Global MoneyLine – Scam or Legit?

There are plenty of online business opportunities today that promises substantial earning potential.

One of the most popular online business opportunities that rise into fame in the past recent years is the Global MoneyLine.

Is the Global MoneyLine a legit and ethical business opportunity or another filthy scam that preys on the less informed and unsuspecting individuals?

Continue reading to find the answers that you seek.

Review Summary

Name: Global MoneyLine

Owner: Kent Anthony

Price: Free To Join (Upsells Available)

Global MoneyLine Review 2019Global MoneyLine Review 2019Global MoneyLine Review 2019

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One of the most sensible things anyone would do before joining any business opportunity to earn money is to make sure that it is not a scam.

Although it appears that the Global MoneyLine is earning a ton of good feedbacks from its affiliates, other people claim that Global MoneyLine scams are going on. 

If this is the thing that brought you here…

Then you are in the right place!!

I am in no way affiliated nor promoting this program so you can expect an honest and unbiased Global MoneyLine review.

I know you are itching to learn the truth about this program so let’s get started.

What is Global MoneyLine (GML)?

Global MoneyLine (aka GML) is a platform with a system that provides list building and lead generation services. It also offers an affiliate program with characteristics of an MLM company.

Global MoneyLine Home PageGlobal MoneyLine Home PageGlobal MoneyLine Home Page

Global MoneyLine could fall under the advertising niche that utilizes a messaging service – but with additional bells and whistles.

If you do it right, you can potentially make good money with Global MoneyLine using advertisements, lead generation, direct referrals and through the compensation plan it offers.

First Things First

Among the first things people would like to see on a business opportunity (especially online) is information about the person who owns or runs it.

This cultivates a sense of trust. It also allows other people to learn more about the experience and background of the company owner.

On its official website, Global MoneyLine does not disclose any information about its CEO and founder.

However, by doing a little more research, was able to identify that the founder of Global MoneyLine is someone named Kent Anthony.

Additionally, I perform a domain name lookup to try to find any more information and here is what was found:

Global MoneyLine Date CreatedGlobal MoneyLine Date CreatedGlobal MoneyLine Date Created

As you see, the company was launched last February of 2016. Other than that there are no further information I was able to find.

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Does Global MoneyLine Have Any Products?

Global MoneyLine does not have any physical products. This is why it cannot be called an MLM company. (I will discuss more about this in a moment)

The FTC clearly states that for a company to be considered a legitimate MLM, they must be able to present a physical product line that its members can sell.

However, you can become a member for free.

Upon joining the Global MoneyLine with the free subscription, you will be given limited access to its system.

But here’s the catch.

Once you become a member, everyone else that joins after you will be added to your list.

You will then be able to send these people personalized messages, direct invites and advertisements of your products and services – if you have other businesses that you want to promote.

These people are called your “Moneyline”.

Your Moneylines merely means your “downline” which is everyone who joined the company after you; regardless if they are not your referrals and wherever they are in the world.

The amount of messages you can send to your Moneyline, including the other perks you can enjoy from the program is highly dependent on the level of your subscription.

Paying members with high levels naturally gets the best goodies.

For example, members on free subscriptions can only message other members one at a time and will not have access to any commissions.

Other than that, Global MoneyLine doesn’t offer any additional products or services at all that you can sell to earn profits.

GML kind of work like an SaaS platform with emphasis on recruitment.

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How To Make Money with Global MoneyLine?

The Global MoneyLine operates on a 2-Up affiliate marketing compensation plan structure. It means is that you have to pass up your earnings on your first two personally sponsored members.

After you pass-up your first two personally sponsored members, only then you will be entitled to earn on every person you bring into the company.

The same goes for the people under your organization. They will also have to pass-up their two personally sponsored members for them to get commissions later on.

If you are unfamiliar with how different MLM compensation plan works, this article will provide you what you need to know.

Compound Leverage Compensation Plan – How Does It Work?

GML also calls their compensation plan the Compound Leverage Compensation Plan.

Something they claim that they are the only company in the world that uses.

For you to be able to qualify for commissions, you must be at least a Bronze level member. You become a Bronze member by paying a one-time $20 membership fee.

To qualify for the commissions, you need to directly sponsor two new members that also decided to become a Bronze member or higher. For each personally sponsored member that you bring into the company right after your first two members, you will then get a commission.

For example, when the third person you sponsor decides to become a Bronze member, that person will have to send $20 directly to your PayPal account.

This means that the whole $20 will be yours as a referral commission. This goes on and on without any limit.

I know it might sound a little complicated. If you want to learn more about Global MoneyLine’s Compound Leverage Compensation Plan, check out the video below.

How Much Can You Earn with Global MoneyLine?

Below is an excerpt of the Global MoneyLine’s earning potential.

MoneyLine Income DisclaimerMoneyLine Income Disclaimer

As you can see, GML clearly stated that your earning potential depends on your performance and dedication to make things work.

I always call out and admire companies that do this because at least they made an effort not mislead their members into believing that they will earn tons of money without actually putting in grunt work.

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The Cost to Join Global MoneyLine

Before we move on to the rest of this Global MoneyLine review…

It is crucial to mention at this point that the Global MoneyLine system is designed so that you can only connect to the people who joined the program after you.

If you decide to join today, there is no way to contact the people who were already members before you.

There are seven subscription options that you can choose should you decide to become a member of Global MoneyLine. These are:

#1 FREE Subscription

You can join Global MoneyLine using a free subscription. You will then be able to start using the system to send messages (ads, special offers, marketing campaigns) to every member that signs up in Global MoneyLine.

However, you can only send a message once.

#2 Bronze Subscription

A subscription fee for the bronze class is a one-time payment of $20. As a bronze class member, you are also able to send messages one time to any member. However, you are allowed to send twenty (20) messages at once.

#3 Silver Class Subscription

Subscription fees for Silver Class are $50 annually. As a Silver subscriber, you can message other people more than once if they respond to you. You can also send bulk messages to 50 individuals all at once.

Every Silver subscriber has the capabilities to create the message of their own ads on every silver page.

#4 Gold Class Subscription

As a Gold subscriber, you can send a message to 100 other members at once. However, just like the SIlver class, you will only be able to message a person one time except if that person gets back to you.


  • The subscription fees for Gold class is $100 yearly
  • You can send 100 messages at a time

#5 Platinum Class Subscription

Platinum subscribers can send regular message to every Global MoneyLine members that sign up after you. You can re-message your whole MoneyLine over and over again every month.


  • Platinum Class subscription is $250 annually
  • Send 250 messages at a time
  • Send a message to a person one time every month

#6 Diamond Class Subscription

This is a subscription that set you apart from the medium-sized marketers and allows you to have a full-time business.

Diamond subscription help you have access to thousands of new members you can communicate directly every month. You also have an individual SOLO ads placement.


  • Diamond Class subscription fee is $500 annually
  • Send 500 messages at a time
  • Diamonds can create their target ads that are displayed on a rotating basis on every free subscriber profile that sign up after them
  • Access to DCLMT – Diamond Center List Management Tools
  • Ability to send one message to a person every day

#7 Double Diamond Class Subscription

This is the highest level of subscription. You will enjoy all the perks of the lower classes with additional perks below:

  • Double Diamond Class subscription fee is $1000 yearly
  • Send 1000 messages at a time
  • Access to DCLMT – Double Diamond Center List Management Tools
  • Ability to create their own targeted ads message that is shown on a rotating basis on Login Pages of ALL MEMBER of Global MoneyLine worldwide

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The Good About Global MoneyLine

There are a couple of good things worthy of pointing out with Global MoneyLine. Let’s begin with the obvious.

#1 Free to Join

Global MoneyLine is a platform that offers a FREE sign up. Although the services you will get to enjoy is minimal, it is still commendable that they give you the chance to utilize their system and tools for free.

#2 Easy Means to Build Your List

By becoming a member of Global MoneyLine (even as a free subscriber), you will have the opportunity to build a list of leads that you can then promote your business to.

From the minute you sign up, anyone who signs up to Global MoneyLine after you becomes part of your MoneyLine.

One of the most significant advantages of this product is the fact that anyone and everyone can join this in free of cost, so it is likely that your leads will keep growing and growing!

#3 Potential to Earn a Lot of Money

The Global MoneyLine gives you the ability to become financially successful with its unique compensation plan and business opportunity.

For instance, online marketers who have lots of businesses, products or services to promote online could be earning massive amounts of money for a brief period.

One of the most common issue on any business opportunity is how to come up with a steady supply of leads. GML takes care of that for you, even for free if you choose to.

#4 Lucrative Compensation Plan

Global Moneyline uses a “Compound Leverage” Compensation Plan to compensate Individuals helping to grow the MoneyLine business model.

This is a very lucrative compensation plan that will allow you to earn 100% commissions from all your directly sponsor infinitely.

Furthermore, if your referrals start making money, you will also get paid a 50% commission on each of their sales!

Note: Only Independent Representatives (I.R.) who have upgraded to Bronze level can participate in the Compound Leverage Compensation Plan.

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My Concerns About Global MoneyLine

On the gray side of things, these are some major concerns I have about this program.

#1 Free Membership’s Earning Potential

Although GML boasts of free membership, the possibility to earn significant amounts of money is minimal.

Well I kind of understand this. Since you are enjoying a free access to some of their tools and system, I wouldn’t be surprised if they put a major limit to your earning potential.

It’s only when you upgrade and get a PAID membership that you have any genuine chance of making something decent.

#2 Pay To Play Program

Although this is optional, Global MoneyLine’s compensation program highly favors those who are Diamond and Double Diamond subscribers.

You are in no way forced to upgrade your subscription however…

If you wish to make money using your MoneyLines, there is no other option but to throw in more cash to the program.

Global MoneyLine is a Pay to Play program and should you decide to go all the way up to the Double Diamond level membership; it will inevitably cost you some serious bucks.

#3 Global MoneyLine Support

As I am writing this Global MoneyLine review, I was not able to find any “active” community support system or forums that cater to the grievances or queries of its members.

If you have any valuable information about this, I would be glad if you could point in the right direction.

#4 Is Global MoneyLine an MLM?

I find it essential to point out that GML certainly does use a lot of MLM terminologies within its program and has the traits of one.

But there isn’t a product associated with GML itself besides offering “free leads,” and memberships.

Yes, it’s true that you can “potentially” earn money by promoting products using the services and tools the GML system will provide you but take note, the products that you are going to sell will be your own.

GML will not provide you any products of their own for you to sell and generate profits from.

Chances are if you do not have other businesses that would utilize GML’s list building and lead generation services, your income in GML will most likely come from recruitment alone.

That’s a big NO-NO in the eyes of FTC!!

This may be the reason why rumors about Global MoneyLine scams are circulating.

#5 Is Global MoneyLine a Pyramid Scheme?

Forgive my candor but unfortunately, YES.

I dare say that Global MoneyLine is likely a pyramid scheme. I suggest that you should treat it as one.

The FTC has clearly drawn a line between an MLM company to that of a pyramid scheme. I am sorry to say that GML falls on the latter.

This is how the FTC describes a pyramid scheme.

Although I would mention that the pyramid structure within the Global MoneyLine is advantageous in acquiring a continuous supply of leads for necessary sales…

One cannot deny that the only way you can earn a tons of money thru the program is thru recruitment.

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If an affiliate somehow happens to read this Global MoneyLine review, we at BNS would love to hear your side.

I welcome you to utilize the Comment Section if you think that I am putting my foot in my mouth here and I would be glad to be proven wrong.

Is Global MoneyLine a Scam?

Even though I dare say that this company is a pyramid scheme, I wouldn’t go as far as calling it as an outright scam.

The idea behind Global MoneyLine is not too bad.

Maybe it just strayed away from its original purpose which is to provide tools for convenient list building and lead generation to online marketers and has given more emphasis on its expansion and recruitment program.

I think this company has a lot of potential for good and they just haven’t pulled it off very well.

I believe that if the management would make an effort to make some changes on the overall compensation plan structure and stay away from the gray area of pyramid schemes, it could do very well.

There are already many people who manage to earn a good amount of money with Global MoneyLine. Unfortunately, it’s most likely thru recruitment.

Anyways this is all my opinion and I could very well be wrong, but what do you think?

Is GML a scam or perhaps, is there a Global MoneyLine scam you know about?

How To Protect Yourself From Potential Global MoneyLine Scams?

It is true that there are plenty of legit online business opportunities today.

However, you must be very careful about filtering them out.

I highly suggest that you do your research on a particular business opportunity that interests you before joining in. Just like what you are doing right now. Especially if there is a monetary investment involved.

To protect yourself from scams, these are the things you need to keep an eye on.

  • Legit business opportunities that promise a substantial source of income is NEVER for free and always requires a reasonable amount of capital.
  • There is no such thing as a legitimate Get-Rich-Quick program. If you are told otherwise, then it is likely that the opportunity is a scam.
  • It is best to educate yourself about MLM, Affiliate Marketing, eCommerce, Online Trading and other business opportunities to be one step ahead of potential scammers.

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My Sincere Advice

Even though I said that Global MoneyLine is not a scam…

I would not recommend it as a reliable source of income.

  • First, the structure of GML’s compensation plan is that of a pyramid scheme (again I would love to be proven wrong), and I would suggest that you stay away from these kinds of programs.
  • Second, the management seems to have forgotten the original purpose of the platform and that they are putting heavy emphasis on making money from sign-ups instead of focusing on lead generation and list building programs.
  • Lastly, If your objective is to make money with Global MoneyLine, I suggest that you consider another approach. Try Affiliate Marketing.

With Affiliate Marketing…

You can even use the list building tools and lead generation tools you can acquire from the Global Moneyline to make a lot of sales on your own business – actual sales and not thru recruitment.

You will also be able to choose any niche that you are passionate about and run your business as you like it.

If you want to try Affiliate Marketing, you can get started with this program for free!

But before that, I humbly suggest that you learn more about Affiliate Marketing business model first to see if it is something that you want to do.

To help you out, here are some related articles you might be interested in reading.

You may also be interested to read:

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this Global MoneyLine review. I am hoping that you find the answers that you were looking for.

If you find this helpful, kindly share it to other people so they too would be made aware of the truth about the Global MoneyLine scam rumors that are going on.

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If you have some concerns and issues associated with this company, please let me know in the Comment Section below.

Until next time and as always, I wish you all the best in the future.

Your pal,


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