Four Corners Alliance Group Scam – Things you should know

Four-corners-alliance-group-mainName:  Four Corners Alliance Group
Price: $18 – $555 plus $76.95/mth
Owner: David Harrison

Bare Naked Scam rating: 3 Thumbs Down


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Don’t the name “Four Corners Alliance Group” sound flashy? I thought that it was a financial institution when I heard the name from someone who tried to sign me up to the business. I got interested in this program because there are so many people talking about it, and how amazing it is that people are making a tonne of money with it.

So I got my hands dirty and did some investigation, and found something appalling. Before I dive into the details, I would first like to say that I am not an affiliate of Four Corners and I do not make any commission from them writing this review.

My article is based on my personal experience and from research on the internet. To be honest, I could have made a lot of money if I promote the Four Corners’ products, but I am not going to do that because the very reason I set up this website is to expose all online business opportunities that isn’t worth your time, effort and money.

Have you heard of a Multilevel Marketing Company (MLM), and have you heard of Pyramid Scheme? If you haven’t heard of MLM, you can get yourself acquainted here, at the same time, the video below will explain what a pyramid scheme is:

So after understanding what an MLM and a Pyramid Scheme is, you must be wondering how does it relate to Four Corners? Right?

Well, Four Corners is an MLM Company and I have no doubt about that, but whether or not it is a Pyramid Scheme, it is really subjective. I’ll share with you my findings below and you can decide for yourself if Four Corners is a Pyramid scheme.

The Four Corners Products

First, let us take a look at the Four Corners products:


You wouldn’t believe if I told you that Four Corners do not have products developed by themselves. They portray themselves to be financial expert who knows all about the different types of market, but all they did was to sell Private Labelled Rights (PLR) products. Here is what Wikipedia explains PLR:


So Level 1 books cost $10, and Level 3 Books cost $25. Take a look at what I found:



So happened that this PLR shop sells 4 Corners Alliance Group’s products as well. What exactly does it mean? My guess is that David Harrison, the owner and CEO of 4 Corners Alliance Group, bought over the exclusive rights to these PLR books which has the logos of “4 Corners Alliance Group”. David Harrison then named his Company as 4 Corners Alliance Group, following the logo of the book, making it look like the books are written by the company.

I am not making this up, and you can do your own due diligence by checking up the links in the pictures.

In addition to the above products, Four Corners created their very own Online Marketing Training program called Starien. It cost $47 per month and it is all about teaching you how to promote the Four Corners Alliance Group’s products. There are no courses conducted that actually compliments the core products, which is the Financial Literacy e-books. This shows that the Company puts more emphasis on recruitment rather than providing value to its consumers on its core products.

The Four Corners’ commitment as follows:

We help you to become more than RICH… we help you to become WEALTHY!

In my opinion, they help you become wealthy by recruitment online and not by the help of its core products.

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Is Four Corners Alliance Group a Pyramid Scheme?

So, back to the question about a Pyramid scheme, as you know, a Pyramid Scheme focuses on recruiting and has little emphasis on the product. As we relate Four Corners Alliance Group to the video I shared above (about Pyramid Scheme), doesn’t it look similar?

I’ve also found another video created by an Independent Business Owner (“IBO”) of Four Corners Alliance Group, which spells out a recruitment effort rather than a promotion of its products:

Those e-books sold in 4 Corners provides little value to its users/distributors. To be honest, when you join the Four Corners, will you actually take the time to read those books? Most likely not, and you will focus on recruiting people into the business because that is how you make the moolah.

I can guarantee you that if you ask any one of the IBO about a topic on Exchange Traded Funds, most wouldn’t have a clue on what it actually is, and how you can profit from it.

Which leads me to the question, is Four Corners Alliance Group only focused on recruitment? In my opinion, it is, and whether it is a pyramid Scheme, I leave it to you to decide. Please share your opinion in the comment section at the bottom of this article.

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The Compensation Plan

Looks really attractive doesn’t it. Like I’ve mentioned, I could have made lots of money from this opportunity, but it would mean that I am going against my integrity.

In order to qualify for the compensation plan, you have to own the products that you are selling. Which means you have to purchase the following products:

  • Financial Literacy Product Level 1 – $10
  • Financial Literacy Product Level 2 – $10
  • Financial Literacy Product Level 3 – $25
  • Financial Literacy Product Level 4 – $60
  • Financial Literacy Product Level 5 – $150
  • Financial Literacy Product Level 6 – $300
  • Monthly Newsletter – $29.95/mth
  • Starien Marketing Academy – $47/mth
  • Total: $555 + $76.95/mth

If any people whom you’ve recruited purchase a product that you do not own, that commission will be passed up to your upline/sponsor. Hence, your initial investment will total up to $631.95 plus running cost of $76.95/mth.

So, the way to make money from Four Corners Alliance Group is not from investing in Gold or precious metal, Cryptocurreny, Bitcoin, Exchange Traded Fund, Real Estate, etc., but to participate in the compensation plan. People who join Four Corners will inherently be inclined to recruit people. So how is this different from a Pyramid Scheme?

A little background of the Founder of Four Corners Alliance Group

David Harrison is the founder and CEO of the Four Corners Alliance Group. Prior to that, he was a distributor of Herbalife, another MLM company which was implicated in an alleged pyramid scheme. Take a look at the video below with regards to Herbalife:

With such knowledge of MLM as with a pyramid scheme, David Harrison used that concept and created Four Corners.

My Sincere Advice to You

You can make money from Four Corners Alliance Group, but the question is, for how long? It wouldn’t be long until the authorities catch up to what the company is doing and force it to shut down. It may happen or it may not, but if that happens, your hard work and effort, and your income stream from the Company, will be diminished instantly. Would you take that chance?

There are many people involved in this company, and have been making money with it. I am sure they will be out to recruit you into the business, and if you decide to trust those people, that’s fine but just keep in mind what I have shared.

I honestly believe that anyone can generate a substantial income online, you just need the right and legitimate opportunity, and lots of hand-holding and guidance. I personally have been making consistent and substantial income online, you can check out my story here. It is all thanks to this Online Business Training program that got me to where I am, and I am sure it can help you too.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you would like to discuss about Four Corners Alliance Group or if you want to learn how to make money online the legitimate way. If you find this article helpful, please, help to share it with your friends and family by clicking on the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) below. Alternatively, you may share this article by clicking these links: Facebook; Google Plus.

Your pal,


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  1. First of the books are just there to make the whole thing legit! Hardly no one reads the e -books

    1. Thanks for sharing your views Tommy!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  2. Roy Corker says:

    What i would like clarified with 4 corners they show a 4 x 6 matrix which would contain 5460 positions to fill but the Trick that is not shown is Does it take 4 to start to fill the second level of 16 so i think it needs 16 x 4 = 64 new people to fill the second level of 16 and so it goes on level 3 of 64 it requires a total of 1024 to fill that level. That is a lot of positions or people to achieve a group of 64 people paying commission for that level GOT MY DRIFT it is falsely misrepresented as a 4 x 6 matrix when in fact it is 6 individual matrixes a 1 x 4 a 1 x 16 a 1 x 64 a 1 x 256 a 1 x 1024 and a 1 x 4096 They dont share the numbers like that do they. If im wrong i will be CORRECTED but i think im on the Money

    1. I hope someone can clarify this. Thanks in advance!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  3. Moneedi Mokgosi says:

    Even after reading this, I’m still not convinced not to join Four Corners Alliance Group. I understand your concern but its better off with USD500000 in your bank account and outdated books than nothing at all.

  4. Tanze Punze says:

    Hi Jack,

    One other thing you did not clarify is that the cost of $555 does not all come from the person who is registering on the Program.
    The first $18 registration is made up of $8 for enrollment fee and $10 for the first E-book that is sent to you.
    There are other 43 E-books (adding up to $545) that you purchase throughout your stay with the program but you do not keep buying them with your money (although one could do that if they wanted to). The commissions that you make from referrals pay for those 43 books which get sent to you gradually.
    So if you opt out of the monthly newsletter and the Starien (both are optional) then all you pay to be in the program is $18 from your pocket. The rest of the cost is covered by the commissions that come in if you do well.
    I am not part of 4 Corners but after reading your review, I decided to find out myself. I do not think it is as expensive as you make it seem. But I agree with you on the emphasis on recruitment and the lack of it on value and quality of education being delivered.
    This program has just made its debut in my country (Papua New Guinea) and is recruiting fast.

    1. $545 may not be expensive to you, but it is definitely expensive to many.

      Also, I do not see the value of buying 43 different e-books just to get started. Also, who wrote these e-books? It better be someone who is renown in the industry, and not some writers who write for the sake of selling its Private Label Rights.

      I Hope any one who sees this comment be cautioned about the products you are about to buy.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  5. Hey
    I am very happy you reviewed objectively. One thing I want to mention is that you pay 18$ once and for all. All the other amounts are taken from your gains from 4 corners. And the newsletter is optional you may or may not subscribe to that.

    1. But what value does it create when it is offering outdated materials? Would you pay $18 to buy products that are not worth the amount?

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  6. Hey Jack
    Thanks for the warning. Thats a lot of money to be paying into this scheme. Thing is, MLMs are not illegal. Did you know a pyramid scheme is different to MLM. Please allow me to explain.
    MLM does go in a pyramid shape but it is different. I’ll start with the Pyramid scheme.
    Frstly a Pyramid scheme starts out with lets say costing $100. the person below Pays $100, $50 to the one above and 50 to the company. next level pays 100 but 50 goes to the company and 25 goes to the ones above, and the one above that, the next level pays 100 and 50 go to the company and this time it gets even smaller. it continues like this till people several levels down get absolutely nothing at all. the company still makes 50 from everyone yet everyone else gets nothing

    MLM is a little different . Usually their is a cut off level in this scheme so it does not continue to nothing. .
    Their is also usually some kind of monthly residual payment which is where you start to make the money. also at some point if you get enough sponsors you usually end up breaking away from the team you were in, and become the head of a new group. and people that do really well will do the same thing eventually.
    It does not go on for ever.
    True pyramid schemes go down forever and never stop till you make $0 no matter how many people you have sponsored. Do you understand the difference now. I wont join that company as it costs to much money, Thanks for the costing aspect. Be Blessed

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