Bittrain Scam Finally Revealed!

If you want to know the real story about the rumored Bittrain scam, then this article is for you.

By reading this Bittrain review, you will learn: 

  • Is Bittrain is a legit company?
  • Can you make passive income with Bittrain?

Because during the time I am trying to uncover the truth about the Bittrain scam rumors…

I’ve made some startling discoveries which led me to believe that by joining Bittrain, you could lose hundreds and even thousands of money instead!

Let’s get started.

Review Summary

Name: Bittrain

Co-Founders:  John Kin and Allen Coko

Price: $100 – $25,000

Bittrain Scam Reviewed 2019Bittrain Scam Reviewed 2019

Bittrain Business Opportunity Rating:

Bittrain Product Rating:


If you don’t want to miss out any of the exciting discoveries I found about Bittrain; I recommend that you read the entirety of this article.

Otherwise, use the table below to navigate your way throughout this Bittrain review quickly.

What is Bittrain

In a nutshell, Bittrain (www.bittrain.org) appears to be a Bitcoin ICO (Initial Coin Offering) business opportunity.

bittrain orgbittrain org

Interesting enough, Bittrain comes with additional bells and whistles similar to that of a multi-level marketing company.

If you join Bittrain, you can potentially earn a passive percentage from your initial investment by trading in cryptocurrencies.

You will also make more money if you decide to make use of the company’s MLM compensation plan and recruit more people into the company.

Bittrain Founder

On Bittrain’s official website bittrain.org, two names were presented as the company co-founders.

  • John Kin – Bittrain CEO and Co-founder
  • Allen Coko – Bittrain Co-founder

Bittrain FoundersBittrain Founders

I tried to verify the identity of the two, but I only found a YouTube video by John Kin And his Twitter profile.

I didn’t find anything about Allen.

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How To Make Money With Bittrain

Once you invest in Bittrain, there are two ways you can make money.

You can make a weekly passive income with your investment, and you can also earn recruitment commissions with Bittrain’s adapted MLM compensation plan.

Bittrain Compensation PlanBittrain Compensation Plan

Bittrain Crypto Investment

You are promised a weekly income of 8%from your total investment. This depends on the Bittrain membership package that you pick, which I will discuss in a moment.

Bittrain Recruitment Commissions

You can potentially earn a 10% direct referral fee from the membership fees of each person you recruit to Bittrain.

You will also receive another 10% in Bittrain’s, Binary compensation and more by climbing up the company’s Unilevel ranks.

Below is a recent video of Bittrain’s compensation plan uploaded by Jonathan Tacad last March of 2019.

He is one of Bittrain’s Master Distributor from the Philippines.

I did some further research, and I found Jonathan Tacad’s Facebook Account.

On that note, you can also take a look at the Bittrain Official Facebook Page.

Membership Packages

You can become a member of Bittrain by choosing any of its package plans. The lowest is $100, and it goes up to $25,000.

Your income potential depends on the amount of investment package you choose. Please refer to the image below.

Membership PricesMembership Prices

Your Bittrain contract for all the packages will last for two years. You will also need to pay a subscription fee of $5 up to $500.

Before I share with you the truth on the rumors of the Bittrain scam going on, let’s discuss the good things about this company.

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Good Things About Bittrain

To be fair with Bittrain, I tried to remain as objective as possible while writing this Bittrain review, however, I cannot seem to find any good thing about the company.

I noticed a lot of red flags instead!

But if I must mention anything good, I will give credits to the company for providing the public with the Bittrain ICO Whitepaper.


I have reasons to believe that Bittrain is dangerously both a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme.

What leads me to this conclusion are my findings during my research, which I will discuss below.

Bittrain Red Flags

I understand why people are spreading the rumors of Bittrain scam on the Internet. This crypto MLM company is ripe with red flags – just like

Like Forcount, USI-Tech and other shady crypto MLM companies.

#1 Unrealistic Claims

One of the first red flag I noticed about Bittrain is the company’s confidence that their token value will rise to $50,00 in the year 2020.

Coin Value ProjectionCoin Value Projection

Anyone who knows the risks involved in crypto trading knows this is a blatant lie.

Not even Bitcoin was projected to reach such worth in 2020. How much more an unknown coin like Bittrain.

And talking about Bittrain’s unknown ICO, which supposedly has reached between $5,000-$10,00 in value by the time I am writing this Bittrain review…

I haven’t heard anything about it outside the Bittrain website. Have you?

#2 Mysterious ICO

Bittrain claims that they have a successful ICO but no matter where I looked, I cannot find any record of any trades about the company’s token.

Go ahead and search for Bittrain coin or Bittrain token and you will find no announcement or any thread suggesting transactions of such token.

So if no actual crypto trades are going on, where is your weekly income and commissions coming from?

#3 Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme Structure

Because no actual record of cryptocurrency trading transactions is happening…

I believe that your income from Bittrain will come from the membership packages fee of the newer members.

This could only be the explanation, and this is a definition of a Ponzi Scheme.

Furthermore, Bittrain encourages its members to recruit more people instead of teaching them how to trade in cryptocurrency.

If you take a look at the Bittrain compensation plan, there is no way for you to make more money other than recruitment.

This is how pyramid schemes work.

So yeah, I am afraid that Bittrain is a hybrid Ponzi/Pyramid scheme that you should stay away from. Why?

#4 Bittrain Will Close Soon

Yes, Bittrain will collapse soon. When?

Bittrain will cease operation once the people behind this scheme has amassed more than enough money from unsuspecting victims.

Or, when the FTC shuts them down.

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Is Bittrain A Scam

Base on my research and by having reviewed various business opportunities, my opinion about Bittrain is it is a scam.

Can You Make Money With Bittrain

Technically yes, you can make money with Bittrain if you are among the first ones to join the company.

You might ask…

If you can make money, why is Bittrain a scam?

Well, because it is how Ponzi schemes usually work, and that is why they can victimize countless of people over and over again.

The people behind investment schemes usually pay the first, second, and up to as many payouts as possible before they ran away with the people’s money.

They do this to achieve two things:

  1. To make initial investors believe that this is a legit company and throw in more investments
  2. To trick suspecting yet interested people into joining the scheme.

This is how the Bittrain scam and other Get-Rich-Quick online scams usually operate.

Protect Yourself From Bittrain Scam

There are proven ways to protect yourself and your hard-earned money from scammers.

  • There is no Get-Rich-Quick opportunity
  • Research about the company/business
  • Unrealistic income potentials

You can learn more about detecting online scams in this article.

Should You Join Bittrain

As you probably can tell with the tone of this Bittrain review, I suggest that you stay away from this company.

For your reference, you can read our USI-Tech scam review as the two shared a lot of similarities.

My Humble Advice

There are many ways to make money online today – legitimate ways.

If Bittrain did not turn out to be the business opportunity that you are hoping for, then I can recommend an alternative.

Bittrain Business Alternative

This business program has already changed the lives of many people.

Some of them were able to quit their 9-5 jobs and enjoy retirement at a very young age. There are those who also managed to make a 6-figure income or more while staying at home.

This could happen to you too!

But the best part about this online is that you can get started for free!

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this Bittrain review. I hope that you did found the answers that you were looking for.

You can share this to the people you know so they too shall be aware of the truth about the Bittrain scam going on.

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Meanwhile, if you have any valuable piece of information about Bittrain that you would like to share with our readers, you can use the Comment Section below.

Further questions about Bittrain will also be entertained.

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In your journey towards financial independence, always approach an opportunity with the right amount of skepticism to avoid falling into scams.

Until here and I wish you all the success in the future.

Your pal,




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  1. Katrina Rosie says:

    Please be careful on how you invest with some brokers, many of them are pure liars they only want your money and pretending to be helping you so that you can invest with them , once you invest and then make a withdrawal request they will disappear or they keep asking you for more money just to put your life in hell and make themselves happy and richer with peoples money, I have traded with different brokers but once invest big amounts of money and make a withdrawal request they will disappear and never come back again most of them will try to convince you not to make a withdrawal yet instead asking you to invest more and most of them will allow you to withdraw a little so that they can build trust with you and make you to invest all your money, so please be careful!

  2. Hi There… I already invested money to Bittrain Company, cause the information I get now I got it late. There’s plan you have guys to help me to get my money back, So that I can invest other company?

    1. Hey Watson,

      Thanks for taking the time to read our Bittrain review. By the way, I get that you invested money with this company? How was your experience?

      Regarding your plan to get a refund, have you tried contacting them at [email protected]?


      ~Jay (BareNakedScam)

    2. Lost over $30000 working this company and its quite unfortunate how they’re scamming people of their hard earned money. However, for future references kindly join the r/scamsupdate community of Reddit.
      Also, you stand a chance to get your money back by contacting
      [email protected]
      I was able to recover mine and have referred users in the past and they were able to get back their money too.

  3. Reuben Ramalepe says:

    Good day Jay

    Please investigate Novus company (www.wenovus.com)

    Also investigate skyway investment group

    please suggest legit companies to make money…


    1. Hello Reuben,

      Thank you for reading our Bittrain review. Yes, we will take a look at Novus and Skyway in the coming days. But what makes you have an interest in these companies? Do you think these are scams?

      Meanwhile, there are many ways to make money online. You just have to find out what you want to do with your time. For me, affiliate marketing is very good and you can check out this program for beginners.

      If you have any questions, let us know.


      Jay (BareNakedScam)

  4. Ever heard of Financika?

    1. Hey Sam,

      Thanks for your comment! I haven’t heard of it till now, and we will check it out very soon.

      ~Jack (The Scam Buster Team)

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