Power Lead System Scam – Did the “Automated System” led you here?

Power Lead System is another Multilevel Marketing (MLM) Company that provides an Online Marketing Tool Suite like Landing Pages, Auto-Responder, etc.

The problem with this is that if you are new to Online Business or Online Marketing, you probably wouldn’t know what these tools are and how they can benefit you.

And, you’re most likely going to join the Power Lead System just because you want to know how to earn money.

Power Lead System ReviewPower Lead System Review

Honestly, this program appears to people as a simple and easy way to earn money online.

“Just send people to the Power Lead System and you can expect to earn money”, this is the message I am getting from the Power Lead System.

Do you feel the same way too? Leave a comment in the comment section below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Were you introduced to the Power Lead System through an Automated Selling System?

You’ve probably landed on this review because you’ve joined some “Automated Selling System” created by members of the Power Lead System, right?

Does “Automated Wealth Network” or “Internet Lifestyle Pros“, ring a bell?

These are the automated selling systems that eventually lead you to the Power Lead System.

If you send someone to the automated selling system, they will go through the same process as you did.

And, when someone joins the Power Lead System membership in the process, you’ll earn money.

Now, you may be thinking if this is too good to be true, but let me shed some light on this program so that you can make an informed decision.

My Personal Experience with the Power Lead System (PLS)

I came across Power Lead System through Internet Lifestyle Pros, and in all honesty, I was interested because of the internet marketing tools.

Regardless if this program seems like a pyramid scheme (I’ll discuss in a while), if the products are good, I wouldn’t mind promoting it.

You see, I am currently paying hundreds of dollars every month for the internet marketing tools.

And, if the Power Lead System can reduce that cost for me, without sacrificing the quality, it would be great!

However, as I was trying to set up the PLS products for my business, I realize that the products are geared towards self-promotion.

What I mean is that the products, like the Autoresponders and landing pages are set up mainly for their distributors to promote the Power Lead System.

It is quite complex when it comes to setting up the products for businesses that are not related to the Power Lead System.

Plus, the user interface and functionality looks outdated.

Just take a look at this:

Power Lead System Scam - Poor User Interface

Compare it to the service that I am using (Aweber):

Power Lead System Compare - Aweber User Interface

Can you see the big difference? One looks modern and the other looks dated.

Why I don’t recommend using the Power Lead System Products for your business?

Not only the user interface, the Power Lead System is quite difficult to implement.

I was trying to find a way to integrate the autoresponder to a capture page from my website, and I just couldn’t find a solution to it.

With Aweber, it is so easy, even without technical knowledge.

So, personally, I wouldn’t use the products of the Power Lead System.

The products are just complicated and the user interface is dated.

It is not made to be competitive on the market, instead, it is made specifically for the PLS members.

In my opinion, the products have no retail value.

Wait a minute! If the products have no retail value, wouldn’t it be considered a pyramid scheme?

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Is Power Lead System a Pyramid Scheme?

Here’s what the Federal Trade Commission said about pyramid schemes.

Power Lead System Scam - What FTC says about Pyramid Schemes

In my opinion, the products of the Power Lead System do not have any retail value.

The products are not made to be sold to the public, and honestly, the public wouldn’t want to use the services either.

There are so many worthy competitors on the market now, and the Power Lead System didn’t even come close to be competitive.

It seems that people join the Power Lead System because they didn’t know what to expect.

And, many new PLS members got into business because it gives them the hope that they can earn money online.

Now, does it sound like a pyramid scheme? In my opinion, yes! Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

To make things worst, PLS has different levels of products.

I’ll explain in detail below.

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The Power Lead System Product Levels

There are basically 4 membership levels.

  1. Gold
  2. Diamond
  3. Platinum
  4. Master Traffic Institute

Power Lead System Scam - Membership Levels

Membership Level: Gold

As long as you pay $23.97 every month to remain as an affiliate for PLS, you are awarded the Gold Membership.

Other than that, the “Master Traffic Academy” training is complimentary to this membership level.

However, while accessing the training videos, I noticed that the videos were dated back in 2014.

So, I’m pretty sure that the information in the videos is outdated.

Power Lead System Scam - The Master Traffic Academy

Membership Level: Diamond (Free Ad Secrets)

Seems as though they are getting you interested to buy this membership in order to earn more money.

There’s little to no emphasis on the product for this level.

It just says that you can multiply your income by 5 times.

Once you’ve paid for this membership, you are entitled to earn commissions when your referrals upgrade to the Diamond Membership.

But, if you are not a Diamond member, your commission made from A Diamond Membership sale will be passed up.

Technically, this is a pay to play program.

Membership Level: Platinum (Social Profit Academy)

This is a course created by Jeff Mills, who teaches about the most “Advanced” Facebook Marketing strategies.

It is claimed to be the most complete Facebook Marketing training on the internet.

But unfortunately, the knowledge is outdated.

How do I know it?

This program has been around since 2014, and the content hasn’t been updated since.

Power Lead System Scam - Social Profit Academy - Outdated

Source: socialprofitacademy.com

If you can find any information about Facebook Messenger Marketing (which is the most updated Facebook strategy of 2018) in Social Profit Academy, please feel free to correct me.

So, you are basically paying $497 for outdated information.

The only good thing about this program is the compensation plan.

How much can you earn with Social Profit Academy?

Once you’re a Power Lead System Platinum member, you are entitled to earn a $400 commission with $50 overrides.

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Membership Level: Market Traffic Institute

To gain access to this course, you’ve got to purchase the membership for a one-time payment of $1,497.

What I find interesting is that this course is created by a group of Power Lead System members who have achieved some success with the program.

One of the modules about content creation is taught by a guy named Rob Fraser, who is said to have created more than 1,800 videos.

Instinctively, I would’ve thought that someone who teaches content and video creation should be followed by a ton of people on YouTube.

I guess I was wrong.

Rob Fraser has 2 YouTube Channels under his own name, and it has a ton of videos on the channels, but with an average amount of subscribers.

One with 7,275 subscribers, and the other with 4,122 subscribers (as of 5 July 2018).

Power Lead System Scam - Market Traffic Institute

You see, I’ve learned stuff from real experts like Justin BrownAmy LandinoRoberto Blake, and they have hundreds of thousands of subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Best of all, I don’t pay thousands of dollars for their courses.

Nothing against Rob Fraser or Market Traffic Institute, I just wanted you to know what’s out there.

Now, the good thing about Market Traffic Institute is again the compensation plan for this product.

I think people are more interested about earning money with this product than the actual content in it.

I am sure the content is useful, but I just didn’t think it was worth $1,497.

How much can you earn with Market Traffic Institute?

As long as you purchased the Market Traffic Institute membership, you are eligible to earn a $1,000 commission.

Whenever you refer someone to the Power Lead System, and that person purchased the Market Traffic Institute, you get paid a $1,000 commission.

Plus, if your referral did the same thing and his or her referral purchased the MTI membership, you get an additional $200 as a sponsor.

Why are people still joining Power Lead System?

I’m pretty sure you are interested to know, since I’ve mentioned that their products do not have any retail value.


That’s what gets people into the business.

It is not because of the “awesome” products, or because of great leadership.

It is because this program seems like a good way to earn money online.

Plus, there are automated selling systems like the Internet Lifestyle Pros to do the telling and selling.


All an individual need to do is to send people to the Automated Selling System and the rest will be taken care of.

You see the big amount of commissions you can earn through this system?

I am sure it entices people to join, and pay for the high-ticket products (memberships I’ve discussed above) that aren’t worth what they are paying for.

Can you earn money from the Power Lead System? I am sure you can.

But, are the products worth it? Can it help you become an independent internet marketer? I doubt it.

How I Fired My Boss and Still Earn a Full-Time Income. Here’s How You Can Too!

The PLS Compensation Plan

The Compensation Plan is the only attractive thing in the PLS, I’m sorry to say.

I am pretty sure PLS distributors will start defending against this post.

But, this is my knowledge and experience with the Power Lead System.

Honestly, I’ve reviewed hundreds of online business opportunities, so I am just sharing with you my experience.

And my experience tells me that the Power Lead System is not a program that is worthy of your time.

Yes, there are people earning money from this, I have no doubt about it.

But, if you look at the fine line, this could be a pyramid scheme in disguise.

Plus, most of the training materials are lengthy, and they are outdated.

An average video lesson will take 60 minutes to complete, and there is no step-by-step guide to start the business.

If you’ve been through the training like I did, you’ll definitely think that the Power Lead System is a waste of time and money.

My Sincere Advice to You

If you are looking for a way to earn money online, the Power Lead System may not be the best choice for you.

You’ll be spending thousands of dollars on outdated courses and training programs that doesn’t get you anywhere.

And there’s really no retail value to the products of the PLS.

Sadly, the only attractive thing about the Power Lead System is the compensation plan.

I am sure you can make money with this program if you leverage on the “Automated Selling System” like the “Internet Lifestyle Pros“.

But, what if the Automated Selling System is closed down tomorrow (a high tendency for that)? Will you be able to recover?

What do I recommend?

Going through hundreds of online business opportunities, I’ve only found a few that are worthy of your time and money.

If you take your future seriously, and you want to learn how to be an independent internet marketer who is able to promote just about any products online, then I’ll recommend these training programs to you:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate – Blogging for affiliate success
  2. Legendary Marketer – Social Media selling for affiliate success
  3. Authority Hacker – Building Authority Sites for success
  4. Inbox Blueprint – Email Marketing for affiliate success
  5. Fizzle – General Internet Marketing for success

The best out of the bunch I’d say is Wealthy Affiliate.

Because it is the program that got me out of the rat race. It has allowed me to fire my boss and work full-time online. You can read my story here.

Thank you for reading this review, and I hope it helped with your decision.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below (but be civil).

Also, if you found this review helpful, please share it! It might help others who needs this information.

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Your pal,


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