Is Zarfund a Scam? – Zarfund Bitcoin MLM Review

One of our subscribers asked me to look into Zarfund whether it is a scam or a worthy investment.

So, if you are looking for the same thing, then this is just for you.

After diving into some details I saw that there are many people who claimed that Zarfund is a scam, while some people claimed that they’ve made money from it.

Who is telling the truth? Who can you trust? On this Zarfund review, we’ll be discussing on these topics as well as the things you need to know before you join.

So, let’s get started…

Review Summary

Name: Zarfund

Owner: Hannes Jordaan

Cost to Join: 0.0025btc

Recommended? No

Zarfund Scam Updates

Income Opportunity Rating:

Companies today utilize different social media platforms to promote their businesses.

So I visit the Zarfund Facebook page and I am disappointed with what I found.

I also have exclusive information that explains why many people have such negative things to say about the company.

Zarfund Negative ReviewZarfund Negative ReviewZarfund Negative Review

Continue reading this Zarfund review to find out what this company is really about.

What I Found On Zarfund’s Facebook Page?

The company’s FB Page has over 13k members. However, the last post was from over a year ago.

It was from Hannes Jordaan (the founder of Zarfund himself) promoting a different company called Crypto-Builder.

Zarfund Facebook PageZarfund Facebook PageZarfund Facebook Page

Naturally, this has caused some confusion among Zarfund members. To which, one has stated:

Is Zarfund Still UpIs Zarfund Still UpIs Zarfund Still Up

Then, another Zarfund affiliate answers:

Zarfund Still UpZarfund Still UpZarfund Still Up

The former seems to be convinced by the explanation of the latter. However, I am certainly not.

Because if Zarfund is indeed still “fully operational” and growing, it’s FB page would always be active. This is not the case.

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Founder of Zarfund

Zarfund was founded by someone named Haanes Jordaan in 2016.

Haanes claims to be an online entrepreneur living in South Africa. Surprising enough, Hannes Jordaan is not promoting Zarfund anymore. 

On his Twitter account, his most recent post was about random Internet and affiliate marketing products.

Zarfund Founder Hannes JordaanZarfund Founder Hannes JordaanZarfund Founder Hannes Jordaan

He did not even state that he is the founder of Zarfund but a website called “webfindx.com.” The last time I checked, such a domain doesn’t exist.

Zarfund and Crypto-Builder

About the new program that Hannes Jordaan was promoting, Crypto-Builder isn’t that different from Zarfund.

In fact, it seems to be an exact clone of Zarfund!

I went and checked the company website, and you can only imagine my dismay.

The Crypto-Builder’s compensation plan is also, yes you guessed it, “gifting” – the same to Zarfund. 

The images used are the same. Even the wording on the two company’s “About” pages are the same!


Zarfund “About” Page:

Zarfund About PageZarfund About PageZarfund About Page

Crypto-Builder “About” Page:

Crypto-Builder About PageCrypto-Builder About PageCrypto-Builder About Page

As to why Hannes manages two identical investment schemes, both are still active to date; I can only think of one thing.

To get more money from unsuspecting victims!

But hey, this is just my own opinion. How about you?

Do you think Zarfund is a scam too? Let me hear your thoughts in the Comment Section Below.

What is Zarfund?

Now, I know I might be getting ahead of myself here. So before I share all the proofs leading me to believe that Zarfund is a scam, let’s circle back and talk about the company.

For those who are unfamiliar about Zarfund, it is a multi-level marketing company that involves Bitcoin. Zarfund also has another sister company named Zarfund-BTC, which directly involves trading in cryptocurrencies.

Zarfund ComZarfund ComZarfund Com

It is based in South Africa, and the “Zar” in Zarfund is derived from “ZAR” which is the primary currency of the countries in this region.

As to how zarfund.com generates its revenue using Bitcoins, nobody knows.

How Does Zarfund Work?

Instead of trading Bitcoin to pay its members, Zarfund uses a gifting MLM compensation plan.

Another company I can remember using the same is Global Dream Network, which is also operating in the same territories.

When you join Zarfund, you will pay a membership fee in the form of “donation.” Zarfund uses a 2 x 7 matrix system.

Zarfund Compensation Plan

To join in, you need to “donate” the minimum amount which is equal to 0.0025btc (~$24) during the publication of this Zarfund review) directly to your sponsor.

In return, you will earn 2 x 0.0025btc from the two persons that you recruit under you. 

As I said earlier, there are seven levels (Bronze up to Unobtanium) within the Zarfund compensation plan structure. 

To qualify for the next level, you will have to upgrade your membership status by paying an upgrade fee.

Zarfund Affiliate Ranks

Below are the seven ranks in the Zarfund compensation plan. I included the cost to join and the fees to upgrade your membership.

  • Bronze (Level 1) 0.0025btc (Cost to join)
  • Silver – 0.004btc (Upgrade fee)
  • Gold – 0.008btc (Upgrade fee)
  • Platinum – 0.02btc (Upgrade fee)
  • Emerald – 0.05btc (Upgrade fee)
  • Diamond – 0.1btc (Upgrade fee)
  • Unobtanium (more like unobtainable) – 0.5btc (Upgrade fee)In Science, Unobtanium is a fictional and hypothetical material, which is the perfect metaphor when describing your chance of success with Zarfund.

The Ugly Truth about Zarfund

I can relate why many people believe Zarfund is a scam and I will tell you why.

#1 A Pyramid Scheme Unchecked

Your earnings in Zarfund will come from the people you recruit down the line. There is no selling or products or services in Zarfund. 

The company makes it look like you are investing in Bitcoins when you join in, but in reality, you only convert your money into BTC, but it goes directly to your sponsor.

The clear giveaway that Zarfund is a scam, a pyramid scheme,that is waiting to be shut down by authorities are these statements on its official website “zarfund.com”:

Zarfund Is A Pyramid SchemeZarfund Is A Pyramid SchemeZarfund Is A Pyramid Scheme

Notice how the business gives heavy emphasis on recruitment. You will be reminded continuously to recruit people (2 for the lowest level), so you can make money.

They even have the guts to tell you that if you do not recruit two people within 90 days, you will not earn money and you can either quit or reinvest again.

What about your first investment then? What happens if the second time you invest you still cannot recruit two people within 90 days? Another 0.0025btc worth of you hard-earned money gone?

What a scam!

#2 A P2P System

If you are unfamiliar with the term, “Pay to Play” system (P2P) is an arrangement where payment is demanded (often illegally) from those who wish to take part in particular business activity. 

Membership FeesMembership FeesMembership Fees

This means that Zarfund is not only a pyramid scheme, but it will try to get as much money from you. 

Once you have your two recruits, you need to pay additional fees to earn commission on the next level. And the next.

Is Zarfund a Scam?

Having reviewed hundreds of different business opportunities, Zarfund is a pyramid scheme and a scam, in my opinion.

I know some people’s argument is like this.

How can Zarfund scam you when the company does not manage any money transfer at all? 

An example is on this image that I snipped from a blog of a loyal Zarfund affiliate:

Zarfund Compensation PlanZarfund Compensation Plan

The answer is simple!

Because this particular pyramid scheme wouldn’t exist in the first place if Hannes Jordaan didn’t initiate it. Zarfund and the people behind it started this illegal gifting scheme.

Another argument by loyal supporters of this company is this:

How would the personalities behind Zarfund could benefit from scamming people when they aren’t the one who hold and manage the “donations”?


Because it is likely that all the top position of Zarfund’s matrix compensation structure are accounts owned by Hannes Jordaan and his cohorts.

If you take into consideration that the 13k people in the Zarfund Facebook Page are all members of the company, then the people who run this scheme has already amassed enough money from all the people down the line.

Like how you are hoping to make money from all your downlines. But they did it in such a sneaky way!

This is probably even the reason why Hannes created the new platform called Crypto-Builder.

It is because he is worried that the authorities will catch up to Zarfund soon, so he already made a preemptive move.

Should You Join Zarfund?

I am in no place to tell you what to do with your time and money. However, I wouldn’t recommend this business opportunity.

Zarfund is a pyramid scheme and will collapse as soon. When no more people are tricked into joining at the bottom of the pyramid.

When the recruiting stops, Zarfund will cease to operate. That or when the FTC and authorities shut them down.

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My Humble Advice

I have long expressed my doubts about multi-level companies that involve cryptocurrencies because it is where usually scams are rampant.

There are many other business opportunities like Zarfund that also turn out as scams. My advice is when an exciting opportunity knocks on your door, treat it with the right amount of skepticism.

To protect yourself in the future, you might want to read these articles:

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Thank you for taking the time to read this Zarfund review. I sincerely hope that you found the information you need to decide on whether Zarfund is a scam or a worthy investment.

If you share the same conclusion with me, please help me educate other people about the ugly truth of Zarfund.

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Meanwhile, if you have more vital information that you want to share regarding this company, feel free to utilize the Comment Section below.

Until here and stay safe always.

Your pal,


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