?

Unlimited Network of Opportunities is a health and wellness MLM company that has been in the industry for more than a decade.

And though it is true that the company has been the subject for investigations, it is still undeniable that this company is as legitimate as it can be.

However, what worries me is that the company places a heavy emphasis on recruitment efforts and this can easily fall under pyramid schemes.

This kind of compensation plans are very risky and has been the cause of many controversies in recent years.

My Sincere Advice To You

There you have it. A totally unbiased Unlimited Network of Opportunities review for 2019 that you have been looking for.

If you are keen into joining UNO and becoming one of its distributors, I highly suggest that you do more research about this company.

I have been on the bitter end of the MLM industry. I know how it feels to be frustrated and disappointed especially if you realize later on that the company you pour your heart and soul is no more than a scam in disguise.

My advice is…

Before you invest your hard-earned money into MLM companies such as UNO, make sure that you have enough data to come up with a well-informed decision.

One more thing and this is crucial. Success in MLM does not come in a silver platter. You have to work for it, and you have to be patient.

Most of all, you have to learn the skills to become an effective network marketer.

There are many excellent training programs for network marketers and MLM distributors today. All you have to do is see which one can provide you with what you need and what you wanted to accomplish in your business.

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Final Words

If you find this UNO review helpful, kindly share it to the people you know who might need this kind of information.

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We make it our mission to expose all the scams today and give credit to the real and legit business opportunities.

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Thank you for your time, and I wish you all the success in the future.

Your pal,


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