Princess House Review – Could you Earn a Living with this Opportunity?

So you’ve been to a Princess House Party and you were impressed by its products.

The Party Host was really convincing, and it sounds as tough earning money from this business opportunity is really possible.

Congratulations for doing your research because in this Princess House Review, you are going to learn stuff that no other consultant will share.

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Before we get into the company details, which you may already know, let us understand the true meaning of joining this business opportunity.

How I Fired My Boss and Still Earn a Full-Time Income. Here’s How You Can Too!

Princess House Review: This Business Opportunity is NOT for Everyone

Do you know that more than 95% of the people who joins a business like Princess House fails?

It is not because Princess House is a scam, but it is because the opportunity isn’t suitable for everyone.

Here are some of the characteristics that you need to possess or you need to develop over time, if you ever want to be successful in the Princess House business.

  • Self-motivated
  • Upbeat
  • Passionate about the Princess House Products and Opportunity
  • Accountable to your customers
  • Ablity to empathize with your customers

These are some of the characteristics of a great salesperson. And yes, if you join this business, you are in sales.

More than just the personal characteristics, there are many external factors that cause someone to fail in the business:

Lack of Qualified Leads

You can probably start with prospecting your family members. Your mum, your sister, or your cousins who cooks at home.

Then, you can reach out to your female friends to set up a home party where they will invite all their extended friends to watch your demo.

However, there’s really going to be a limit to the number of people you can reach out to.

There’s where all the problem starts…

After all, the transaction between the customers and the Princess House is only one-time.

Most customers spend a few hundred dollars buying the products just once. You’ll be lucky if you ever get a recurring sale.

Which means that you have to constantly meet with new prospects every single month.

Find an endless stream Qualified Leads. Find out more here!

The Product is not Unique

As you know, Princess House sells common kitchen cookwares.

There’s really no unique selling point of the products.

If you think a non-stick frying pan is a good selling point, then there are hundreds of non-stick frying pans out there on the market.

There’s nothing unique about the products that will get people to buy over and over again.

Which makes your life as a Princess House consultant more difficult.

Lack of Support and Guidance

This is one of the most common problems in this business.

Because the success rate in the business is very low, you can hardly find any successful leaders who can teach you the craft.

More likely than not, the person who sponsored you into the business is someone who is in the trenches with you.

You can hardly learn anything from that person, and you’d rely heavily on the person above your sponsor.

But, that person may not be qualified as a coach because she have not achieved success herself.

To put it simply, it is basically the blind leading the blind.

So, if you ever want to find great support and guidance from people who are qualified, I recommend that you check out this coaching program.

The Problem with the Princess House Business Model

As the customer support of the company relies heavily on the consultants, the quality of the support may vary.

Most customers complaints that they didn’t receive the support from the person who sold them the products.

And, when the products are broken, or worn out after a few weeks of purchase, they couldn’t get a replacement because the consultants become uncontactable or unwilling to help.

The reason for this to happen is very simple.

There’s just no incentive for customer support. Consultants get paid when they sell a product, not when they help out with the customer support.

For this very simple reason, relationships gets tarnished.

You can see some of the customer complains below.

Princess House Cookware Review – Not What You’d Expect from a Premium Cookware seller

Being a premium cookware seller, you’d thought that the products are of high quality, and the customer support will be helpful.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case with Princess House.

There have been quite a few complaints about the quality of the products.

And, many people feel that the products are extremely overpriced.

<img alt=”Princess House Review – Products” width=’600′ height=’328′ title=”Princess House Review – Products” data-id=’9058′ src=’//barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Princess-House-Review-Products.png’ style=”width: 100%;”>Princess House Review - Is this a scam

The lifetime warranty that the customers were promise doesn’t seem to exist.

Consultants became uncontactable or rude when it comes to customer support.

However, despite the shortcomings, some people still feel that the products are of great quality.

Here are some of the reviews from the Princess House customers:

Negative Reviews

<imgsrc=’https://barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Princess-House-Cookware-Review.png’ alt=”Princess House Cookware Review” width=’788′ height=’1696’>Princess House Cookware Review

Source: www.consumeraffairs.com

Positive Reviews

<imgsrc=’https://barenakedscam.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Princess-House-Cookware-Review-Positive.png’ alt=”Princess House Cookware Review – Positive” width=’806′ height=’464’>Princess House Cookware Review - Positive

Source: www.bbb.org

How I Fired My Boss and Still Earn a Full-Time Income. Here’s How You Can Too!

Princess House Compensation Plan – How Much Can You Earn?

Direct Sales

These home parties can be highly effective, and it can be possible to earn as much as 500 dollars per month by hosting as few as four of these events per month.

At the same time, your success in the home parties depends very much on your ability to convince your audience to buy the products.

As a Princess House consultant, you will also have the opportunity to receive hostess bonuses.

If you sell 350 dollars worth of products, you will receive 85 dollars in free credits.

It is possible to receive as much as 290 dollars in free credits if you make 1,000 dollars worth of sales. In addition, you can receive hostess products and specials for free after the event.

Your base commission rate is at 25%, but it will increase to 30% if you sell products worth between $1,250 to $1,999, and it will increase to 35% if you sell products worth more than $1,999.

Your commission rate will reset every month back to the base rate.

So, if you want to earn more of that month, then sell more.

Building a Team of Consultants

Princess-house-mlmIn addition, it is possible to get promoted and earn more than you would as a consultant. These are the higher tiers that you can be promoted to:

  • Advanced Consultant: Advanced consultants must have a single “active leg”.An “active leg” is an individual that a consultant brought to the company and is actively maintaining a personal retail volume of 200 dollars or more. In addition, advanced consultants must maintain a personal retail volume of at least 200 dollars.
  • Senior Consultant: Senior consultants have at least 2 “active legs”, and they must maintain a personal retail volume of at least 300 dollars.
  • Lead Consultant: Lead consultants have at least 2 “active legs”, and they must maintain a personal retail volume of 400 dollars. Their team must maintain an active retail volume of 1,500 dollars.
  • Senior Lead Consultant: Senior Lead Consultants must have at least 3 “active legs”, and one of them must be an advanced consultant. They must have an active retail volume of 500 dollars, and their team must maintain a retail volume of 3,000 dollars.
  • Primier Consultant: As a premier consultant, you are considered a manager rather than a consultant. In order to become a premier consultant, it is necessary to have four “active legs”. Two of these individuals must be senior consultants. Premier consultants must maintain an active retail volume of 600 dollars, and their team must maintain a retail volume of 5,000 dollars.
  • Team Manager: Team manager is the highest position that you can achieve with the company, and it is necessary to have 5 “active legs”. Two of these “active legs” must be lead consultants, and team managers must maintain an active retail volume of 700 dollars. Their team must maintain an active retail volume of 8,000 dollars.

What is Princess House? – In Case You Don’t Know

Princess House was founded by Charles Wilson Collins, and he started the company in Taunton, Massachusetts.

The company has been around for decades, and it was founded in 1963.

While it started out as a small company, Princess House gradually expanded over time.

Currently, the company is owned by Luz Gonzalez, and she has created one, five and ten-year plans for the company to help Princess House grow.

Princess House produces high quality kitchen goods, and it targets housewives to join their business opportunity so that they can supplement their household income.

The company’s mission is to empower housewives to not only to become financially independent, but to also help their husbands retire from the workforce.

It offers an opportunity for you to start a thriving business, but they also make it possible for you to save a lot of money on your favorite brands!

Connie Tang is the current CEO of Princess House, and she feels that it is important that consultants are able to work with the company, no matter the age, and from all walks of life.

She has been the CEO of the company since 2012, and she is the first woman to be the CEO of Princess House.

The Princess House Products

  • Glasses: Princess House offers many shapes and sizes of glasses. They offer mugs that are perfect for coffee or tea, and they offer high cooler glasses that are perfect for larger beverages.
  • Baking Pans: The company offers many types of baking pans, including porcelain pans. Some of them are made out of non-stick materials.
  • Frying Pans: Princess House offers quite a few types of frying pans, and some of them are non-stick.
  • Shredders: Shredders from Princess House are perfect for making hash browns, shredded cheese, homemade pasta, and shredded vegetables.
  • Racks: Racks from Princess House are great for storing pots, frying pans, and all your other kitchenware.
  • Slicers: Princess House slicers are perfect for slicing meats, vegetables, fruits, and onions.
  • Strainers: Princess House offers many sizes of strainers, and they’re perfect for washing fruits and vegetables.
  • Steaming Racks: Princess House’s steaming racks are great for steaming vegetables, fish, poultry, and fruits.
  • Cake Stands: Princess House offers many sizes of cake stands.
  • Jars: Jars from Princess House are designed to keep foods fresh for a long period of time. They range in size from 1.5 to 3 quarts.
  • Cutlery: Princess House offers forks, plates, spoons, and knives.
  • Juicers: Juicers allow you to extract juices from just about any fruit or vegetable, and Princess House offer a variety of juicers that you can choose from.
  • Specialty Foods: Princess House offers a spice blend that can help you improve chicken recipes, and they also offer grape seed oil that can be used in a variety of recipes.

Their limited customer specials give you the opportunity to receive substantial discounts. Furthermore, Princess House offers recipes on their website. If you are interested in them, you can check out this link.

Princess House Review: My 2 Cents on the Princess House Opportunity

If you are on the fence with the Princess House Business opportunity, I highly recommend that you understand what you are getting into by reading the first section of this review.

However, if you are already a Princess House consultant, and you wanted to know if there are any ways to find an endless stream of qualified prospects, then I recommend that you check out this coaching program.

But, what if this business opportunity is not suitable for you?

As you know, to be successful in this business opportunity, you need to be a great salesperson, and not everyone is cut out to be great in sales.

So, if the Princess House is not a suitable business for you, I’d recommend that you check out this program instead.

This is the program that allowed me to fire my boss and work full-time from home. And, it does not require you to sell or to find prospects.

The best thing is, you do not need any prior knowledge or experience to get started.

Thank you so much for reading this review!

I hope I’ve provided you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you’d like to discuss more about the Princess House.

And, if you found this review helpful, please share it! It may help others who are looking for this information.

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