Lifestyle Design Network – Another scam has climbed its rank!!!

Lifestyle-Design-Network-mainName: Lifestyle Design Network

Website(s): www.lifestyledesignnetwork.com

Price: $7 trial, $197/mth & More upsells

Owner: Mark Hoverson

Income Opportunity Rating: 2 / 5 (Current);

1 / 5 (Previous)

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Just last year (2014) there were a lot of hype about a Company called Internet Lifestyle Network (ILN) which was co-foundered by Vincent Ortega Jr and Mark Hoverson. This year ILN took a plunge in its business and re-vamped its business name to Lifestyle Design Network. The main reason for this change was due to a change of interest in one of its founders. If you take a look at Vincent Ortega’s facebook, you would have noticed that he is currently promoting the products of another Company called Vemma. I presume Vincent left Internet Lifestyle Network in early 2015.

Further to that, there are a lot of disputes within Lifestyle Design Network. If you were familiar with Internet Lifestyle Network, you would know who Fraser McDonald is, he is one of the top affiliates. There was this post in Fraser McDonald’s facebook signifying a dispute between Fraser McDonald and Vincent Ortega (Picture below):


The “OLD MENTOR” is referring to Vincent Ortega. Back in 2013, Vincent Ortega was a mentor of Fraser McDonald.


My aim for this review is not to focus on the dispute within Lifestyle Design Network nor I will not go into details of Vemma. My aim is to show you what exactly is Lifestyle Design Network and if it is worth your time and money. To get a full understanding of what Lifestyle Design Network is in the past, I would suggest you read my previous review on Internet Lifestyle Network.

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What is Lifestyle Design Network?

Lifestyle Design Network is an upgrade of Internet Lifestyle Design. Basically, there are no changes to the fundamentals of its business. Both Lifestyle Design Network and Internet Lifestyle Network are in the business of MLM and the main products are its educational courses separated in different level of membership.

What have changed:

Internet Lifestyle Network                      Lifestyle Design Network

Apprentice Member ($37/mth)              8-Figure Apprentice Membership ($7, 7-day trial)

Professional Member ($97/mth)           8-Figure Mastery Membership ($197/mth)

Executive Member ($997 one-time)      Solomon CEO ($1,295 one-time)

The things that changed in Lifestyle Design Network are the training in its first level of Membership, the Apprentice Membership, and its compensation plan. First of all, lets talk about the training in the Apprentice Membership. In Internet Lifestyle Network, the videos and conferences in the Apprentice Membership were mostly conducted by Vincent Ortega Jr, which I thought was a bunch of long BS videos that gets you excited about upgrading to higher levels of membership and they do not provide any value to its members.

But in LDN, to my surprise, things changed for the better. I’ve paid $7 for its trial membership and I felt that it is well worth it because I get to learn many motivational techniques for a small amount of money. It consist of hours of video lessons, split into 7 modules as you can see below.


Basically, the whole idea of Lifestyle Design Network is to focus on your personal growth and its secondary mission is to teach you how to be a leader and make money through video marketing. While I think the idea is great, I do not think that it is suitable for just anyone. People like myself who do not like to go in front of the camera will shunt away from this program.

Mastery Membership


In the Mastery Membership, there are some changes to its course materials, but the biggest change is its cost. It is an additional $100/mth to become a Mastery Member.

The Mastery Membership basically teaches advance motivational techniques and online sales strategies which I feel the price of this Membership level is way over priced. I get the same type of training for a much lesser cost. Check it out in the link below:

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I am not sure if Internet Lifestyle Network’s Professional members need to pay the extra amount to convert into the Mastery Membership, but I am sure that the lessons enclave in the new membership level is not worth paying for.

Solomon CEO


Solomon CEO basically teaches you advanced time management & wealth creation strategies which Mark Hoverson used to generate his fortune. It is another motivational course that helps you to develop a “Millionaire Mindset” that propels you to 6 to 7 figure income. Remember, these are just “Mindset” training, they are not there to teach you how to create a system to generate income online.

Again, the cost for this program is way over priced. Though I know mindset training is important, and it is usually those who do not have money that will require mindset changes, but being priced at such a steep price, many people will not be able to afford and benefit from it.

I do believe that Solomon CEO provides value to its members, but one should be wary of your own finances. You do not want to spend a fortune on a product just to change your mindset, you want to spend money on a product that helps develop mindset as well as teaches you how to create an online business to generate income at the same time. The product that does both of that is here.

The Compensation Plan

In Internet Lifestyle Network, you got to own the product to enjoy the commission for that product, this is the MLM way. Unlike Affiliate Marketing where you do not need to own the product, you can promote the affiliate product freely without having to pay membership fees. Which is why I recommend you to become an Affiliate Marketer.

Well, in Lifestyle Design Network, the compensation plan is transformed from the MLM structure to an affiliate structure. Now even if you do not own the product, you still get a 10% commission. This is a good thing, however, you need to pay an addition $19.95 to remain as an affiliate to promote the products in Lifestyle Design Network.

The Compensation Plan in Internet Lifestyle Network is as follow:


Lifestyle Design Network’s compensation plan is upgraded to this:

  • To earn any commissions you must be an active Affiliate – $19.95/month – This is in addition to your standard membership fee.
  • If you sell a product you DO NOT own then you will earn 10% commission on the sale, as long as you are an active Affiliate at the time of the sale.


  • Apprentice Membership – $37 – As an affiliate, earn up to $20/month commission, if you have an active Apprentice Membership.
  • Mastery Membership – $195 – As an affiliate, earn up to $80/month commission, if you have an active Mastery Membership. You will
    also earn up to $30/month on any Mastery membership team sales.
  • Solomon CEO – $1295 – As an affiliate, earn up to $500 commission if you own Solomon CEO. You will also earn up to $150 on
    any Solomon CEO team sales.
  • RENAISSANCE TRAVEL MEMBERSHIP – Platinum (5 Week per year) – $4995 – As an affiliate, earn up to $2000 commission, if you own the Platinum membership or higher. You will also earn up to $500 on any Platinum team sales.
  • Pearl (10 Weeks per year) – $7995 – As an affiliate, earn up to $3000 commission, if you own the Pearl membership or higher. You will also earn up to $1000 on any Pearl team sales.
  • Onyx (20 Weeks per year) – $11995 – As an affiliate, earn up to $5000 commission, if you own the Onyx membership. You will also earn up to $1500 on any Onyx team sales.

Now you can see how insane the course fees are within the program. I mean paying $11,995 for a course? That’s probably almost half of someone’s annual salary.

My Sincere Advice to You

Though I am pleased with my Apprentice Membership Training, I wasn’t exactly stoke on the prices of its other membership levels, Mastery Membership and Solomon CEO. I do believe that the training in the upgraded memberships provides a lot of value, but I highly doubt that the price of the course justifies it.

You do not want to join a course that focuses too much in mindset developing but neglects the main essence of generating income. It defeats the purpose of you joining the program in the first place, to make money online.

You see, I have reviewed so many course and programs for the past years and I can differentiate what is good and what is bad for a beginner. Lifestyle Design Network is right in the middle of good and bad and I do not recommend beginners to it. Beginners need delicate attention to business knowledge and development which Lifestyle Design Network do not provide.

So if you want to truly learn how to make money online whilst developing a positive mindset, check out my #1 Recommended Online Business Course. I am sure you will get much more (probably a 100 times) value to the price you are paying.

As always, I invite you to share your thoughts on Lifestyle Design Network by simply leaving your comment below. If you find my article useful, you might want to share it by clicking on the social media buttons below. Thank you so much and best of luck to your success.

Your pal,



  1. Riaz Shah says:

    Very detailed review Jack, always loved your articles! Lifestyle Design Networks sounds pretty cool but the system is an obvious MLM scheme and in my personal experience, you will tend to make more loss than profit every month which is a very risky way of doing business. Thanks for sharing this with us man, something to look out for if I ever come across it 😀

  2. Hi, what do you think about WA platform? Is it really legit?

    1. WA (Wealthy Affiliate) is one of the best Affiliate Marketing training course and community in the world. Many people with no knowledge, skills and experience in the make money online industry have gotten success through the teachings of Wealthy Affiliate. Check out the link below that teaches you what exactly is Affiliate Marketing:


      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  3. Hey Jack. This is a really good review on ILD. I use to be caught up with the MLM business model, however it is only for those who are really good at selling their ideas face to face. This program seems to dealing more with the mindset of individual, rather than trying to make money now. Good post, I enjoyed reading it.

  4. Too many often I see MLM online company change their names and programs.
    Two things that they never improve, the value and price for their members.

    Seeing at Lifestyle Design Network, it is almost the same as ILN previously. The difference are just in the name and upsells. I do NOT recommended this type of platform. Too expensive

  5. Such an insider review! Very helpful!

  6. Thanks for the warning that this affiliate program is a scam. Ill share this with my friend too 🙂

  7. Awesome write up! There are so many of these fly-by-night companies out there , it’s disgusting. Thanks for giving us the heads up, and great website too!

  8. You have seen one MLM you have practically seen them all. I do not know of any person who is looking for a lucrative work from home opportunity that has $197 that they can spend a month. Knowing what I know about making money online, I could do pretty well building something more lucrative for less than $197 per month. Heck I could start a profitable eBay business for about 97 less.

    People need to realize that in order to make money online you do not have to spend a fortune! And never join something that you cannot start for free! Plus always read the terms of service and the income disclosure of the program. You would be surprised and some of the eye-opening information you can find in there.

    Thanks for warning people about this scam! It is dishonest opportunities like this that give legitimate affiliate/internet marketing a bad name.

  9. Hey Jack,

    great looking theme you have here.
    And awesome review on Lifestyle Desing Network.

    Keep it up,

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