Is Nu Skin a Scam? – The Truth Revealed!!!

nu-skin-mainName:  Nu Skin
Website:  www.nuskin.com
Price: Free to Join; Expensive Products

Income Opportunity rating: 2.5 / 5 Stars

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When you look into a business opportunity like Nu Skin, a Multilevel Marketing Company (MLM), you have to ask yourself if you are truly interested and passionate about its products, that you are willing to sacrifice your time and energy to promote them.

Have the Nu Skin products truly made a change to your life? Have they made you look and feel younger? These are the questions, if answered positively, separates a successful Nu Skin distributor from failure.

I’m pretty sure you are brought into a meeting, a presentation or a 3 way call from a friend or a family member, and you curious about whether or not Nu Skin is a true income generating business. Kudos to you for doing your homework.

As easy as it may seem, promoting Nu Skin products and its business opportunity can be lucrative, as you can see from the presentations, but nothing can be far from the truth that more than 90% of the its distributors fail in the business.

Believe it or not, nobody in Nu Skin will disclose the failure rate to you, and which is the reason I created this website, to share everything you need to know so that you can make an informed decision.

Let’s dive right in…

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Is Nu Skin a Fountain of Youth?

There are many people who claimed that Nu Skin is a scam, and yet there are many that worshiped its products?

nu-skin-fountain-of-youthThe CEO of Nu Skin, Mr. Truman Hunt, even claimed that Nu Skin is the Fountain of Youth.

Who is speaking the truth and who can you trust?

If you must ask, I would say…

Trust yourself and nobody else. Period.

Honestly, like I’ve mentioned earlier in this review, in order to be successful in this business opportunity, its products must work for you first.

There is just no point of promoting a product that you may or may not trust. You need to believe that the product works for you, before you can share your opinion earnestly.

So, I urge you that, if you want to join the Nu Skin business opportunity, buy and try its product before anything else.

What I want to stress is that you shouldn’t be strong-armed by your peers into joining the business, because many times I’ve seen relationships fallout in this kind of situation.

You would have thought that joining the business opportunity will bring you closer to the person who introduces you to the business opportunity, but often than not, when the business relationship fail, so does the personal relationship.

Is Nu Skin a Pyramid Scheme?

If you just do a good old Google search, you would have found that Nu Skin was accused of being a pyramid scheme in China.

If you do not know what a pyramid scheme is, you can check out this video:

So, is it true that Nu Skin is a Pyramid Scheme?

Well, this question is subjective…

It really depends on how a new distributor is being introduced into the company.

A legitimate MLM company, usually has its distributors as true customers. Its distributors are the ones who tried and tested its products and consumes them for a long period of time, because it works for them.

If an MLM company is focused on the quality and its usability of its products, I do not see a reason that they are called a pyramid scheme.

However, if a new distributor is introduced into the company as a “Business Opportunity” right at the beginning, instead of focusing on the usefulness of the product, it can be seen as a pyramid scheme.

As the company grows larger, it gets tougher for its management to manage what other distributors are doing, and henceforth Nu Skin was fined $540,000 in China for its accusation of being a pyramid scheme.

Personally, I do not think that the company is running a pyramid scheme, it is just that its distributors are not thought to run their businesses properly.

Why do more 90% of its distributors fail in the business?

I can guarantee that Nu Skin is not a scam nor it is a pyramid scheme, because, if it is a scam, it could have been shut down a very long time ago.

But, I can’t guarantee that if you join the business, you will make lots of money, like some claimed. Bear in mind that some people who joins the business did not even make a dime from the company.

Let us look at the income disclosure of Nu Skin (the pdf of the income statement can be found here):


Referring to the column “Average Percentage of Active Distributor”, you can see that only 18.62% (totalling up the percentages in that column) of the distributors in the company made a commission check. This means that 81.38% of its distributors did not make any money.

nu-skin-gold-executiveAnd, out of the 18.62% of the distributors who made money from the company, 16.73% (Rank of active distributor to Gold Executive) of its distributors did not make a sustainable income.

Which means 98.11% of the people who joined Nu Skin, are not able to depend on the commission paycheck from the company for their living expense.

Only 1.89% of Nu Skin’s distributors are successful.

Why is this the case?

You see, it is not easy to be successful. Not in the MLM industry, and obviously not in any kind of businesses.

To be successful in any kind of business, you need to first have a strong mind, the will power, and the hunger for success. The first step of success comes from within. Unfortunately, in the case of Nu Skin, many people were not conditioned for success.

Secondly, the success of a distributor will depend very much on the education and knowledge that are passed down by their sponsors or uplines. I often see the lack of guidance provided by the sponsors to their new distributors.

Most of the cases, the sponsors themselves are not well equipped with the necessary marketing and sales knowledge that will propel themselves to success, and henceforth, there is a huge chain of wanderers coming to the business without knowing what to do.

So, if you are sure you want to be in the Nu Skin business, you need to have the above qualities that I’ve mentioned, and the right guidance in order to succeed.

The choice is yours to make…

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My personal experience with a Nu Skin Distributor

I personally have the first hand experience with Nu Skin, and it is through my long lost friend who have contacted me out of the blue.

I have not seen my friend since 2008, and out of the sudden, I got a call from him, and he wanted to catch up with me, so we fixed a meeting one week after the call.

To my surprise, when I was at the meeting, my long lost friend has brought another person whom he claimed as a friend, but turns out to be his sponsor. They started doing their mojo on me.

As annoyed as I was with my friend, who had taken our relationship for granted, I stayed through the process.

Well, being a scam buster, I’m obviously curious as to what they have to say about Nu Skin. I was fairly familiar with the company.

As I’ve expected, their focus is on the business opportunity rather than promoting the benefits of the products.

They briefly shared some information on the products with me, and thought that because I was an ambitious person, I will be interested in making money with their opportunity. “Opportunity comes knocking on your door only once”, they claimed.

So, I shook their hands and I told them that I will think about it, but they tried to force a follow up meeting, which I eloquently turned down.

After that day, my friend kept calling me to fix a follow up meeting, and I got annoyed after the 3 call.

You see, you have to be prepared to face this kind of rejection from your friends, and most often, relationships get destroyed.

Alright, let’s Here’s what you need to know about the business opportunity:

My Sincere Advice to You

If you are constantly using Nu Skin’s products as they have changed your life, it just makes economic sense to promote the products because you are the living proof that Nu Skin works, and you can make money from it at the same time.

But, if you are only getting into Nu Skin just because you are looking for a way out from the rat race, then Nu Skin is not for you.

As I’ve already mentioned, more than 90% of its distributors fail in the business. So if you are not passionate about the Nu Skin products, the chances of you succeeding is close to 0%.

If the Nu Skin opportunity is not for you then what is?

I happen to know thousands of successful home-based businesses that are built based on its owner’s passion, and they have been guided by this program to help find their passion and build a business upon it.

I believe this program can help you find your path to success like it did for many people. I always believe that passion drives success, and I wish that you will find yours soon.

Thank you so much for your time, and please feel free to leave a comment below to share your thoughts and opinion.

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Your pal,



  1. A friend of mine is selling this product and I asked how much for the toothpaste. When I heard the answer, I thought it was a ridiculous price, but as a friend, I bought a tube. I see now that if I really wanted it, I could get it cheaper on Amazon. I just came here to see whether it had any bad reviews as an MLM. Thanks for the info!

  2. I just started in june 2018. It seemed okay at first. But then all of a sudden there is a new way to make more money. You as the distributor sign up your spouse under yourself as a distributor then buy all your products through your spouse. Bang you make more money. Its a scheme. Sign up more people under you and they have people ordering and you make more money. Its clearly a pyramid scheme. I do all my marketing on facebook. All the products are cheaper to purchase for you as the distributor then you make money back. I have made 200. You have to get people to sign up below you or you will not make any money. It works did this and it didnt work

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with Nu Skin Marisa!

      Did your upline or sponsors tell you that you need to recruit in order to make money? Is there no way that you can make money selling products to people who are unaffiliated with Nu Skin?

      ~Jacl (BareNakedScam)

  3. It matches largely my experience. I met a ‘cute’ Asian woman online who was looking for ‘friends’ and she seemed quite into me. She was so friendly and considerate, I thought I hit the jackpot. At our first meeting, she slowly eased into money, work, business, and then some personal health talk. At first it looks all so spontaneous and easygoing. Every time we met was like a level deeper into the rabbit hole and little by little her manipulative scheme became more and more clear to me. She made us feel like it was this open secret golden opportunity and we’re the only ones smart enough to get it and the rest of the world are just dumb, but not us two who are gonna get rich. How this is the future and all the P&G and Johnson&Johnson are gonna be out of business. Of course she was not at all looking for friends but customers. How sad she honestly didn’t know the difference. My point to her has always been that I’m not a sales-person and I’m not at all interested in those products. My background was clearly very different than that but it didn’t seem to register in her brain. She was quite sly and shameless and when I eventually pulled out she was rather rude, claiming how bad a decision I made and how I think I’m going to get my 6 figure income, and more delusional stuff like that. It’s not a job or business, it’s a completely different reality that you step into, and personally I’d never want to be part of anything like it. BTW, 5 years later I did earn my 6 figure paycheck by doing exactly what I do best, by following my own passion.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

      I am sure the people looking at this review will find your comment helpful.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  4. Carminn Terry says:

    I’m a Nuskin Distributor in Australia, id like to say the points you’ve made aren’t exactly a big secret? I’ve been using Nuskin products for over 20years.
    When i first signed up in Brisbane, the upline team were fantastic, friendly and informative. There were regular meetings regarding both the business and products. I moved to Perth and sourced out Nuskin once again, as i had lost contact due to life and missed the products.
    Again the uplink team members were very helpful and always available if i needed them.
    There was always product trainings on, business training’s and seminars, also Nuskin weekend camps! They are great!
    Personally i’d never promote any business i didn’t believe in and question those who do!
    As you said passion, if you don’t try Nuskin’s products and don’t find passion for it, then you need to find it with something else.
    The products ARE what sell this business, once your sold on them if you want to make it work on a larger scale you just need to promote it honestly.
    Thanks Guys 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with the company Carminn!

      I am sure that whoever is reading this will find it helpful.

      But again, because the training and support for Nu Skin is decentralized, many people may not have the same experience as you.

      I truly hope that aspiring NU Skin distributors will find a team like yours.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  5. There is so much deliberate misleading and false information distributors claim about the products and compensation plan on Facebook. They will say anything to get people signed up or buy a product.

    Most of their facts or false or wrong. They will even share each other’s posts, making it as their own and you will see the same comment made by different distributors and half of them don’t even check their facts or even know what they are saying?

    They all pretend to be customers of each other, leaving feedback on each other’s Facebook posts, whether their posts are true or not. Brainwashing you to think they have lots of happy customers buying their products and making amazing amount of money. They even encourage each other to say things like this. The idea is to give you, the customer, the illusion they are selling hundreds of products, making thousands of pounds, when they are not.

    Some will use bulling and scare mongering tactics making you believe you are worthless in your current job and they are the only company that can give you financial freedom. Advertising job positions that are not even there.

    Not only that Nuskin products are tested on animals. Nuskin claim they don’t they test on animals, but they have no official certification to support this statement. They have been sussed out by PETA’s and on their list of companies who ‘test on animals’. I’m not sure how many distributers even realise this.

  6. Agnes Dupeire says:

    Thank you Jack. I was looking for peoples’ personal experience of becoming a distributor of nuskin products. I have personally used the products and in my nursing career, I would never give a presentation about something I wasn’t passionate about. Can you advise me on the kind of questions I should ask the girl that has introducing me to this so that I can see if she will be a good mentor?



    1. Hello Agnes,

      Ask her how she intend to help you succeed
      Ask her to introduce you to the team
      Speak to other team members who newly join
      Challenge her on her product knowledge
      Ask her how she get a constant flow of prospects

      Hope this will help, but you can be creative with your questions as well.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  7. Well that was pure straightforward good opinion.

    My husband wants to go into NuSkin as a retirement cushion, I say not.

    He has been relentlessly urged by the Sponsor and a Distributor. I think I have an idea now what to do .

    Thank you

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