Cash FX Group Review – Scam Forex Company or Profitable Opportunity?

Let me guess, you’re probably here because someone told you that its possible to “earn while you learn” and make a lot of money in Forex with Cash FX Group.

Cash FX Group presents itself as an opportunity to help you get 200% up to 400% ROI using its “really advanced” algorithm… 

Even if you have no prior knowledge or experience trading in Forex!


Now, I’m all in for the idea of making money while learning, and there are indeed legitimate income opportunities that let you accomplish such thing.

However, is Cash FX Group one of those programs, and does it live to its promises?

Well, I took the liberty of joining the company, and I discovered some serious red flags that tell me Cash FX Group is not exactly what it claims to be.


So in this Cash FX Group review, we’ll be discussing what this company is really about, is it possible to make money with it, and all the critical things that deterred me from investing my time and money on it.

Review Summary

Website: cashfxgroup.com

Founder: Huascar Lopez in 2019

Price to Join Opportunity: Minimum $300 up to $100,000 + Re-investments

Recommended? No because the company has a lot of red flags, two of which is lack of proof in Forex trades and no retailable products. You may want to check this out instead.


Overall Business Opportunity Rating:

Quick Summary: Cash FX Group presents itself as a Forex trading platform with an MLM business model. You can make money with this company from weekly ROI supposedly coming from Forex trades and by recruiting people into the company,

However, the company fails to provide any proof that they are indeed trading in Forex and it is an MLM company that has no retailable products.

The company is also ripe with red flags, all of which I will be discussing below…

What is Cash FX Group about?

Cash FX Group (aka Cash Forex Group) presents itself as a Forex trading platform that provides you training on how to make money with Forex even as complete beginners.

On the company website, Huascar Lopez was named the founder and CEO of Cash FX Group, and the company was based in Panama. 

Outside CFG, I wasn’t able to find more information about Huascar, none about his Forex trading history nor his previous affiliations in network marketing.

I mentioned network marketing because Cash FX Group is also a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. 

Cash FX Group claims that you can make money with them in two ways, though Forex trading and by referring (recruiting) other people to join the company.

Although upon closer examination, I have a feeling that your income in this company will only come from one thing and I will discuss more of it in a moment.

But in the meantime, let’s take a quick look at how the Forex industry works because Forex trading is supposedly the main idea behind Cash FX Group. 

How does Forex Trading Work?

Forex, or Foreign Exchange, is trading currencies in the market where you’ll earn money by buying or selling currencies at the right time.

In Forex, currencies come in pairs such as USD/EUR (US Dollars against Euro), USD/CHF (US Dollars against Swiss Franc), etc., and how it’s done is that you will buy one currency against another, like betting on which of the two will win.

Sounds a little too complicated? This short video will help you learn the fundamentals of Forex trading.

If you didn’t watch the video, then let me summarize the important points for you.

Forex is a zero-sum game, which means the market moves when one currency wins (increase in value) and another one loses (decrease in value).

The values of currencies are directly affected by the economy. Therefore as a Forex trader, your goal is to correctly predict which currency loses and which one wins. That is how you will earn money trading in Forex.

But here’s the deal…

Trading in Forex always comes with a risk because no one really knows which way the economy will move and which currency would be winning or losing.

Enter Cash FX Group.

How does Cash FX Group Work?

In the video below, Huascar Lopez explained to some core personalities of the company how Cash FX Group’s Forex trading software together with experienced Forex trading team will make you 200-400% Return of Investment.

Apparently, Cash FX Group provides Forex training through its educational program called “Academy,” however, you won’t be doing the trading yourself.

This is why you won’t be seeing any charts, tools, and any Forex trading system whatsoever in your account.

As it turns out, all trades are said to be done by Cash FX Groups’ hired brokers and the company’s own AI trading bot Expert Advisors (EA), and you will just earn money on autopilot.


What you will be given though is a way to promote and share the Cash FX Group to other people eg, friends, family, coworkers, etc.

Basically, when you join Cash FX Group, you won’t be doing any Forex trading, at least not in Cash FX Group platform.

Your only job will be to recruit people to join the company, and thus starts my concerns about this company…

Why I Didn’t Join Cash FX Group

1. No Proofs and History of Forex Trades

While the company claims to have this amazing trading bot that guarantees extraordinary trading results, Cash FX Group didn’t provide any evidence of the so-called Expert Advisors software in action.

The company also said to have created an ecosystem and partnership with licensed Forex traders and brokerages that will do the trading for them but haven’t provided any evidence to that either.

So what worries me, and this is mere speculation in my part, is that what’s really going on is that the money you pay to Cash FX Group when you join isn’t really used in Forex trades but are used to pay the older affiliates of the company.

Again, mere speculation in my part.

Another thing that I find weird about Cash FX Group is that the company only accepts payments through Bitcoin.

Now, If Cash FX Group is really in Forex trades, why do they require members to pay in Bitcoin?


This makes me wonder, is Cash FX Group also dealing in cryptocurrencies? 

Joining an MLM company that is involved in crypto is a bad idea, and here’s why.

As a matter of fact, I personally invested (and lost) money in a similar company called USI-Tech.

2. A Forex Trading Company that Promises a Fix ROI

Cash FX Group claims that they will return a maximum of 15% of your initial investment per week.

While this sounds amazing, the thing is that there are no traders in the world that win all Forex trades he puts his money into.

Furthermore, no algorithm or robot can predict (with 100% accuracy) all the winning Forex trades to guarantee daily profits and a 15% return week after week without fail.

Of course, educated predictions can be made through charts and data to get a better chance of winning, but there is no guarantee that the company traders and the AI software will make money all the time.

That is basically saying that Cash FX Group knows how to win all Forex trade transactions, which is impossible!

The company itself claims that trading on the global Forex is risky and that no trade results can be guaranteed. 


But for argument’s sake, let’s assume that Cash FX Group has indeed “achieved the impossible” and owns a “powerful algorithm” that gives them a 100% win rate on all Forex trades…

Do you think Huascar and his cohorts would share it with you for a couple of hundred or thousands of dollars?

I’m guessing they will keep it to themselves and make tons of money, or they will be selling that software on the black market for billions and even trillions of dollars depending on the highest bidder. Makes sense?

But to be clear, these are yet again speculations on my part based on what I know, and if you want to contribute to this matter, we can have a healthy discussion in the comments section below. 

But let’s refrain from disrespectful words and hostility.

3. Similarities to Previous Forex Scams

The company’s EA software has caught my attention the first time because I’ve heard of another sketchy Forex MLM company called Lifestyler Club (aka AI Global Forex) that uses a trading bot called AI Expert Advisor.

That being said, I wasn’t able to find any connection between Cash FX Group to Lifestyler Club, so take this info as it is. 

Nonetheless, when it comes to how Cash FX Group works, another Forex MLM company that comes to mind is FX Trading Corp, which received a lot of flak both from its members and critics.

But to be clear, I’m not saying that Cash FX Group is a scam, and I’m merely pointing out some facts.

4. Unregistered Business Operations

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom, has issued a warning against Cash FX Group for operating without proper authorization.

I did additional research and found out that during this Cash FX Group review, the company is also not registered to operate in the US.

If this company truly interests you despite the things I discussed, I suggest that you verify to the authorities if they are legally allowed to operate in your country.

I know you wouldn’t want to end up wasting your time and money by joining a company that gets shut down due to illegal business operations or non-compliance issues.

5. No Retail Products

Perhaps the biggest reason why I didn’t join Cash FX Group is because it is an MLM company that lacks any retail products.

And because you won’t make any money selling products (because there is nothing to sell), and your Forex trading income with Cash FX Group is questionable at best…

I’m afraid that your income will likely only come from recruiting people.

Now, there is nothing wrong with recruitment and building a sales team in an MLM company.

But when your income solely relies on recruitment alone, then be alert because you might be involved in a pyramid scheme.

I’ve seen plenty of similar companies that operate like Cash FX Group collapse only after a few months, like the Lifestyler Club and  FX Trading Corp

Because even if you do you get a training program that can be considered a “product” when you join this company, the education you receive doesn’t provide any real value because you can get them elsewhere on the Internet for free!

And I’m guessing most people who join Cash FX Group weren’t really after the Forex training but are only paying money to join a system that generates commissions whenever they can convince other people to join as well.

Now I know you might not agree with me, and some people might defend Cash FX Group, citing how it can be a scam when they are getting paid? Well…

It is possible to Make Money with Cash FX Group, however…

You can indeed make money with Cash FX Group, but you know it’s not coming from selling products, or maybe not even from Forex trading.

And if that’s the case, then it can only come from the payments of new affiliates joining the company. Therefore, you are making money in an unethical and illegal way! 

It’s also possible for you to continue getting paid with Cash FX Group until the time comes that no more people will join the company.

If that happens, the company won’t earn revenues coming in, and it will stop paying you as well.

But of course, this is all assumptions built around the idea that Cash FX Group wasn’t really making money trading in Forex based on the things I discussed above.

Nevertheless, I know this might not matter to some people as long as they are making money, but let me ask you this…

Can you sleep well at night knowing that you are making money while all the new members you recruit will likely lose money? Some of them could be your friends or family.

Cost to Join Cash FX Group – A Repeat Investment Pay to Play System

You can become an affiliate of Cash FX group by purchasing any of its Cash FX Trade Contracts that costs from $300 up to $100,000.

30% of the amount you pay will be used to fund the company’s compensation plan, while 70% will be used on Forex trades.


Say you purchased the Academy Pack 90 for $300, only $210 will b used to trade in Forex, and the $90 is used to pay the other affiliates above you.

This proves my suspicion that you are making money from the payments of new affiliates who join Cash FX Group, but I will let you decide what to think about it.

Nevertheless, each of the packages gives you access to Cash FX Group’s Forex training called Academy, earn a weekly ROI from “Forex trades,” and qualify to earn recruitment and residual commissions.

But take note that this is not a one-time investment. 

The company claims that once you’ve earned the promised 200% or 400% ROI, reinvestment is required to continue to participate in Cash FX Group’s income opportunity.

Say you join with the Academy Pack 90 that costs $300. You are only entitled to earn $420 (200% of $210) paid to you weekly.

Furthermore, the amount of your investment determines the amount of ROI you are entitled to earn between 200% to 400%. 

The more money you put into the system, the bigger your ROI is.

It’s what’s commonly known as a Pay to Play system, where an individual’s earning potential in a program is determined by how much money he can pay at the start.

Pay to Play system is another telltale sign of a pyramid scheme.

Is Cash FX Group a Scam?

During this Cash FX Group review, there’ still not enough information for me to say with certainty that Cash FX Group is a scam.

However, there are a lot of red flags about this company what you should be wary about. Unless Cash FX Group can,

  • Provide valid proof that they are indeed using your money to trade in Forex, 

  • Provide members with a better training course

  • Come up with a retailable product and

  • Get the company properly registered to the authorities

I advise that you proceed with caution and do due diligence before joining this company to avoid wasting your time and money.

My Two Cents

I’m in no position to tell you how you should make money online, but I’m sure you’ll do the moral and ethical thing.

I personally won’t recommend Cash FX Group because I’m worried that because of the lack of retail profits in this company, and it is questionable whether or not Forex trades are really going on…

Your income might only be coming from recruiting people, and that is illegal.

Nevertheless, the final decision of whether or not you should join this business is on your hands.

And if you think that Cash FX Group is not the kind of income opportunity that you want to get involved in, but you’re still hoping to find a way to make money online…

Then, I highly recommend that you check out this business program.

This is the same program that turned me from a nobody to somebody online, and best of all, you really can earn while you learn!

But don’t take my word for it and see my early income proofs here: 2015, 2016, 2017.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Cash FX Group review. I sincerely hope that you have found the answers that you’re looking for.

If this has been useful, kindly share this with the people you know so they too will know exactly what to expect before they invest time and money in Cash FX Group.

And if you have anything to say about this company, and you have information that I haven’t discussed here, feel free to use the comments section below.

Until here and whichever path you take towards your financial goals, I wish you all the success in the future.

Your friend,