Is Yoli a Scam? – Selling the Products is Not Enough!

"Be healthy in physical, emotional, and financial aspects!".

Is that how you have been introduced to Yoli?

Well, it doesn't matter how you have known about this company. What matters is, you found this review.

I want to congratulate you on being skeptical about such claims.

So, is Yoli really that great?

I would agree that Yoli's health and wellness products really work for some people.

But they are too expensive, and it has a lot of competitors in the industry that offers the same health benefits for a more affordable price.

It is one of the reasons why most of the associates fail in this business opportunity.

So if you want to earn a substantial amount of income, I'd highly recommend that you check out this program instead.

But if you still want to learn more about Yoli, then continue reading below and I'll share with you everything that you need to know.

Yoli Review Summary

Name: Yoli

Founders: Robby Fender, Corey Citron, Daren Falter, and Bobby Jones

Product Type: Health and wellness products


  • $39.95 - One-Time Enrollment Fee
  • $20/Year - Renewal Fee
  • $9.95/Month - Online Tools such as a duplicated website
yoli homepage

Bare Naked Scam Rating:

Summary: Yoli is a legitimate MLM company that sells health and wellness products.

The products are effective for some people.

However, they are too expensive and they are hard to sell.

It is one of the reasons why most of the associates have failed in this business opportunity.


  • Cheaper enrollment fee compared to other MLM companies
  • Lucrative compensation plan (if you can recruit a lot of downlines)


  • Expensive products
  • Products don't work with everyone
  • The compensation plan focuses more on recruitment
  • There a lot of competitors
  • Low income potential

Recommended? NO!

What is Yoli?

Yoli is an MLM company that sells various health & wellness product lines.

It was founded by Robby Fender, Corey Citron, Daren Falter, and Bobby Jones in 2009.

The company claims that they improve lives in physical, emotional, and financial aspects.

They provide nutritional supplements that can help people achieve their optimum health, and a support system to help you boost your inner self.

Aside from that, they claim that you can live with your dreams by taking advantage of their hybrid compensation plan.

What a fascinating offer isn't it?

But, is Yoli really as great as what it seems like?

Let's find out!

Yoli's Health and Wellness Products (Not Effective?!)

Yoli offers a wide variety of nutritional supplements.

It varies from a complete package to individual products.

One of Yoli's most popular packages is the Transformation Kit which costs $340...

transformation kit

The individual products, on the other hand, lies in different categories...

Weight Management

weight management

Sports Performance

sports performance

Total Nutrition

total nutrition

PH Balance

ph balance

Immune Support

immune support



Yoli says that these products aren't intended for "quick fix diet". But instead, they are a long term solution that will help you able to enjoy your healthier lifestyle.

That is a good mindset for healthy living.

However, their products are not for everyone.

Some people had experienced bad side effects after taking the nutritional supplements.

So it will be better for you to do research or consult a doctor first, before using any of these products.

Get a Discount as a Preferred Customer

If you happen to like Yoli, you can sign up as a Preferred Customer.

You'll receive exclusive discounts and offers once you become a Preferred Customer...

preferred customer
pc perks

Yoli Business Opportunity (Is It Worth It?)

If you want to start your business with Yoli, then you will need to pay $39.95 for the one-time enrollment fee.

But if you will purchase an initial order package (such as the Transformation Kit), you won't need to pay for the enrollment fee at all.

There will be a $20 Annual renewal fee if you want to renew your membership.

You'll also have your own marketing website (duplicated website) and a virtual team office platform which will cost you $9.95/month.

duplicated website

The initial cost to get started with Yoli is considerably lower compared to other MLM companies.

However, this business opportunity is not as easy as you might think of.

Selling Yoli's products is not enough to make a good amount of income. You'll need to recruit a lot of people into your team.

But, what if you'll run out of prospects? Then you'll get your business stuck.

If you want to grow your business with Yoli, then you will need to learn attraction marketing.

It is a strategy used by the most successful network marketers that can give you an endless stream of prospects.

The Compensation Plan

Yoli's compensation plan is quite different compared to other MLM company's.

The company uses the hybrid compensation plan, which is basically a combination of binary and unilevel compensation plan.

hybrid compensation plan

You can earn money in different ways using the hybrid compensation plan.

But first and foremost, you need to be commissions qualified.

In order to be commissions qualified, you need to become an active member and/or qualified member.

Here are the qualifications...

active member qualification
qualified member qualification

Some of the parts of the compensation plan (such as the Retail Profits) only requires you to be an active member.

But most of the time, you need to have both qualifications.

Here are the different ways to earn commissions and rewards:

  • Retail Profits
  • Rebate Bonus Program
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Refer 3, Get It Free
  • Break Even Bonus (BEB)
  • Binary Team Commission
  • Unilevel Executive Matching Bonus
  • Global Bonus Pool
  • Multiple Business Centers
  • Travel Incentives
  • Luxury Car Program

For a more detailed explanation about the compensation plan, you can download the Compensation Plan Brochure here.

Ugly Truths About Yoli

#1 The Products are Overpriced!

Yoli's products are somewhat effective for some people.

However, they overpriced!

Actually, some companies in the health and wellness industry offer the same kind of nutritional supplements at a more affordable price, others are even half the price of Yoli's.

Because of this, you might have a hard time selling Yoli's products.

It is the reason why selling is not enough if you want to earn a good amount of income from the company.

#2 The Nutritional Supplements aren't Worth Your Money?!

There are just so many complaints about the products.

Some of the people say that it tastes bad...

is yoli a scam - bad taste

While others had even experienced bad side effects!...

is yoli a scam - bad side effect

Just because it is effective for others doesn't mean that it'll work for you too.

So if you don't want to waste your money and you want to avoid these terrifying experiences, then you should do your due diligence first or consult a doctor before using any of the products.

#3 Slow Customer Service?

Customer service is supposed to help you sort out your problem/issue as soon as possible.

But it seems that the support team of Yoli isn't as responsible as they should be.

Let's take a look at this complaint as an example...

is yoli a scam - slow customer service

#4 Low Income Potential

As I have mentioned above, selling products won't give you much income, because they are too expensive and some companies are already offering these kinds of products at a cheaper price.

Aside from that, recruiting people is not easy either.

It is the reason why most of the associates have failed in this business.

You would really get your business stuck if you won't stand out between the huge crowd of competitors, and if you'll run out of prospects.

The vital strategy to succeed in this business opportunity is by getting an endless stream of prospects.

So I'd highly recommend that you learn attraction marketing if you want to keep your business running.

#5 They Don't Want to Show You the Truth?!

Every MLMs should have an income disclosure statement.

However, in Yoli's case, I did not find it anywhere on their website.

The probable reason behind it is that they don't want people to know that most of the associates have failed in this business.

Well, it is good that you have read this far because you have finally discovered the truth behind the hyped claims of Yoli.

Is Yoli the Right Business Opportunity for You?

The first step to answering that question is by trying the products yourself.

If it works with you, then you can probably think about joining Yoli.

But if it isn't effective with you, then it is better that you look for another opportunity instead.

How are you going to promote a product that does not work with you, right?

The second thing that you need to consider is choosing the right team leader because he/she will be the one who's responsible for guiding you in this business opportunity.

You must also be aware that you will face a lot of hardship in this business.

Some people might just reject you, or you might get left behind by your competitors.

Because of this, you might not make any income at all.

If you are not ready to take the risk and hardships, then Yoli is not the right business opportunity for you.

My Sincere Advice to You

I understand that you really want to earn a substantial amount of income, that's why you must not spend your time and efforts for nothing.

If you really want to join Yoli, then it would better for you to learn attraction marketing.

This strategy is one of the most effective ways to get an endless stream of prospects, and it will surely help you to keep your business running.

But if you are not fond of meeting new people, selling products, and doing parties to make sales, then I'd highly recommend that you start using this program instead.

This program has helped thousands of individuals, including me, to build a successful online business. I hope that you can benefit from it too!

Thank you so much for reading this Yoli review!

I hope that I've provided you with sufficient information to make an informed decision.

If you found this review helpful, please share it! It might help someone who is looking for this information.

Have questions in mind? Please, feel free to leave a comment below.

Your friend,

Cee Jay

Yoli Review Summary

Name: Yoli

Description: Yoli is a legitimate multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells health and wellness products that have been proven effective by many people. However, most Yoli distributors struggled to make money with this business and we will discuss in this review why.

  • Overall Yoli Business Opportunity Rating

More Info On Yoli Business Opportunity

Founders: Robby Fender, Corey Citron, Daren Falter, and Bobby Jones 

Price: $39.95 One-Time Enrollment Fee + $9.95/Month (Online Tools) + $20/Year (Renewal Fee)

Recommended? Yes and No (It depends on you. Read on to decide if this business is for you)


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