Web Fortune Master Scam – An obvious one!


web-fortune-master-home-pageName: Web Fortune Master

Website(s): www.webfortunemaster.com and others

Price: $97, $77, $47, $8.78

Owners: Terence Devine (Silver Chimney)

                 Sean Smith (Silver Chimney)

Bare Naked Scam Rating: 4 Thumbs Down


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Web Fortune Master? Profit Master Academy? Web Profit Authority? Which one is it? The scam bell is ringing. – Stay far away!

Web-fortune-master-scam-review-productNoticed that I have mentioned three names? Actually, I am only reviewing one product offered by a company named Silver Chimney LLC. (For ease of reference, I will be using Web Fortune Master to represent all the other product names).

Please heed my advice and stay far away from Web Fortune Master at all cost. I am about strip this scam naked and expose the truth about Web Fortune Master.

I am also going to share with you my personal experience with this program, please bare with me on this long article. 

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Web Fortune Master featured on popular news channels? – Don’t be fooled

Web Fortune Master uses unethical ways to draw people’s attention. I’m 100% sure they are not featured on the news channels.

Featured on NBC, CNN, BBC


Fake News reporting


The “News reporting video” is not real news. This video is actually used in some other programs as well. Commuters like myself may probably fall victim to this kind of scam. I hope it is not too late for you to steer clear of Web Fortune Master.


What is Web Fortune Master all about?

Web Fortune Master provides online step-by-step coaching course for beginners who wants to make money online. The advertised course promises to make you money by posting links and it comes with MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

  • Post over 25 links a day
  • Earn $15 per posted link
  • Make $7,500 a month
  • Money Back Guaranteed

The Web Fortune Master program will show you a nicely done table that estimates your potential income.


Did Web Fortune Master deliver what they promised? No!


5 Reasons why Web Fortune Master is a SCAM

1. Spokesperson and website keep changing

In May 2013, the website is called Web Fortune Master and the Spokesperson is Angela Bussio. In July 2013, the website is called Profit Master’s Academy and the spokesperson is Jessica Bradley. Currently, the website is called Web profit Authority and the spokesperson is Julie Osmand.

I have never seen a legitimate business changing their product name at such a frequency. This is alarming and it only show that this product or company have something to hide.

2. Actual product differ from what was advertised

You do not get what you see! What was advertised was only a marketing technique to draw you into the program. Once you are in it, they will sell you something else that cost you even more.

3. Additional courses you need to attend to start making money

Those courses that was proposed to me wasn’t what I intended to learn at the first place. To start with, I wanted to learn about posting links to make money but instead I was introduced to another course which teaches about drop shipping. The cost for these extra courses is way steep.

4. Questionable Testimonials


Well, I went into Web Fortune Master Website and I saw many testimonials that was really appealing. At first I was relieved to see that there are actually people who are successful in Web Fortune Master. But, when I felt something was wrong with the program, I did a little research and found this on the terms and conditions when you first signed up for the program:


The testimonials are mostly fake and some of the pictures are stock photos. Web Fortune Master is definitely sneaky in covering up their tracks. They must definitely be exposed.

5. Fake video that looks like local news

Which legitimate business will actually make up something like this to scam people into joining their program? None. Only scams do. The Marketing and Sales Strategy they use are really shady and sneaky. I hate to say this but I was one who believed in the news reporting video.

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My personal experience – My unlucky encounter

Web-fortune-master-scam-review-marketingI hope I am able to reach you in time and warn you about this product before you become the next victim.

I hope you are not scammed like I did. This product is one of the first that I tried which totally turns me off.

Like you, I was trying to find a way to make some extra cash online, I scoured through the internet and came across Web Fortune Master which really appeal to me at that time.

It had this professional looking spokesperson named Angela Bussio who was featured in many popular news channels and it seem that she really understand me.

She mentioned that she have helped many people like me to become successful  and she mentioned that I can lead a better life if I join Web Fortune Master. At that point of time, I thought Angela Bussio was really genuine and I signed up for the courses.


Web Fortune Master Course – Not a course really

Part of this step-by-step course involves calling a “personal coach” to get you started. When I called the number, someone mentioned that there is an additional way for me to make more money but there is an additional charge for the additional training.

I figured since I already paid $77 (because of the discount), I mind as well pay a little more to get more training.    

When I finally spoke to the “personal Coach”, he seems nice and started asking me about my goals and current financial status. (BEWARE, he is actually checking whether you have the capablilty to afford another course that they offer)

dropshipping-ebay-amazonThe personal coach was also talking about Drop Shipping. Drop Shipping is a way to sell wholesale products online through eBay, Amazon or your own online store without having physically handling or shipping any products yourself. All you have to do is to process the order from the computer.

Hang on a minute, I thought I was suppose to learn about posting links. When I asked the “Personal coach” about this, he said that link posting is not the primary source of income and I am not able to make enough money to quit my job if I was only posting links.

Furthermore, he added that the campaigns for posting links will run out. What? I thought he was kidding, but he meant it.

This means to say the companies that provide the links only allow certain number of links to be posted. If they are out of links, you are out of job. 

I was disheartened because I joined Web Fortune Master for the simplicity of making money through link posting but now I feel cheated.

The REAL AGENDA behind many layers of deceit

 The “personal coach” is a well-trained sales person. After accessing my financial capability, I was introduced with 2 options to enrol in the drop shipping course.


  • Option 1: $2,900

This is what the “personal coach” exactly said, “Because of your financial situation, we are willing to start you off at $699. You could pay us back overtime as you begin to make money”.


  • Option 2: $3,300

The “personal coach” said the same thing about starting off at $699 but he added that I get a guarantee that Web Fortune Master will not give up on me unless I give up on myself.

So does that mean that if I select option 1, Web Fortune Master will give up on me? It all seemed kind of crappy and fishy to me.

I must say that Web Fortune Master’s sales techniques are commendable. First, they rope you in with their “Legitimate” website with all the popular News channels. Then, they shove all the remaining products down your throat.

However, for my case, I decided to stop and I asked for a refund as I find the methods of selling too shady.


Asking for Refunds – A pain in the ass

This is the hardest part, Web Fortune Master definitely didn’t make it easy for you get your refund. The customer service are highly trained sales professionals who are very creative with giving reasons for you to stay. I wondered why I did not email them instead. But just for your update, I have not receive my refund.

My sincere advise

I hope I have helped you in one way or another. If you are still trying to find a way to make real money online, I have skim through the internet and found an opportunity which is definitely Legitimate and provides great value. You can read my #1 recommended online business course here.

If you have any questions or you share the same fate as me (being con by Web Fortune Master), I welcome you to share your experience with me by dropping a comment below.

Your pal,


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  1. Hello Jack: I love your site. Lots of great info. I hope you don’t mind that I may just copy some of your ideas.
    Thanks for sharing the knowledge, and my best to you!

  2. Hey, Jack

    Thanks for such an awesome review on the “web fortune master.” If it’s so easy to make over $7K a month just by posting links, I’ll jack in my online business right now… or maybe not!

    Many of these scams think people were born yesterday, but people do still get caught up in them and it’s usually the internet newbies who have zero knowledge and experience on starting up an honest online biz.

    Experience has taught me a lot about online scams, so now I know exactly what to look out for after I’ve been burned so many of them in the past. But Wealthy Affiliate came to my rescue 😉



  3. This program is so similar to the Work at Home University. The style of business is almost identical. I get to avoid Work at Home university because of you, Jack. Now, you have save more money and more time for me. Thank you so much!

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