Immunotec Review – 7 Critical Facts You Must Know Before Joining

You’re probably here because someone introduced you to Immunotec and told you great things about its “scientifically proven” products, and of its amazing business opportunity where you can “make money by helping other people stay healthy.”

Is that it?

Well, If Immunotec was introduced to you in a similar way as to what I just mentioned above…

Then you need to continue reading this because you might be taken for a ride.


In this Immunotec review, I will reveal 7 facts about the company, its products, and its business opportunity to help you get a better understanding on what Immunotec is really about and if this business opportunity is indeed for you.

Let’s get right into it…

Review Summary

Website: immunotec.com

Founders: Scientists Gustavo Bounous, Patricia Kongshavn, and Wulf Dröge together with Chuck Roberts, Dieter Beer, and John Molson

Price to Join Opportunity: $45 + Starter Kit

Recommended? It depends if the products work for you. If not, there’s no reason to join and you may want to check this out instead.


Overall Business Opportunity Rating:

Quick Summary: The first question to ask yourself before joining the company as a Consultant is if the Immunotec products did work for you. Because, before you can convince anyone to buy the products or join your business, you have to be convinced yourself.

It’s the moral thing to do, and it just makes sense because you can’t sell something you don’t believe in. I’m sure lying to your customers isn’t how you want to do business.

And if the products worked, the next thing you have to consider is if this business is indeed for you. Because contrary to what some people say, Immunotec is not suitable for everyone. In fact, most people who joined this company didn’t earn a decent income which I will discuss why below.

Nevertheless, should you decide to start a career in network marketing with Immunotec, or look for another business opportunity that fits your passions and interests perfectly…

Here are some training materials for whichever direction you choose…



1. What is Immunotec?

Immunotec is a Canadian-based Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company launched in 1996 by scientists Dr. Gustavo Bounous, Dr. Patricia Kongshavn, and Dr. Wulf Dröge together with network marketers Chuck Roberts, Dieter Beer, and John Molson.


The company claims that Roberts, Beer, and Molson are “veterans” in the network marketing industry but I wasn’t able to find any information regarding their previous affiliations with any MLM company outside Immunotec.

Nevertheless, Immunotec sells a range of dietary supplements that are said to help boost and maintain your immune system, including its own patented formula called Immunocal.

However, I found some interesting things about the company products that might surprise you.

2. Are Immunotec Products Safe, Effective, or FDA Approved?

The company’s flagship product is a dietary supplement called Immunocal.

It’s supposed to be a precursor to help your body create glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that plays a crucial role in our immune system.

The idea behind Immunocal was the result of years of research and studies by scientists Gustavo Bounous and Dr. Patricia Kongshavn.

Here are the interesting things about Immunocal and how it can benefit you.

Aside from the company, there have been many studies that reveal the positive effects of Immunocal.

It is also listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR), which is the most commonly used drug reference by medical professionals.


And when it comes to safety, Immunocal is listed by the FDA in the category of GRAS (generally recognized as safe) products.

However, the FDA still suggests that you consult with a health care professional before using any dietary supplement because if you have certain health conditions, you may be putting yourself at risk when you take them.

More importantly, when it comes to effectivity, Immonucal is still, by definition, a Dietary Supplement.

Dietary Supplements are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or alleviate the effects of any diseases. The same thing could be said for the rest of Immunotec products.


So when you join this company as a Consultant, you should correctly inform your customers about these matters and not start a misconception.

Because even if people are saying that Immunotec products work, these claims are based on personal experience without any real scientific proofs.

And just to be clear, I’m not saying that Immunotec products won’t work either.

My point being is that like any dietary supplement, it may or may not work for you.

3. Immunotec Products and Prices

During this Immunotec review, the company is selling a variety of health products like multivitamins, probiotics, Omega-3, skincare, and energy boosters.

Immunotec also sells some accessories that you can use as you do the business. Things like a flash drive, eco-bags, shakers, and even product catalogs. 

Yes, Immunotec sells English and Spanish catalog for 3 bucks every 5 pieces, which for me, is a little greedy for a company that claims to “help you” become healthy and wealthy.

Because considering you’re doing the company a huge favor of promoting and advertising its products without any fees, shouldn’t you be given these marketing tools for free?


Well, that’s just my opinion, and if you’d like to weigh in, you can leave a comment below respectfully.

Nevertheless, these are the Immunotec products in retail prices:

  • Immunocal ($108.75) – A specially formulated natural protein that helps maintain your immune system.
  • Immunocal Platinum ($154.75) – The second generation of Immunocal with two additional active ingredients.
  • Booster Energy Performance ($84) – Orange flavored energy booster powdered drink.
  • Booster ($79) – Healthy drink to complement the health benefits of Immunocal.
  • Calcium D ($19.50) – A “milk mineral complex,” containing all the elements needed for optimal bone health.
  • Cogniva ($62.75) – A cognetive performance supplement.
  • Contralenta ($44) – Supports healthy joints and promotes joint mobility and flexibility.
  • Immunotec Daily Essentials Pack ($83.75) – Contains Multi + Resveratrol, Omega Gen V, and Calcium-D.
  • K-21 ($39.25) – Mineral supplement for the maintenance of good health.
  • Magistral ($39.75) – A dietary supplement that helps, supports and maintains prostate health.
  • Multi + Resveratrol ($36.50) – Daily food supplement enhanced with resveratrol to boost immune health.
  • Omega Gen V ($37.50) – Support cognitive and cardiovascular health.
  • On The Go Shake ($51) – Meal replacement shakes in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors.
  • Probio 3 + Cranberry ($36.25) – Promotes healthy digestion and supports intestinal health.
  • Seren-T2000 ($29) – Helps temporarily reduce symptoms of mild mental and physical stress.
  • Xtra Sharp – Helps to relieve fatigue and improve physical performance. Original flavor $34.25, Fruit Flavor $41.50.
  • Immunocal Derma ($46) – 30m skin treatment cream.
  • Immunocal Toothpaste ($12) – A 75ml toothpaste for clean teeth and healthy gums.

So, have you tried any of the Immunotec products above? You can share your experience in the comment sections below.

4. Immonutec Businesses Opportunity Cost – Only $45?

If you had a good experience with the products above, you could join the company as an Immunotec Consultant to enjoy product discounts and to make money as well.

You will need to complete a signup form and pay a one-time $45 Welcome Kit fee that grants you access to the following:

  • Up to 30% of Immunotec product discounts
  • Replicated Immunotec website to sell the products
  • Starter marketing materials and business training guide
  • Access to the company back office where you can monitor your business

Now, all these perks in exchange for a one-time $45 fee seem reasonable. 

However, it is very likely that when you join as an Immunotec Consultant, you’ll be spending more than $45 as you start.

It’s because your sponsor will encourage you to purchase one of the company’s Starter Packs that contains product bundles at discounted prices.

They cost between $270 – $1,155 as I was writing this Immunotec review.


Purchasing a Starter Pack as you join makes sense so that you will have products on hand which you can use for yourself or as a sample as you’re promoting your business.

It will be tough to sell a product that you don’t regularly use and unless you’re a really good salesperson…

Chances are your customers will want to try your products for free first before they buy from you, and that’s where a free sample now and then could help build a long-lasting relationship with them.

So it’s safe to say that you’ll need to shell out a startup investment amount between a few hundreds of dollars to over a thousand if you are serious about this business.

5. Immunotec Compensation Plan

While the company gives the impression that it offers you a lot of ways to make money, it all boils down to merely two income sources.

You will make money as an Immunotec Consultant by selling the products on your own (both personal and online) and by building a sales team.

Retail Profits

You will enjoy up to 30% discounts on the products of Immunotec. Selling them to customers at retail prices will allow you to earn retail profits.

For example, an Immunotec product that costs $100 in retail will only cost $70 to Consultants like you. Therefore, you’ll get a $30 profit when you sell them.

Customer Autoship Profits

Immunotec offers a Customer Autoship program where average people can enjoy 25% discounts on regular monthly product orders without becoming a consultant themselves.


But you as a Consultant will earn the difference between the Customer discount and Consultant discount, which is 5%.

Using the same example above, an Immunotec product that costs $100 at retail can be purchased by Autoship Customers at $75 (25% off), and you will earn your share of 5% (30%-25%), which is $5.

Customer Volume Bonus

You’ll earn 5% up to 20% on the CSV or Customer Sales Volume generated by your autoship customers each month.

CSV is determined by adding all the CV or Commissionable Volume of the products sold, where CV is the point given to each Immunotec products.

Let’s say you convinced 10 people to become Immunotec Customers, and each of them ordered 100CV worth of products within a month. 

Therefore, your CSV for that month is 1000CSV and based on the guideline given by the company, you’ll earn 5% of 1000CSV, which directly translates to $50.


Naturally, if you accumulate bigger CSV, you’ll get better commissions.

And to increase your CSV per month, you’ll have to motivate your customers to order more products, or you can convince more people to become customers too.

Now from this point onward, the commissions you’ll earn will be from recruiting people to become Immunotec Consultants, or as to how the company calls it, “building a sales team.”

Business Builder Bonus

This is similar to how the Customer Volume Bonus works which I discussed above, only this time, your commissions will be based on the total of CV generated by your personally recruited Consultants on the same month they joined.

Simply put, if any of your recruits acquire Autoship Customers within their first month, you will get 1 credit for each.

You will earn 5% up to 20% of the total generated CV depending on how many of your recruits managed to get Autoship Customers within their first month.


Residual Commissions

Immunotec uses a UniLevel pay plan to pay for this commission.

In a UniLevel, all your personally recruited Consultants will be placed in Level 1 of your team. All Consultants recruited by Level 1 will be placed on Level 2, and so on.

Immunotec will pay you between 5% to 10% down to the 8th level based on your rank and the total PSV or Personal Sales Volume generated by your team.

Your current Consultant rank will be determined by the amount of PSV your team generates per month.

PSV is the sum of all CV generated from personally purchased products by a Consultant and the purchases made by customers personally referred by a Consultant.

Needless to say, the more recruits you have, the higher the amount of product CV you will generate, and the bigger your commission is.

This is the reason why its common to see many Consultants give heavy emphasis on recruitment rather than selling the products.

Moving Up and Accelerated Bonuses

Each time you advance to a higher rank (by selling products and recruiting new people) and maintains it in the following months, you will earn one-time moving up bonuses from $200 to $10,000.

Additional bonuses of up to $100,000 will be rewarded to you should you be able to rank up within the time frame specified by the company.

Sponsor Moving Up and Accelerated Bonuses

You will earn this bonus when any of your personally recruited Consultants also acquired new ranks. 

You will get paid from $250 up to $35,000 depending on how quickly your recruit moves up the ranks.

Immunotec Business Opportunity Bottom line:

I know how enticing these commissions and bonuses are, but let me remind you that to qualify for many of them, you must be able to build a large sales team.

Therefore, learning how to find the right people who share the same passion for building a business with you through selling and recruiting is the key here.

Like I briefly mentioned at the beginning of this review, not all people are suitable to become Immunotec Consultants so unless you can focus your effort on the right prospects, you might end up wasting your time.

And while the company products look decent overall, you won’t make a lot of money selling them on your own unless you manage to create a large network of regular customers.

To achieve this, you have to go outside your social circle and learn how to utilize the Internet to find a steady stream of prospects that needs your products.

And to answer another question in your mind right now…

6. Are Immunotec Consultants Making a Decent Income?

Unfortunately, most people who joined Immunotec for business didn’t make a decent income. But don’t take my word for it and let me show you… 

In an income disclosure statement released by the company in 2016, over 95% of Immunotec Consultants in the USA are making $0 – $500 a month.

I know this is not really the income life-changing income you’re hoping for. But it doesn’t end there!


Based on the same image, a little over 60% of all consultants didn’t make any money at all – zilch, nada, zero.

And considering that many of these consultants spend money when meeting up with their prospects, say paying for coffee, gas, etc.

It’s safe to say that not only did they did not earn any money, but some of them even lose money while doing this business.

Also, I tried checking out if Immunotec issued a much recent income disclosure statement, but I didn’t find any.

7. Is Immunotec a Scam?

Although I express some serious concerns about the company in this Immunotec review, I believe that this company is not a scam.

Immunotec sells real products backed by Science. 

And while they may not be FDA approved (like all dietary supplements), many people had a good experience with Immunocal and the other products the company sells.

And on the business side of things, I believe Immunotec is not a pyramid scheme because all commissions are tied to product sales.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) defined a pyramid scheme as an illegal business model where your income will come from recruitment alone.

But as an Immunotec Consultant, you will only earn money based on the CV, which can only be generated when a product is sold by either you or any members of your team.

The company products are also sold to the general public giving Consultants the ability to earn retail profits, something that you cannot find in a pyramid scheme.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t require anyone to get an MBA to see that to make a lot of money with Immunotec, you’ll have no choice but to convince a lot of people into joining your team.

And like I discussed above, its the reason why most consultants give heavy emphasis on recruiting and convincing new people to join their team rather than selling the products itself.

What worries me is that this malpractice among consultants, if not immediately corrected, can quickly become a recruitment scheme.

Verdict – Should You Join Immunotec?

Unless you’ve had a pleasant experience with the Immunotec products, I see no reason for you to join this company.

If you merely want to join because you see Immunotec as a good way to make money, then let me ask you this…

How can you convince other people to buy the products that you don’t really use or believe in?

And even if the products did work for you, the next question you should ask yourself is if you are comfortable selling dietary supplements to other people.

Furthermore, because the higher income in Immunotec relies on you building a sales team…

Are you prepared to interact with other people, motivate them, and manage different individuals to achieve a common goal?

If you are up for the task, then I suggest that you check out this training program used by the top network marketers.

It will teach you strategies that will help you overcome the common problems in Network Marketing, like lack of leads and prospects.

Meanwhile, if you don’t think Immunotec isn’t the right income opportunity for you, selling and recruitment isn’t really your cup of tea, but you are still looking for other ways to earn money…

​Then, I highly recommend that you check out this online business program.

It is the program that has taught thousands of individuals with no prior knowledge or experience to earn a full-time passive income from home without selling or recruiting. Here’s my success story with the program.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Immunotec review. I hope that this has provided you with enough information about whether or not this business is for you.

If this review helped, please share it with others too.

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And, if you have anything to share about Immunotec and on the things I’ve discussed in this review, feel free to leave a comment below.

Until here and whichever path you decide towards your financial goals, I wish you all the best in the future.

Your friend,


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