Is Profit.ly a Scam?

So you want to make money from trading, but you do not know how to start, or maybe you are just like me, who’ve lost money on the stock market, but am still eager to profit from trading.

Have you heard? 90% of the traders lose money, and I am sure you do not want to become one of them.

Losing your hard earned money is never a good experience, I’ve lost thousands of dollars before in one trade, so I know how that feels. But, if you are not taking any risk, you can never make any money from trading.

When I lost that much money in one trade, I can honestly say that I was gambling, the risk in that trade was extremely high and I didn’t know what I was doing.

I was silly, really silly! I was the 90% of the traders.

Profitly-Tim-sykesThen I realize, after losing that trade, that I need a structured approach to learn trading. Friends, this is called risk minimization and taking measured risks, the smart way of trading.

I started to look online searching for courses and strategies and that is when I found Profit.ly and Timothy Sykes.

Tim Sykes is well known for growing his initial $12,000 to over $4.2 Million trading penny stocks, and he has been featured on ABC, CNN, CBS, CNBC, Fox Business Network, Reuters, Business Week and many more.

Penny stocks? Isn’t that what made Jordan Belfort of “Wolf of Wall Street” his illegal wealth? Lol!

Don’t worry! Tim Sykes made his million the legitimate way.

Learn from Tim Sykes Here!

Tim Sykes – The Millionaire Trading Mentor

More than just growing his million dollar portfolio legally, he is passionate about teaching other people his method of trading. It is important that if you ever want to be successful in anything, you need to have a great mentor. A mentor who knows his stuff and one who knows how to groom you to become a success.

Tim Sykes is the mentor who has groomed many traders to be a millionaire like him, and Tim Grittani, is one of them who have made a million dollars in a short span of 3 years following the teachings of Tim Sykes. Both the Tims have appeared on News channels several times.

Join Tim Sykes’ Trading Course Here! 

If you have lost money on the stock exchange before, don’t worry, this all is about to change. Hundreds of traders all around the world have gotten the help from Tim Sykes, whether directly or indirectly, and have been profiting consistently from trading, even when the market is going down.

Well, Tim Sykes is just a normal person, like you and me, but he has made remarkable achievements in the trading arena. The thing I like about Tim Sykes is that he is very transparent. No one in the trading industry dares to share their losing trades, but Tim Sykes has no problems with that.

He has a solid track record and he is willing to share all his trades (winning or losing), because he is confident that he will be making more winning trades than losing.

What is Profit.ly?

Profit.ly is founded by Tim Sykes, and he together with his several fellow traders share their knowledge and experience through Profit.ly. The best part is, you get to see Tim Sykes trade live!

You, as a subscriber, will reap the following benefits:

  • Daily Chatroom Access
  • Daily 5-10 Stock Watchlist
  • Realtime SMS, Email, and Push Alerts
  • Realtime ProfiDing Trade Alerts
  • iPhone & Android App
  • 3,500+ Video Lesson Library
  • Weekly Video Lessons

As a novice in the trading industry, how would you know which stocks to pick, and where do you even get started? With the Realtime alerts and the daily Watchlist, most of the work is already done for you.

All you need is the knowledge and experience to read the stock charts and to profit from it.

Take the time to go through the video lessons, gain the knowledge, and you will see results from thereon.

Join Profit.ly now! 

The Profit.ly Community

More than just a classroom, you can actually communicate with other Profit.ly community members. You can even follow the trades of other successful traders.


If you are new to trading or you did not have any success in trading, learning from other successful traders is the key to your success. You need to surround yourself with people who are more successful than you and you need to learn from them.

Most importantly, Profit.ly allows you to send private messages to other community members so that you can privately learn from them as well.

So Is Profit.ly a Scam?

Though there is hype about the program, but it is absolutely not a scam!

People who call Profit.ly a scam are those that make loses from trading. Well, you have to understand that there is some risk involved when trading. Nothing is guaranteed.

You can never find one trader who makes 100% winning trades, no one can ever predict the future. Even Tim Sykes declared that he has only 70+% winning trades.

His trick is to minimize the losses and to maximize profits. Meaning, when you lose a trade, you lose a little, but when you make a winning trade, you gain much more than what you lost. That is how you protect and grow your capital.

Now, I can’t guarantee that you will make money immediately after getting the help of Profit.ly and Tim Sykes, but I can guarantee that you will become a better trader than you are today.

My Sincere Advice to You

There is risk when it comes to trading, and not everyone is cut out to be a trader. A trader needs to keep calm even if their trade is in the red zone.

If you feel that trading is not for you, you may want to consider starting an online business instead.

However, if you are ready to be a successful trader, I would highly recommend that you give Profit.ly a try. If you are dead serious about learning how to trade directly from the master himself, you sign up for Tim’s Challenge here.

Who knows, maybe you will be the next millionaire trader?

Feel free to share your views with me by leaving a comment below. If you want your friends and family to be a successful trader like you, share this article with them by clicking on the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus).

Your pal,


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