DS Domination Scam – Is it worth it?

ds-domination-mainName: DS Domination

Website(s): www.dsdomination.com

Price: $19.95/mth, $99/mth and many upsells

Owners: Roger Langille

Bare Naked Scam Rating: 2 Thumbs Down


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DS Domination – An Overview

There are two things I would like to discuss with you with regards to this program DS Domination aka Drop Ship Domination in this review. First I would like to talk about the courses provided in DS Domination and second I would like to talk about the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) side of the program.

ds-domination-dropshipDS Domination created by Roger Langille is basically a course that teaches you how to make money online through Drop Shipping. Drop Shipping is like trading. A trader will first buy products from a supplier at a low price and sell the products to the customers at a marked-up price. However, a drop shipper do not buy any products from the supplier first, instead he post the product online for sale and will only buy the product from the supplier once he have made his sale.

It sounds complicated but actually it is really simple. Let me give you an example, an example from DS Domination.

  • Step 1 – Let’s say you have done your research and realise that a product is selling at a cheaper price in Amazon.com then in Ebay.com. Product A is selling at $15 in Amazon.com and people are selling product A at $25 in Ebay.com. You take the picture of product A from Amazon.com and post it to Ebay.com with the same product description but at a price of $24 (to make it look attractive).
  • Step 2 – A customer saw your post and wanted to buy your product from Ebay.com. The customer made a payment to you and provided his shipping address.
  • Step 3 – Upon receiving the order and the payment, you then made a purchase from Amazon.com stating your customer’s shipping address.
  • Step 4 – Well, basically you have already made a profit of the $9 difference ($24 – $15) in between Step 2 and 3.

Well now you know it is simple, but why isn’t everyone doing it? A great question but I would like to keep you in suspense. Hahaha! Let you know later.

Since now you understand what is drop shipping, let me tell you what’s in the DS Domination Course.

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The DS Domination Course

There are 4 levels of drop shipping course in DS Domination:

  • DS Domination Pro – $19.95/mth
  • DS Domination Elite – $99.00/mth
  • DS Domination Unleashed – $249.99 one time
  • DS Domination Monopoly  – $499.00 one time

ds-domination-courseThe entire setup of the DS Domination Pro is a “follow the guru” kinda course where Roger Langille will hand hold you through the process of signing up an account with Ebay.com and Amazon.com and explaining you the whole process of drop shipping.

DS Domination Pro consist of 19 modules and each module consist of a 15-20 minutes long video. The good thing about DS Domination is that it did not beat around the bush. Roger Langille tells you what needs to be done.

Each level of upgrade will unlock more tools and more suppliers you can source from. Which means that you can find more higher profit margin products to sell which equates to more money. 

BUT, it is still too early to judge DS Domination. Before I dive into the MLM side of DS Domination, I would like to share with you some honest facts (Critical Flaws) about DS domination and its industry and why you should avoid it.

The Reasons why you should avoid DS Domination and drop shipping all together

Reason 1: Same Tools, Same Education, Same Strategy

ds-domination-same-strategyThink about it, if there are so many people who are using the DS domination tool to perform the same search and uses the same strategy, wouldn’t you be selling the same products as other members of DS Domination? You are basically going to slash your price of the products like crazy due to a surge in competition for the same products.

Reason 2: Same Product, Same Description

Imagine you want to buy a tea set from Ebay.com and you typed in a search and found many product offerings with the same product photo, same description but different price, which will you choose? The one with the cheapest price obviously.

DS Domination teaches you to copy images and description from Amazon.com and paste it into Ebay.com, do you think it is a good strategy? What makes you stand out from other DS Domination members? After paying off the Ebay.com fees (Yes, you will be charged) and slashing your price to make your product look attractive, I would presume your profit margin is close to 0%.

In other words, you are working so hard for nothing.

Reason 3: Ebay charge you for listing your products

This is the part DS Domination did not tell you. There are fees to be paid for just listing your product on Ebay.com. So if you are just a beginner, I presume you do not have much money, how are you going to spend money on the listing cost, moreover, you do not have a guarantee that your product will sell. You are just copy and pasting description from Amazon.com, what makes your product stand out?

You see, these are the things DS domination keep from you until you become a member of DS Domination. You are faced with high competition and high cost, so when it comes down to profit, you are being screwed over.


Reason 4: Ebay Holds your funds till the product is shipped

If you are a new seller in Ebay.com, you will face with this problem. So, the only thing you can do is to fork out the money from your own pocket. But what if your customer want to return the product? Let me tell you, it’s not an easy task.


Reason 5: Your customer will receive box from Amazon

Your customer probably do not know that the product that they bought from Ebay is actually from Amazon. Wouldn’t you feel cheated if you were to buy product from Ebay and to realize your product actually come from Amazon?

Well, I guess it is not a big deal because Amazon is a legitimate business. BUT! What if you went on Amazon and realise that you are being ripped off by the price you’ve paid in Ebay? Will you feel cheated then?

Reason 6: Roger Langille’s (Owner of DS Domination) character is questionable

The picture below is a print screen from Blackhatworld.com, a forum that discuss about making money online. See this person’s experience with Roger Langille.


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DS Domination Scam – The MLM

Now, let me dive into the MLM part of DS Domination. This part of the program is all about recruiting people into the DS Domination. If you are not keen in drop shipping, then referring people to DS Domination is an alternative to earn commission.

Similar to almost all MLM business online like empower network, Internet Lifestyle Network, 5 Minute Mogul, you have to purchase all levels of the program to make commission on all levels of sales.

For example, if you only purchase the DS Domination Pro level and you have just referred someone who purchased all levels of DS Domination. Guess what! You  will only be making $9.98 (50% of $19.95)

While if you purchase all levels of DS Domination, you will be able to get $433.97 (50% of all levels of sales.

To be honest, the compensation plan for DS Domination is not anywhere near attractive to me, because I’ve seen better compensation plans and better benefits. 


To me, MLM is never a good business model. The big fish always eats the small fish. People at the top of the MLM pyramid will always make money and people down at the bottom will always lose. 99% of the people fail in MLM and I would highly recommend you NOT to fall for it.

My Sincere Advice to You

DS Domination is not worth your time and effort. When everyone uses the same DS Domination strategy, it loses its effectiveness. So do not expect any result from following the DS Domination courses.

If you really want to make money online and in a fun way, I would recommend you to check out my #1 recommended Internet Marketing Course.

I have been in the Internet Marketing business for quite a while now and have bumped into tonnes and tonnes of scams and junk products. You can see that I have reviewed many products from the “Scam Alert” top menu. I would not recommend any products to you unless they are tested  and proven to make money.

Thank you for reading my review! If you would like to warn your friends and family on this scam, please feel free to share it with them by clicking on the social media buttons below. I will also invite you to leave a comment below and discuss DS Domination with me. Cheers!

Your Pal,


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