Is Zurvita a Scam? – Tell me right now! Is it a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’?

zurvita-mainName: Zurvita
Website: www.zurvita.com
Founders: Mark and Tracy Jarvis

Income Opportunity rating: 2.5 / 5 Stars

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I was invited to join a call with a Zurvita consultant who claims that Zurvita’s Zeal for Life product line is one of the best nutritional product you can find on the market, and that the company offers the best compensation plan for anyone who wants to start the Zurvita business.

I am always wary when someone claims that the product that they promote is one of the best in the industry, because there are so many claims of being the “Best” but no claims can ever be true without supporting facts.

So, as curious as I was about the company, I went on the internet and did an extensive research on the company, and I’ve found some undying truth that you should be aware of if you ever want to join the company as a consultant.

I am sure, like me, straight off the bat, you want to know whether this company is a scam or is it legitimate, so I’ll cut the chase and tell you that, in short…

Zurvita is legitimate…

But, you need to know what you are getting into, which I’ll be sharing with you in this review.

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What is Zurvita?

I am sure you’ve visited some other Zurvita reviews and you would probably already know some background on the Company, but I’ll share it anyway before I get into the real deal.

Do you know…

Zurvita is a public listed company on the U.S. stock exchange?

And, if you have traded the Zurvita’s stock when it first got listed on the stock exchange in the last quarter of 2009, you would have lost 90% of your investment in 2016.


This doesn’t mean that the company and its products are bad, but it just mean to you that, as a consultant, the company might go bust one day.

All your blood, sweat and tears that went into the business, might all be gone one day when its management decides to close the company down.

For all you should know is that the company is incurring a huge load of expenses (though it filed a revenue of $8 million with the SEC), the company is not profiting (Net loss of $435,232), which is why they are jacking up their product prices in August 2016.

Check out the new price list from this Zurvita’s consultant website.


The sad fact is, the Zurvita’s products are generally good (as recommended by many individuals), and the compensation plan might be lucrative as well, but its consultants run a risk of the company closing down because of the poor financial management of the company.

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The Zurvita products…

Zurvita is a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) company which is in the health and wellness niche.

It manufactures a product line called “Zeal for Life”, which is clinically proven (a 3rd-party clinical trial done by KGK Synergize) to have a positive effect on the human body.

But, this doesn’t mean that it can cure any kind of diseases or illnesses.


Further research has lead me to this review from supplementpolice.com which shows that the Zurvita’s products do not work for everyone.

Some people claim that they feel jittery after consuming the products, while some feel that energetic throughout the day.

But, you wouldn’t know how the product will work for you unless you try it yourself.

Do Zurvita’s Consultants make serious cash?


Let us analyze how the Zurvita consultants fare in terms of their income.

The truth be told, the numbers in the above income disclosure of Zurvita is shocking.

99.38% of the Zurvita consultants do not make a sustainable income. What I mean by a sustainable income is, at least $2,000 per month.

You can see from the income disclosure above that 99.38% of the consultants do not make more than $1,000 per month, and only 0.14% of the them make a huge load of money.

It goes to say that the income disparity is huge in this company, and the large commissions are made by the top few in the food chain, while the rest of its consultants struggle to survive.

In fact, this kind of income disparity happens to almost every Multi-Level Marketing Company.

The problem does not lie with the setup of the company, but lies with several factors that I will disclose below.

Factors that cause a Zurvita consultant to fail

Factor 1: Weak mentality and Lack of Training


To be a successful entrepreneur in Zurvita, one has to be a great salesperson.

And a great salesperson is not one who is gifted or talented, it is one who is groomed and mentored by another successful salesperson, and one who goes against all odds, regardless of the hardship and rejections, to make a sale.

The training in Zurvita is diversified and it is the responsibility of your sponsor (the person who introduce you to the business) to train and groom you.

But, the problem is, most of the time, the person who brought you into the business is mostly likely your friend or a family member, who have as much sales knowledge and experience as you do.

You’ll be lucky if you ever join a team of sales experts who are willing to train and groom you, but the fact is, the chances of you getting into that kind team is very slim.

Moreover, even if you have the best trainers, and the best products, it still doesn’t guarantee your success. Success starts from within, and you need to have the right mindset.

Most people whom I’ve come across in Zurvita quit in their first year because they were made to believe that it is easy to find success, but in fact it is not.

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Factor 2: Lack of Leads

This is the most common problem faced by Zurvita consultants, and here’s why.

When you join Zurvita, you will be taught to list down at least a hundred people whom you think will be interested in the Zurvita’s products. You need to give them a call and fix an appointment or a three way call with your sponsor.

The problem with this is that 90% of the people will reject you straight off the bat and out of the 10% who buys a Zurvita product from you, 1% will join you in the business venture.

You see, selling a product is hard enough, but promoting a dream (a business venture) is even harder.

In order to grow in the business, you need to have a constant flow of people who are interested to join the business opportunity, and where will you get yours when your leads are dried up?

Factor 3: Lack of Leadership


Like I’ve said above, without a good leader who is willing to teach and groom you to become a great salesperson, it is hard for you to succeed.

On top of that, the top leaders (the management) of the company, must be able to communicate all the procedures, restrictions, etc. down the line so that every single consultant in the company sings the same song.

Moreover, the management has to ensure that the products are of great quality and that the company is run smoothly to gain the trust of its consultants.

Unfortunately, the case is not for Zurvita.

My Sincere Advice to You

I honestly believe that Zurvita is a legitimate company and its products are great, but the problem is, its consultants run a risk of having their businesses (the business they’ve built with Zurvita) taken away from them by the mismanagement of the company’s finance.

Imagine having to put in all the hard work to grow your business, but being taken away because the company that you so support files for bankruptcy (not saying that it will happen, but there is a possibility of it happening given the poor financial records).

The choice is yours to make, to join Zurvita or not to…

If you are serious about building a solid home based business that does not rely on the success or failure of someone else’s company, then I would suggest that you learn the online business skill from this program.

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Thank you for your time, and I hope to communicate with you soon.

Your pal,


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