FB Academy Review – An Insider Reveals It All!!!

Whether you have an online business or an eCommerce store, I’m sure you will acknowledge that Facebook is one of the top traffic generation source on the internet, or at least you’ve heard about it.

However, when you try to run a Facebook Ad, most of the time, you feel that you are flushing your money down the drain.

And then, you thought that Facebook Ads don’t work.

Fb Academy-ReviewFb Academy-Review

If you had that experience, then you’ll want to know what I have to say about the FB Academy.

For those of you who don’t know me well, I buy courses, study them, test them, and write reviews about them.

So, in this FB Academy review, I will give you an insider look into the program and walk you through what is being taught.

This way, you’ll get a good knowledge about the training program so that you can decide if this is what you are looking for.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in…

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An Overview of the FB Academy – What’s Inside?

There’s a total of 9 modules in the FB Academy, and each module is locked, and that’s until you’ve passed a test after each module.

This way, you’ll learn about Facebook advertisement in a systematic and effective way, and you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Module #1: Getting Started with Facebook Ads

I guess you already know why the Facebook Advertising platform is important and that’s why you are looking at this review.

I’ll be honest with you that I’ve spent thousands of dollars on Facebook Ads in the past but have never gotten results.

After going through this module, I now understand why my Facebook Ads didn’t work.

The first thing I learn is that I’ve been approaching the Facebook Objective selection the wrong way.

FB Academy - Facebook Objective

As Anik explains, there are many types of Facebook users who engages advertisements differently.

Selecting the wrong objective will spell disaster for your Ad campaigns, obviously.

Facebook understands their users well, and they serve ads that meets your selected objective, so it is crucial for you to understand how each of the objectives work and the mindset behind the different groups of Facebook users.

On top of that, you’ll also learn that the Facebook Advertising platform is not just a traffic generation tool, but it is also a part of an overall strategy for your business.

In order for a Facebook Ad to produce results, all of the follow elements needs to be in place:

  1. The Funnel
  2. Landing Page
  3. The Ad
  4. Targeting; and
  5. Optimization

Each of the elements are covered in detail in separate modules, which I will walk you through below.

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Module #2: The Funnels

Fb Academy-Module 2

In this module, you’ll learn the different types of audiences on Facebook as well as the different types sales offers.

Then, Anik will go into detail about the type of offers that will effectively engage with the different types of audience.

If you already know or have products that you’d want to promote, this module will assist you to craft the right type of offer to the right types of audience.

More than just understanding the offers and audiences, you’ll need to have a sales funnel in place before running any ads, otherwise you’re just throwing money into Mark Zuckerberg’s pocket.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what a sales funnel is, you’ll get to know it once you’ve attended this free Facebook Ads Bootcamp hosted by none other than Anik.

I don’t need to say much about this, but I think you already know how valuable this module is.

Module #3: Landing Page

Fb Academy-Module 3

You’ll get a deep understanding about how the Facebook Advertising platform work, and how it catches on to compliance issues with ad campaigns.

It’s almost like having a Facebook Compliance officer telling you how the back end of the Facebook work and ways to avoid getting caught on compliance issues.

Because of the tight compliance Facebook imposes on its advertisers to ensure high engagement value for its users, many Facebook advertisers got their accounts revoked or banned.

So, its really important that you understand how everything works before running any ads.

Going blindly into Facebook advertising will only cause huge disruption to your business (given that your business relies heavily on Facebook to drive traffic).

In addition, you’ll learn the different types of landing pages and how to build your landing page so that it is effective and compliant with the Facebook guidelines.

Module #4: The Ad

Fb Academy-Module 4

The previous module is about creating a landing page that is effective and compliant.

This module teaches you everything about Facebook advertisements.

You’ll basically learn:

  • The different type of ads that are available in the Facebook Advertising Platform;
  • The best types of ads to use for attracting your selected target audience;
  • The keys to a good Facebook ad copy;
  • The ideal tone of voice to use for your ad copy;
  • A 7 step process for effective ad copy;
  • How to craft your ad to look appealing;
  • And a tons more…

To summarize the content of this module in one sentence, this is a complete guide for you to identify, create, and design to most effective Facebook ads to serve to the right audience.

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Module #5: Targeting

Fb Academy-Module 5

In this module, you’ll be introduced to the concept of what Anik calls a “Circle of Targeting” which is essentially the concept of how you scale your Facebook Ads.

Before creating your advertisements, it is super important for you to know who your target audiences are.

Every online business or eCommerce store will have the 3 types of audiences:

  • the “Cold Audiences”; 
  • the “Warm Audiences”; and
  • the “Hot Audiences”.

And, within those groups of audiences, there are variables.

For example, “Hot Audiences” will usually have the capability to buy whatever high ticket products that you offer.

However, a subset of the “Hot Audiences” may not have the financial capability to buy your high ticket product.

So, you can create a different Ad campaign that sells them your high ticket product at a discounted price.

To identify the right type of audience to target, Anik has prepared the “Ideal Customer Avatar Worksheet” that will streamline the audience identification process.

Obviously, what I am sharing is just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s a lot more that I can’t cover in this review (as you can see from the image above).

Module #6: Optimization

Fb Academy-Module 6

The problem with most Facebook Advertisers, like me in the past, do not track the performance metrics of the campaigns, and certainty do not optimize or do not know how to optimize them for more profits.

“What gets tracked gets optimized!”

That’s probably the reason why I wasn’t successful with Facebook Ads in the past.

In this module, you’ll learn the insides out of optimizing an ad campaign.

That includes:

  • the essential metrics to track;
  • the trends in ad performance and how to understand them; and
  • a complete tutorial on the Facebook metrics.

With the information that you have from the metrics, you’ll then learn the process of adjusting your ads to make it profitable, and finally to scale them for more profits.

Module #7: Advanced Strategies

Fb Academy-Module 7

This is the part where it becomes interesting.

This module is not about Facebook Advertising.

But, it is about the what happens after someone clicks through your Facebook advertisement.

We are talking about sales funnels.

You’ll learn about the different types of popular sales funnels that work currently, as well as a detailed break down of the elements in each funnel.

Whether you are a store owner, online business owner, consultant or affiliate marketer, you’ll be served with the sales funnel blueprint for your business in any niche.

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Module #8: Certification


Now, it’s finally time to put your knowledge to test (in theory).

The certification that you’re going to get is not for show, it is actually industry recognized.

Though this certificate can’t promise you a job.

But, it will build your credibility if you are looking for a social media marketing job.

However, I bet that you are not a job seeker, but an entrepreneur looking to grow your business.

With or without the certification, it will definitely aid your business.

Wait! Your Certification is not the end!

Module #9: Nuts and Bolts

Fb Academy-Module 9

Enough about the theories already!

Let’s get down to the practical work!

These lessons are taught in an “Over-the-shoulder” manner.

And, you’ll get a good grasp about setting up live campaigns for your business.

This includes setting up the Facebook Pixel which can be quite complicated.

FB Academy Training Replays

At the time of this writing (April 2018), there are 15 training webinar replays, and the first training started back in August 2017.

Just a few days after I signed up, I’ve received a training webinar invitation:

Fb Academy-Training-Webinars

So, this is clearly not a program that Anik has “set and forget”, he takes the time to create more value to you, even when you don’t pay monthly fees (see how much the FB Academy cost below).


Fb Academy-Bonuses

This is what I love about Anik’s courses because it always comes with epic bonuses that is highly relevant to the main course.

  • Ad Swipe Files – 31 Product Ad Swipes; 24 Service Ad Swipes; 46 Training Program Ad Swipes; These are video ads that converts really well on Facebook (not created by Lurn)
  • Facebook Ads Checklist – This is a good checklist for you to brainstorm your ad campaigns before you input data into the Facebook Ads Manager
  • Kick-Start Targeting – Wouldn’t you want to know who are the influencers in your niche? This 21 page Kick-Start targeting bonus will give you a list of influencers in 20 different niches.
  • Ad Creation Mastery – An hour long video that will provide you with many tips and tricks to create and design your Ads.
  • Advertising Secrets – Several eBooks written by Lurn that teaches you how to advertise of other ad platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Linkedin.

How much does it cost to join the FB Academy?

By now, I think you already know the value you’ll get in the FB Academy.

It’s time to get down to the real numbers.

The real cost for the FB Academy is a one-time fee of $997.

But, if you sign up now through this link, you’ll get a $300 discount, which makes it $697.

Still a high price, but it is definitely worth every penny, in my opinion.

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My Final Opinion

This is a complete Facebook course that covers everything about creating effective Facebook Ad campaigns.

And, it goes far beyond Facebook advertising.

Honestly, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of “Facebook courses” on the internet…

After reviewing a bunch of courses in the similar field…

I could say that the FB Academy by Lurn is one of the best Facebook advertising course that I’ve attended.

Also, it is one of the cheapest as well (considering the value you’ll get).

If you are still not sure if the FB Academy is for you, I’ll like to invite you to attend this free Facebook ads bootcamp, where Anik will share with you dozen of tips and tricks to optimize and scale your Facebook ad campaigns.

As you can see, I spent a great deal of time going through each of the lessons in the FB Academy before I wrote this review.

So, I hope I have provided you with sufficient information to make a decision.

Thank you for reading this review.

If you find this FB Academy review helpful, please, help to share it!

Want to inquire more about the FB Academy? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Your pal,


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