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purium-scam-alertName: Purium
Website:  www.puriumcorp.com
Founder: David Sandoval

Income Opportunity rating: 2.5 / 5 Stars

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You must be wondering, after seeing so many success stories, maybe the Purium’s 10 Day Transformation formula is what you need to lose weight and cleanse your body.

And, at the same time, if the formula works, you can make a living promoting Purium’s products, but you are worried that it is a scam.

There are many reviews on the products of Purium. Many have claimed that Purium is a scam, but some called it a Godsend.

Who is right, and who is wrong?

You’ve come to the right place because I am going to share with you everything you need to make an informed decision.

One thing for sure, the Purium products do not work for everyone, you have to try it yourself to determine the effects.

Also, even if the product works for you, it doesn’t mean that you will make a success with the business opportunity.

Let’s dive deeper…

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What is Purium?

Purium, a MultiLevel Marketing (MLM) Company, was founded in 2004 by David Sandoval, a wellness expert, who has written a book called “The Green Foods Bible“.

Purium is founded on the basis of nutrient extracted from plants. You can understand the Food Philosophy of David Sandoval here.

There are 3 simple Purium packages you can choose from, the Daily Core 3, 10-Day Transformation and the 10-Day Athlete Plan.


Some of the individual products in the packages are identical, like the “Gluten-Free Power Shake” and the “Apothe Cherry Concentrate”, but each product package serves a different purpose.

The Daily Core 3, which retails at $217.54, is meant for busy people who wants to have proper nutrition.

The 10-Day Transformation, which retails at $290, is meant for people who wants to lose weight, break food addictions, cleanse their bodies, and reset their metabolism.

And, the 10-Day Athlete Plan, which retails at $290, is meant for athletes who want to cleanse their systems without losing energy or muscle mass.

I took notice that these packages only last for 10 days if you follow the meal plan strictly.

In my opinion, it is a high price to pay for products that last for only 10 days, don’t you think?

But, if the products really work, will you be willing to pay the premium for them? I bet you would, right?

One common issue faced by most Purium customers is the discipline to follow through the 10 day meal plan. Some have complained about the taste of the shake, and some complains about having headaches on the second day of the plan.

It is those who follow through the plan, regardless of the dislikes of the products, that may see positive results to their body.

So, are you up for the challenge?

Can you succeed with Purium?

If you don’t believe that the products work for you, there is basically no point of you promoting it.

So the first step towards any success with Purium is to try the products earnestly.

If the Purium products work for you, then it will make sense for you to promote them.

However, succeeding in the business of Purium is very challenging, and that is why almost 95% of its Affiliates fail.


Referring to the Purium’s income disclosure above, we can see that 93.981% of active affiliates from the rank of Associate to Director, do not make a substantial income (based on the Average).

Why does more than 93% of the Purium’s Affiliates Fail?

There are many reasons for Affiliates to fail, and I’ll cover the main ones in this review.

1. Having the Wong Mindset and Lack of Discipline

The worst attitude you can have towards your business is to rely on others.

I’ve seen too many Affiliates blaming their sponsors and the company if they didn’t make any money from the program.

After all, the sponsors are the very person who introduces the Affiliates to the business opportunity, right?

To be honest, if you do not take interest in your own business, no one would.

The first step towards success in Purium is to take action to learn and grow as a great salesperson.

That would mean that you have to face a lot of rejection.

You’ll be surprised by the negativity of the people surrounding you, including people whom you love and respect.

So, if you do not have the stomach for rejection, this business opportunity is not for you.

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2. Joining the Wrong Team

Believe it or not, the team that you are joining plays a big part towards your success.

But, the problem with this opportunity is, most of the time, you don’t get to choose your team.

You are most likely introduced to Purium by your friends or family members, and all you can do is to trust the team that your friends or family members join.

But, the team that you join do not put your interest ahead of theirs.

Let me explain.

As you know, the turnover rate of Affiliates is really high in Purium, and it takes a lot of time and attention to groom a great salesperson.

So, it would make sense for team members to focus on finding new affiliates instead of training existing ones, since most of the new affiliates leave anyway.

Only a handful of great leaders will take the time and patience to train new Affiliates.

If you really want to join the Purium business opportunity, my suggestion is to do due diligence on the team that you are joining to determine if you will be able to get support from its leaders whenever you need it.

3. Lack of Leads (Customers)

This is a common problem faced by every struggling business, but what has it gonna do with you as a Purium Affiliate?

Let’s face the fact. If you ever want to succeed in Purium, you need to continuously recruit new Affiliates to the business opportunity.

You can’t rely solely on the commission from product sales to sustain your business.

You’ll understand more when you study the Purium’s compensation plan below.

With that said, most teams in Purium will recommend their new affiliates to write a list of prospects within their social circle whom they think will be interested to try Purium products.

Then, contact the list to arrange for an appointment.

The problem with this approach is that out of a 100 prospect, maybe only 20 of them will be interested in what you have to offer, and out of the 20 people, maybe 10 of them will actually buy a product from Purium.

If you are lucky enough, 1 or 2 will join Purium as an affiliate.

What if your list of prospects is limited to only 100 people? What happens after you have contacted all of them?

Do you keep banging on the hope of those 20 people who didn’t try the products, or do you start canvassing on the streets?

Some teams have found a solution to this issue, which is to advertise on Facebook and other social media channels.

I’m sure you’ve most likely seen one or two of these kind of advertisement on Facebook.

Unfortunately, most of those advertisements do not work, you spend more than you earn.

Any Network marketers who want to venture into the online space to get more customers should learn the basics of Internet Marketing.

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Purium’s Compensation Plan

The video sounds enticing and it does look like earning commission from Purium is easy.

But, as I’ve said above, it is really hard for someone who has a small social network to succeed, and that is why more than 93% of the Purium affiliates fail.

If you think you have what it takes to be successful with Purium, go for it. Purium is a legitimate company and it does pay its affiliates well if they managed to reach the top ranks.

My Sincere Advice to You

Before you join Purium as an affiliate, it is advisable to test the products to determine if it works for you.

You can’t expect to convince others if you are not convinced yourself, right?

To be successful in Purium, you have to face adversity every single day. If you are not those who can stomach lots of rejection, this business opportunity is not for you.

However, if you think you have what it takes to be successful with Purium, then go for it! It is a legitimate company which provides a good opportunity.

What if the Purium business opportunity is not for you? What then?

Well, I’ve been in the online business space for quite a while now, and I know every type of online business there is.

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This is the place that has taught thousands of individuals to make a living online, and I hope you can benefit from it as well.

Thank you for your time for reading this review.

If you have anything you would like to share about Purium, please, feel free to leave a comment on the comment section below.

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Your pal,


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