JC Premiere Review – Should You Join This MLM Company?

JC Premiere is making a lot of noise in the MLM industry, especially in the Asian territories. If you are looking to learn everything about this company, this JC Premiere review for 2019 is just what you need.

Before we move on, let me assure you that I am not a distributor of JC Premiere nor am I affiliated in any way with this MLM company.

What I offer you today is a brutally honest, unbiased JC Premiere review. No more, no less.

JC Premiere Review Summary

Owner: Jonathan So

Price: ~170USD – 320USD

Recommended? No. Check this out instead.


Income Opportunity Rating:
2.5 / 5 Stars

What is JC Premiere?


JC Premiere Business International (JC Premiere) is an MLM company that offers health, beauty, wellness and personal care products founded in the Philippines.


This company have a good amount of distributors especially in Asian countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong, Malaysia, UAE and of course, Philippines.

The company’s current CEO is Jonathan So.

While JC Premiere’s headquarters is located at San Juan City, one of the prestigious major commercial and business centers in the Philippines.

JC Premiere is among the most popular and fastest growing MLM companies in the Philippines alongside AIM (Alliance in Motion) Global, Royale Business Club and, UNO (Unlimited Network of Opportunities).

JC Premiere Products

JC Premiere products are divided into 3 main categories:

  • Beauty Products;
  • Health and Wellness and;
  • Personal Care.

Beauty Products:

Omni White Scrub, BB Cream, Cream, Pinkish Cream, Soap, Kojic Soap, Toner, Lotion, Timeless Cream, and Omni White CC Cushion

Health and Wellness:

  • 4Green Food Supplement Capsule
  • CalVit C
  • GlutaFit
  • Good Leaf Ashitaba, Ashitaba Capsule, Ashitaba Coffee Classic and Ashitaba Coffee Mocha
  • HiLife juice
  • Kape Supremo
  • OmniFit
  • Omni White Oxygen Bubble Cleanser
  • Organic Barley Capsule (New Zealand)
  • Organic Barley Juice (New Zealand)
  • Premiere Green Tea

Personal Care:

  • K-Pads Day, Night and Panty Liner
  • Nature’s Own Shampoo, Conditioner and Toothpaste
  • Mini Me Diaper

How to make money with JC Premiere

JC Premiere is an MLM company. Therefore, there are two ways you can make money with this company.

You can either sell your products for profits (direct selling), or you can sponsor new people to the company (recruitment).

Direct Selling with JC Premiere

As an official distributor of JC Premiere, you will be entitled to a 50 – 70% discounts on the company products.

By selling those products to other people, you will be getting a healthy profit margin of 50 – 70% as well.

Recruitment with JC Premiere

Although a distributor can earn a decent amount of money thru selling JC Premiere products, the fat paychecks are still in recruitment. Here’s how you can make money by recruiting new people to JC Premiere.

Direct Sales Commission:

Earn 1,000PHP (~20USD) every time you sponsor someone to join and start a business with JC Premiere. 

This is up to infinity, the more people you recruit to join, the more you earn.

Sales Match Commission:

JC Premiere is using a multilevel business program called a binary system. With this system, you will have a Left Group Sales (LGS) and a Right Group Sales (RGS).

In the SMC (Sales Match Commission), you have the potential to earn an additional 1,500PHP (~30USD) every time the number of people on your LGS and RGS matches.

In addition to the cash, you will also get points with SMC. You can use these points to claim the incentives given by the company.

Leadership Commission:

You will earn 20% out of the total earnings of the people that you directly sponsored to join JC Premiere.

Passive Sales Match Bonus:

You have the potential to earn a recurring 1,500PHP (~30USD) whenever the accumulated product purchases of your group reach a total of 18,000PHP (~360USD).

For additional information, you can take watch the video presentation below about JC Premiere’s compensation plan.

JC Premiere Compensation Plan Video Presentation

JC Premiere Schedule of Payment

The Distributors may be claim their earnings by the following schedule:

  • Cut-Off Time – Every Monday and will be released Friday of the next week
  • Uni-level – End of the month of production Cutoff and will be release 15th of the following month

You can get paid thru check or through your bank account.

How to join JC Premiere

You can join and become an official distributor for JC Premiere by purchasing one of their business packages.

  • Silver Package – 8,880PHP (~170USD)
  • Gold Package – 10,888PHP (~208USD)
  • And Platinum Package that costs 15,888PHP (~320USD).

For Anyone Who Wants to Start a Profitable Online Business

What I like about JC Premiere?

JC Premiere is a legit MLM company that has been around in the Philippines for a few years. These are some good things worth mentioning about this company.

Health and Wellness Products

JC Premiere products belong in the health and wellness industry. It is always an advantage for an MLM company to have these kinds of products because people today have been very conscious about their health.

The health and wellness industry is such a vast market and provides a lot of potential for entrepreneurs.

Huge Product Profits

Distributors of JC Premiere enjoy a  50 – 70% discount on their products. This translates to a reasonable profit margin whenever you manage to sell them.

The huge profit margin also encourages members to sell their products as it can actually be a good source of income.

What I don’t like about JC Premiere

JC Premiere is an MLM Company

Although MLM is a legit business model, it is still shrouded with controversies and scandals.

MLM companies like JC Premiere has a very high failure rate among their distributors. The latest consensus shows that at least 95% of all the distributors fail in the MLM industry. I will get to this in a moment.

Therefore, if your intention of joining JC premiere is for business, you are putting yourself in a scenario where you are to fail 9.5 out of 10 times.

Expensive Products

It is excellent that JC Premiere products have a huge profit margin, but this is because these products are relatively expensive when compared to similar health and wellness products you can find in the supermarkets.

Selling is not easy, and when you are trying to sell unreasonably expensive products, the task becomes a lot harder.

Heavy Focus on Recruitment

Yes, you can earn a good profit by selling JC Premiere products but let’s not beat around the bush.

No matter how you look at the company’s compensation plan, you can clearly tell that it is heavily focused on recruitment.

All the good perks about JC Premiere’s compensation plan, the incentives, the passive income, the sales match is only applicable if you have people under your organization.

You are clearly encouraged to recruit and sponsor new (and more) people into the company in return for a better income and lucrative perks.

Unlock Your Selling and Recruiting Potential Today

Now as a scam buster…

It is my duty to warn you with this kind of compensation plans. 

There have been many instances when legit MLM companies have been shut down by FTC due to their distributors’ malpractices which lead them to be branded as a pyramid scheme.

You can learn more about the critical differences between MLM and Pyramid Schemes on this 2-minute video.

The important difference is, MLM companies sell products or services that will provide valuable aid to someone’s life (i.e. health), while pyramid schemes do not offer products or services that are of value (useless products – snake oil).

Is JC Premiere for You

This is something that only you can answer. I do not doubt that JC Premiere is a legit MLM company.


You must accept the truth that for you to be successful in any MLM business model, you have to prepare and equip yourself the skills to recruit people.

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JC Premiere PROS and CONS

In this part of my JC Premiere review, allow me to present my pros and cons list.


  • Up to 50-70% Product Discount
  • Buy 1 take 1 Privilege
  • Lifetime Membership (one-time payment)
  • Personal Online Shop and Back office
  • COD (cash on delivery) Services for the Philippines
  • The “Potential” for a Passive Income
  • Car, Cash and Travel Incentives


  • JC Premiere is available only on selected territories (for now)
  • MLM business models have a very high failure rate
  • Very common health and wellness products (high competition)
  • Compensation plan heavily focus on recruitment

Why do the Vast Majority of Distributors Fail in the MLM industry

I hate to tell you this, but this is the fact.

One of the reasons why the MLM business models have been labeled as scams and frauds, in general, is because most people who engage in this industry does not make any substantial income. Some even ended up losing money.

These are the most common reason why distributors fail in the MLM industry.

Not enough Leads/Prospects

Just like any businesses, one of the main reason why distributors fail in the MLM industry is because of not enough prospects.

If you retake a look at JC Premiere’s compensation plan (and any other MLM companies), the only way you can ever earn a substantial income is through recruitment.

Your family and friends are not enough. Sure they can be your go-to prospects as you start, but the reality is you will run out of leads sooner or later.

Unless you learn Attraction Marketing, this obstacle is hard to overcome in the MLM industry.

Wrong Mindset

Many people join an MLM company like JC Premiere thinking this is where they can make easy money.

Unfortunately for them, there are no legit Get-Rich-Quick programs. Not even in the MLM industry.

Beware of the hypes and false promises. The only way you can earn with MLM is through hard work, skills, and patience.

Lack of Skills

Talking about earning money and how to succeed with MLM, it is only possible if you have and learn the skills to do so.

Many people fail in this industry because they think that they can join any MLM company and success will be handed to them on a silver platter.

To be an effective network marketer, someone who will have an excellent chance to succeed in this industry, you must acquire new skills and hone the ones that you already have.

You must master the art of selling and how to get unlimited prospects which are some of the many skills you can learn through Attraction Marketing.

For Anyone Who Wants to Start a Profitable Online Business

My Sincere Advice to You

I was and have been in many MLM companies before. And though some of them are legit companies…

I also have experienced being scammed and taken advantage of. My hard earned money gone because of some shady investments that promises mouth-watering income.

This has been my motivation in writing these reviews. To provide you with the facts so you can make an informed decision.

If you are keen into joining JC Premiere…

I strongly advise that you learn more about this company. You can do your own research in addition to the facts and information I have provided with you today.

I would also encourage you to learn the Attraction Marketing to dramatically improve your chance of success in the MLM industry.

However, if you wanted to consider looking into other options into how to generate passive income at home other than joining MLM companies, then I highly recommend that you check out this online business program.

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this JC Premiere review. If you have questions and clarification, you can voice them out in the comment sections below.

I also request the JC Premiere distributors who might happen to read this to help us clarify some issues and provide our readers with more in-house information.

Moreover, if you find this review helpful, kindly share it to the people who might find this useful.

Until next time and I wish you all the success in the future.

Your pal,