Is Tai Lopez a Scam?

tai-lopez-67-steps-mainName: Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps
Website:  www.tailopez.com
Founder: Tai Lopez

Bare Naked Scam rating: 2 Thumbs Up


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Honestly, when I came across Tai Lopez’s videos on Facebook where he flaunts his big house and nice cars, I instinctively thought that he was a scammer.


As a scam buster, I’ve seen too many “gurus” who claimed to earn lots of money online and flaunts shiny objects to entice unknowing victims to sign up to their training programs, where they charge hundreds or thousands of dollars.

tai-lopez-67-steps-tedxI’ve later found out that the majority of the “gurus” don’t actually own those shiny objects, they were rented, and the gurus were just actors.

It took me a few months to convince myself to try Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps, and I went through it with skepticism.

What really got me to try Tai Lopez’s 67 steps was his credentials.

He was a speaker on TEDX, and he was endorsed by many famous people such as Mark Cuban.

So I thought maybe I’ll give this program a try to see what Tai Lopez has to offer.

The deal with Tai is that he reads a lot, and he shares the knowledge of others in a concise and conducive manner.

Of course, he shares his own story about how he use this knowledge to better himself to become successful.

As I went through one of his many programs, the 67 Steps, I am now convinced that Tai Lopez is not a scammer.

Is 67 Steps a Scam?

So, I got this all wrong, the 67 Steps is not exactly a make money online program, nor a turnkey system that will make you rich with a few clicks.

It is a training program that is created to train and nurture your mind.

tai-lopez-67-steps-membershipThe first step to be successful starts with the mindset, and unfortunately for most of us, we do not have what it takes to be truly successful until someone show us how.

Tai Lopez has created this program to help you get rid of your old habits and mindset that are holding you back from success, and motivates you towards your life goals.

So, is the 67 Steps a scam? In my opinion, it is a definite NO!

There are many people who thinks that Tai Lopez and his programs are overrated, and that he don’t deserve what he has.

I get it, because many people took this program the wrong way.

They thought that by joining the 67 Steps, they will learn how to make money like Tai by the end of those steps, but that is not the case.

This is a program that helps you position yourself for a better future.

It is not in any way giving you the solution to make money online, but it is giving you the driving force (the mindset) behind every successful entrepreneur.

If you are looking for a way to make money online, this is probably not the course for you, however, you may want to check this program out instead.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the 67 Steps and see it offers.

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What is in the 67 Steps?

I’ve spent long hours going through the content of this program and to write this review, and I hope this will provide you with the information you need to decide if you should join the program.

Whether it is to be successful in life, making money, being healthy, looking great, these are the 67 steps that will supposedly get you there.

Tai touches on the fundamentals of a successful person, whether it is a person who has 2 billion dollars, or a person who has a loving family. Success isn’t always about money. It can be anything.

Take this 67 steps as a form of motivation to get you to a better life. That’s what this program is all about.

With these 67 steps, you will rewire your brain to think like a successful person.

It doesn’t mean that you will be successful after going through the 67 steps, but it gives you the foundation to achieving greater life.

The only complain I have about this program is that Tai often drift from the topic, and that causes the videos to be long. I liked that Tai compiled a ton of good content from many great people and put them into one lesson, but he tends to rant about many other issues as well.

I’ve compiled a summary of the first 16 steps which covers the gist of the lessons. I am not able to cover all the 67 steps as I didn’t want this review to be extremely long.

So here goes…

Step 1: The Billionaire’s Brain & Jennifer Lopez’s Voice

tai-lopez-67-steps-step-1First things first, are you going to walk the walk and talk the talk, or are you just all talk?

Tai sheds light on what he called the deserving factor. Do you deserve to be successful, do you deserve who you want to be?

Many people may have the same dream as you, but do they deserve to achieve those dreams?

The deserving factor simply means that the action that you do to achieve your goals.

Many people have the dream, but they simply did not take action to deserve that dream, and that’s why many people are not successful.

It is only a small bunch of people who will take action to turn their dream into reality. Are you one of them?

Step 2: Blue-Footed Booby Birds, ESS & The 500 Year Old Mind

tai-lopez-67-steps-step-2Failure is the stepping stone to success, and that’s why this lesson is all about.

The society has conditioned the majority of us to avoid failure, and to play it safe, but in this day and age, being “Safe” has loss its meaning.

Just take a look at the 2008 financial meltdown where thousands of jobs, which were thought to be safe, were executed.

People need to learn how to adapt to this new world. What works in the past doesn’t mean that it will work today.

Be adventurous and make mistakes, that’s what gives you the stepping stone for a better future.

Step 3: Sam Walton’s Night in a Brazilian Jail, Stealing from McDonald’s & Michael Jordan’s Humility

This is what Michael Jordan’s coach said “I’ve never seen a player listen so closely to what the coaches said, and then go do it”.

This step teaches us the fundamental step to success, which is to listen and learn, and be coach-able. Most of us act as though we know every single thing in life, and we put ear buds in our ear when someone is trying to teach us something valuable.

Listen to someone who has achieve something in life and learn from them.

Step 4: Picasso’s Rising Tide & The Law of 33%

An interesting concept Tai has shared, which is to spend 33% of your waking hours on people who are below you (Apprentice – someone who aspires to be successful).

tai-lopez-67-steps-step-4To help them along their path of success, as this will help with your self-esteem.

Spend 33% of your waking hours on people who are at the same level as you (Partners) so that you can forge great friendships which can help with your business.

And, spend the last 33% of your waking hours on learning from mentors.

Find someone whom you look up to, and has walked your path, and learn as much as you can from that person.

Almost every successful entrepreneur I’ve met said that at some point in their lives, they have a great mentor who has guided them to success in the shortest amount of time.

Truth be told, having a great mentor does steepen your learning curve and shortening it at the same time.

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Step 5: My Poor Friends & Cameron Diaz’s Parrot

I know the headlines don’t make much sense, but here’s what you’ll learn in this lesson.

  1. You’ll learn how to cultivate a habit to observe people
  2. Mirror the behavior of people whom you admire and want to be like
  3. Keeping learning by asking – I know it’s cliche, but Tai has a good strategy on this

Step 6: Sculpture vs. The Lottery & The Anthropic Media Bias

Success is crafted through hard work, dedication, commitment, and resilience, that’s what this lesson is all about.

Many people expect to achieve success within a short period of time, and some even have the thought of not doing any work and dream about achieving something.

This lesson brings you back to life, the fundamental principle that allow the successful people to become successful.

If you keep doing what you are doing now, you will get the same results as you have.

If you want to achieve something in life, you have to do things differently. Instill habits of other successful people in your life.

Step 7: Martin Seligman’s Salary Slave and Learned Helplessness

Journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

Are you willing to GET OUT of the “system” that the society has built for you, to achieve the good life.

We sure know that the “system” will not get you the fulfillment you want in your life.

But, getting out of the system to this modern jungle holds many uncertainties. There is a chance that you may be drowned in this modern jungle, if you let it.

You are in the crossroads now, what decision do you want to take? The safe route with little to no rewards, or the riskier path with endless rewards?

Step 8: The Integrated Good Life & The Four Pillars of Eudaimonia

tai-lopez-67-steps-step-8What does a “Good” life mean to you? Is it financial independence? Is it health? Relationship? What’s yours?

As Tai explains, a “Good” life is only attainable by an integrated life, which means that every aspect of your life should be co-related to each other.

The success that the society perceive is the amount of money in the bank account, but do those successful people really lead a happy life?

If you really want a good life, you mix around with people who are beneficial to your work and health. You mix your romantic relationship with work that you love, by starting a business with your partner for example.

Every aspect of your life should be integrated to have a “Good” life.

Step 9: Warren Buffett’s Book-a-Day Diet & Making War with a Multitude of Counselors

If you truly want to be successful in the shortest amount of time, then read a book a day.

Warren Buffett does it, and many successful entrepreneurs do this as well.

The reason is simple, we only have a limited amount of time in this life, and the best way to be good at something is to learn from successful people who have walked a mile in your shoes.

Well, I personally think that it is too much for me to digest one book in a day, but I’ll definitely try to finish a book in a week, and who knows maybe I can develop the skill of speed reading?

Step 10: Stoic VS. Epicurean Arnold’s 1,000 Reps, Apache, Cold Showers, and the Spartan Whipping Post

The biggest take away from this lesson was “Next time you don’t want to do something, just do it to train your brain.”

As I learn about building positive mindset, Tony Robbins always talked about disrupting an old habit to build a new and better habit.

If you feel lazy and didn’t feel like doing the dishes, just do it instead, and if you do this quite often (doing things you didn’t feel like doing), you will create a good habit of doing things you are supposed to do.

It becomes a ripple effect that you will start doing things that makes sense in your life because you broke the habit of procrastination.

Step 11: The Whispers of 10,000 Generations, Dunbar’s 150, & Evolutionary Mismatch

Whatever works in the past, it doesn’t mean it will work in the present.

Just take a look at Toys “R” Us, they were superstars in the 90s, but they went bankrupt just recently.

If you are complacent and do not adapt to your surrounding, you are bound for failure.

Step 12: Mike’s Stack of Resumers, My 96 Year-Old Grandma, & Your Eulerian Destiny

tai-lopez-67-steps-step-12I know many young entrepreneurs who are always busy with many different things, a business in Food and Beverage, a business in Real Estate, a business in this and that.

They told me that in order to be rich, I need to have many businesses. “Rich people have many businesses”, they said.

The fact is, I’ve noticed this for many years, that you don’t need to have many businesses in order to be successful.

You need just ONE! Of course they disagree with me, but when I explain further, they finally get it.

Successful people may have many businesses, but not before they have the ONE successful business.

It is always the ONE successful business that defines a successful person.

If you are that entrepreneur who is running around chasing the next big trend, stop! Focus on your passion and grow a business that you are proud of, and that will unlock many other doors for you.

Building a business that is based on your passion. Find out how!

Step 13: The Amish Vacation, Tap Dancing to Work, & Avoiding What You Love

A life built around vacation is no life at all.

If you have a job that you hate, and you are just working for the sake of income, it’s time to make some changes.

I’ve been there personally, having a job that I complained about 24/7, flaring at my family for unhappiness at work, but it pays well.

Sacrificing your happiness for money is the worst act you could ever do in your life. Sure, you can feed your family well, but at the expense of your health, relationship and happiness.

If you ever get yourself in that situation, I think it is time you change your life for the better.

Step 14: The Shaolin Monk & Touching an Electric Fence

Everything bad that happened in your life is your fault. If the stock market crashes tomorrow and you got laid off, it’s your fault.

Why? Because you didn’t prepare for it.

It is quite common for people to start blaming others when a mishap happen in their life, but what can you get out of by blaming others?

The lesson here is to prepare for everything. If you have a comfortable life now with a house, a car and a family, don’t take it for granted.

This lesson is not teaching you how to be paranoid, but rather to tell you that everything starts with a reason, and the reason starts with you.

 Step 15: Descartes & Solving Problems with a Calculator

Making tough decisions is hard, making the right decision is even harder.

You’ll learn how to quantify the choices you have in your life, and you’ll pick the choice based on the best results on the calculator.

It is really an interesting concept and I think it works.

Although quantifying choices is tough, Tai has given several examples that will aid you to make better decisions in your life.

 Step 16: Rousseau, The Renaissance Man, & Iron Sharpening Iron

The first and most important thing is to identify your path, basically what area(s) you want to be successful in.

tai-lopez-67-steps-step-16“Being Rich” is a generic term, and you have to define it.

Do you want to be rich dealing Real Estate Properties? Do you want to be rich trading stocks? Do you want to be rich in love with your family?

What is your path to “being rich”?

Next, to achieve your goal of “being rich”, you have to know lots of things. Things that are not directly related to your path, but it does enhance your journey to your goal.

For example, if you want to be rich dealing with properties, you need to learn how to influence people, you need to know the concept of marketing, and many other things.

All the knowledge that you’ve learnt can be put together to assist you with achieving your main goal.

At the end of this step you will look into area(s) that you are weak at, and you will formulate a plan to be better at those areas.

This program has led me and thousands of people make a Life Changing income online. Find out how you can too!

My Honest Opinion

Alright, there you have it, a summary of the first 67 steps.

I hope this gives you an insight of what you will be learning from this 67 steps.

It is definitely a good foundation for you to learn how to be successful.

It is not a course that will teach you how to be rich, but a course that motivates you and gives you the direction in your life.

If you’ve decided to join the 67 Steps to rewire your brain and better your life, you can do it here.

However, if you already know the foundation of success, and you are out looking for an opportunity to make money online, then I would suggest that you check out this program.

If you’ve read some of my reviews, you’ll know that I was a part of many MLM companies and didn’t achieve any success until I found this program (Not MLM).

This program has turned me from a nobody to a somebody online, and it is all thanks to the mentors I’ve met in the program.

Wishing you all the best in whatever decision you’ll make, and thank you for reading this review!

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If you’d like to discuss more about Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps, please, feel free to leave a comment below.

Your pal,


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