Automated Wealth Network – Is it a scam?

automated-wealth-network-mainName:  Automated Wealth NetworkWebsite:  www.automatedwealthnetwork.comPrice: $50.97/mth + purchase of offersOwners: Tim Chesonis and Michael Cocan

Bare Naked Scam rating: 3 Thumbs Down


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If something is too good to be true, it probably is. This is the case with Automated Wealth Network where it assuredly declares that you can make money with the Automated Wealth Network for FREE.

As you know, nothing is free in life, there must be a catch to it, and in this article I will share with you what Automated Wealth Network really is.

automated-wealth-network-loginAutomated Wealth Network, founded by Tim Chesonis and Michael Cocan, is basically an automated sales funnel that will take you through a series products and offers.

Note that I said SALES, and yes you will need to purchase something! But wait, didn’t Tim promised that you can get started for free?

Though being a member of the Automated Wealth Network is free, when you first step into your member’s area, you will notice that everything is locked. Your first step will be to watch a long tailed video by Tim whom will introduce you to a program called My Cash Freebies.

My Cash Freebies is basically a marketplace for BIG companies to place their ads.

In order to unlock the next tab in Automated Wealth Network, you need to get 1 Credit in My Cash Freeies by purchasing offers through an ad. As you go through the Automated Wealth Network’s sales funnel, you will realize that a step at a time, you will be introduced to tasks where it will lead you to present your credit card for payment.

Ah!!! So that’s the catch…

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Is Tim trying to confuse you with Incentive Marketing?

In the first video you ever see in AWN, Tim explains that this “Opportunity” is not Affiliate Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing, it is called “Incentive Marketing”.

Incentive Marketing as explained by Tim is an opportunity based on promoting advertisements of big brands and fortune 500 companies in an advertising network.

These BIG companies pays commission (incentives) to marketers who refer new customers to trial a product or service from them.

To me, this “Incentive Marketing” thing is exactly what Affiliate Marketing is.

How do you make money in Automated Wealth Network?

I am pretty sure you are more excited in this section of the article then the rest.

Well, let me get into this quickly and you can decide whether to join Automated Wealth Network.

Automated-wealth-network-OffersYour first $30 commission is when you refer someone into AWN and they earn 1 credit in My Cash Freebies (Meaning, your referral will have to buy something in My Cash Freebies to make that 1 credit).

Sounds really simple, but it is NOT.

My first question to you is where are you going to find your referral? Yes, there are training within AWN but my next question is does it really work? I will share with you the teachings of AWN below.

As your referral goes through the same sales funnel of AWN as you did, they will be introduced to a program called “Power Lead System”.

This is a program that provides services like Lead Capture pages, Google Hangout Pages, Video Sales Pages, Link tracking and video post cards.

Well these tools sounds great, but it is limited to promoting only Power Lead System (I know it because I’ve tried it).

In this separate review, I will share with you what Power Lead System is.

If your referral sign up to Power Lead System for $27/mth, you will NOT make a $20/mth commission unless you signup with Power Lead System as a Customer ($27/mth) AND as an Affiliate ($23.97/mth).

In total, you have to pay $50.97/mth to get commissions from Power Lead System.


Surprised by how much you need to pay in order to make money with Automated Wealth Network?

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What does Automated Wealth Network teach you?

automated-wealth-network-insideThe training that Automated Wealth Network provides are very mild basics.

When you go through the courses, you will probably learn stuff like how AWN work and how you need to get things started.

It also teaches you all the basics like setting up a website, setting up Facebook and Twitter account, but all these information can easily be found on youtube or anywhere else online.

The potential of you making money with AWN boils down to how many people you can introduce to AWN (In the internet marketing terms it is called driving traffic).

The more traffic to drive to AWN, the chances of you making money is higher.

Just a food for thought, say you are making a lot of money with AWN, if one day AWN is taken down or closed for some reason, what will happen to you?

Will you be able to apply the training you learnt from AWN and build up from scratch a sustainable business on your own? I don’t think so.

You see, the training is not there to teach you how to build a business. It only teaches you the things that you need to know that will make AWN work.

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My Sincere Advice to You

I have been in the Internet Marketing business for years and I know how to differentiate a good program from a bad one.

Automated Wealth Network is not typically bad, but I know that it is lacking in areas like the training and support.

In general, Automated Wealth Network is just a Sales Funnel for My Cash Freebies and Power Lead System, nothing more.

follow-your-passion-and-success-will-follow-youIf you truly want to learn the basics and advanced techniques to be a successful online marketer, I would suggest that you check out this program, because it is the place that lead me to my success in Internet Marketing.

If one day, I loss all my income generating businesses and need to start from scratch, I can confidently tell you that I can re-build all of them, it is only a matter of time.

This confidence is gained through the teachings of the course that I recommended to you. Moreover, you will be taught to build a business based on your passion. So take my advice and let me know if you have any questions.

Drop me a comment below if you have any questions or you would like to share your thoughts on Automated Wealth Network.

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Your pal,


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  1. John Babor says:

    Say, thanks for your input and warnings! Sounds a lot like Moniva where my late wife and I lost $$ Thousands through their sly wording and presentations.
    I’m now retired and depth free and am looking for something to pass the boredom. I don’t need to get into another scam like I was in once before!

    Many thanks,
    John Babor Coloma, MI

  2. Steven Dinmore says:

    Well explained, captured my interest. I have seen the Automated Wealth Network before but now I know why Wealthy Affiliate is better as the training is second to noe

  3. I tend to agree with you. It can be frustrating those sales page or long sale video that you have to watch all the way through and promising you something very different that what you will find once inside.

    I bought many products like that thinking they would be good for my business but that finally turned out to be a big deception and waste of time and money. At least on some you can get refund.

    Thanks for your insight on this one!

  4. Great post Jack and a very insightful review of this product. This product is reminiscent of one I used a few years back called the Instant Payday Network; and it also used My Cash Freebies. These type of make money online products where you have to provide your social security number and credit card to try the products don’t appeal to people. Especially this day in age where identity fraud is such a problem. I had not heard of Automated Wealth Network, but I am staying away.

    Thanks for sharing,

  5. Wow, I’m glad I never landed on the Automated Wealth Network site. The in depth detail you go into is pretty typical of a scam. I am Leary anytime I need to get referrals. I would personally like to get referrals because I believe in something. Great post.

  6. I was turned off of AWN. There is no mention that I would be presented with having to buy or sign up for other products in order to make money and is not straight forward with everything and so I can determine if I want to move forward. I started WA a few months ago and really am learning internet marketing from the ground up. So, I am wary to some of the tactics people are using to get signups. Do you have any other legit online money-making businesses I could check out? Thanks.

  7. Edemekaye Richard says:

    Hi, your review is thorough and straight to the point.I did a similar review on Instant Pay Day Network. I agree with you that for anyone to establish a successful online business you need to learn the nitty- gritty of the business. This is because in case there is failure, one can start from the scratch on his own. You number one recommendation fit in properly. Thanks for exposing the flaws in Automated Wealth Network, continue the good works, God bless you.

  8. Hi Jack,

    Thanks for the information regarding Automated Wealth Network. It is refreshing to read an honest review of the company and what it offers. When looking for information and training on making money online, there are so many people out there who give you false hope!


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