The Copywriting Academy Review – This doubled my sales conversion rate!

If you want to make a sale online, you have to be a good writer or a good communicator, but if you want to see your online sales explode, you have to learn Copywriting.

Copywriting is basically writing Words that Sells.

“Putting in the right words, written to the right people, in the right order, so those people do business with you”, these are the words uttered by a legendary copywriter Ray Edwards.

And today, I am going to share with you everything you need to know about Ray Edwards’ Copywriting Academy in order for you to make an informed decision.

I’ve personally completed the course, so I think I am qualified to write an insider review.

So, here goes…

Copywriting Academy Enrollment is now officially closed!

If you are interested in learning copywriting, maybe you can check this out instead.

What is The Copywriting Academy and Who is Ray Edwards?

If you have any business online, and you are wondering how your business can grow exponentially in terms of sales and profit, then the Copywriting Academy is right for you.

The Copywriting Academy is founded by Ray Edwards, a master copywriter, who has helped famous clients like Tony Robbins, Jeff Walker, Robert G. Allen, Frank Kern and many others to boost their sales and profit for their businesses.

I am sure you know some of the big names mentioned, but how can the Copywriting Academy help your small business, right?

Let’s go deeper into the academy…

The Copywriting Academy Module 1 – The Quickstart


In this quick start module, you learn how to write your first sales copy, be it for selling a product or service, your ideas, or even for a charitable cause.

The good thing about this module is that it teaches you the bare basic so that anybody who does not have any knowledge of copywriting can immediately pick up the basics.

If you have any sales knowledge or experience, you will know that the arrangement of your sales pitch is so important that it may make or break a sale.

Offering the RIGHT product or service to the RIGHT customers, but at the WRONG time, will have a negative impact on your sales effort.

So, structuring your sales copy is one of the most important and basic skill of a copywriter, and this module will teach you that.

The Copywriting Academy Module 2 – Irresistible Offers


This module sets the foundation for you to build your BIG sales page.

An offer is a big part of your entire sales copy and you need to understand it thoroughly in order to sell without any hassle.

You will get to understand the foundation of a sales offer, and know what constitute an irresistible offer.

Basically, this module teaches you how to write an irresistible sales offer so that your product or service will sell themselves, and it makes “Hard Selling” completely unnecessary.

The Copywriting Academy Module 3 – The Persuasion Blueprint


This is where the interesting part of the course starts, the part where I said “I’m glad I’ve joined the Copywriting Academy”. Why?

Do you ever have an experience where you have a lot of eyeballs on your sales copy, but no one actually buys your offer, and you didn’t know why?

This module will give you a proven Sales Copy framework for you to work on. The framework has an acronym, “P.A.S.T.O.R”, and you will learn more about it when you join the Copywriting Academy.

Ray Edwards explains the mindset and the psychology of why your sales offer should be structured using the P.A.S.T.O.R. Framework.

It gives clarity to the clutter, and it removes any guessing work for your Sales Copy.

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The Copywriting Academy Module 4 – Headlines & Subheads


The fact is, no matter how well your sales copy or your content is written, without a good headline, no one will pay attention to your copy.

In this module, you will understand the importance of great headlines and sub headlines, and how to determine if your headlines is attractive enough.

You will also get 21 Headline Templates that, in my opinion, will make you look like a master of writing juicy and magnetic headlines for your sales copy or content.

The Copywriting Academy Module 5 – Fascination Factor


The “Persuasion Points” or some called “Bullet Points” are so important that some Copywriters live and breathe through writing them.

These Persuasion Points are simply condensing every product benefits, features and information into a list that will make your sales copy easy to read and highly persuasive.

In this module, you will get to learn the different styles of Persuasion Points, study several highly effective examples, and of course, the templates, which I love most about this Academy.

All the templates that are provided in the Copywriting Academy can easily be applied to your own Sales Copy or your clients’ (if you are a freelance copywriter).

The Copywriting Academy Module 6 – Resistance Removal


There must be reasons why someone is not buying your product, and most of the time, it is fear that creates the resistance.

Understanding those fears of your customers, and tackling them head on will produce massive improvement in your sales.

In this module, it is all about identifying and removing the fears of your customers, and giving them more than what they expect, so that there are NO REASONS why they shouldn’t buy from you.

The Copywriting Academy Module 7 – Closing the Deal


There is no deal if you do not ask for it. You can spend hours prospecting a client, but if you do not ask for the sale, then there is no point in prospecting at all.

In this module, you will understand why most copywriters fail in closing the deal, and again you will get 5 highly effective closing templates that will get the sales to your doorstep.

The Copywriting Academy Module 8 – Inbox Magic


Heard of “The Money is in the List”?

Every “Guru” in the industry is talking about building a list of subscribers, but no one actually teaches you how to craft a series of compelling emails that will generate sales over and over again.

In this module, you will learn all about crafting emails that produce maximum sales.

Learn Copywriting here

The Bonuses

All I can say is, the money is well spent on the Copywriting Academy.

There are a lot of bonuses in the Academy which are highly valuable, especially the coaching calls.

Picking the brain of Ray Edwards through practical examples is the fastest way to understand all the principles that are taught in this course.

You will also be invited to a private Facebook group where you can get in touch with other Copywriters and request for a review of your sales copy.

To me, that’s pure gold.

How the Copywriting Academy has helped my Online Business

The Copywriting Academy has shaped the way I write my content as well as the sales pages.

Now, I am confident that the content and sales pages that I write are much more compelling as compared to when I first started with the Copywriting Academy.

Before the Copywriting Academy, my sales funnel has an average conversion rate of between 8 to 9 percent, and after implementing all the knowledge I’ve gained from the Academy, my sales conversion rate shot up to 15 to 16 percent.


That’s a great improvement just by simply following the teachings of Ray Edwards, which is why I highly recommend that you check out the Copywriting Academy if you are serious about growing your business.

However, since Ray Edwards’ Copywriting Academy is closed, you may want to check this out instead.

My Take on the Copywriting Academy

If you’ve ever employed an expensive Copywriter to write your sales copy, but you didn’t have the results that you desire, you can forget about employing another, because you are going to trump every Copywriter in town after implementing all the knowledge and techniques that will be taught in the course.

Although the price of the Copywriting Academy is a little steep, it does serve a great purpose for your business.

It can save your business a ton of money, as well as bringing in more profit.

In my opinion, the benefits of the Copywriting Academy outweigh its cost.

Anyway, thank you for reading this review.

Sadly, Ray Edwards’ Copywriting Academy is closed. I’ll update this review again when it is open again, so stay tuned.

Talk to you soon!

Your pal,


One Comment

  1. Hi Jack,
    Great review. I didn’t know this program existed, I’ve been searching for a great copywriting program. I have a question, does this program give you templates or does it just tell you how to write emails?

    1. Hi Gabby,

      Thank you for your comment!

      Yes, it gives you a ton of templates that you can work with. These templates are almost applicable to all niches, and Ray will walk your through how to use them.

      This is quite an effective course on Copywriting I must say.

      Here are several free lessons about copywriting, and if you wish to learn more you can check out the Copywriting Academy.

      Hope this helps!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

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