What is Legendary Marketer 3.0? – Is it a Scam or Worthy Investment?

Founder: Dave Sharpe

What is it: It is an Online Training platform that teaches you how to earn money online

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Legendary Marketer Reviewed by Bare Naked Scam

Legendary Marketer 3.0 is here, and it is incredible!

I am not saying this because I promote it, or because I am part of the community, I am saying this because it is what it is...

In this Legendary Marketer Review, I will share give you a complete insider walk-through, and you can decide for yourself if it is the right program for you.

Unlike many other reviews you've probably read, where people pass an opinion without actually trying out the program...

My review is all about my personal experience with the program.

And, I'll also share with you my results (achievements) with the help of Legendary Marketer.

Legendary Marketer 2.0 was great, but 3.0 is much better!

Legendary Marketer has gone through 2 major updates.

The first update was back in early 2018, and the latest update (3.0) was live on 10 January 2019.

I was utterly blown away with the latest update.

And, I have merely one word to describe it...

...No, the word is not "Awesome," though it is...

...No, it is not "Amazing," though it is...

The word is "Sincere."

Because, on top of the complete restructuring of the membership area, a better user experience, and the addition of many other courses, training, and coaching...

The cost of the program hasn't changed.

This shows how sincere Dave Sharpe and Legendary Marketer is regarding teaching you how to be successful online.

First thing first...

Those reviews you've read that claim Legendary Marketer as a scam, or caution you against it, are written by people who didn't dive deep into the program.

And, I am quite sure that they are trying to promote something else to you.

But, I think many people may misunderstand this program because of its high ticket products.

But, hold the horses, and don't pass any judgment yet, because I was just as skeptical as you when I found this program.

So, instead of passing any judgment without evidence, I wanted to share with you how Legendary Marketer has worked for me.

Legendary Marketer Results

This was the result of learning and implement the stuff that was taught in the past training modules.

And now, in Legendary Marketer 3.0, it has added more training modules and tools.

So, I am pretty positive about the outlook of my business.

The important thing is, Legendary Marketer can take someone new (an absolute newbie), and turn them into an expert marketer (one who could generate a full-time income online).

So, if you are still on the fence, I highly recommend that you check out Legendary Marketer.

A Little Background About Dave Sharpe

Dave Sharpe was the reason I was introduced to the digital marketing world.

His rags to riches story were so compelling that I leaped to join Empower Network back in 2014.


Although many reasons made me leave Empower Network, Dave's departure in 2014 (due to his health issues) was one of the main reasons.

Since Dave's departure, he practically disappeared from the digital marketing scene.

And, that's until early 2017 when I saw an advertisement for his course called "the Story Selling Formula" (which is now a part of the Legendary Marketer product line).

Since then, he has created many high-quality digital marketing courses, and they were sold separately.

That's when Duplicate Dave was founded where it houses all of the courses he has developed over time.

And now, Duplicate Dave is a part of the Legendary Marketer's brand, a brand that was also founded by Dave Sharpe.

Who is Legendary Marketer for and who is it not for?

If you...

  1. are looking for a way to make money online;
  2. want to learn how affiliate marketing works and how to profit from it;
  3. dream about being financially free;
  4. have the passion for creating and selling your personal online course;
  5. wish to grow your network marketing business online;
  6. endeavor to become a great speaker who knows how to sell anything online through stories;

Then, you are the right candidate to be the next Legendary Marketer.

Are you one of the above mentioned? If you are, click here to get started.

However, if you...

  1. have the get rich quick mindset;
  2. think that making money online is easy and it should be effortless;
  3. are a penny pincher who is not willing to invest in your knowledge;

Then, this program is not for you.

Does The Legendary Marketer work? - Income Proof?

Since joining Legendary Marketer, I've implemented the knowledge that was imparted to me.

And, in just 2 days since I've joined, I've made $125.40. Here's the screenshot:

Legendary Marketer June 2018 Results

In my opinion, this program definitely works!

September 2018 Update: So, I'm in Legendary Marketer for close to 3 months now, and here's my income update:

Legendary Marketer Results 3

December 2018 Update: You've seen this screenshot above:

Legendary Marketer Results

Disclaimer: This income proof is not a guarantee that it will work for you. Some people earn money while some won't. It depends on how much time and effort you've put in, and the way you've executed your business.

Don't take my word for it, here are real people earning real commissions from promoting the Legendary Marketer:

Success Stories by Legendary Marketer Members

Now I can add my congratulatory note:

Legendary Marketer Success Story Jack Cao

Legendary Marketer works for other types of businesses as well:

Does Legendary Marketer Work

Online Business Builder Challenge

Legendary 2.0

Legendary 3.0

Legendary Marketer Core Steps Review
Legendary Marketer Club v3

Price: $7 (Join now)

In the previous versions, this section is called the "15 core steps".

Now, in Legendary Marketer 3.0, it is called the "Online Business Builder Challenge."

It is more than just a name change. This entire section has been revamped.

All of the assignments, training videos and everything else has changed.

And, the focus is only on one thing...

Providing you with a complete online business blueprint. It doesn't matter if you purchase any products from Legendary Marketer.

The best part is, it cost as little as a simple meal, and you will be assigned to a real business adviser to help you develop that business blueprint.

LM's Club Review

Legendary 2.0

Legendary 3.0

Legendary Marketer Club 2 Review
Legendary Marketer Club v3

Price: $30 per month

This is a complete overhaul as well.

The 8 courses that teach all the strategies like Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing, etc., is removed from the new version of the Legendary Marketer's Club.

Now, all the lessons are taught through a weekly live webinar.

What happens is, you will be invited to join a webinar where you will learn one new online marketing skill each week, where you can implement to your business.

6 to 7 figure earners conduct these live training sessions. So, you can be sure that the strategies taught will work.

You may think that removing the past 8 courses is a mistake because it reduces the value of the membership, but I feel differently.

Online marketing strategies change rapidly, and some strategy gets outdated relatively quickly.

So, instead of providing you with outdated knowledge, you will learn the strategies that work today, in the live webinars.

Compared to the earlier versions, I think that this new version justifies the amount that you are paying every month.

In the past, you have to pay $30 every month for the same 8 courses that are not updated.

LM's Business Blueprints

Price: $2,500

I know the cost of the business blueprint is a little expensive, however, here's why I think it is worth every penny.

In the previous versions, you pay $2,500 for the Builder Masterclass and the Leadership Masterclass.

Now, in Legendary Marketer 3.0, the Builder Masterclass and the Leadership Masterclass are archived products and will be accessible with the purchase of the Business Blueprints.

If you want to learn more about the Builder Masterclass and the Leadership Masterclass, you can check them out here:

Archived: Legendary Builder Masterclass

Archived: Legendary Leader Masterclass

There are basically 4 Business Blueprints:

  1. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint
  2. Digital Products Business Blueprint
  3. Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint
  4. Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint

If you purchase any of these Business Blueprints separately, they cost $2,500 each.

However, if you purchase the Business Blueprint bundle which cost $2,500 while going through the "Online Business Builder Challenge"...

You get all of the blueprints plus the archived products for just one price.

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

This is conducted by Steph Perez, who is one of the top earners in Legendary.

The course is divided into 8 modules, and it will walk you through step-by-step on how you can start a profitable affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint by Legendary Marketer

I am pretty sure the above image speaks for itself.

I've personally gone through the lessons, and there are just so much to learn from this course, even when I am a six-figure earner.

Digital Products Business Blueprint

If you have the intention to create your digital product to sell, this is the course you want to start with.

Mark Harbert conducts the course, and he is one of the top trainers in Legendary as well.

He has developed many profitable digital products in the past, and you can be sure to learn a lot from him.

Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

The best person to teach this course is none other than Dave Sharpe himself.

I've personally been to his events and masterminds, and I was utterly blown away. The entire experience was just amazing. Learned lots of things, met lots of highly motivated individuals who turned friends, good food, and very well organized.

If you want to organize a significant event or mastermind, this is one of the best course to take.

But, I would say that this is on a higher level of business where you've achieved excellent results, and you've built some credibility. This course can take you to the next level.

Events and Masterminds Blueprint by Legendary Marketer

Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint

This course is conducted by Dave Sharpe as well where he explains how you can build coaching and consulting business empire.

So, whether you are a life coach, a personal trainer, or a business coach, this will provide you with a blueprint to build a consulting business.

Consulting and Coaching Blueprint by Legendary Marketer

Marketer Mastermind, Entrepreneur Mastermind & Lifestyle Experience Review

Marketer Mastermind: $8,000 one-time

Entrepreneur Mastermind: $12,000 one-time

Lifestyle Experience: By invitation only

These high-ticket masterminds are meant for people who already have some success with their business, and they want to expand further.

If you are starting, I would suggest that you concentrate on the Business Blueprints I've mentioned above.

When you've found some success, then you can consider joining these masterminds. I am sure your coach will give you the same advice as well.

Unlike most masterminds out there where they require you to renew every year, you'll only need to pay once for the Legendary mastermind membership.

If you wish to attend future masterminds, you only need to purchase a low-cost seat deposit, and that's it. Either way, you'll gain access to all the mastermind recordings.

The Legendary Marketer Book Review

Grab a free copy of the Legendary Marketer Book.

You can also check out the full book review here.

In this book, there are many golden nuggets that Dave has shared.

One prominent point of the book that is worthy of mention is the awareness it creates for people who are stuck in the mindset of the industrial age.

In the first chapter of the book, it describes the new poor in the new economy.

What it means is the characteristics of the poor people of the future.

Gone were the days where the poor are the people who don't know how to read or write, in this day, most people are literate, some even have multiple university degrees.

But, what you didn't know is that a person with high qualification could end up being poor. Interesting read in this Legendary Marketer Book review.

Plus, you'll learn in-depth knowledge about Internet Marketing and how you can build a future for yourself.

The Affiliate Program 3.0

In the previous versions, once you joined the Legendary Marketer's Club, you'll automatically become an affiliate.

And, if you wish to earn commission while promoting Legendary Marketer's products, you'll either have to own the product or forgo the first 3 sales (and earn full commission on the 4th sale).

This has changed!

To become an LM affiliate, you'll have to apply for it, and there are 2 types of affiliate status.

The "Basic Affiliate" and "Pro Affiliate."

The Basic Affiliate Account is free, but you will earn a lesser commission (10% to 30%) as compared to a Pro Affiliate.

And, as for Pro Affiliate, you'll need to pay $30 per month. This will unlock more training modules on how to promote Legendary effectively, as well as earning more commission (40% to 60%).



Pro Commission

Basic Commission

LM Club

$30.00 per month

$18.00 per month

$9.00 per month

Traffic Rolodex

$247.00 one-time

$98.80 one-time

$24.70 one-time

Affiliate Business Blueprint

$2,500.00 one-time

$1,000.00 one-time

$250.00 one-time

Digital Products Business Blueprint

$2,500.00 one-time

$1,000.00 one-time

$250.00 one-time

Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint

$2,500.00 one-time

$1,000.00 one-time

$250.00 one-time

Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint

$2,500.00 one-time

$1,000.00 one-time

$250.00 one-time

Marketer Mastermind

$8,000.00 one-time

$3,200.00 one-time

$800.00 one-time

Entrepreneur Mastermind

$12,000.00 one-time

$4,800.00 one-time

$1,200.00 one-time

My Honest Opinion

I've personally spent $2,500 on the LM Business Blueprint Bundle, where I got access to all the business blueprints at one price.

To me, joining Legendary Marketer is one of the best decisions I've made because I've learned a ton from this program.

And, it has produced results for me (as you've seen above).

Do not be intimidated by the price, because it is a one-time investment, and you will join the Legendary Marketer family.

It means that you will always be getting more updates, more knowledge, and more strategies about digital marketing.

And, you don't have to pay more money for it, even if it is 2 years or 5 years down the road.

Join Legendary Marketer, and turn your life around Now!

You see, some people call Legendary Marketer a scam, or warn you against it...

But that's because they did not try the program in the first place.

They offer a bias opinion because they want you to join their offer.

I hope I have provided you with sufficient insider knowledge for you to justify if LM is the right program for you.

Thank you for reading this review!

If you find this review helpful, please share it!

And, if you wish to discuss more, please, feel free to leave a comment below.

You have a great day!

Your pal,


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