Proven Amazon Course vs Amazing Selling Machine – Which is the Winner?

The Proven Amazon Course (PAC) and the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) are perhaps two of the most popular FBA training course today. 

As an entrepreneur who is planning to start an Amazon FBA business…

Getting started with the right training program is one of the 8 vital steps to maximize your chance of success.


  • How will you determine which of these two courses is the right training program to get started with?
  • Does it teaches you the basics of where to find your products and how to sell on Amazon?
  • Which course has the right tools and core training that cover everything you need to get your FBA business up and running?

If these are your current dilemma, then I commend you for coming here.

My simple goal for writing this Proven Amazon Course vs Amazing Selling Machine article is to provide you an unbiased side by side comparison between these two fantastic FBA training programs.

Please don’t get me wrong. 

Both the PAC and ASM are excellent FBA training courses. However by reading this…

You will be able to identify which one is a better fit for your business needs, your personal preference and of course, your budget.

What are the Qualities of the Best FBA Training Courses?

I believe that there are 8 vital steps on how to start an Amazon FBA business.

That being said, I also think that there are 9 things to consider when choosing an FBA training course.

These are the following:

  1. Author Reputation – The first thing to consider before choosing any training program is the overall credentials of the authors. What are their achievements and track records that gives them the authority to teach the course on how to succeed in the eCommerce industry?
  2. Course Coverage – Does the course cover all the topics that would help anyone (even a complete newbie) start and succeed on their own FBA business from scratch? 
  3. Promotes Private Label Training – Does the course provide training for Private Label? (I will discuss more about Private Label in a moment)
  4. Ease of Learning – How are the overall training modules structured? Are the courses presented in a way that anyone even complete beginners will easily digest it?
  5. Community Support – Is there an active community to assist the new members into building their FBA business?
  6. Content Updates – The other thing to look out on any course is how updated are the contents and courses it teaches. It would be frustrating pointless even to spend your hard-earned money on an FBA training course that won’t be useful in the long run.
  7. Cost to get Started – To be clear, the price I will consider here is for purchasing the course alone. I won’t be counting the money you have to additionally chip as you order your products and for the additional fees on running your business.
  8. Money Back Guarantee – Do you have a chance to test the course and get a chance to get your money back should things don’t work out as you’ve expected?
  9. Overall Popularity – And finally, I will also take into consideration the global reputation of the course thru different individual and customer reviews.

But before we move into the in-depth discussion between the Proven Amazon Course vs Amazing Selling Machine…

I want to make something clear first.

Everything in this article is base on my research and personal opinion alone. I understand that we could have different point of views.

In fact, if you feel that you can provide more information to establish which of these two courses is better, I would gladly welcome them in the comment section below.

Moreover, if you think that there are other things to consider when choosing the best FBA training course other than what I discussed here, please let me know.

Now without further delays, lets find out what unfolds next on this Proven Amazon Course vs Amazing Selling Machine article. (gong bells)

The Face Off

<img alt=”Proven Amazon Course vs. Amazing Selling Machine” width=’800′ height=’250′ title=”Proven Amazon Course vs. Amazing Selling Machine” data-id=’15700′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Proven-Amazon-Course-Vs-Amazing-Selling-Machine.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;” data-lazy-src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Proven-Amazon-Course-Vs-Amazing-Selling-Machine.jpg’ data-was-processed=’true’>Proven Amazon Course vs. Amazing Selling Machine<img alt=”Proven Amazon Course vs. Amazing Selling Machine” width=800 height=250 title=”Proven Amazon Course vs. Amazing Selling Machine” data-id=15700 src=https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Proven-Amazon-Course-Vs-Amazing-Selling-Machine.jpg style=”width: 100%;”>

#1 Authors Reputation – TIE


The Proven Amazon Course’s author Jim Cockrum is ranked among the most trusted Internet Marketers in the world. Jim has been running a successful eCommerce businesses on Amazon and eBay way back since 1997.

He has a consulting company, two membership sites with tens of thousands of paid members (the MySilentTeam.com and OfflineBiz.com), several other related income streams and a publishing company.

His best selling book the “Silent Sales Machine” is a consistent top 10 best seller on Amazon and was estimated to have been read by more than 800K people around the globe.


On the flip side, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback are the co-authors of the Amazing Selling Machine.

Matt graduated from the University of Houston with a double major in Finance and Entrepreneurship. He also graduated from the renowned Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship.

Matt started his first online business at age 22 and went thru a lot of trial and errors until he became a respected authority on Amazon selling.

Jason on the other has was a trained engineer who didn’t find the passion for what he was doing. This drives him to start his own business, which he manages to convert into a million dollar company in no time.

In 2012…

Jason teamed up with Matt, and the two started Amazing.com which marked the beginning of the Amazing Selling Machine.


I find myself leaning a little towards PAC but seeing that each of the authors has a legit background and a solid track record in creating and running a successful business, I finally decided on a TIE.

If you think one course should come ahead base on the authors, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

#2 eCommerce Courses Offered – PAC

Both the PAC and ASM offers ample amount of courses that will teach you how to start an FBA business with Amazon.

However, it is important to note that the training programs in ASM are focused on the FBA business model alone.

Although this is supposed to be another tie…

I think that PAC comes a little ahead. This is because the course covers other pieces of training should you decide to start another business in different eCommerce platform other than Amazon…

Let’s say, Shopify, for example.

If you want to put all your eggs on the FBA business model, then this is not an issue…

But it’s worth to mention that the PAC will provide you with a little more flexibility and options on how you want to run your business.

#3 Private Label Training Courses – TIE

One of the best way to generate a substantial income selling on Amazon without doing “Retail Arbitrage” is thru Private Labelling.

The Private Label strategy is where you have to source products from overseas (like China) and then sell them under your own brand.

Both the ASM and the PAC provides excellent pieces of training on how you can do this on your own business.

#4 Ease of Learning – ASM

As comprehensive as it may be…

Some people claim that the courses in PAC tend to cover everything about eCommerce broadly, rather than intensively.

I too have purchased PAC and I somehow find it easy to digest. I personally didn’t have this issue but it is still worth mentioning.

A few people claim that the starter courses in PAC are too complicated, too long and a bit overwhelming at times due to the ample amount of information.

With these in mind, I award ASM this point.

#5 Community Support – TIE

The Amazing Selling Machine and the Proven Amazon Course both have a dedicated and active community.

By enrolling on one of these courses, you will surround yourself not only with your fellow new members…

But also with great mentors and advisers that can provide you with the proper assistance and guidance.

#6 Content Updates – TIE

There were multiple updates to the original Amazing Selling Machine since it was released to the public. Perhaps the most popular is the ASM5 in 2015.

The current version of the course is called ASMX, which is said to have 40% brand new contents to its predecessor the ASM9.

Both old and new members can access the new contents of course, including the upcoming ones in the future.

PAC is the same.

The latest version of PAC is called the Proven Amazon Course 2.0 which now contains all the other separate courses promoted by the Silent Sales Machine.

This includes the Proven Private Label, Proven Product Partnering (how to source products from China), Proven Product Bundling Course and more.

#7 Cost to get Started – PAC

I think this is the focal point why many people tend to favor PAC over the ASM.

As I am writing this article on the Proven Amazon Course vs. Amazing Selling Machine, below are the current prices of each course.

Proven Amazon Course – Onetime Payment $499 or (3 x $183 in installments)

Amazing Selling Machine – Onetime Payment $4,997 or (6 x $997 in installments)

As you can see…

The cost for starting your FBA business using the ASM is 10X more expensive than starting it with PAC.

What’s worse is that the reason for this hefty price tag is simply because Matt, in one of his interview says that he enjoys a considerable profit margin.

I have nothing against this seeing that the ASM is a top-notch FBA course. However, it is unfortunate that this price might become a hindrance to the majority of people who simply cannot afford it.

#8 Money Back Guarantee – ASM

I think this should be another tie because both of these courses offer a 30-day money back guarantee. However…

I ended up giving a little edge to the ASM because it additionally provides a6-Month Buy-Back Promise.

It means that you can try and implement the teachings of the course for a full six months. And if you are not pleased with your results…

You can request your money back.

I am not certain regarding the technicalities and the requirements for you to quality to this perk. Nonetheless, I still think it’s pretty cool that ASM gives you this option.

#9 Course Overall Popularity – PAC

If you do a Google search for reviews about the Proven Amazon Course and the Amazing Selling Machine…

Both have a lot of positive reputation on the Internet.

However, I decided to reward this point to PAC because many of the people promoting ASM are its own affiliate members.

This didn’t come as a surprise to me after I found out that a big chunk of the $4,997 price for ASM is paid out as commissions to the people who promote it.

This is #2 on the concerns I raised on my ASM review.

Wrapping It Up

There you have it!!

There is no doubt that both of these FBA courses have something up their sleeve to help you build and run a successful eCommerce business on Amazon.

Before I end…

The table below will give you a quick recap on the result of this Proven Amazon Course vs Amazing Selling Machine article.

Proven Amazon Course vs Amazing Selling Machine Results


Amazing Selling Machine (ASM)

Proven Amazon Course(PAC)



Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback

Jim Cockrum


Curriculum FBA Focus FBA + More PAC
Promotes Private Label Training Yes Yes TIE
Ease of Learning Intensive Intensive ASM
Community Support Yes Yes TIE
Content Updates Yes Yes TIE
Cost to get Started $4,997 $499 PAC
Money Back Guarantee Yes Yes ASM
Overall Popularity Highly Positive Highly Positive PAC

To answer the question that brought you here, the Proven Amazon Course vs Amazing Selling Machine – Which is the Winner?

Read my verdict in the following section and the reason behind it.


I will favor the Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum

Seeing that both of the two have equally effective training programs for eCommerce beginners…

And both have a good reputation among other perks and benefits, then it all falls on practicality.

Starting an FBA business is not free.

You will need an upfront capital. And if I have to choose between a $5,000 and a $500 training course…

Both of which does not have a definite advantage to another (other than the price), then there is really no question.

Why I Choose the Proven Amazon Course

I am no cheap by any means if that’s what you are thinking. I am one of the people who wouldn’t think twice to invest in a learning material if it helps me succeed. 

However, I am also a believer of not spending more than what’s necessary. And in this case that both are equally impressive…

Even if I have more than $5,000, I will still choose to buy the PAC.

I will then use the remaining of my money to order my first batch of products to sell on Amazon.

But hey that’s just me. You are free to conduct your own research about PAC and ASM to see which one is best for you.

To help you out with this, here are some articles you might be interested in reading.

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this article on the Proven Amazon Course vs Amazing Selling Machine.

I hope that you found what you were looking for and that I was able to help you come up with an informed decision.

If you think this article could help more people that are also searching for the best FBA training course to jump-start their business, kindly share this to them.

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Until next time and whichever eCommerce training program you decide to get started with, I wish you nothing but success.

Your pal,


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