Is Youngevity a Scam?

Name: Youngevity
Website:  youngevity.com
Owner: Dr. Joel D. Wallach

Bare Naked Scam rating: 2.5 / 5 Stars

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If you are speaking with a Youngevity distributor who claims that its products cures cancer, run far away from that person.

You see, products of MLM or Network Marketing companies that I’ve encountered (here are all the MLM companies that I’ve reviewed), including Youngevity, have never gone through any clinical trials and have never been proven to cure any illnesses or diseases.

However, there are cases where people actually felt a difference after consuming its products, but the distributors of Youngevity are still forbidden from promoting its products as a cure for illnesses or diseases.

I honestly believe that Youngevity is a legitimate company and it provides a good opportunity to its distributors, but it is just that some practices within the company violates the law and tarnishes the reputation of the company.

So, to answer whether Youngevity is a scam, I believe it is not, but whether this company is a good fit for you to build a business upon, that is another matter which I will be discussing with you in this review.

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Are you the right person for Youngevity?

I am sure you are not told by your sponsor (the person who introduce you to Youngevity) that you need to hard-sell your way to success.

To be successful in Youngevity, you need to be a great salesperson, and not everyone is suitable for that job.

Your sponsor can claim that Youngevity is the best opportunity out there, and you or anyone can be successful with it, but if you are not comfortable being in a sales position, you will never succeed in this business.


I’ve seen many distributors join Youngevity and quit after several months. Why?

That’s because they are not able to take the massive amount of rejections that they face every single day.

To top that off, many people leave Youngevity because they are not comfortable or unwilling to destroy their relationships with their friends and family.

I am not saying this to scare you, but it happens.

Many new distributors who joins the business expects their friends and family to have the same mindset as them.

Everyone loves to make money right? You are so wrong if you are thinking of that.

And what happens if your own family and friends rejects you?

Firstly you will not be happy about it, secondly, your friends and family will start to shy away from you because, either they are too guilty to face you, or they are just not comfortable being around you because they believe that you will always try to bring them into the business.

Even if you can have the right characteristics to join Youngevity, the chances of success is extremely slim. The reasons are…

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Why 95% of Youngevity’s distributors fail?

1. The Wrong Sales Pitch

It starts with the coaching and training.


When you join the Youngevity business, you are taught to create a prospect list of at least 100 people through your friends, family, co-workers, business contacts, etc., then prioritize those people in the list into 3 categories, namely:

  • People with whom you share a mutual respect
  • People looking for greater health or income
  • People that can get started now with a CEO Mega Pak

Then, you need to start inviting the people in your list to take a look at Youngevity. Let’s take a look at how you can invite people to Youngevity (this is a screenshot from Youngevity’s marketing brochure):


Spot any problems there?

You see, you will never get such perfect responses from people. Savvy people will most likely ask “Is this an MLM scheme?”.

This is unlike in the 90s where most people are not exposed to vast opportunities, in this day and age, almost everyone knows what types of business there are in the market, and MLM is known to have a bad rep..

So, when there is a straight objection, what would you do?

My first instinct would be to assure them that it is not an MLM, and they should take a look at the benefits they can rip from the products.

But, sooner or later when you progress with your sales pitch, they will eventually realize that it is an MLM opportunity, which you’ve promised them it us not, this is where you’ve lost their trust instantly.

This occurs almost 90% of the time when you invite people to join the business.

2. Insufficient Leads

Lead/Prospect is one of the most important factors to your success in any kinds of businesses. It can bring you closer to your financial goals, or it can shut your business down instantly.


Most people who joins Youngevity will only know how to tap into their own circle of friends and family.

What happens when you have spoken to every single one in your list and you have no more prospects. What would you do?

Do you start canvassing?

This is a huge problem faced by most distributors, and they quit the business because of this.

3. Joining the wrong team

You see, normally you will just do what your sponsor teach you to do, but what you are taught may not be the best solution to your problems.

For example, your sponsor may teach you to invite people the traditional way, create a list, call your list, invite them to a meeting or a 3 way call.


This approach is what we call a push strategy in the marketing world where you bring the product directly to your prospects.

Though this strategy works, it is not the best solution because, like I’ve mentioned earlier, you will run out of prospects/leads.

Most distributors have not learn to harness the power of the internet.

If you do not use the internet to find prospects, you will always be limited to the list you have, but if you learn how to be an Internet Marketer, you will never run out of prospects.

How to Join Youngevity?

To join Yougevity, you have to purchase a product package from Youngevity. Its products ranges from $25 to $499.99. $25 being the “90 for Life” welcome pak, and thereafter $19.95/mth, which includes a website, Email Marketing System and a landing page.

$499.99 being the different CEO Mega Paks which caters to different needs:

  • Healthy Start CEO Mega Pak
  • Detox CEO Mega Pak
  • ProLine CEO Mega Pak
  • Healthy Weight Loss CEO Mega Pak
  • On-the-go with GOFoods CEO Mega Pak
  • Harmony Health CEO Mega Pak
  • ZRadical CEO Mega Pak
  • Essential Oils CEO Mega Pak
  • Health and Beaty CEO Mega Pak
  • Memory Keeping CEO Mega Pak
  • Mialisia CEO Mega Pak
  • Basic Fashionista CEO Mega Kit

You can’t succeed without a CEO Mega Pak to be honest because you need to give sample to your prospects and you have to consume the products yourself in order to convince other people that the product works.

So to get things started with Youngevity, it cost $524.99. I don’t know about you, but for me, I wouldn’t join the business because, the cost of starting a business is rather high, and the chance of success is very low.

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My Sincere Advice to You

Ultimately the decision is yours to make.

Youngevity is a legitimate business opportunity, however, you just have to be aware of the pitfalls in the business, as I have discussed above.

To be successful in the Youngevity business, you have to first believe that its products works before you can convince anybody to join you. Do not join the business because of the opportunity, join the business because its products benefits you.

If you believe that the Youngevity business is not suitable for you, either because you are not comfortable to be in a sales position or it is too expensive to get started, you join this program instead.

Believe it or not, I have been in the Network Marketing Industry, the trading industry, and have scoured the Internet for business opportunities, but I didn’t succeed or make any progress financially until I found this program.

Anyhoo, both programs are legitimate and you can succeed in either of them if you focus and persist. Do feel free to drop me a comment if you’ll like to discuss on this topic, remember to share this article by clicking on the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) as well. 🙂

Your pal,


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