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Name:  Push Button Commissions
Website:  pushbuttoncommissions.com
Price: Fund a minimum of $250
Owners: Adam Williams (Actor)

Bare Naked Scam rating: 5 Thumbs Down


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Push Button Commissions is yet another product that promises to send a steady flow of cash to your bank account with a press of a button.

Once you enter your email address you can access the software that is supposed to make all your dreams a reality. Let’s take a look at this product and see if it can teach us anything useful.

The purpose of this product is to automatically open and close trades with a binary trading broker so that you don’t have to invest time into creating manual trades.

Unfortunately, binary trading software rarely works, and when it does, the chance if it draining all the funds in your account is rather high.

Binary trading in itself is a high risk venture, it is possible to make money, but it is also possible to lose a lot in the process. It’s almost exactly the same as gambling and I don’t recommend gambling for people who want to create a steady stream of income, it’s too random, and it can lead to a lot of financial problems.

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Things to Remember When Trading

If you do want to test out trading and see if it works for you, there are a few things that you should know to minimize push-button-commissions-trading-for-a-livingthe risk of losing all your cash. For starters, choosing the right broker is extremely important; there are a lot of scam brokers who would love to separate you from your cash. Check out my recommended broker here.

Secondly, really study the venture, read books (like Come into my Trading Room, Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques, Trading for a Living), go through a trading course and monitor the markets; take in as much information about trading as possible. Even the most experienced traders will lose trades; it’s a risk that they’re willing to take.

Lastly, remember that the marketplace is random, and there is no way to predict if the value of a stock or commodity will change. There are a lot of scammers that swear they have a system that can accurately predict the outcome of a trade (like Push Button Commissions).

It’s a lie. It’s impossible to predict the outcome of a trade.

So, with those tips in mind, let’s continue to the meat of this product, and see if it works as promised.

Push Button Commissions 2015 Update

When taking a look at the Push Button Commissions website, I noticed that once you enter your email address you are re-directed to My Top Tier Business through an affiliate link.

It seems like whoever was behind Push Button Commissions decided to trash their so called software and simply send traffic to different affiliate link.

If you want to know what I think about My Top Tier Business, check out My Top Tier Business Review.

My-top-tier-business-mainEven though I didn’t have a chance to test out this software, based on the reviews and articles I read about it online, it’s clear that it is another scam.

Like similar trading bots, in order to activate the system you will need to create an account and deposit funds into a broker company, these companies require a minimum deposit of $250 to continue.

So they want you to take $250 out of your pocket and invest it into a high risk venture to use software that doesn’t work.

It doesn’t sound like a good investment to me. I wouldn’t want to rely on bots to make trades for me, there’s too much risk involved, and it’s too unstable.

It’s clear the system is nothing special, there are plenty open-source bots that you can use and re-package, claiming that they’re your own personal tools.

Do you think the creator actually uses this product? Heck no!

He simply recommends it so you sign-up to his broker through his affiliate link so he can earn some handsome commissions. These trading brokers are willing to pay out high commissions to affiliate marketers!

It’s a scheme, nothing more.

I suggest that you keep your distance from these kinds of products that promise easy cash for no work, there’s always a catch.

Here are some tips that will make it easier for you to spot binary trading scams…

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Tips on How to Spot a Binary Trading Scam

First of all, the sales page says a lot about a product.

It is remarkably easy to tell if a product is a scam by simply watching the sales video or reading the sales page. If it’s full of ridiculous unverifiable income claims and other hype, it is likely a scam.

push-button-commissions-scamFor instance, Push Button Commissions promises that you will earn $10,000 a month completely on auto-pilot.

That sentence alone is all you need to read to know what is behind the door, nobody in their right mind would sell a system like that for free.

If the sales page doesn’t give details about the broker you will use or other important information, it’s likely a scam.

Scammers don’t want you to know what is at the end of their sales funnels, if you did know, there’s no way that you would want to sign-up – so they keep it a secret. But legitimate products shouldn’t hide important details from the product. Transparency is a sign of honesty!

Sales pages like Push Button Commissions are not transparent at all; there is no way to tell what you are signing up for other than a promise of wealth. Check the image at the beginning of this article for an example. You only find out what it’s all about when you enter your email address. But once they have your email address they can spam your inbox with hundreds of other offers.

Also, it’s important to do research on their recommended broker. More often than not, these brokers are scams, and they will simply take your cash and disappear. Legitimate brokers rarely let affiliate marketers promote their services with these sales funnels.

It’s easy to spot binary trading scams, all you have to do is keep an eye out for certain red flags.

My Sincere Advice to You

Push Button Commissions is yet another binary trading scam.

I believe binary trading can be profitable if you enjoy the high level of risk and rewards, but I suggest that you learn the basic of Trading from Etoro before you begin.

Alternatively, there is a low-risk way to make money online called affiliate marketing and you can learn all about it inside my favorite online business training center, here is a link to the review.

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