SOMADERM Scam Exposed!

There has been a lot of buzz on the Internet about a SOMADERM scam going on.

But at the same time, there are many people who sung praises for the company. Who is telling the truth?

Below, I will reveal if SOMADERM is worth your money or, just another hype that you should ignore.

I also will share exciting things about SOMADERM that most people didn't know about.

Let's get started.

Review Summary

Name: New U Life (SOMADERM)

Founder: Alexy Goldstein

Cost To Join: $199 - $899

Somaderm Scam Revealed

New U Life Business Opportunity Rating:

New U Life Product Rating:


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What The Heck Is SOMADERM

When I first heard about the SOMADERM scam, I thought SOMADERM is the name of the company, and I couldn't have been more wrong.

SOMADERM Gel Home Page

SOMADERM or as it's officially called, SOMADERM™ Gel, is said to be the only trans-dermal and FDA registered product that contains homeopathic human growth hormone (HGH).

SOMADERM Gel is distributed by the MLM company New U Life.

What is HGH?

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is a single-chain peptide hormone produced from the pituitary gland of our body.

Now, I know it sounds a little complicated and very "Sciency" so I will try my best to explain.

In a nutshell, HGH is the hormone that will help us grow. However, we will lose HGH by the age of 25 and our "Growth Stage" will be put into halt. 

Our feet won't get bigger, and we won't get taller. And we will start to grow fatter if we don't watch our diet.

That's why at 25, most of us are not growing anymore and start aging instead. 

Now SOMADERM is said to help us find that Growth Stage again.

Below are supposedly some of the other health benefits by using SOMADERM HGH Gel:

  • Support better mood
  • Promote hair growth
  • Increase joint mobility
  • Enhance libido
  • Support healthier hair, skin and nails
  • Support greater muscle tone
  • Increase strength
  • Enhances memory
  • Increase bone density
  • Promotes fat loss
  • And the list goes on.
  • Here's the thing...

    Although SOMADERM is an FDA registered product, take note that the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated and tested the claims above.

    I can guess that this is where the SOMADERM gel scam rumors came from.

    People will have different reactions to a product, and it is not surprising that while SOMADERM may be a wonder gel for others...

    It is nothing but an overpriced product for some people. A scam!

    But more on this below.

    New U Life - SOMADERM Gel's Distributing Company

    New U Life is another multi-level marketing company in the health and wellness industry.

    Among the most notable MLM companies on this niche are Forever Living, ASEA, doTERRA (essential oils), Kannaway (CBD), and more.

    The founder of New U Life is Alexy Goldstein.

    According to the company website, he is a certified homeopath, herbalist, respected iridologist, and a Nutritional Consultant (N.C.).

    Alexy has created many exclusive formulas, including the SOMADERM Gel.

    New U Life Founder Alexy Goldstein

    New U Life Products

    As I am writing this New U Life review, you can only find two products in


    New U Life's Homeopathic SOMADERM Gel is the ONLY transdermal human growth hormone (HGH) product available without a prescription.


    It is said to have been formulated for men and women age 35 and above who want a healthy lifestyle and overall well being. At the time I was writing this, the gel cost $169.99 and comes in a 3.5 oz (100 ml) pump bottle. 

    If you want to peel a few bucks from the price, you can buy it in wholesale by becoming a member of the company. However, you can also save $20 for each bottle when you subscribe to New U Life's monthly autoship program.

    The autoship program means that with your consent, the company will automatically send you the agreed products for the upcoming month onward.

    Important: SOMADERM is not for children.


    KetoGen4 is a ketone drink mix. It is said to be carefully designed for people who want to reach the highly efficient fat burning state of ketosis quickly.

    KetoGen4 cost $139.99 at the time of this review.

    You can also save $20 by subscribing with monthly autoship or get it at a distributors price when you join New U Life.

    New U Life Products

    Can You Make Money With New U Life

    Technically yes.

    You can make money with New U Life by selling SOMADERM gel and recruiting people to do the same.


    You can earn $25 up to $45 by selling SOMADERM. The difference depends on whether your customer is a one-time buyer or a regular (preferred) customer.

    If you can sell a commercial order of SOMADERM gel (40 SOMADERM gels), this will give you a $520 profits!


    You will be paid a direct referral commission every time you recruit new people to join the company.

    Your commission will be $20, $60 and $120 depending on the membership package your recruit chooses to start with. I will discuss more on the New U Life membership packages in a moment.

    In addition to the direct referral commissions...

    You can also earn a residual income with the company's Binary compensation plan and a matching bonus via its Uni-level compensation structure.

    As you climb up the affiliate ranks, you will also qualify for additional New U Life incentives such as the Car Bonus.

    For more details and technicalities about the New U Life MLM compensation plan, you can watch the recently uploaded video below.

    Becoming a New U Life Distributor

    There are three options to become an affiliate (distributor) of New U Life.

    1. The Basic New U Life affiliate membership package costs $199. This comes with one bottle of SOMADERM HGH gel.
    2. You can also choose to sign up with the Pro Pack for $499 (the comes with six bottles of SOMADERM) or
    3. The Executive Pack for $899 (8 bottles).

    Your Rank and your earning potential will go up depending on your performance.

    New U Life Affiliate Ranks

    There are seven affiliate ranks in the New U Life compensation plan.

    1. Associate Rank - Generate 140 PV (Personal Volume) in 5 weeks, which your monthly autoship product order usually covers, one bottle of SOMADERM gel.
    2. Promoter Rank - Keep your monthly 140 PV and have at least 2 Associate Ranked recruits.
    3. Coordinator Rank - 140 PV, 5,000 GV (Group Volume), and at least 4 Associate Ranked members.
    4. Coach Rank - 140 PV and personally refer an active 6 Associate Ranked members. Your group also need to accumulate 10,000 GV.
    5. Life Coach Rank - The same with Coach Rank, but you will have to generate and maintain at least 20,000 GV on your weaker leg.
    6. Ambassador Rank - 140 PV, 50,000 GV and also personally recruit at least 8 active Associate Ranked members.
    7. Diamond Ambassador Rank - 140 PV and personally recruit at least 10 active Associate Ranked members. You must also generate and maintain at least 100,000 GV on your weaker leg for five consecutive weeks.

    Active - Affiliates that earned 140 PV (1 bottle of SOMADERM).
    PV - Personal Volume is the points that you generate on your own.
    GV - Group Volume is the points accumulated by your entire team of recruit.

    Good Things About New U Life

    Before we discuss the SOMADERM scam, allow me to highlight the good things about New U Life.

    #1 You Can Earn Profits

    Selling SOMADERM will fetch you a decent profit. For each bottle you can sell to non-affiliates, you can earn $45.

    If your customer decided to become a regular user, you could make a monthly passive income of $20. Get ten regular customers, and that's $200 a month, no sweat.

    Add ten more regular customers for KetoGenesis4, and you will have a fully automated business!

    #2 A 60-Day Return And Cancellation Period

    If you are still in the fence with SOMADERM or KetoGenesis, you will have the chance to return your product within 60 days from your purchase date.

    For more details, you can read New U Life's Return and Cancellation policy.

    #3 A Healthy Online Community

    You can connect with different people and learn their amazing stories about the company and the products. New U Life has an active Facebook Page.

    You can see the product testimonies of other people about SOMADERM and also how they managed to make money with the business.

    What I Don't Like About SOMADERM And New U Life

    On this part of this New U Life slash SOMADERM gel review, I will share my findings on why many people are saying that SOMADERM is a scam.

    #1 Expensive Products

    The first challenge you must overcome if you want to succeed in selling SOMADERM gel or recruiting people into the business is how you will convince other people to buy your product.

    The SOMADERM gel comes with a premium tag of $169.99. I know similar products that cost only a fraction of that.

    #2 Not BBB Accredited

    New U Life is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. And although the company has an A- Rating which is pretty good, your opinion might change once you take another look.

    New U Life BBB Rating

    The company has already got 83 complaints (closed) in the past 12 months. That's a rather large number for any company.

    #3 Tons Of Complaints

    Tons of complaints have been filed against SOMADERM gel and New U life.

    The majority of the allegations regarding the SOMADERM scam has something to do with the company's failure to cancel the affiliates autoship subscriptions and membership on time like the one below.

    SOMADERM Scam Complaints

    Most complaints are coming from people who lose money because New U Life continues to charge them with monthly autoship fees even though they clearly expressed their desire to discontinue.

    Here's another one.

    SOMADERM Refund Issues

    Here are more SOMADERM scam complaints in BBB for your reference.

    #4 Monthly Maintenance

    You have to maintain a 140 Product Volume every month to qualify for your earnings as an Associate and more in higher ranks.

    This is one thing I do not like about New U Life as they will force you or your downline to purchase products so you can continue to earn money.

    This is a red flag because this is usually a strategy used by pyramid schemes.

    #5 Heavy Emphasis On Recruitment

    Yes, you can earn money by selling SOMADERM gel or the other product, but you must accept the ugly truth about the MLM company like New U Life.

    For you to make a stable income with New U Life and qualify for incentives and bonuses, you must recruit as many people as you can into joining the company.

    Another pyramid scheme red flag.

    #6 MLM Has Very Low Success Rate

    MLM businesses such as New U Life has more than 95% failure rate on all its members. This is not a made up number.

    I'm sure you know someone who got involved in an MLM business. How is their financial status?

    Although it is possible to make money with New U Life, there are far too many obstacles that you have to overcome to make a living out of it.

    Here's why more than 95% of people fail in MLM business like New U Life.

    Is SOMADERM A Scam

    This depends on how you define a scam.

    But as I am writing this New U Life review, I found no substantial proof about a SOMADERM scam going on.

    Many people argue that SOMADERM is a scam because it is only FDA registered, but the health benefit claims have no valid proof, other than people's experience. 

    The FDA did not support any health claims of the SOMADERM gel, and there is no scientific basis that it will boost your health in any means.

    My Two Cents

    My opinion is that most products of legit MLM companies are not FDA approved. By the same argument, SOMADERM Gel and New U Life is NOT a scam, per se.

    And even if SOMADERM will be scientifically proven to provide you with health benefits by the FDA in the future, each person is likely to have a different experience with the product.

    I think it is unfair for anyone to discredit a product's potential just because it is not FDA approved. On that note...

    Have you heard of Vicks vapor rub?

    Vicks vapor rub is FDA registered but also not FDA approved, just like SOMADERM.

    But today, when we get coughs or cold, Vicks is among the first remedies that come in our minds.

    What I think is a more pressing concern when you join New U Life is there is the chance that you will likely suffer from unwanted charges when you decide to discontinue your subscription and membership.


    Because that is what mostly the complaints about SOMADERM gel and New U Life is about.

    New U Life Scam Complaints

    But what do you think?

    Is there a SOMADERM scam going on?

    Please share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

    Should You Join New U Life And Sell SOMADERM

    That depends.

    • Did you have a pleasant experience with SOMADERM or KetoGen4?
    • Do you like selling expensive products and recruiting people? 

    If your answer is , then I see no reason why you shouldn't give this business opportunity a try.

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    My Humble Advice

    Whether you join an MLM company or start your own online business is up to you.

    But what's important is that whichever business opportunity you choose towards financial independence...

    Make sure that it is something you are truly passionate about!

    Final Words

    Thank you for taking the time to read this article on the truth about the SOMADERM scam rumors. I sincerely hope that you found the answers that you are looking for.

    If you think this New U Life review is useful, kindly share this to other people.

    On the other hand, if you have anything to share about New U Life and SOMADERM gel, please feel free to do so in the Comment Section below.

    Until here and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

    Your pal,




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