What is Novae Life? – Is it a Scam?

novae-life-mainName:  Novae Life
Website:  www.novaelife.com
Price: $199.95 + various monthly packages
Owners: Reco McDaniel

Bare Naked Scam rating: 3 Thumbs Down

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Broken ties with Wake Up Now, a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company, Reco McDaniel together with Justin Owens and Carlton Calhoun have created their very own MLM Company (Novae Life) which was launched in December 2014.

Novae Life is in the business of providing training to self-development and personal growth, anyone who lacks motivation, confidence and financial literacy may be interested in Novae Life.

There are many people who claimed that Novae Life is a life changing opportunity and that it has made many people succeed, but the truth is, while a minority group of people enjoy success with Novae Life, majority of them failed.

Many Novae Life’s representatives failed to disclose this fact to you.

In this review, I will share with you everything you need to know in order for you to make an informed decision (i.e. to join Novae Life or not), I will also share with you the reasons that made majority of the people fail in this business

novae-life-companyIn order to assess whether Novae Life is a great opportunity, it drills down to its products and its compensation plan.

You have to first asses whether its products are a need or a want in the eyes of its consumers.

Everyone needs motivation from time to time, but do you really need Novae Life to give you the extra motivational boost? Many people lack personal financial education, but is Novae Life the only place to get that education?

What more is that these products aren’t cheap, and there are monthly fees to maintain.

Don’t get me wrong, I do find Novae Life’s presentation inspiring and I have been to one of those presentation in kind myself.

It definitely build self-confidence and boost your morale tremendously, however, if you do not have proper guidance from someone successful thereafter and do not follow up with your goals, you will fall back to your usual self and those money that you have spent on motivating yourself will be put to waste.

As for personal financial education, well I know there are so many better education you can get in the public for a better price.

You see, I have come a long way in pursuing success, I have tried so many types of businesses and have failed so many times.

I was in distress and wanted to give up, I lack motivation and drive. I didn’t have Novae Life to help me at that time. Yet, I found my path as an Affiliate Marketer, and I have been quite successful in it. This proves my point that Novae’s products are not a need.

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I am a junkie of personal growth, and I have went through a lot of ups and downs in life.

I picked up many self-help books along the way novae-life-rich-dad-poor-dadthat eventually guided me to success. I feel that most of the education that you can get in Novae Life can be found in the following books:

For Financial Literacy:

For Motivation:

Recommended to have to track your personal growth:

To me, the products of Novae Life do not offer extra value from what you can get in the public.

I personally feel that the products are over-priced and redundant.

Novae Life’s products gives you the extra push or motivation to achieve something in life, but you wouldn’t have the tools and knowledge to create something of your own, that is unless you join their Independent Business Owner (IBO) program to promote Novae Life.

Is Novae Life a Scam?

Novae Life is basically not a scam, people do make money from it if they work extremely hard.

You have to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to maintain as an IBO and to make money from Novae Life.

The following are the Novae Life’s product packages:

  • Basic Pack: $49.95/mth – For Lifestyle Enhancement (Includes Novae Perks, Novae Library & Taxbot)
  • Lifestyle Pack: $99.95/mth – For Enhancement of Lifestyle, Financial & Health ( Includes Basic Pack, Novae Money, Novae Identity Theft Protection & Novae Fitness)
  • Lifestyle Plus: $249.95 +$99.95/mth – For most of what Novae offers (Includes Basic and Lifestyle Pack, Novae Travel, Novae Personal Security, and Novae Language)
  • Lifestyle Premium Pack: $499.95 + $99.95/mth – For Everything Novae offers (Includes Basic Pack, the Lifestyle Pack, Lifestyle Plus, and 10-pack of Sprayology)

In the video below, it will show you how the money is made with Novae Life:

Sound convincing right, the speaker paints a rosy picture, but what is the truth?

Now, look at the statistic. Out of 100 people whom you have talked to about this opportunity, maybe 10 of them are interested (do not be surprise that many people will not have the interest in your business opportunity, I have been down that road), maybe 3 may try the products and if you are lucky, you get 1 IBO.

Based on that statistic, you will need to meet 300 people to get your 3 IBOs but what if either one of the IBOs do not have a strong mentality like yourself and decides to quit?

If that happens, you are back to square and you will need to scramble to find another IBO under you.

In any kind of business, it is really hard to keep loyal customers.

Unless you already have a large organization under your helm, and a few members leaving the business does not affect you, you are in for a wild ride.

And, what if you ran out of people to meet? What happens next? Do you go to the streets to canvas for prospects?

Of course, this is just a statistic and it does not apply to everyone, but it is gathered from my personal experience as well as from others in the same industry.

Be careful if you join the wrong team…

One thing I do not like about the Multi-Level Marketing setup is that your success relies heavily on your team and its leaders.

Imagine joining a team which care less about your interest, and you never know who you can get support from, do you think you will succeed?

To be successful in this business, you need a patient and influential leader to guide you.

If you do not have someone successful to look after your interest, you are most likely to fail.

Especially when you are new to the business, how will you know how to promote the business unless someone teaches you, right?

What if your mentor or the person who introduced you to the business is new to the business as well, where do you get the guidance then?

So, I will urge you to consider all the pointers before you join Novae Life.

Do not waste any money joining opportunities if you already know that it won’t work (it may work if you join the right team).

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My Sincere Advice to You

If you want to motivate yourself to do something with your life, I would highly suggest that you read the book “Think and Grow Rich” or “Life without Limits“, it will change the way you look at life.

If you want to further pursue and build a successful business based on your passion, you check out my #1 Recommended Online Business Course.

This is the course that lead me to success and I hope it can do the same for you. The best part is you can enjoy the business that you are doing because it is your passion anyway.

However, if you really want to join Novae Life, make sure that you enter the right team and follow the right leader who puts your interest before his.

On top of that, take note that you will be promoting products that may or may not be a need to the consumers. You might be beaten down with a lot of rejections but if you think that you are up for that challenge, then go for it.

Thank you for your time and I welcome you to leave your thoughts below.

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