5 Minute Mogul Scam – Let me save you some time and $$$


Name:  5 Minute Mogul System
Website:  www.5minutemogul.com
Price: $37/mth + Many upsells
Owners: Kimball Roundy

Income Opportunity rating: 1 / 5 Stars

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5 Minute Mogul exposed as a Scam – The 5 Minute No Go!

5 Minutes a day of work to make you tonnes of Money? Sounds tempting ain’t it. Well, hear me out on this guy, Kimball Roundy,  the same guy who founded Spider Web Marketing System (SWM). SWM was founded in 2008, and disregarded in 2011 due to the fact that SWM was exposed as a scam. Instead, he created 5 Minute Mogul System (5MM), an upgraded version of SWM.

5 Minute Mogul uses similar “Sign up for free” technique as seen in Spider Web Marketing to attract new joiners. If you are new to making money online, I can only tell you this: “There are no free things in life, people create system to sell and that is the fact.” The only difference between 5 Minute Mogul and Spider Web Marketing is that 5MM provides just a little more tools and training.

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How do I know if 5 Minute Mogul is a scam?

To spot a scam is easy, they all seem similar in a way or another. They will offer you step-by-step guidance through the product and each step will lead you to another sign up process (This is where your credit card comes in). They will explain to you why you need to pay for it and bla bla bla, sales talk, bla bla bla, scam alert!

This is exactly what 5 Minute Mogul is all about. Let me walk you through the 4 steps of the 5 Minute Mogul “Game Board” and show you exactly what I mean.

The 5 Minute Mogul “Game Board”:

5 Minute Mogul Scam Review Gameboard

Step 1: Setting up your Pure Leverage Account – Product 1 offer, the scam bell ringing!

Pure Leverage, an auto-responder which cost $24.95/mth. Kimball Roundy will explain to you that you need this account in order to generate income stream.

What Pure Leverage will do is they will automatically send out pre-drafted emails to those people whom you have referred to 5 Minute Mogul, in hope to convert those people into paid members of 5 Minute Mogul.

What you do not know is that Kimball Roundy will get a commission from Pure Leverage if you sign up for a Pure Leverage account.

Step 2: Endless free traffic – Really? Lets see.

5 Minute Mogul scam review bannerThis step practically gives you banners and sample emails for you to share in your webpage, blogs, facebook or any other social media you can think of.

This step is totally free (like any other systems) and the reason for that is they do not want to seem like they are taking money from you every single step.

Now, I am just thinking, if I am a total beginner to this “internet” thing, how am I going to setup a website or blog to use the banners? Even if I manage to set up a website, how do I drive the traffic to my website? There is just no training for that. And what if I do not have a facebook account or any other social media accounts? How am I going to utilise this set of tools?

Step 3: Done-For-You Paid Traffic – A lazy man’s haven?

This step is about paying Kimball Roundy and his “team” for generating traffic for you from  the “best” sources he have found.

He captures your attention right there. A beginner who doesn’t have any knowledge whatsoever to build a website, generate traffic, etc, will be attracted to this. All you have to do is pay for the traffic program (as seen in the picture on the right).

But up to this point, I do not know what is the percentage of commission I get for each person who signs up for paid packages in 5 Minute Mogul. All I do know is that I have to give money to Kimball Roundy.

Kimball Roundy mentions that the traffic that he generate for you comes from facebook, soloadsagency.com, Bannerads, pay-per-view networks.

Behind the scene, all Kimball Roundy needs to do is to get the money from you (a huge sum actually) and pay a certain amount of money to those traffic generating channels and pockets the rest.

Imagine the cost for subscribing to these traffic generating channels are just USD 1,000 (this figure is for illustrative purpose) and you pay $300, $500 or $1,000. Did you realise that you are not the only one paying for the paid traffic? He pockets the remaining money and sits back and enjoy the “5MinuteMogul” lifestyle.

Well, to give him the credit, what he said was true, to let the professional do their job. Kimball Roundy is not the real professional in finding the traffic for you, but he is the professional who finds other professional to get the traffic for you. Sorry for being a little sarcastic here but this is what it is.

Basically what I am saying is that why would I want to pay Kimball Roundy money when I know I can get the services done elsewhere at a cheaper price?

He kept saying that the traffic is limited but does limited traffic make sense at all or is it just a marketing gimmick to create the “want” in you? Well, believe what you may but I am strongly against the “limited traffic” as there are no such thing.

That’s not it! 5MinuteMogul have this portion where they want to lock you in for a monthly subscription for traffic. Are you insane? I thought $300, $500 or $1,000 is like a one-time thing that generates traffic for me every month. Now I realise that I need to pay so much money for monthly traffic.

What happens if you are a normal wage employee who makes $2,000 per month and wanted to find a second income, the amount of money you are paying for online traffic is like 15%, 25% or 50% of your gross income. Will you be that insane to do this? Wait there’s more! Step 4, where there are more paid packages…….

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Step 4: Maximizing Your Earning Potential – Here it comes, the BIG Plan!

There are 3 different packages for you to choose from, depending on the packages you choose, you are able to make 3, 4 or 10 times of the money you are making using the paid traffic in step 3.

  • Package 1: Apprentice Membership Program at $37/mth
  • Package 2: Industrialist Membership Program at $97/mth or one-time payment of $497
  • Package 3: Tycoon Membership Program at $300 (4 time payment = $1,200) or one-time payment of $997.

Allow me to explain how the “BIG” plan works (An MLM Setup)

The 5MinuteMogul system have a total of 4 infinity lines, an infinity line is like a long queue of people waiting to sign up for the membership, each person who has just been introduced to the system will line up in this infinity line.

5 Minute Mogul scam review scam alert 3In order to jump the queue, you have to sign up to either one of the packages.  Once you sign up as an Apprentice Member, you will join the queue of the “Apprentice” infinity line. If you sign up as a industrialist member, you will join the queue of the “Industrialist” infinity line and the same goes for the Tycoon Membership.

You will receive bonuses based on the number of shares you have. Each person below you in the same infinity line will earn you 3 shares and each person above you will earn you 1 share. 5 Minute Mogul scam review scam alert 2

For example, you are the first person who joins the queue, and you have 4 person below you, you will have 12 shares (3 share x 4 person below you).

If you are the second person who join the infinity line and you have 3 people below you, you will have 10 shares (1 share x 1 person above you + 3 shares x 3 person below you). Get the picture?

So depending on the total revenue that 5MinuteMogul makes, it will be shared among the 3  infinity lines (Apprentice, Industrialist and Tycoon). So basically, this system is just like any other Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company out there, it is just a different setup.

Limited Membership – What happens if you are the last member?

5-minute-mogul-limited-membership-bsKimball Roundy mentions that he is limiting the number of people to sign up for the 5MinuteMogul packages.

  • Maximum of 500 Tycoon Members
  • Maximum of 1,000 Industrialist members
  • Maximum of 1,500 Apprentice Members

I am not a genius but I can tell you this system doesn’t work when all the memberships are taken up.

No new Memberships means no further income. If there’s no further income, there will be no distribution. Think about it, where do 5MM generate their income from? YOU. Basically, you are giving money to people who joined before you.

How will the last member of each group (Apprentice, Industrialist, Tycoon) recover the money he/she have invested? What if the last member of the group leaves the membership? The second last member suffers and leaves after a while and the trend goes on. Think carefully about it and share with me your thoughts on this.

My sincere advice to you

There are too many scams online and you shouldn’t wander around alone. Stop wasting your precious hard-earned money on scams that promise to make money for you with little to no effort.

Success is curved out of your hard work and perseverance, do not let someone else do the work for you because you will never know if they are screwing with you.

This is all I have for you! If you want a place where you can actually learn how to make conscience-free money online without any scams, please feel free to read my #1 recommended business opportunity.

Share with me your thoughts on 5 Minute Mogul by dropping me a comment below, I will be glad to discuss this with you.

Your pal,


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