VoxxLife Scam? – An Unbiased Voxxlife Review

Voxxlife has been getting a lot of attention within the MLM industry lately, and I am pretty sure questions like “Is Voxxlife legit” or, “is Voxxlife a scam” came across your mind.

You are in the right place because I am going to share with you everything you need to know before you join the company.

So, let’s get started…

Review Summary

Owner: Jay Dhaliwal

Price to Join Opportunity: $40 + Optional Starter Kit

Business Opportunity Rating: 2.5 / 5

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Voxxlife Products

Base on Voxxlife’s product line, I would say that this is an interesting MLM company.

Unlike the typical MLM companies that focus their attention on food supplements, weight management products, vitamins, energy drinks, and the likes…

Voxxlife is a company that gives special attention to your foot health.

That being said, Voxxlife products are its own patented foot apparels such as socks and insoles that are embedded with Voxx HPT (Human Performance Technology).

Voxxlife’s main products are Voxx Stasis:


And VoxxSol:


How does Voxx HPT Work?

If you are wondering what Voxx HPT is, VoxxLife claims that…

“VOXX HPT is a very specific sequence and pattern of neuroreceptor activation on the bottom of the feet that triggers a signal that aides in the brainstem reaching homeostasis.”


They are supposed to improve your balance, relieve pain, and increase performance, among other benefits. Voxxlife claims to have documented studies and trials that support these.

These include:

  • California Sports Institute – 50 subjects in a double-blind study
  • Liuna – 69 members using SWAY Medical software
  • The Golf Lab – A double-blind study of 72 golfers for distance and accuracy improvements

Furthermore, Voxxlife talks of “3rd party rehab clinics” that conducted a “1000 person study on foot pain and energy levels.”

There is also another research claim on Voxxlife’s official website itself about a cyclist wearing Voxx HPT resulting in a  22% increased power output.

If you are an athlete (or athletic), then you can probably take advantage of these facts. If you are not…

Then you can benefit from the other medical benefits offered by Voxx HPT on either the socks or insoles.

How To Make Money with Voxxlife

Despite their somewhat unique product line, Voxxlife is pretty much your typical MLM company when it comes to its compensation plan.


There are two ways you can make money with Voxxlife. You can either generate profits from selling the products or, you can earn a passive and residual income by growing your team thru recruitment.

The idea is identical to any other MLM companies.

To make profits, you have to sell products and recruit people to earn passive commissions.

Nevertheless, Voxxlife does not provide any public income disclosure statement so I cannot say for sure if enough people are making cash with Voxxlife. However…

I can say with confidence that more than 95% of people who join MLM companies fail does not make money at all.

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Voxxlife Compensation Plan

Moving on with this Voxxlife review, let’s take a closer look at the company’s compensation plan.


Retail Commissions

As a VoxxLife affiliate (distributor), you have to potential to earn a 25% commission on any products that you sell to other people.

Voxxlife product prices range from $30-$50. Selling a sock or insole that amounts $40, you get a $10 profit.

Direct Recruitment Commissions

In addition to earning profits from direct selling, the company will also pay you commissions for recruiting new people to join Voxxlife.

The amount of the commission you can potentially earn from direct recruitment depends on which starter kit your recruit choose to purchase.

The starter kit options and their respective commission payouts are as follows:

  • Bronze Kit ($200) – pays a commission of $40
  • Silver Kit ($400) – pays a commission of $80
  • Gold Kit ($600) – pays a commission of $120

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Residual Commissions

You can also generate a source of income through Voxxlife’s residual commissions that depend on your rank. Residual commissions in VoxxLife are paid out via a Unilevel compensation structure.

If you are unfamiliar with the Unilevel and different MLM compensation plans…

This article will provide you everything that you need to know.

Meanwhile, below are the different ranks of Voxxlife’s Unilevel structure and their respective earning potentials.

  • Associate – No residual commissions
  • Qualified Associate – 20% on level 1 and 2% on level 2
  • Team Leader – 20% on level 1 and 2% on levels 2 and 5
  • Director – 20% on level 1, 2.5% on levels 2 to 6 and 1% on levels 7 and 8
  • Managing Director and higher – 20% on level 1 and 2.5% on levels 2 to 8

Base on these facts…

  • Do you think that a Voxxlife scam is going on? 
  • What do you think about Voxxlife’s compensation plan?

You can share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

Voxxlife Membership Cost

If you want to join and become an affiliate of Voxxlife, all you need to do is complete a signup form and pay an annual fee of $40.

The $40 annual fee entitles you to the product discounts and personal sales commissions. You will also be given access to a free personal website that you can use to promote Voxxlife products.


On the flip side…

If you want to avail the full Voxxlife compensation plan, you will need to buy one of the three starter kits in addition to the $40 annual fee. The Voxxlife starter kits are as follows:

  • Bronze – $200
  • Silver – $400
  • Gold – $600

The only difference between these kits is the ROI amount of products included in each of them.

What I Like about Voxxlife

On this part of my Voxxlife review, allow me to highlight the things that I personally love about this company.

#1 Good product line

At the top of my list is the fact that Voxxlife promotes foot-health related products. Although it does not provide Voxxlife a clear advantage from its competitors in the MLM industry…

Foot apparels that offer health and performance benefits are exciting, to say the least.

MLM companies that promote food supplements and weight management programs such as

Are very common up to this day. It is good to find an MLM company that is different, even just a little bit.

#2 Backed by Science

Voxxlife claims that scientific studies back each of their products. If indeed true, this can provide many benefits to a lot of people especially to those who are desperate to alleviate the pain and improve their foot health.

Scientific research and medical claims about their socks and insoles are abundant on the company’s website and marketing material.

#3 Solid compensation plan

Although not really unique, Voxxlife’s compensation plan appears stable and sustainable nonetheless.

The company gives 25% commissions, direct recruitment, and residual-based commissions to its members.

# 4 Money back guarantee

With the starter kits relatively affordable when compared to other MLM membership plans, Voxxlife top it off with a 30-day money back guarantee.

My Concerns about Voxxlife

With all shiny parts of Voxxlife exposed, let’s take a look at the shady part and try to understand where the rumored Voxxlife scams are coming from.

#1 Numerous Customer Complaints

While writing this Voxxlife review, I came across many negative reviews about the company. First among the many is that people claim that the company has poor customer support. Customers talk about having trouble reaching any representative of the company while they were having minor or major issues.

#2 Expensive products

Needless to say, Voxxlife products are way too expensive compared to similar products from leading brands such as Underarmour, Nike and, Adidas.

In order to close out sales, you might have to endure a dry throat or spend an ample amount of time explaining to your prospects why should they buy from you instead of the much famous and internationally recognized names that I mentioned earlier.

#3 Hard to get repeat sales

In addition to the fact that Voxxlife products are expensive, I also find it hard to get regular repeat sales from your customers.

Socks and insoles, in general, are products that are not consumable. This means that it will take months if not years for one of your customer to order another set of Voxx Stasis or VoxxSol from you.

Retailing the products might be a source of profit, but it is clear that the fat paychecks in Voxxlife are still in the Recruitment department.

Should you wish to earn a substantial amount from Voxxlife, you need to grow your team and grow it fast!

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#4 No proof of the “studies”

On their website, Voxxlife claims numerous Scientific and medicinal studies conducted by a bunch of independent companies on their products. Sure that’s great.

However,  it would have been much better if they included a link to one or two of these “studies.”

In fact, any form of proof at all that these studies really did occur would be a huge boost to their credibility.

#5 MLM = Very High Failure Rate

Being an affiliate for any MLM company such as Voxxlife exposes you to a huge risk of failing. As I have mentioned earlier…

More than 95% of all the people who ventured in the MLM business model are bound to fail. Here’s why.

This is not a made up number to scare you. This is the agreed consensus all across the MLM industry. I am not saying that one can never succeed in the MLM industry.

In fact, many people have already done that.

These are the people who mastered the art of selling and learned how to generate an endless source of prospects for their respective MLM business – which you too can learn thru Attraction Marketing.

But statistically speaking, should you join Voxxlife hoping to generate a steady flow of income, you are to fail 9.5 out of 10 times. Sheesh.

Before I end this Voxxlife review, let’s do a short recap about Voxxlife, the people behind the company and its brief history.

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What is VoxxLife?

Voxxlife is an MLM company that focuses on drug-free wellness, optimal health, and improved human performance. Its product line is consist of patented foot apparels, namely Voxx Stasis and VoxxSol.


Although there is no information on their website about the company’s structure…

I was able to determine that Voxxlife ’s founder and current CEO is Jay Dhaliwal.

Moreover, although Voxxlife’s current website is somewhat new (2015), their parent company Voxxsports was registered in 2010.

Is Voxxlife scam?

Voxxlife is not a scam in my honest opinion. The company appears clean and as legitimate as any MLM company could get.

Although expensive, the products are good, even excellent. These foot apparels can help the right people who needs them.

Moreover, Voxxlife also offers a solid compensation plan that allows its members and affiliates to earn thru direct selling and not thru recruitment alone.

But if you have a piece of reliable information regarding a Voxxlife scam going on, you can share it to our readers in the Comment Section below.

With all that being said…

I still feel like it will be quite challenging to promote the products and make a profit. And even if you make a few sales, it won’t necessarily cover your expenses running your business and chances are…

You will not make money just like the vast majority of people in the MLM industry.

Now, if Voxxlife is not the business opportunity for you, your next question might be, what’s the alternative, right? Here goes…

My Sincere Advice to You

If you are interested in joining Voxxlife for the sake of getting a discount on its product, that doesn’t seem to be a bad idea at all.

However, I wouldn’t recommend Voxxlife to anyone as a full-time business. For starters, although VoxxLife will give you the opportunity to earn profits, some, by selling the products…

It is undeniable that the only way to make a substantial income is by recruiting more and more people to join your team.

Now, this is a gray area because you could easily fall under a chain-recruitment scheme.

But, if you genuinely believe that VoxxLife is your ticket to financial freedom, then I humbly advise that you learn about Attraction Marketing.

That way, you will be able to know how to market your products correctly and get an endless source of prospects that are likely to buy your socks and insoles.

A Better Alternative

VoxxLife is a decent business opportunity by any means. However, there are better ways to make money without such high risks.

I highly recommend check out this program, because it is the program that allowed me to quit my full-time job while still earn a full-time income from home.

I hope it can do the same for you.

Anyway, thank you for reading this VoxxLife review, and I hope that I’ve provided you with the information you need.

If you find this review helpful, please share it with others, you won’t know if others are in need of this information.

If you have more questions about Voxxlife or, if you have more valuable pieces of information about this company that I wasn’t able to mention here, please share it in the Comment Section below.

All the best to you!

Your pal,


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  1. janet spurrell says:

    Good review. However, Voxxlife products are not exclusively “foot health ” products but much much more. As a business this MLM holds no merit. It is always wise to research how and if a product works and although it may not work for all (one size does not fit all per se) I have personally had outstanding result and know of many who have. So sad that there is so much emphasis put on monetary gain with this product as I am sure many are missing out on health benefits because of incomplete information in reviews.

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