Is Enagic a Scam?

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Let me guess, you’ve landed on this review because you are approached by one of Enagic’s distributor (or probably from programs such as Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) or Digital Genius Lab) to join this amazing business opportunity, right?

I am sure the Enagic’s distributor has shared many exciting facts about the company, its products, its health benefits and how you can make good monthly income from the company by being your own boss.

All these sound awesome, but, can you really profit from it?

You see, there are plenty so called business opportunities out there that promise “groundbreaking” results and “never-before-seen” compensation systems.

But, the problem is, 95% of the people who tried those business opportunities failed, and those business opportunities will never disclose this information to you prior to your sign up.

So, does ENAGIC fall into the category?

Unfortunately, Yes.

Much of those business opportunities I am talking about, including ENAGIC, is in the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industry, and the statistics I’ve shared is the industry norm.

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I’ll be sharing with you the reasons why 95% of the people fail in the business opportunities in this review, so look out for it.

But first, let’s take a look at what exactly is ENAGIC.

What is ENAGIC?

ENAGIC’s core product is called KANGEN Water which is created with their state of the art water ionization machines. It will be your job as a distributor to promote and sell these ionization machines.

Enagic-productsPeople can sign-up as distributors to promote the products and earn commissions. And there’s plenty of marketing material that you can use to recruit more members and sell products.

During the main presentation video, doctors are filmed speaking about the many benefits of this water and how it makes it easier for you to lose weight. Some even claim this type of water cures cancer and a wide range of diseases.

The company was created in 2003 and founded in United States, since then, it has spread to many different countries. There are also a lot of offices in third-world countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

How Do You Make Money with ENAGIC?

For starters, new members will have to purchase a starters pack that explains the details of ENAGIC and also includes some promotional material that you can use to recruit new members.

Like most multi-level marketing schemes, ENAGIC members can collect referrals under them, and those referrals can collect more referrals, creating a team that sends cash up the chain to the original team creator.

The idea for each member to recruit 34 additional people to join their marketing team and work together to make sales and commissions.

Of course, there’s not mention of the fact that it’s not easy for the average person to recruit 34 people to a water distribution business.

But you can also make money by selling the water ionizers and that’s the most popular way to make money with the company’s distributor platform. These machines are made in Japan and distributed in America. The most popular filtration machine model is SD501.

Still, selling water ionization machines is not something that comes easy to most people and you’ll need to do a lot of research to find leads.

Nevertheless, if you’re committed and you know which establishments to target, there’s potential to earn a decent income with this business. Some members claim that they don’t even have to promote the machine but rather people come to them.

Of course, these claims should be taken with a grain of salt.

You can also choose to promote several other products such as supplements and filters but the most profitable product to promote is the ionization machine.

Each unit costs just under $4,000 which means the commissions are quite high too. Most ENAGIC members make their income from selling these machines.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself:

Is this machine really better than the other water ionizers out there?

Is it really worth the $4,000 price tag?

Does it really remove all harmful chemicals from water?

Is drinking pure water really that important?

Can you find enough people to buy these units to support your family?

One customer, in a review published online, states that his daughter suffered from a rare and dangerous bladder disease. The doctors apparently didn’t know how to treat the disease, but after purchasing a water ionizing machine, and drinking water regularly, the disease disappeared without a trace, baffling the doctors.

There seems to be a balance between negative and positive reports from customers, there are quite a few complaints from members who attempted to refund the machine, unbroken and un-opened, but the company refused to offer a refund.

Let’s also not forget about the members who straight up lost money to the company and never received fair compensation for their loss. You have to buy into the company with a starter’s pack in order to become a distributor and most people don’t know how to promote the products so they don’t make any money back.

Oxidization Reducation Potential Enagic Water

It’s debatable if drinking ionized water is better for you than regular water, there’s really no evidence to support the claim. There are even quite a few scientific papers debunking common myths associated with ionized and alkalized water.

Enagic-k8ORP stands for Oxidization Reduction Potential and it’s a way to measure the quality of various chemicals, including water.

The Enagic company claims their machines make water that will contain a reading of -200 to -400 ORP.

The less oxide the better because the oxidation process leads to rust on metals and deteriorates other materials.

But there are other, cheaper, water ionizers that can filter water with even lower ORP levels. Still, it’s important to not obsess about this numbers because it’s not about finding the water with the lowest ORP levels.

For reference, most tap water has a ORP level of around + 500 while bottled water has around + 200 while natural spring water has a rating of +150.

In addition, comparing ORP levels is difficult and it’s not a solid factor that you should use to judge the quality of water. Let’s also not forget that the source of water plays an important role as well.

Tap water from one area, filtered with a water ionizer, may not have the same ORP levels as water from a different area, also filtered with a water ionizer.

Remember, ORP is only one factor that is used to determine the quality of water, there are many other factors to consider as well such as mineral content, nutrients, vitamins, and more.

Just because a certain type of water has a positive ORP rating does not mean it will damage your health. Consider the other factors as well.

Overall, these ionization machines do an excellent job at removing free radicals and harmful chemicals from water.

On the other hand, though this water does contain less chemicals than tap water and bottled water, the healthiest option would be pure spring water as it collects minerals and vitamins from free-flowing streams.

Why 95% of its distributors fail in the Business?

Its great that the KANGEN Water increases your quality of life, and you are very excited to share it with other people.

One thing you need to know is that not everyone thinks and feels the same way as you do.

You have good intention for sharing the KANGEN Water, but others might not feel the same way.

Believe me, I have been through that stage and thought that everyone will be interested in what I am sharing, but I was so wrong.

Because of the high rate of rejection, you need a constant flow of people (leads) whom will be interested in the products that you are sharing in order to be successful.

But, the problem is, you will run out of leads if you do not know where to find them.

You sponsors/upline will tell you this:

  • Make a list of people whom you know will be interested in the Business
  • Call and fix appointment with them or do a three way call with your sponsor
  • Push your list to become a ENAGIC distributor
  • Ask for referral

The problem with the list is, they are all your friends and family. I have heard of many relationships being destroyed because of these business opportunities. Your friends and family started to avoid you and you will feel miserable.

There are many other factors that drives a distributor to failure but, these are the 2 main ones.

Also, your sponsor or leader is the main person who can determine your success or failure.

You have to ensure that the person (the Leader) you follow is one who will put your interest first.

What I mean is that your leader should be the one who will patiently guide and support you to become a great sales person.

Never join someone who will dodge difficult questions, and call you names when they don’t know how to answer you. I guess this happens a lot in Enagic.

If you have that experience, please feel free to share it at the comment section below.

This program has led me and thousands of people make a Life Changing income online. Find out how you can too!

So, Is ENAGIC a Scam?

So let’s get back to the point, is this company a scam?

I truly believe that ENAGIC is a legit and great company, and its products do help improve a persons well being. However, I am not so sure about the business opportunity.

The ENAGIC opportunity may seem attractive, but to be successful in it, you need to have the passion, the tenacity, and the drive to make things happen.

A minute group of people achieved success with the company, but, the majority faces many problems to progress. Some people take weeks to be successful, while most can’t find success even if they are in it for at least a year.

In my opinion, it is great to use the ENAGIC product, and not to promote it.

My Sincere Advice to You

If you truly want to be successful from the comfort of your home, I would suggest that you do it step-by-step by following this course.

This course has guided hundreds and thousands of people to make money online. In my opinion, this is the most important skill that you need in life to be self sufficient.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me on ENAGIC by leaving a comment below. I will be more than happy to respond to your queries if there’s any.

If you find this article useful, please, feel free to share it with your friends and family by clicking on the social media buttons below.

Your pal,


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  1. Some really mixed review on here…

    Could I ask the year of this review?

    I affiliated with Enagic in August 2017 and have never looked back. Not only are the products amazing (K8, Anespa and Ukon supplement) but they all compliment each other so well. It’s like having a personal overhaul cleanse.

    I have used this business to travel Asia and the USA within a few months of joining and so I can say that it is most definitely not a scam.

    This is a lucrative business which can be run online or door to door although I cannot comment on the latter. So many people want to preserve their health and have time, money and location freedom which this has definitely given me.

    1. This review was written back in Aug 2016, but it has been updated several times since then.

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I’m glad you have found some success with the opportunity. Yes, I agree with you that Enagic is a lucrative business if you…

      1. Are a good salesperson or aspire to be one;
      2. Have the tenacity to overcome all adversities (it is a tough job as I’ve mentioned);
      3. Do not mind losing some friends along the way (depending on how you prospect them).

      It is definitely not easy to succeed, but if you pull through it is worthwhile.

      Thanks for sharing once again.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  2. I follow this on face book for a while now . People I know are doing this since a year or almost two now. They talk about the convenience to work from home or from anywhere in the world. Everything sounds to good to be true to me.
    When I ask them in person about this business . They just send links to webinars , they don’t give clear answers .
    What I don’t understand that they open up many more profiles and more new business pages with the same or almost the same names (just initials in between their names or something like that, but it’s still the same person ) They don’t stick with only one profile or business page . WHY?????
    What I also see is that they all ( I mean all the mentors and the people they recruited) like each others pages and profiles and do comment on their own posts, how beautiful this business is and the team and the community. I also know that some of them meet in person once in a while for team meetings.
    A month ago they actually started talking about WEALTH IS YOUR HEALTH on the newest business page (one of the many each one of them has) Where they actually talk about the water ionizer machine. Why didn’t they do it in the first place????
    In my opinion .
    They do not only recruit people to sell them the water machines. They also making money on this online platform where they learn about THIS ONLINE BUSINESS.
    I don’t know what to think about all that .
    If this is really the case to earn a lot of money so easily. We all , all the people could be millionaire pretty soon . Lol
    That’s all so wired and unclear .

    1. I tried this stay way from the business

  3. Hi Jack,
    Thanks for the review.
    Enagic is not a scam and a Legitimate company with over 43 yrs now in the business.
    Your Right , its how the distributors promote the product and its business opportunity that makes it a scam.
    I have purchase it personally the product machine because I believe of its many benefits to one’s own health. I am also into Affiliate Marketing and planning to promote this product the right through affiliate marketing way and not the MLM way (recruiting members) , But I am not sure if this is a good idea or not. What is your thoughts about this?
    How do you differentiate MLM and Affiliate Marketing?
    Anyway Affiliate marketing is about promoting peoples product and having the commission in return.
    Love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Hey Alvin,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Honestly, there is no wrong in recruiting a team of sales rep into your team, for as long you promote the product first. If a person really loves the product and decides to promote it, you can recruit the person into your team. This is legitimate. Affiliate marketing is basically the first level compensation for a MLM, but most people in MLM will do direct marketing in the conventional way, face-toface, while affiliate marketing is all done online. I think promoting Enagic online is a good tactic, but you must know how to position yourself and recruit the right way.

      Hope this helps.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  4. fred bailey says:

    Please, I’m 60 yo and was planning on going to a seminar with her tonight. She’s tried twice now to sell me. I found it strange she’d never mention money. So, here I go researching. Please, I’m 60 yo and I know a scam when it presents itself. This is nothing more than amway, a pyramid scheme. Look around the world, people can’t walk around the block without feeling the need to have a water bottle in hand. It’s one of the easiest scam markets to get into. And why not? You’ve got bottled water products that are nothing more than tap water. 1200 dollars, yeah, and here’s your forehead sign that says ‘Target.’

    1. Hey Fred,

      Thank you for your comment and opinion.

      There is a distinction between a Multi-Level Marketing Company and a pyramid scheme. I wouldn’t say that Enagic is a pyramid scheme because their products did benefited some people, and it does what it says it does. So, the products do have retail value. When it comes to a pyramid scheme, the products has no retail value and it is just a smoke screen for the pyramid selling.

      So, in my opinion, I think Enagic is legit. Maybe the person who is trying to sell you this wasn’t upfront and that’s why you felt this way.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts here!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  5. I don’t know how old these posts and comments are but reading from the comments, those who are Enagic distributors do seem updated with the prices.

    Yes webinars are free, the $99 is only if you CHOOSE to sign up. Once you sign-up, you are given access to a training and coaching plan on how to get your own business started as a distributor. Plus your mentor will be the one to help you design your page that will allow you to generate leads. Some of these things people pay more or don’t even know exist.

    As I read through some comments, there are people who are on the defense as to why these distributors are selling a business opportunity and do not focus on the product. (Let’s keep in mind as Jack said that everyone is NOT EQUAL so for anyone you approach who is a distributor, your experience will always be different.) It’s one way to look at it as unethical if the person is selling a business opportunity, it’s another if they are purely focused in selling the product. Selling the opportunity is for the market who want to start their own business. If we are only to focus on the product, how is the market going to know there is an opportunity for them to start their own business whilst purchasing a product. I think that’s something many don’t look at or focus on. Many, including myself can by cynical whenever we hear anything related to Online Marketing. But if you are an honest person trying to help those who want the same success as you in this industry. There is nothing unethical about that. It’s the people who are purely focused in themselves and climbing up the ladder above everyone else.

    The Enagic compensation plan is designed for everyone to get there. One person who started a month ago, may be behind someone who started a week ago. As what Jack has been mentioning in his articles, it all depends on your determination and consistency that will get you to where you want to be. That’s is what makes Enagic a more lucrative business to start on because unlike so many other MLM companies, you are not left with stock full of products in the garage. A machine is a machine for life and now you have the license to distribute any product you wish as long as you are affiliated.

    With that in mind, it definitely beats having to start your own business from scratch with a capital investment of $30,000 at the least. Versus products like this for the fraction. I may be coming off sales pitchy but I am simply pointing out the difference to give everyone a perspective.

    In the end, it is those who are out for themselves give this industry of Online/Affiliate Marketing a bad name.

    P.S. For any and all distributors out there, try to be more transparent with people interested either in the product or the business because It will only shed more light in how the system works rather than looking shady. Put your interest aside and focus on theirs.

    1. Hey Riley,

      It’s great to see an Enagic distributor who is honest and knows what is right and what is wrong.

      I totally agree with you that it is ethical if you promote a business opportunity to someone who wants to achieve success in this industry.

      However, I do see many distributors who simply couldn’t care if a person wants to be an entrepreneur or not, they just try to recruit them anyway.

      As you’ve mentioned, there are many ways to look at this.

      Truly appreciate you dropping by and share your thoughts here!

      All the best to you and your business!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Very well said, Riley. There is definitely nothing wrong with presenting to people the business opportunity with Enagic products. I think being an Enagic distributor myself it is just right for me to present both, the product itself and the business opportunity. It is up to them then to decide, no pressure.

  6. Maria Print says:

    I’ve been looking for something I can do from home for a while and I’ve seen the webinar and paid the US$99 but I don’t like the way they’re very secretive about it all. I asked if they had a price list and was told to go to the enagic website where I could find out, which I already did. On the Facebook page if you ask any questions that may be negative it gets removed. Anyway I had my coaching call but due to finances I didn’t go through with it but I did have a refund (I’ve yet to check my bank) I was told I could get back into whenever I was ready.
    The product seems good but not liking the secrecy of it all. Oh and the advertisement fee works out to be $10 a month another thing g they’re not up front with. Husband thinks it’s a scam. I would like to try the machines, maybe I’ll look on Kijiji or eBay.

    1. Hi Maria,

      I would guess that the $99 that you paid is for the webinar (names removed due to privacy issues) have hosted?

      Yeah, they are never upfront with you. Just like other Enagic distributors, Digital Genius Lab and Global Affiliate Zone.

      In terms of the advertisement fee, I don’t think it cost only $10 a month. With this amount, you can’t reach many people. I would say that the $10 a month is just for you to test out the best ads, and you will bang your buck on the winning ad. If you ever want to see any real growth in the business, $300 a month would be a fair bet (but this is really up to an individual).

      Enagic is not a scam in my books. I think that those people trying to package this into a “business opportunity” are giving the company a bad name.

      The Enagic Water System does what it does, and it is a great product. Hope you can buy and try it, and come back here to share your experience. 🙂

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      1. maria print says:

        Hi Jack, it is $10 a day not a month like I wrote, should have checked before sending oops.
        I received my refund no questions asked.

        1. I thought so too! $10 a month is just impossible. 🙂

          Good to know that you’ve received your refund, Maria!

          ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. How did you get the refund? Pls advice. I tried mine but they say I already have a one to one coach and therefore they won’t give me refund. Pls help

    3. Can you please tell me what the financing plans are? I have already paid the $99 and afraid to have the coaching call!!!! I am a bit skeptical too as there’s needs to be more transparency about the business. You are offered to have your amazing business all set up by a one time payment of $99 only to find out you have to purchase a $3000 product first?!!!!!

      Thank you

  7. I have no idea how old this post is but if anyone is interested to buy the products without joining they are welcome to contact me.

    The biz part is bit hard if you can’t invest but it is business as any u got to invest (buy materials, run ads…) to succeed. It is not a scam though and if you have a coach who has people’s interest at heart like myself then you up to succeed.

    1. Hey Julie,

      I know that it is impossible to join the program without buying anything from Enagic. So, I hope that you don’t provide false hope to people.

      Your strategy is to get financing for people to buy the products, and in the meantime working on promoting the products.

      When there is a sale and you are making money from it, it sort of mean that you are getting the product for free (without buying it).

      I get it! But, what if the people can’t make that sale?

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  8. The webinar was free but paid $99 to learn more. The coach answered a few basic questions but as soon as I asked what my future investment would be she said to schedule a call at which time I would No longer get refund of the $99. She said you have to spend money to make money! So I will Be asking for a refund; especially after reading all these comments to learn what the actual cost would be. Why not give someone all the information instead of being shady. Yes she said that we promote the business and there is no selling of products.

    1. What does she mean when there is no selling products? If there is no selling, and there is no products, what is she running? A pyramid scheme? Just saying…

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  9. can someone send me the videos that (names removed due to privacy issues) charge 99$? i have asked many of his people questions but they will not answer….they respond with “if you can’t spend 99 then this isnt the right fit for you”……and (name removed due to privacy issues) himself facebooked me back and said they want coachable people!!! so i guess you aren’t allowed to do your due dilligence, they want sheep. However I am curious just to know what its all about.

    1. Hey Amanda,

      Link sent. Check your inbox.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  10. Shannon Crookes says:

    So, what you’re saying is that it is a legit company, and if you know how to properly market where you can get leads, and put the time and effort in, you can be successful. I don’t know of any business that didn’t take time to build and if you have success within the first few weeks that would be considered a bonus. Thanks for confirming this is a legitamite business and not a scam 🙂

    1. Yep! Enagic is a legit business, and it is just some of its distributors that give it a bad name.

      There’s definitely a chance to succeed, but you have to go against all odds to make it.

      Here’s an article that will help you become a better network marketer.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  11. hello I’m reading about all of your experience and therefore I won’t invest my time in this Enagic thing….. I just listened to a almost 30 to 45 min voicemail explaining how this works and they said I have to pay $4000 which supposedly they’d help finance it but I’m looking forward to make money not to owe people money that I don’t have….. they said I’d make $2200 commision for each sale is that even possible??? well just in case better not get into this….. Enagic may be a good product but this MLM scams are not helping its reputation. Thanks for all the good info Jack.

    1. You are most welcome Ursula! I am glad my review helped.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. John Wilson says:

      Lol what a moronic comment.

  12. Just wanted to say, I have been in sales since I was 10. My mother sold everything so I helped. Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperware, Kirby and Rainbow vacuum cleaners and other stuff. I did phones sales at 13 and that’s when she taught me, “you get 50 NO’s before you get one YES so call, call, call.” It was frustrating that no one felt like I did. But when I grew up and had to get a sales job I was great at it. No’s didn’t bother me. I just figured that person wasn’t a good fit. I had to find the one that felt like me. Like one of those dating serves where you have 5 mins with each person then find your match. lol Don’t give up. It’s a great product. but some feel like its a scam. After all water is water, right? I can’t sell everything so I find what fits me. Also you need someone who doesn’t make you feel like its a scam. You shouldn’t have to pay for a job. My people pay after their first sale. just a portion from every sale until they feel they can pay it off or just keep paying portion until their 90 day review. But nothing is free. if they quite, I take back the machine but they do not get a refund on what they have paid so far. I think I am as fair as I can be. I see it as they made money using my equipment they rented.

  13. Hello I just heard an almost 30 min voicemail about Enagic how you join them and apparently you don’t even have to talk to anybody they have an automated system that does everything for you is this possible? But I’m not paying $4000 to join them supposedly they finance it Well I’ve seem too many of these MOM scams but this is the most expensive one

    1. The process that you are going through now, will be the exact process your future recruits go through.

      This is what they called the automated system. Those videos and web pages that you’ve seen, are the sales process to get you to join their program.

      Just have to let you know what the automated system really means.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  14. Hi there! Enagic distributor here!

    Kangen water is MUCH more than just a water ionizer. It’s electrolyzed reduced water. The machine uses electricity to separate the molecules in your water leaving more anti oxidizing molecules available to stop oxidation, inflammation and the aging process in your body.

    I’ve seen the water these machines produce do amazing things for people with crohns, personally. I also have a lady on my team who’s son wasn’t even a year old and had extreme eczema. Her doctor had him taking bleach baths as well as hundreds of dollars worth steroid cream. She bathed him in the 7.0 “Beauty water” for a week and he was almost completely clear of it.

    Have you seen experiments of people using the 11.5PH to clean their veggies? Do you see the crap that comes off of them that “normal” water doesn’t even come close to getting off? It is insane! I love my Kangen Machine and I truly believe in this product!

    The team I’m working with is similar to the above mentioned GAZ and DGL as in the marketing efforts. Our team is actually in a position where we don’t charge a monthly fee for training/mentorship. You would be responsible for your own product and the amount you spend on your ads only. (did I mention that these products are considered medical devices and can be financed?) There are multiple leaders in my group that have been so great to me and help with any questions I have, and trust me, there have been some dumb questions. This is truly a life changing business opportunity as well as a health game changer. Plus the water is actually DELICIOUS! The amount of chlorine in my regular tap water compared to the water that comes out after going through the machine is insane.

    Yes you are going to get people who are just in this for the money. The key to being successful in this business is to follow the policy/guidelines for advertising that Enagic has put out as well as a great mentor. You want a mentor that is actually into helping you succeed not just get the sale and ghost you.

    This business isn’t a scam in my eyes. If you put the time and energy into the training and mentorship and truly believe in this product, the sky is the limit!

    1. Hi Janelle,

      I can’t agree more with you that you need a successful mentor who actually cares about your success.

      There are just too many “leaders” who will ghost you after a sale.

      And, I do agree with you that Enagic is not a scam. It is the constant focus on recruitment in the Digital Genius Lab (DGL) and the Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) that gives Enagic a bad name.

      What I didn’t agree is that you mentioned Kangen Water Machine being a medical device? Do you have proof of such claims? If yes, please share it here.

      Thanks for sharing your experience Janelle!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      1. Just curious why you are asking other people for documentation when you yourself have not provided anything? You have your opinion that is all it is, zero facts.

        You do realize the reason the machines cost $1980, $2400, $4,000 etc… is because there 8 point system that pays the commissions. The whole concept is the 8 point system, not the water, tea, vitamins etc… Once you buy into the compensation plan ie 8 point system it will all make sense. If the person you are sponsoring ie they’re are buying the product and understands the compensation plan then the business makes sense. For people that work 9-5 this can be a hard concept to take it because of all the scams that are out there.

        You’re job is a pyramid scheme do the math lol. Substitute the Kangen water with a piece of paper. You sponsor the piece of paper to Tim ie he buys it and make $360. You sponser Bob next and make another $360 and then when you sponsor Mark you go up a level and make $720 per sale. Then you sell 10 more pieces of paper or your previous sponsors, sponsor 10 all together then you go up another level and make $1080. Go watch a video on YouTube for the rest, search Enagic 2018 compensation plan. This is what you’re buying the concept, the water etc… does not matter. Also your not told to sell to your friends or family but if you decide to why wouldn’t you??? Also if your the other person here saying you just want the machine and do not want to do the business that’s fine. Like any business or anything in life you might end up dealing with a moron, plain and simple. If I have two friends that have been doing this business and they have did $50,000 months and only been in the business for 5 months who in their right mind wouldn’t want to do it.

        If you have a Big Mac that say cost $5 and you go to your friend and say I have this really good tasting Big Mac you want to buy it? Ie I’m sponsoring him. He ask how much it is, you tell him $100. He says what!! I can go buy any Big Mac for $5 why am I going to give you $100? You explain to him that after investing $100 you will do the same thing to Larry and make $20 off Larry and Larry will do the same to Tom and Tom will do the same thing to Mark. But when Larry sells to Mark you get 20, and when Larry sells to Mark you will make another $20. Oh and on your third direct sale you will move up a level. What happens then? Oh then you will make $40 every time you sponsor someone, two points of commission.

        Anyways this is an example of what Enagic is really selling it’s the concept. The water machines and other products could be anything. They just happen to be a healthy choice.

        It’s the concept people, I could care less about the products. Think outside of your closed minds. Do your own research like I did, and you will have no problems seeing through all the BS on here and other sites.

        If you are one of those guys or women that thinks everything is a scam you will be left in the dust and be stuck in your 9-5 job making peanuts and being pissed off your whole life.

        I do not work for Enagic, but you better believe I’m signing up this week. $760 every 4 months on UKON for life until or until you quit and buy a machine $1980-5,000 is not much of an investment really compared to what your going to make selling the concept not the products.

        1. Hi Dave,

          All I hear is sales talk about the compensation plan.

          Obviously, the compensation plan makes sense otherwise no one will be happy to promote the products, right?

          And, by saying “I could care less about the products”, is the very reason pyramid schemes are created. I need not say more.

          $760 or $1980 may not be a big amount for you, but it is for most people. The fact that you can’t acknowledge that, shows how much you know about the people who are trying to earn an honest buck online.

          Thanks for your comment though!

          ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Hi,
      I was wondering if I could have your contact info Janelle! I have a few questions for you. Thanks!

      1. Hi Lisa,

        Please note that I have provided your details to Janelle as requested.

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    3. I recently joined enagic and I have a a very hard time with the training videos. My mentor seems to have ditched me and just kept telling me to watch the videos. Still not answering questions and now doesn’t even reply to me messages! Not the support system I kept hearing about

      1. Hey Taron,

        You may want to take charge of your success by learning how to find the right prospects online through this program. You’ll be learning from the top 1% leaders in the industry.

        And, you will never need to rely on your sponsor for training and support.

        Hope this helps!

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    4. Hi Jack

      Not sure how old this article is …
      Great article on this product and business. Any chance you could pass my details on to Janelle – would like to connect with her. Would really appreciate it.

      @Janelle – would it be possible to get more info from you.

      Many thanks


      1. Hi Mohammed,

        Thank you for your comment! I have provided your contact details to Janelle.

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  15. Total scam! (Names Removed due to Privacy Issues) are VERY good at what they do as far as building hype through their webinar.
    They will absolutely not tell you what the products are that they promote until you pay $99.
    They promise to refund you if you’re not interested after they send you the promotional videos.
    Well, I was definitely not impressed and when I said I wanted a refund, I got a snarky message and a promise of a refund.
    Well guess what? I got a refund confirmation email but NO refund.
    These guys need to be shut down.
    My advice……. RUN! Don’t go near this company.

    1. Hi Lynda,

      So sorry to hear your bad experience with these guys.

      Could you share with me the name of the program that (Names Removed due to Privacy Issues) are running? Appreciate that!

      I really hope you can get your refund. My advice is to keep probing them until you get your refund.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      1. Update: I received my refund! Yeah!
        Although my opinion has not changed on this marketing scheme. They operate under betterlife.buzz but when you search that all it says is website coming soon.
        I have the link to the videos you have to pay for but I’m not sure if I should post it here.

        1. Thanks for the update Lynda! I’m glad that you received your refund.

          I’ll definitely check out the betterlife.buzz.

          Will request the link from you privately.

          ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  16. Kazim Qadir says:

    I just paid $99 to access the videos about Kangen water from (Names Removed due to Privacy Issues) who are the distributors of this product in Vancouver, Canada. As per the ad, if I don’t book my coaching call, I can ask for a full refund. Now in the videos I learnt that you have to first buy the product to get an ID in order to start the business. I was added in a facebook group and all I see is people with personal ads claiming to have gained financial freedom and they invite you to join the webinar and eventually pay $99 and then the coaching call and then buy the product…, but nowhere do I see anyone actually promoting or selling the product itself. So to me it seems like a circle, where everyone is trying to lure you into buying the product yourself first, then create a personal fb page where you in turn tell people about how awesome your life has become and then get them to do the same, right? They are selling the product by selling dreams of financial freedom to people who in turn do the same thing to others. Isn’t this how they are selling the product? Secondly, How easy is it to genuinely sell a product which costs $4K+?

    1. Hey Kasim,

      Most of the distributors focus on selling the dream before anything else. Because that’s the easiest way to capture people’s attention. Who would want to spend thousands of dollars right off the bat without any specific purpose right? Unless you have specific health reasons, and you know Enagic water system will help, there’s really no reason for any person to buy it. It’s easier to sell you on the dream then to actually sell the product.

      With that said, it is definitely not easy to earn money from this if you do not understand the basics of online marketing.

      I wouldn’t say this is a scam or it is not a good opportunity.

      There are definitely people who are winning at this, but you really need a proper coach who is interested in your success. Unfortunately, there is only a small percentage of people who succeeded in this, and most of them are more interested about putting money in their pocket.

      Those who are really interested your success are usually not qualified to coach people as they are not successful themselves. That’s the irony of this program.

      1. I thingk Kasim got the point very well. I am just reading the comments to better understand GAZ. I got invited few days ago to join the businnes. Of course I didn’t like the secred part of their explanations. The question everyone has ” What’s the product about?” the answer the person ivited me gave to me “they prefer to keep it secret till you pay fot the trial”. It’s sad how people are not honest but this is a reality I suppose.

        I still would like to know more about marketing online. Jack if you have a website to share can you please send me an email?

        I really appreciate.


  17. Hi Jack,

    I was wondering whether this review was recent? As enagic and GAZ have to my knowledge coupled up, and the actual ‘recruitment’ process is recommended to do through Facebook advertising etc… so they ‘say’ there is no family and friends pushing as it advertising and promoting the lifestyle via Facebook and social media. What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Jeanette,

      To my knowledge, the information in this review is still up to date.

      The information in the GAZ review is up to date as well.

      GAZ is simply an “automated selling system” for the Enagic. Digital Genius Lab as well.

      It seems that the Enagic distributors are getting creative with their recruitment process.

      And, it seems that their strategies are paying off.

      Unfortunately, many people are caught in this scheme. The majority of them still do not earn a dime from the business, while they spent thousands of dollars on the water machine.

      A machine that they didn’t know they need until they join GAZ or Digital Genius Lab.

      My personal opinion about Enagic is that it is a legitimate network marketing company.

      But, its distributors, like GAZ and Digital Genius Lab, are running a pyramid scheme to recruit people into the network marketing business.

      I’m not sure if the Enagic Management approves of this recruitment scheme, but given the circumstances in the market, I think that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is quickly shutting down pyramid schemes.

      Companies like Herbalife, MOBE, Digital Altitude, and many others are being sued by the FTC.

      So I hope Enagic will clean up its act, and prevent itself from scandals like this.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Claire Leer says:

      Hey. I have recently started up with Enagic and GAZ. Still questioning my decision whether it is right or wrong. Like all businesses it takes time to get going. I have been in 5 weeks and so far not even a bit of interest. I am running FB ads as suggested in the training and boosting posts as needed. I have spent over $300 AUD and have just had to stop running them as it is costing me. I believe there is money to be made if you can afford to run ads consistently and be prepared to wait a little while. Sometimes it gets disheartening and I wonder what the hell I am doing. I also try not to always look at the awesome results people are achieving as that also gets me down, but hey! good for them right? What they want us to do is create a personal brand on FB and Instagram and get people to like and trust us first. There are people within the training videos that have been going for a while and have trialed 1000’s of ads just to get somewhere and have eventually crawled their way to financial freedom. We are basically selling a lifestyle opportunity and the GAZ platform teaches and trains us how to get interest and leads. You don’t necessarily need to buy the product, you could in fact affiliate with other businesses, they just partner with Enagic because it has one of the best compensation plans at the moment. In saying all this I have started a side hustle to get a little extra pocket money so I can afford to do the FB ads. Good luck 🙂

  18. I just watched a webinar on this and there was not a fee involved to watch this webinar. I certainly want to buy the machine if possible, it seems all legal to me as far as the business, although I’m not an expert. Just trying to find a legitimate work from home job. I also feel this water system could help with my chemical sensitivities and overall health.

    1. Hi Tracy,

      To promote this business effectively, you have to believe that the product actually helped you.

      Do not assume that the product will work for you, you have to try it yourself.

      And if in fact that the product do work for you, you have good grounds to promote it.

      Hope this helps, and I wish you all the best in whatever decision you make.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  19. Patty Wolf says:

    My son-in-law spent 5k to buy into this. He had not made sold one machine. Is this a scam and can he get his money back.

    1. Hi Patty,

      This is not a scam, and alkaline water, if you have done some research, is beneficial to health.

      If your son-in-law intend to promote Enagic, buying the water machine is the first step.

      Depending on your country, the refund policy may differ. But generally, if you return the product within the first 10 days after your purchase, you can get a 100% refund but you’ll have to pay for the shipping fee. But, if you return the product within the first 6 months, you’ll get a 90% refund less shipping fee.

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  20. Philip (Stymieman) says:

    I personally believe that altering the state of ones blood, transferring from acidic to alkaline has a huge upside. The company let you try the water for free- I have been using it for over 3 weeks now and not paid Enagic one cent thus far.

    All I would say to people is try it for yourself and see if you feel the benefits – I also think it would be good practice to conduct a “before and after” blood test, measuring cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, HDL, LDL and triglycerides. This will give all users the opportunity to try the product for free and test the results over a 4-6 week period. You could also measure body weight along with neck, waits, hip measurements….

    Publish the results- take pictures and off you go…:)))

    1. It is always recommended to try the products before buying it. What you’ve said is extremely helpful in terms of measuring the “before and after” state.

      There are 2 methods to get your free trial, which is (1) to buy a 5 litre container from them which cost around $4 and collect 5 litres of akaline water from Enagic everyday for 30 days, (2) install the water machine directly to your home and enjoy the convenience.

      However, there are some issues I’d like to highlight in terms of the free trial.

      (1) It is known that if you choose to collect 5 litres of alkaline water daily, it may cause inconvience to your daily routine and logistics may be a problem.

      (2) If you install a water machine directly to your home, it will eliminate the (1) issue, but you’ll have to pay hundreds for the installation fee, and you’d probably have to pay a removal fee if you decide not to purchase the water machine.

      So, there’s really a dilemma in trying the product for “free”.

      Which leads to the “best option”, which is to purchase the product.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  21. I saw a friend post on FB about him and his family drinking Kangen water that totally helped his Autistic kids so I decided to ask him about it since I have a few friends with Autistic kids. Boy that was a mistake. The guy just wouldn’t give up on convincing me to be a distributor. Knowing him for so many years, it scares me to see how sold he is on this business. I told him I’m not interested in doing sales and just simply want to consider purchasing the machine. He told me “Why? why would you just want the machine. ” He gave me his number and said “Call me if you are interested in the business plan. If not, don’t bother.” WTH. Obviously those people’s goal is not really getting you the machine that is supposed to improve your health. Their goal is just to make money off the pyramid of distributors they can recruit. Very frustrating. So now I’m avoiding this friend left and right, just like you mentioned in the article above. I guess I will never get a chance to taste the water or own a machine if I can’t be a sale person.

    1. It is unfortunate that you have to experience this. Not all distributors are equal and you are just unlucky to have met a distributor who is only interested about money and not about helping others. If you are interested to get a water machine, I recommend that you find another distributor through the main website.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Hi Nancy.

      I don’t know how old this post is, but if you are interested in buying the machine without joining the company, I’m happy to help with that. Sorry about your friend.

      Best wishes

  22. I came on here to read into selling this product through digital genius lab. The first webinar I went through was free, but didn’t really dig into what they were marketing. After the $99 I found out about buying this super expensive product. I thought “there is no way I can or want to spend $4800+ dollars for this”. But during my coaching call I realized that I didn’t have to buy the specific product, but rather cheaper ones, or any that worked with my finances. I haven’t done it yet, but I felt better knowing I didn’t have to spend so much.
    Hope this helps anyone!!

    1. You have to buy a Water Machine to join the program. The cheapest of all is the K8 which cost $1,000.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      1. False and False…. You DO NOT have to buy a machine, you can purchase any product including there turmeric supplements and the K8 is $4980….

        lol this is why I dont believe anything on the internet

        1. Hmmm… The cheapest product being how much? Last I checked it is still a few hundred dollars. Seems that Enagic has updated their pricing and compensation plan. I’ll update this review soon as well. The information is outdated, not false. Thank you for your notification.

          ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      2. Mark McCulloch says:

        Hey Jack, I’m looking at the price list for Alberta (Canada) and the K8 is listed at $5281.50 CND, the most expensive model. The least expensive model is the Leveluk R @ $2110.50, with 3 choices in between. The grand total, which includes items for the kitchen, bathroom (Anespa @ $3286.50), and the Tumeric (UKON), is $10,678.50, again in CND funds. That is not chump change..!!

        So, if you have 10K laying around, jump in..!!!

        Mark (Aug 22, 2019)

      3. Simply getting the Ukon Turmeric enables you to join the program. I needed to say this because this is the truth as some of the people that I know didn’t need to buy the machine to be a distributor and K8 is not $1,000 , it costs more than that.

  23. I am an Enagic Distributor and I can tell you for sure that it is an amazing company and an amazing product. However, if you are hearing about Enagic or purchasing any products with GAZ or Digital Genius Lab, or the other ones out there, then you are being SCAMMED. What sucks is that these groups of people are making Enagic look bad. You should NEVER have to pay $ to listen to a webinar, that’s just crazy. Stay away from company’s that charge you money just for some information, usually it’s always a scam. As far as Enagic goes, I spent about $5,000 for my machine and I totally love it. I am financially free because of Enagic and by running the business my own way! If you find value in the product and genuinely like helping people, then you’ll make it work.

    1. I fully agree with you. Enagic is a good company, but its distributors from GAZ and Digital Genius Lab is giving Enagic a bad name.

      Their way of marketing makes the company look like a pyramid scheme. Enagic should do something about it before the FTC finds out.

      Thanks for stopping by Rad!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Rad, can you please contact me, I’d love to learn more from you about the company and products.

      1. Hey Fiona,

        I’ve just left Rad an email. You can expect him to connect with you soon.

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  24. Yeah I just went through the same process Brittany did just now. On Facebook, there are promoters about traveling or having financial freedom. In no way are they actually promoting the product up front, but rather their motivation or “why” people should not be working a 9-5 job. You have to pay $97 to listen to a webinar with Creator Academy and find out their secret to “high ticket sales” on commission of selling enagic products. Then in the webinar you find out that you must buy one of these machines worth over $4,000 in order to be a seller and in the community. I just had a coaching call today and they said I will be going through training, but I can finance to pay for the machine. They explained that I will be promoting a meaningful message of my own passion in life and do not talk about the product at all. I was so excited in the beginning, but to find out I have to sell these enagic products in an unorthodox way is mind boggling. I want to do affiliate marketing so bad, but I am not sure if this is the way to go. This reminds me more of the movie, “Pursuit of Happyness” with Will Smith and although these products give high commission, I find it will be very difficult to sell such an expensive product.

    1. Hi Veronica,

      I guess you are talking about Digital Genius Lab where Sean Malone and Chris Baden hosted the webinar.

      I went through what’s inside Digital Genius Lab and you can see the review (link will be provided soon). They were not exactly upfront with their “high ticket products”, and you’ll only learn about Enagic on the coaching calls.

      We will soon see what the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will do about this company for their “Recruitment Methods”. It may not be tomorrow, or the next week or the next year, but we’ll soon see FTC taking action.

      If you truly want to learn how to do affiliate marketing (promoting any kind of products online), I would recommend that you check out Wealthy Affiliate.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Veronica, you could have got the UKON for $1980 one time for the year or $760 quarterly. Or bought one of the less expensive machines starting at $1980, not $4,000. The $4,000 SD501, or K8 $5,000 are just a more expensive option. Also your selling the compensation plan more than anything. Also you can’t just post adds on Facebook selling this or your adds would be taking down/stopped. Your not dipping anyone, once people want to hear more then you give them more info. Webinars, videos etc… then they can decide what they do from there. This isn’t rocket science, and not hard to figure out.

    3. David Vines says:

      Hi Veronica,

      I don’t think this business is a scam and I’ve looked quite deep into it. You just have to think of it as a sort of wealth distribution scheme. loads of people are earning good money and the potential for more people to do the same is huge. If you are genuinely looking for a good affiliate marketing company to work with, where the product is sensibly priced with currently free lifetime membership, take a look here. *Link Removed*

      1. Hey David,

        If Enagic is working for you why are you referring people to mine cryptocurrencies? I’ve removed your affiliate link to “MintBuilder”.

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  25. I was about 1 hour away from joining the team and sending them my money! I sent an email to discuss some things I was concerned about to the distributors (Names Removed Due to Privacy Issues). The replied by calling me a bitch!! I am so glad I didn’t buy into them

    1. Thanks for sharing this Loretta!

      You see, that’s what I meant by lousy sponsors or leaders.

      You always have to be extra careful on who you follow.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  26. I feel bamboozaled! I watched their webinar which talked about list of products they sell and about ads and marketing online… paid $99 to learn about water and find out I have to spend between $2000-9000 to qualify as a distributor!!!!! Now can anyone help me get my money back or at least make sure they don’t take anymore!!!?
    Thanks !

    1. This is something new. I didn’t know Enagic has a webinar that promotes the business opportunity.

      It will be interesting to know what the webinar is all about. I am sure it is created by one of the distributors, and it is not endorsed by the company.

      If it is solely for the promotion of the business opportunity, it could be considered a pyramid scheme and the FTC needs to be notified of this.

      To help you out, maybe you can check out the refund policy of the website you bought your marketing training from. I am sure there are terms and conditions to get your money back.

      Also, you may want to check with your financial institution if there are any party who has charged a recurring payment on your account. You can request your financial institution to stop the payment.

      I hope this helps Brittany!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. OMG! That’s a lot of money Brittany, I am to attend to my coaching too, well because I have already signed up for it and because my curiosity leads me to go further or learn more considering the product to be very expensive, I don’t know if I would pursue to be a distributor because its very frustrating to purchase or sell a product that is really expensive. Furthermore with the help of the funnel or FB ( GOOD TRAFIC as they said) from the webinar workshop would really be effective?, I am really in doubt. I feel that ENAGIC is genuine and probably normalizes your systems physically but then how you make money out it and to run the business is a challenging one.

  27. Jim Fleming says:

    I would LOVE to know if the company referred to in the above comments, which I believe is headquartered in Vancouver, is on the up and up. The testimonials given are very motivating. They have a facebook group that is VERY responsive to questions and very supportive. But my “spidey sense” is tingling so I am sitting on the fence. Maybe the $99. I spent is a good price to pay to be able to learn a bit about Internet marketing . I don’t know. I want what they say to be true but I am still not sure. Any insight you can provide is welcome.

    1. Hi Jim,

      Are you referring to Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) for the online marketing training?

      Anyway, I personally feel that online marketing training should not be geared towards promoting one product. You should have the flexibility to promote any kinds of product you want.

      So, the Online Marketing Training that you’ll get is basically for you to promote Enagic, which I recommend not paying for it.

      Enagic should train its members (distributors) to promote the products for free. They shouldn’t be asking for enrollment fees for their training program. Essentially, it is the distributors who will earn them the money, they shouldn’t be earning from them.

      If you truly want to learn how to do online marketing (where you can promote any products you want online), then I will suggest that you check out this program.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      1. Hello There,
        I just went through a coaching call with a lady that would be my mentor. In the webinar with (Names Removed due to Privacy Issues) they say they do not gouge people for monthly fees etc. I just learned that they will now be charging distributors who join the business $99 a month for the ongoing training that used to be free.
        This really deterred me because not only would I have to buy at least one product (supplements, water machine, anespa spa shower) but now I would have to pay $99 a month for the training. As an average person, the reason I researched this company was to try and make money not spend thousands. I really felt compelled to do this business because the compensation plan is unlike anything else I have heard or tried.
        If I choose to finance and get a product the cheapest monthly payment was $151 so add $99 (US) and that is what I am paying monthly. I don’t have that kicking around. So its back to the 9-5 rat race for me.

        1. Hey Dawn,

          So sorry to hear about your experience with Enagic.

          Making money online shouldn’t be this way, as you said. You shouldn’t need to spend thousands of dollars just to join a business opportunity, unless you really need that product.

          And, the compensation plan is the last thing that you should consider, because if the odds are stacked against you, what chance do you have to actually benefit from the pay plan, right?

          Well, if Enagic is not the right opportunity for you, maybe you want to check this out instead?

          ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

        2. Hi Dawn! I’m debating doing my call soon. This info from you is really making me second guess this now. When was this? Was it with the Dream Team?

  28. Mary ScottNaqeeb says:

    I do believe this may be a business scam and by reading some of the comments it appears that this company is new it’s just trying to sell the new machines I do not have a problem with that they stated it is free to join them and I guess like all business they need a lot of people to have a up going website if they are scam artists I’ll be more than happy to report them to the authorities I have nothing else to do we have enough scammers as it is I will pay nothing to join and I do not mind the product that they’re selling Mary Scott naqeeb

    1. In my opinion, I don’t think the company is a scam, but I think that the management has not been in touch with the marketing tactics of its distributors.

      Just a few days ago, I saw an Enagic distributor posting landing pages that recruits people into the business opportunity (there was no focus on the product sales at all).

      So, if the Enagic management see this comment, I think its best that you do a check on your distributors.

      It is definitely tough to manage a huge group of distributors, but its still the company’s responsibility to enforce its policy and procedures, before the FTC comes down on you.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  29. Billi solverson says:

    Enagic is a total scam. You pay $99 to listen to their webinar, which is misleading and boring as hell. I asked my so-called mentors questions but all they could respond was to book the training call to get the answers, well here is the catch, once you have booked that training call you can no longer get your money back. But the info you need, pricing financing the process, is all in that TRAINING call..Not training, sales. The coach/sales person in his own words said, “we never advertise the product, no one is interested in the product they are interested in the business…” excuse me..so you may as well be selling empty boxes.. on top of that after having paid the advertising to bring in the leads you don’t get to do anything with them, your upline coach does the sales pitch/training call and gets paid to do it. If you want to own half a dozen overpriced ionizers to try to make that money back go for it.. if you just want the machine look on kijij there arre tons still n the box, dumped ther eby the poor fools who got sucked in

    1. Oh man! Such great company with great products got denominated into a pyramid scheme because of some greedy and unscrupulous “Salesman”.

      I hope the authorities or the company itself, will stop these group of distributors.

      MLM should always focus on the sale of the product and not the business opportunity, otherwise it will be seen as a pyramid.

      Thanks for your tip Billi!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Philippa Bloom says:

      You Do NOT pay to see the webinar…the webinar is free and THEN you pay the membership fee to start up if you want to know more.

      I don’t necessarily agree with the deceptive marketing strategies that some of the distributors have going. When I first was shown the webinar, I ‘won’ the first month membership for free. Then they hit me with what I have to buy first before I can start making money and that turned me right off. But you don’t HAVE to buy the kangen water machine. You can buy the UKON turmeric product for around $950, which is still so much but I’m curious to see what may come of it.

      I did not continue with them after the first time as it left a sour taste in my mouth the way they lured people in and then hit them with costs after they’d already paid. That is pretty cheap tactics imo, however, as Jack says, the products and the company itself are pretty high quality and reputable and not a scam in my opinion…it’s just that they charge so damn much that it makes people think they are scamming because many rich people don’t spend their money…that’s how they stay rich. It’s usually poor and down trodden people with little money and loads of health issues that get hit…and if it helps them then that’s great…awesome in fact.

      I keep getting pulled back to GAZ though and this time I am with a team that promote individuals rising up into financial freedom and heart centred business and finding your “soul tribe’ which are all buzzwords in the hippy spiritual community…however…they speak my language. 😀 and they are all highly supportive, lovely people who truly believe that it isn’t MLM…so, I’m feeling more comfortable than I was with the last woman who was so impersonable. The woman who recruited me shared a lot of her personal story from struggleville to financial freedom and it was very relatable so I feel better this time around.

      Still not too impressed with having to pay them monthly or paying for a product before I can start earning…but I guess they need to make sure we believe in the product ourselves. Surely they could give samples out for free though? I get that collecting 5 litres of water a day would be difficult for anyone…I don’t have a car for one so I’d be stuffed carrying that on a bus or train.

      I did start up with wealthy affiliate and I agree their training videos made the whole process so smooth…but I got distracted unfortunately and have not put enough effort into building it up. I think you’re right about that part jack…in business people need to really take it on board and not do it willy nilly without any idea of how to go about it. Wealthy affiliates have a wealth of experience and people willing to help out with anything you need so I found them to be an awesome community as well.

      1. Thanks so much for sharing your honest opinion on GAZ, Enagic, and WA. What you’ve mentioned are absolutely true. And, it seems like you’ve spoken my mind.

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  30. I’m thinking of joining this business as well.. I thought buying a machine was an option. Plus you still earn commissions..

    1. Unfortunately no, you’ll have to purchase the products to earn the commission. That’s how the MLM business works.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      1. Actually no you do not have to keep buying products. You could buy one product like there lowest machine for $1980 and that’s all you have to buy forever. But if you are great at selling and want to do the business the quickest way you will buy a machine and a UKON or buy a trifecta ie three products to hit 2A from the start.

        If you have 20 people you know that are interested right off the bat, that will pay for your initial investment. Then your at 4A and also have a 1A that you can grow.

        Do you have to invest in a business like Starbucks? Or anything? Yes. All I repeat ALL jobs or business are a pyramid. Once you understand this, this business will make sense to you.

        1. That’s what I am talking about, you do really need to spend a few thousand dollars to start this business.

          This is the exact spiral that will make people purchase products after products because they want to gain that 2A rank.

          Unfortunately, most of us do not have 20 people who are willing to pay a few thousand dollars for a water machine.

          The sales conversion rate for this is 1%, which means that out of a 100 people, maybe only 1 will buy the product. So, how long do you think you need to hit 20 sales? Just a food for thought.

          ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  31. I am considering joining a team of “affiliate marketers” who sell these water systems. Is it more beneficial to be part of a group who claims to teach you yo market the products? The process presents like a scam. They say you’re selling these systems but youre really selling the business opportunity that forces you to buy the water machine to qualify as a distributor. Not sure how i feel about it.

    1. The distributors are doing business through fb ads. Do you think it’s possible for this potential market to become saturated after a period of time?

      1. The market is already saturated in my opinion. In this day and age, to be successful online, it really depends on your ability to understand your audience, and capture their attention. I guess targeting people who are looking to earn extra money online is the way to go for most Enagic distributors, and I personally think that the strategy is not right. It sounds more like a recruitment process than to actually sell a product which makes the entire process more like a pyramid scheme.

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