Skinny Body Care – Scam Or Legit Business Opportunity?

Lose Weight, Share the products, Earn Money, these are probably the reasons that got you interested in Skinny Body Care.

Is Skinny Body Care a scam? Can you really lose weight with the products? Can you truly generate a good income from this company?

These are the questions we will be discussing in this Skinny Body Care review.

Let’s get started…

Review Summary

Owner: Ben Glinsky

Price: $59.95 – $179.85

Recommended? No. Check this out instead.


Income Opportunity Rating:

What is Skinny Body Care?

Skin Body Care is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that claims to provide “life-changing products” as well as “life-changing results.”

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They offer weight-loss supplements aimed at boosting energy and metabolism. Some of the notable ingredients present in SBC’s products are glucomannan, raspberry ketones, and Garcinia Cambogia.

The Company

Skinny Body Care is one of the companies that offer a selection of products geared toward weight loss and overall wellness. The company also provides a viable business opportunity for people who want to engage in network marketing.

Skinny Body Care was founded in 2011 with a mission of providing people with the highest quality of products, tools and, resources to maximize positive results in both physical and financial aspects of their lives.

In their website, SBC claim that their focus is heavily inclined on providing everyone some of the world’s most groundbreaking products that promise unmatched quality and life-changing results.

This along with giving the “little guys” an opportunity to succeed financially.

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The Founder

The man behind SBC is Ben Glinsky, a successful entrepreneur and a well-respected network marketing leader in the industry.

Ben’s goal on creating the Skin Body Care is for it to be the “last company YOU ever have to be involved in; the company You can retire with.

<img alt=’Skinny-Body-Care-Scam-Founder-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam’ width=’300′ height=’300′ title=’Skinny-Body-Care-Scam-Founder-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam’ data-id=’13059′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Skinny-Body-Care-Scam-Founder-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;”>Skinny-Body-Care-Scam-Founder-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam

Skinny Body Care Products

SBC’s products, just like any other Health and Wellness MLM companies, are said to be created especially to help people stay youthful, vibrant, and healthy.

What’s unique about Skinny Body Care’s “life-changing” products according to their website is that each was:

  • created from the purest natural ingredients harvested
  • manufactured in world-class facilities
  • comes with unmatched unique and powerful formulations

As I am writing this Skinny Body Care review, these are the products that the company currently promotes.

P4 Protein Shake

  • 3 Kinds of Protein
  • Probiotics
  • 21 Vitamins and Minerals

Skinny Body Max

  • Maximum Weight Management
  • Antioxidant Power
  • Support Healthy Metabolism

<img alt=’Skinny-Body-Care-Scam-Products-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam’ width=’300′ height=’400′ title=’Skinny-Body-Care-Scam-Products-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam’ data-id=’13053′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Skinny-Body-Care-Scam-Products-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;”>Skinny-Body-Care-Scam-Products-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam


  • Nighttime Weight Management
  • Support Stress Relief
  • Promote Great Sleep


  • Provides Energy
  • Gives Endurance
  • Supplies Electrolytes

Instant Youth

  • Look Younger in Minutes
  • Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles
  • Immediate Results

Skinny Fiber

  • Weight Management
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Support Metabolism


  • Help Improve Skin Imperfections
  • Long Term Results
  • Leave Your Skin Radiant

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Moving on to probably your most awaited part of this review…

How To Make Money with Skinny Body Care

The company presents multiple ways for people to “earn extra income” with SBC.

1.Fast Start Enroller Bonuses

You will earn a 40% commission on the first order of each new Preferred Customer or Distributor you refer.

An additional 10% commission will be given to you for each order every time a customer who is placed on your first level purchase a product.

2.Fast Start Commissions

All Distributors start at 3 levels of commissions for everyone in their organization, and you can earn up to 6 levels of commissions as you advance in rank.

3.Fast Start Coded Infinity Generational Overrides

You can get paid on ALL the people who join your Enroller Tree organization up to infinity. Rankings and Qualifications required.

4.Monthly Enroller Bonuses

Earn a 40% commission on the FIRST order of the customers that you refer with an additional 20% commission every time those customers reorder in the future.

5.Matrix Commissions

You can earn additional monthly income depending on the product orders of the new Preferred Customer or Distributor you enrolled.

6.Matrix Matching Bonuses

You can match a percentage of all of the commissions that everyone in your enroller tree organization earns each and every month, down to 7 levels.

7.Rank Achievement Bonuses

The company will reward you additional cash bonuses up to $300,000 if you maintain a rank for three consecutive months.


If you are itching to join and become a Preferred Customer/Distributor of SBC, I highly suggest that you watch the video below for a more detailed explanation about Skin Body Care’s Compensation Plan

Skin Body Care’s Compensation Plan

What I Like About SBC?

Skinny Body Care has a few outstanding merits worth mentioning.

First, the company has been around for almost 10 years. Now you might wonder, what’s the big deal?

Well, if we base on statistics alone, 90% of all MLM business fails on the first 3 years after its launching.

The fact that SBC has survived this long, this means that these guys actually have some good things going.

Second, Skinny Body Care falls under the Health and Wellness industry which is a huge market. People have been enthusiastic about becoming and staying healthy in the last recent years, and this trend might continue for a very long time.

Becoming a part of a company that is primed to target this gold mine puts you at a significant advantage.

Another thing I like about SBC is that they offer two membership options that mainly cater to their customer’s needs.

  • Preferred Customer – Get discounts every time you purchase SBC products, but you have no earning potential.
  • Distributor – Enjoy product discounts with the ability to earn extra income

The company allows you to choose a particular package on whether you merely wanted to become a product user or do business with them.

My Concerns About Skinny Body Care

SBC is an MLM company

Skinny Body Care is another MLM company. If you become a member of SBC with the sole intention of just using their products and enjoying a lifetime discount, then I have not much of a concern to raise.

However, if you wanted to make money with SBC, then you should be aware that there is a 95% failure rate for distributors in the MLM industry. (More about this in a moment)

Expensive products = Hard to sell = Bad for business

I am personally not a fan when it comes to weight loss and management products, especially if these products are tied up with an MLM company because they tend to be more expensive.

Because other than the fact that most people do not want to splurge money for these kinds of food supplements, there are a lot of cheaper (even free) alternatives anyone can opt to.

Proper diet and exercise will guarantee similar or even better results.

Where’s the Product Research?

Without proper scientific research to back up their claims of having the most life-changing products, it is hard to conclude if any of these products really work unless you put out some significant amount of $$$ yourself.

I tried looking at their website for facts and disclosures if whether each of  Skinny Body Care products is backed by science and progressive research. NADA!

Very High Competition

Although I have mentioned earlier that the wellness and industry is a gold mine for entrepreneurs (huge market), I also must point out that the competition is very high.

Hundreds of other MLM companies out there are promoting similar (even better) products to SBC.

How you stand out from the rest of them seems to fall on your own devices and personal skills, especially since SBC products do not have reliable research and scientific basis.

Heavy Focus On Recruitment

Again, I am glad that SBC made an effort to provide a separate membership option for people who merely want to enjoy discounts from their products.

However, if you wanted to be a distributor for SBC and make money from it, I have another concern regarding the company’s compensation plan.

Although retailing is an option for SBC as you can earn decent commissions from product reorders, it is still undeniable that the HUGE bucks come from you enrolling new Preferred Customers and Distributors into the system.

The compensation plan clearly favors the distributors who recruit and enrolls more people into the company.

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Pros and Cons of Skinny Body Care


  • A veteran MLM company
  • Flexible membership options
  • You can earn money by retailing
  • Health and Wellness is a gold mine for entrepreneurs


  • Expensive products
  • High competition
  • The MLM industry has a very high failure rate
  • Compensation plan favors recruitment
  • No scientific product research presented

How to Join SBC?

<img alt=’How-To-Join-Skinny-Body-Care-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam’ width=’800′ height=’240′ title=’How-To-Join-Skinny-Body-Care-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam’ data-id=’13066′ src=’https://www.barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/How-To-Join-Skinny-Body-Care-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam.jpg’ style=”width: 100%;”>How-To-Join-Skinny-Body-Care-Reviewed-By-Bare-Naked-Scam

There are 3 main product packages to choose from if you want to join SBC.

  • Basic Pack – $59.95
  • Bonus Pack – $119.90
  • Premier Pack – $179.85

Why there is a 95% Failure Rate for Distributors in the MLM Industry

If you are considering a career in the MLM industry and the network marketing business by joining SBC, then these are the facts that you should be aware of why 95% of the distributors fail.

Not Enough Leads

The most common reason why a distributor fails in the MLM industry is by running out of leads and prospects. Yes, you can prospect your friends and family in the first few weeks but what happens after then?

In an MLM business format especially with a compensation plan that heavily focuses on recruitment like that of SBC ’s, having an endless supply of leads is the only way you can earn huge commissions.

I have been there, and this is no mere easy feat. Having an endless source of lead is an almost impossible task for any distributor unless you learn a specific skill set taught by experts in the industry.

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Wrong Mindset

Many people join the MLM industry with the belief that this is where the easy money is. Let me tell you right now, the only way you can succeed as a network marketer is through hard work, patience and acquiring the specific set of skills.

There are no legitimate “get-rich-fast” schemes that exist in MLM. If you are told otherwise, I am sorry to say to you right now, you have been deceived.

Lack of Proper Training and Coaching

Being a network marketer is a career. Sure you can call yourself one after joining a network marketing company (MLM), but becoming an “effective” network marketer (distributor) does not happen overnight.

No, no, no.

Just like any other career, to be an effective distributor for your MLM company (someone who can actually close sales and enroll people), you need to learn and master a specific set of skills.

This is one of the common reasons why the majority of people fails in the MLM industry. Chances are, distributors fail because:

  • They do not invest time and effort in learning and training
  • They do not have a proper coach to guide their way and monitor their progress

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MLM is NOT for Everybody

I am sorry, but unfortunately, this is true.

Network marketing is a career. For you to be effective in this industry, you must be passionate about it.

Before you join and become a distributor for Skinny Body Care, do yourself a favor and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you like selling?
  • Are you comfortable talking to people to present your business?
  • How much are you willing to sacrifice to “master” the first two things above?
  • Can you see yourself doing this for the years to come?

Clearly identifying your answers to these questions will save you time, money and other valuable resources.

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Skinny Body Care – Scam or Legit?

I can say with confidence that Skinny Body Care is a legit MLM company.

And although I raised a few concerns about the company’s products and compensation plan, the fact alone that SBC managed to survive 9 years in this industry is a solid proof of this company’s legitimacy.

However, if there is a Skinny Body Care scam going on that you have known about, please leave a comment below with proofs so we can bring it to light.

My Sincere Advice To You

If you are serious about becoming a distributor for SBC, then I highly recommend that you improve your odds of success in the MLM industry by mastering the art of selling and recruiting online.

However, if you don’t think you are the right candidate for SBC, but you would still like to learn how to make money online, then I highly recommend that you check out this program.

It is the same program that has taught me and thousands of individuals with no prior knowledge or experience to find success online. Here’s my success story with the program.

Anyway, thank you for reading this Skinny Body Care review, if you find this review informative and helpful, please help to share it.

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Also, if you would like to share your thoughts or opinions on Skinny Body Care, feel free to leave a comment below.

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