Marketplace Superheroes Review - Best FBA Training Course?

There are a lot of "tested and proven" Amazon FBA courses that came out of the blue in recent years. One of the most popular ones is the Marketplace Superheroes. 

I have seen a lot of positive Marketplace Superheroes reviews claiming that it is not just some repackaged pieces of courses put together slapped with a new brand...

But a must-have valuable training course for anyone who wants to start an eCommerce business on Amazon.

  • Is this true? 
  • Is MPSH perhaps the best FBA training course for beginners?

Read this comprehensive Marketplace Superheroes review of 2019 to find out.

Review Summary

Name: MarketPlace SuperHeroes System 2.0

Owner: Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers

Price: $997 (or 12 x $97/month)

MPSH Review 2019

Marketplace Superheroes Product Rating:


Before we proceed...

I want to make it clear that I am not affiliated nor promoting MPSH. What you can expect by reading this review are facts and my unbiased opinion about the entire course.

I know how important your time is so without further ado, let's begin.

What is the Marketplace Superheroes?

Marketplace SuperHeroes (MPSH) is an FBA training course that has been around for a couple of years.

Marketplace Superheroes Home Page

In March and April 2017, the entire course was updated. Along with the buffs on its content, it is now called the Marketplace Superheroes System 2.0.

MPSH is broken down into 2 phases that comes in 12 modules and additional resources.

Each of the training modules has videos, PDF, mp3 audio and transcripts for you to print out as needed.

These modules will give you all of the information you could need to start and run a successful eCommerce business on Amazon, regardless of your knowledge base as you are reading this.

MSPH Founders

The Marketplace Superheroes was developed by the team of Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers, two entrepreneurs from Dublin, Ireland.

Robert Rickey has been an online seller with over 20 years of experience. He was also responsible for helping numerous companies and individuals achieve millions on this industry.

Stephen Somers’ career on online selling goes back about seven years before he met Robert. Stephen has spent thousands of dollars trying to start businesses here and there but was not able to find success until he met the latter.

Marketplace Superheroes Core Training and FBA Courses

The team behind Marketplace Superheroes (MPSH) does a great job of creating various learning options that cater to all people and different learning abilities.

Marketplace Superheroes FBA Course

The entire course and training modules are as follows:

MPSH Core System 2.0 Phase 1

This focus on which products to go for and how to pick the best opportunities for your business.

  1. Marketplace Mindset - 7 Videos that covers topics on what to expect from the course and how to maximize your learning.
  2. Search Phase - 9 Videos on the product research strategy and how to use product analysis tools.
  3. Shortlist Phase - 6 Videos on how to further filter your best product opportunities from the search phase.
  4. Select Phase I - 5 Videos on how to select your best product opportunities.
  5. Select Phase II - 7 Videos on choosing your best product opportunity and starting your supplier search.
  6. Source Phase - 11 Videos on finding suppliers for your products, negotiating, placing sample orders, packaging, and creating  your brand.

MPSH Core System 2.0 Phase 2

The modules on this phase focus on importing, analytics, logistics and international expansion of your FBA business.

  1. Business Structure & Seller Central - 8 Videos on structuring your FBA business and setting up your Amazon Seller account.
  2. Purchasing & Importing - 7 Videos on the full purchasing and importing process.
  3. Amazon FBA Road Map - 5 Videos on the entire FBA process, including Amazon Seller Central, labeling requirements, etc.
  4. Listing Optimisation - 9 Videos on creating world-class product listings that convert.
  5. Account Management - 13 Videos on how to manage your new Amazon business on a day-to-day basis.
  6. International Expansion - 7 Videos on expanding your Amazon business internationally.

Marketplace Superheroes Additional Training and Resources

The additional resources that come with MPSH are intended to provide you a detailed and closer look into specific topics about the Amazon FBA business.

  1. $1k Per Day Road Map - Provides specific guidance on how to get your business to $1,000 per day in sales ($30,000 per month).
  2. Fuel Your Empire - Over the shoulder training of Robert and Stephen as they do product research.
  3. Invincible Importing - Additional information on the process of importing your products to Amazon.
  4. 30 Minute Legendary Listings - Valuable information about product listing optimization.
  5. MPSH Core System - The original series of videos before they launched version 2.0 just in cast you wanted to take a look at how the current version of MPSH came to be.
  6. MPSH Euro Expansion System - A 5-module road map on expanding your FBA business internationally.
  7. Advanced Workgroup #1 and #2 - Various tips on how to maximize your results. Older material, but still worth watching if you have the time.

How Much Is the Marketplace Superheroes?

The Marketplace Superheroes costs $997 as a one-time payment. You also have the option to pay $97 a month for 12 months.

They offer a no-questions asked 30-day money back guarantee and accepts several payment options that includes PayPal credit.

Good Things about Marketplace Superheroes

On this part of this Marketplace Superheroes review, allow me to share the most noteworthy traits this course.

#1 High-Quality Content

The best selling point of MPSH is its comprehensive courses regarding selling on Amazon not only in the US but globally.

The courses are very detailed and thorough, presented in modules that are very easy to understand. The course also covers advanced eCommerce concepts such as how and where to import source your products to get the best profits. 

One thing I particularly like about MPSH, something that you do not regularly find on other courses, is the Mind Setting.

The MPSH will guide you on how to approach this business, what to expect and how to get the most out of their system.

#2 Positive Customer Reviews

Although one cannot deny that the Marketplace Superheroes has a surprisingly limited presence on the Internet (as far as reviews and other resources)...

Those that are available have nothing else to say but sing praises about it.

#3 Active Community

One thing I mainly look at a training course is its community. Although the MPSH community might not be as grandiose to that of PAC or ASM...

I am glad to say that it is active and is updated continuously.

MPSH Facebook Group

One thing an eCommerce beginner needs is a healthy community that can answer your most basic questions and provides you with assistance as you are starting your business.

Again, it may be not as organized and as big compared to its competitors, but I can tell that it does strive to fill its purpose.

#4 Created by FBA Experts

The course is created by two successful and experts when it comes to making a fortune by selling on Amazon.

The courses that come in the MPSH includes all of the latest updates coming from Amazon FBA itself, thus, making the Marketplace SuperHeroes one of the most up-to-date courses regarding the Amazon FBA business model in 2019.

What I Don’t Like about Marketplace Superheroes

Now that we have seen the good side of our “hero,” it's time to look behind the curtain and discuss my concerns about MPSH.

#1 Course for FBA Only

I know this is an obvious one, but I think still worth mentioning. Unlike PAC that offers some additional courses that will help you sell online other than Amazon, MPSH is focused on the FBA business model alone.

Although I put this under my concerns due to its limitations when it comes to providing flexibility to the users on choosing where to launch their eCommerce business, this could also be considered a positive thing.

By fixating on the matters of FBA alone...

MSPH can provide better intensive training that covers all of the nitty-gritty areas.

#2 Price

Perhaps the most common issue people have about the Marketplace Superheroes is the price. Multiple sources claim that the cost of this FBA course is reportedly daunting for other people.

This cost may seem high when compared to other popular FBA training programs that teach selling on Amazon such as the Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum.

#3 Very Few Reviews and Internet Presence

Contrary to what you would expect from an FBA course as famous as MPSH…

It is very surprising to find out that there is barely 10 Marketplace Superheroes review that you can find on the Internet - most of them very outdated, unlike this one.

You might find it a little challenging to dig for more information regarding this course other than these few reviews.

On the plus side, there are available video reviews on YouTube that could fill you in with additional pieces of information.

My 2 Cents on MPSH

Just like the Proven Amazon Course or the Amazing Selling Machine, I have no reservations on recommending MPSH.

As it turns out, the Marketplace Superheroes is genuinely made up of valuable pieces of information that will cater your need in how to start an FBA business.

The content is up to date and is constantly being updated regularly.

Moreover, the courses inside MPSH is also easy to digest (especially for beginners) and implement.

Is the Marketplace Superheroes For You?

If you are serious about starting a career selling on Amazon while avoiding numerous expensive potential pitfalls along the way…

Then I believe that MPSH is up there together with the very best FBA courses.

With all that being said, I suggest that you take your time to take a look at MPSH and other FBA courses closely to see which one suits your needs and preference best.

My Humble Advice

Before I end, allow me to share a friendly reminder.

Many factors will affect your success in your business. Finding the right course to get started with and choosing the best platform is among them.

But one thing you must never forget is to make sure that starting selling online is something you are passionate about.

Because in the end, what matters most to your success is doing the thing you love.

How Much Can You Earn Using MPSH?

The eCommerce industry is a gold mine of opportunities, and you could be the next one making 6 figures a month or more!

However, Amazon FBA takes work. This is not an online opportunity where you push a button and cash come out immediately.

I am sorry to disappoint you, but NOTHING like that actually exist. (awww)

This is a real business where the rewards are potentially huge if you learn it by heart, work hard and see it through.


In the event that you are still on the fence on whether selling online is indeed your ticket to financial independence...

Feel free to take a look at the other popular online business opportunities.

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this Marketplace Superheroes review. I am hopeful that this was useful to you and will help you make an educated decision on the proper “course” to take.

I would also appreciate it if you would be kind enough to share this to other people whom you think might need this kind of information.

Do you have anything to add on this review? Perhaps you would like to share your personal experience and more valuable information about the Marketplace Superheroes?

Please utilize the Comment Section below.

Meanwhile, here are some related articles that you might be interested in reading...

Until here and I wish you nothing but success in the future.

Your pal,




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