Is Javita Coffee a Scam? – The Answer is No, But…

Name:  Javita Coffee
Website: www.javita.com
Price: $49 + $14.95/yr + optional product packs
Founder: Stan Cherelstein & David Feinstein

Bare Naked Scam rating: 3 Thumbs Down


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It is exciting and intriguing to join a company that distributes “Weight Loss” Coffee.

Millions of people drink coffee everyday, me included, and for a lazy person like me who hates exercising, this is simply the perfect product for me.

javita-coffee-costDo you think that the coffee will sell for itself, and it is really easy to be successful with Javita Coffee. That’s what I thought!

But, if you have that mindset, shake it off now, literally, I’m not joking!

Because, you will most likely fail in the business.

There are many people who sung only praises for the coffee, but there are many people who felt otherwise.

There is no medical proof that the coffee can assist with weight loss, and there is no proof that pro-long drinking of the coffee will have an adverse effect on the body.

So, who can you trust?

My only theory is that the Javita Coffee may work for some people, but not for everyone.

You may have to try it to know if it works for you.

Generally speaking, the Javita Company is not a scam.

It has a legitimate Multilevel Marketing (MLM) company which distributes its Weight Loss Coffee, and provides a viable business opportunities to its distributors.

Many have associated this company as a pyramid scheme, but it is not.

If you are not sure what exactly is a pyramid scheme, you can check it out here:

I am sure many of the Javita distributors would tell you that its coffee will sell for itself.

Who doesn’t want to lose weight by drinking something that they drink everyday right?

Well, that is really a very nice idea, but when it drills down to the real work (i.e. To recruit people into the business, to promote the Javita’s products, to retain customers), success might seem far away.

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Why Most Javita Distributors Fail?

1. The Mentality

Even with the best training, the best products and the best support, Javita distributors are still struggling to make ends meet.

Success with Javita really depends on the type of training, leadership, and your mentality when you join the business. I’ve seen many people joining the business with a dependent attitude.

What I mean is because they think that the product sells for itself, and their sponsor (person who introduced them to the business) will do the talking and selling for them, they simply want to take the business for a ride.

Those are the first group of people who will leave the business within 3 months or earlier. If you have that mentality, this business is not for you.

To be successful with the Javita business, one has to be hard working and diligent.

You have to go through lots of training, meet with lots of people, and face a ton of rejections.

It is not an easy task.

As you know, accepting rejection in general is hard enough, but being rejection by your friends and family is soul-crushing.

2. Promoting the Dream is not an Easy Task

Let’s face it. To be successful with the business, it is not about promoting the Javita’s products, it is about promoting its business opportunity.

I’ll share the Business Opportunity with you below.

If you are solely promoting the coffee itself, it will take you ages to earn a sustainable income.

A sustainable income starts with the compensation plan, you have to promote the dream, the business opportunity, to prospective distributors.

Have you ever tried approaching someone whom you know, and telling them you have an awesome business idea that you wish they are a part of? What was their reaction? If you don’t know, let me share with you.

You will see their eyebrows raised and they give you a skeptical vibe.

I’ve been there and it was not a pleasant feeling, especially when you are getting that kind of reaction from someone whom you know.

Being in the Javita business, you have to be “thick-skinned” when approaching people.

You have to learn how to convince people and look pass the negative vibe that you are receiving.

3. Not Enough Prospects

Unless you have an abundant list of people whom you can call to fix an appointment, you will most likely fail in this business.

javita-coffee-failureThis is the most common problem distributors face in Javita.

When you are first introduced to Javita, you are most likely asked to write down a list of people whom you think will be interested in the Javita business.

You will have to give those people a call to fix an appointment.

The problem is, when you run out of people to call from your list, what will happen then.

Your business will come to stand still, and you wouldn’t know how to progress other than canvassing on the streets or hosting house parties.

Let me share with you the statistic of people who will join Javita as a distributor.

Out of the 100 people you call for an appointment, 20 to 30 people may be interested in the Javita product, 3 of them will be interested to be a distributor, but only 1 of them will join the business.

So, how many people you need to meet in order to create a sustainable business?

That is why I prefer to be in the online business where I do not need to worry about not having enough prospects, and here is how you can start.

4. Hard to Retain Customers/Distributors

A normal cup of instant coffee cost less than a dollar, but a cup of Javita Coffee cost a lot more.

As I’ve mentioned above, Javita Coffee does not work for everyone.

As soon as someone feels that Javita Coffee does not work, they will stop buying it.

Most people will not drink Javita Coffee for its taste, they drink it because of the weight loss element.

If that element doesn’t work, there is no point drinking it at all.

The Javita Compensation Plan – The Business Opportunity

You can check out the details of each plan here.

Well, the compensation plan is attractive, though not the best, people do make money from it. The ones that profit most from the compensation plan are those people in the top 1% distributors.

Most Javita’s distributors struggle to make a sustainable income.

My Sincere Advice to You

Javita is a legitimate business, and if you still want to join the business after considering the factors that I have shared with you above, then go for it.

I wish you all the best, and I hope that you will succeed.

The Javita business is not for everyone, if you hate prospecting, selling or recruiting, then this opportunity is not for you.

I would suggest that you check out this business opportunity instead.

I’ve tried and tested a ton of business opportunities like Javita, but I’ve never made any progress with any of them.

It is only when I found this training program that I finally earned my first dollar online.

I hope this article has given you sufficient information to aid your decision.

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Your pal,



  1. David Currie says:

    People who drink coffee and also in helping other people won’t have problem with this caring and sharing business, its not about you or me its about us. Because us can do a lot better than you or me. This company has a close family of people willing to support and assist with your information highway leading to a successful you.
    So first, learn about yourself, who you are, not what you can do, but knowing what you want to do, and what you have to do to get it.
    Tools needed, love coffee, love people, and wanting to help those people, whatever it takes, because you can have anything if you really, really want it……..ANYTHING!!!

  2. MLMs may be ‘legal’ but they are pyramid schemes. The money is made from sales to distributors within the company, not to actual customers. This is an industry that preys upon people., which by all means do what you want. Just please dont try and sugar coat it.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on MLM. The exact definition to a pyramid scheme is the focus on the business opportunity promotion and not on the product. I wouldn’t say that all MLM companies are pyramid schemes, but I know that there are a lot of distributors giving MLM companies a bad name. Because they focus on selling the “dream”. They could care less about the products. Just wanted to add my thoughts to your opinion.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

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