Easy Cash Code Scam? – Earning Money Online isn’t that easy after all!

The big question is “can you really earn up to $500 daily on Auto-Pilot?”

Truth be told, most people who joined Easy Cash Code don’t earn $500 per day on Auto-Pilot.

In fact, the majority fails to earn a single cent from this opportunity.

But, does this make Easy Cash Code a scam?

Easy Cash Code Scam ReviewEasy Cash Code Scam Review

As the name suggests, Easy Cash Code is supposed to be an easy way to earn money online, at the same time, people could easily relate this opportunity as a scam.

So, before I make any assumptions, I went on to purchase the Re-seller license and the program to understand what this is all about.

And, whether or not this opportunity lives up to its hype.

Before we get into the details, you might be interested to know that the Easy Cash Code from 2012 is a different program from the 2016 version.

In 2016, Dr Reginald Stinson has bought over the domain name from Ronnie Montano, the creator of many notorious scams like Tube Cash Code, Mobile Cash Code, EMobile Code, Automobile Code and many more.

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What is Easy Cash Code? – Is it a Scam?

Easy Cash Code is simply an automated sales funnel that supposedly helps you earn money on auto-pilot.

The automated sales funnel concept is not something new on the market, there are already many online opportunities that are built around this concept.

Programs like Earn Easy Commissions, YoonlaInternet Lifestyle ProsTotal Funnel System, Padlock Income, Guaranteed Sign up System, all uses the same strategy.

And, they are capitalizing on the idea of “Earn Quick Cash on Auto-pilot”. Much like Easy Cash Code.

Because of the hyped nature of this program, my main concern is that people are more interested in earning “quick” money than to actually spend time educating themselves.

This causes people to spend close to a thousand dollars worth of products without actually learning or earning anything.

Earning Money Online is not as easy as it seems…

The thing is, earning money online is not as easy as it seems, and it will take time to grow an online business.

Easy Cash Code made like sound so easy upfront to lure you into the program.

And, once you are in there, you’ll realize that it is not what you expected.

Truth be told, there is no perfect selling system that will work for you unless you take the time to learn the trade.

With that said, the $18 that you pay is not going to help you earn with the Easy Cash Code.

To earn money from this program, the minimum investment starts with $65 and the cost can go up to almost $1,000.

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You can understand more about this in the compensation section below.

On top of that, once you are in the membership area, you will be ushered through a series of upsells, which I will walk you through in the next section.

Easy Cash Code Scam Review – The Quick Start Area

#1 Upsell: Master Reseller Rights

This is the front gate for you to purchase higher tiered products in the Easy Cash Code.

There are 4 more upsells in the Easy Cash Code, and if you want to purchase any of the higher tiered products, you need to spend $47 on the Master Reseller Rights.

As explained in the quick start video, the payment for the Master Reseller Rights is like the admin fee to Easy Cash Code.

This will give you the ability to buy other training courses in the program.

#2 Upsell: Passive Profit Formula

The Passive Profit Formula teaches you how to make passive income without recruiting, as well as saving money.

This training course cost a one-time fee of $37, and your purchase comes with the reseller rights.

Which means that you can now earn $37 whenever your referrals purchase the Passive Profit Formula.

What’s in the Passive Profit Formula?

1. Flippa Crash Course – A Domain Flipping Course

Easy Cash Code – Passive Profit Formula (Part 1)

2. Extreme Coupon Blueprint – A course that teaches you how to Shrink Coupon

Easy Cash Code – Passive Profit Formula (Part 2)

3. Madsense – A course that teaches you how to create low quality websites and drive traffic through Google Adsense

Screen Recording 2018-08-06 at PM.mp4

#3 Upsell: Cash Code Vault

The Cash Code Vault or the Internet Marketing (IM) Black Book is a series of “unreleased trainings” in the internet marketing and e-commerce niche.

This training program cost $197.

And, as an owner of the Cash Code Vault, you have the reseller rights to earn a $197 whenever someone you’ve referred buys the Cash Code Vault through ECC.

The problem with this training program is that the content is mostly outdated.

What’s in the Cash Code Vault?

#4 Upsell: Unit of Prosperity (UOP) SMS Pro

UOP SMS Pro is a mobile and voice broadcasting software brought to you by Unit of Prosperity.

This tool costs $197, and you’ll get the reseller rights as well.

What it does is that you will be able to broadcast messages to your prospect through SMS. But, who uses SMS nowadays, right?

#5 Upsell: Six Figure Mastery

Six Figure Mastery is the highest tier product in the Easy Cash Code.

It cost $500, and you’ll get the reseller rights as well.

There’s really a lot of content in this course, but the problem is that there is no focus.

What I’ve learned over the years of internet marketing is that you have to focus on one or two strategies and master it.

If you try everything, you are most likely going to feel overwhelmed and fail.

So, paying $500 makes you feel that your investment is justified because you get a lot of training modules.

But, it isn’t going to lead you anywhere.

Each of those courses will give you a nice overview and how it works, but they are not comprehensive enough to bring you to success, in my opinion.

How I Fired My Boss and Still Earn a Full-Time Income. Here’s How You Can Too!

Recap: Overview

  • Initial ECC Membership – $18
  • Master Reseller Rights – $47
  • Passive Profit Formula – $37
  • Cash Code Vault – $197
  • UOP SMS Pro – $197
  • Six Figure Mastery – $500
  • Total Investment – $996

So, to own all the products in Easy Cash Code to maximize your profits, you are going to spend $996 in total.

To be honest, earning money online does not require you to spend a lot of money.

It’s nice to own all of the products and the training courses.

However, you don’t need so many courses to help you get started.

You just need one that will lead you as a beginner to becoming an advanced internet marketer.

And, the most comprehensive beginner training course that I’ve been through is this training program.

This is the same training program that allowed me to fire my boss and earn a full-time income online.

The Easy Cash Code Compensation Plan

Alright, the $18 that you’ve paid to get into Easy Cash Code will not qualify you to earn any commission from the program.

The only way for you to earn any commission from this program is to pay the $47 admin fee.

So, the start up cost is going to be $65 assuming that you are not going to purchase any other products.

This is a pay to play program which means that you can only earn commissions on the products that you own/purchased.

Easy Cash Code pays its affiliates 100% commission, however the catch is you have to pass up your 2nd sale to the admin (Easy Cash Code).

It is said that this is a way for you to thank Easy Cash Code for letting you use this “amazing” program.

And, the 4th sale goes to your sponsor (the person who referred you to the program).

Then, the 10th sale goes to sponsor again, and every 5th sale thereafter (15th, 20th, etc).

Now, my question is, what if the pass up sales were the $500 sales? Will you be happy giving it away? I bet you won’t!

What if you don’t own the product?

Another question arises with this compensation plan.

What if you don’t own the product, and you are supposed to earn a pass up commission as a sponsor?

Well, that commission will go to Easy Cash Code.

Now that we understand how the compensation plan works, let us talk about how you are going to get eyeballs on your offers.

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Easy Cash Code Scam Review – Traffic Strategies

Easy Cash Code could be an automated selling system, but if you don’t send traffic (eyeballs on the offer) to the Easy Cash Code, you won’t earn any money.

Just like any businesses, if you don’t have quality traffic to your business, you haven’t got a business.

So, after paying the $18 to join Easy Cash Code, you will receive some form marketing training to grab traffic.

The marketing training videos were recorded back in 2016, which means that, like most digital marketing strategies, they are probably outdated.

What worked back in 2014 – 2016 may not work now.

With that said, let’s dive into the recommended traffic sources…

#1 Traffic Strategy: Facebook Marketing

The first and the most obvious strategy is Facebook.

Everyone is talking about it, but only few people are winning it.

If you are totally new to the make money online industry, you may think that you are receiving a lot of value in this lesson.

But, that’s until you learn that you are actually spamming on Facebook.

The training recommends you to join not more than 10 to 15 Facebook Groups everyday in the work at home niche (any more than the recommended number of groups will get you banned from Facebook).

And, it recommends you to pick only those groups that allow you to post your business opportunities.

Now, the problems with this strategy:

  1. As hundreds or thousands of ECC members join these Facebook groups, they start plastering the same opportunity over these groups, it becomes saturated.
  2. The majority of the people in those Facebook groups will hardly respond to your ads. They can engage as much as they want with you without taking any action.
  3. There are already so many spammy opportunities in those Facebook groups, and yours will look just like one of those opportunities.

What you are taught to post on Facebook?

Easy Cash Code is simply teaching you how to post sparingly on Facebook like a “legitimate” spammer.

Here’s a screen capture of what it teaches you to post.

Screen Recording 2018-08-05 at PM.mp4

The video above teaches you a “trick” to post spammy content on the Facebook Groups without being detected. For your information, this “trick” has been overcome by Facebook.

If you become a part of the Easy Cash Code community, you will be posting stuff like “Here’s how much I make, and how you can too, comment info below to get started”.

Here’s one thing you should know, Facebook hates spammers, and they are constantly improving their system to fend them.

If you use the strategy that is taught, it won’t be long before you run out of business.

#2 Traffic Strategy: Craigslist Marketing

In the past it was really easy to share a business opportunity on Craigslist, that’s until they covered to the loophole.

And then, people started to hire virtual assistants to post job ads regularly on Craigslist until they find that it is not as effective anymore.

Now, affiliate marketing, network or Multi-Level Marketing or Pyramid Schemes are prohibited on Craigslist. Here’s the list of Craigslist prohibited ads.

If you listen carefully to Dr Reginald Stinson’s webinar about Craigslist marketing, he said that he was the king of Craigslist, but he is not doing it anymore.

Yet, he still shares this strategy, making you believe that it still works.

The reason for him to stop using this strategy was most likely due to the changes in Craigslist that makes things harder for affiliate marketers.

So, if you use this strategy, you will most likely hit a wall.

Well, I do believe that Dr. Stinson has good intention, but it would help if he updates his training materials.

#3 Traffic Strategy: Forum Marketing

I personally think that Dr Reginald Stinson didn’t know much about forum marketing himself because he just skim through this strategy without giving much value.

He recommends you to join the WAHM Forum and Warrior Forum.

But, if you are in the industry for some time, you would like that Warrior Forum is not the best place for you to promote your business opportunity.

You’d most likely be shot down by other forum members if you don’t know what you are doing.

There’s a steep learning curve in Forum marketing.

And, you really have to spend a lot of time posting, tracking replying and providing value to the people in the forum before you start marketing your business opportunity.

I wouldn’t say this strategy won’t work, but you’ll need to spend a lot of time understanding how each forum works, and how you can leverage on it.

#4 Traffic Strategy: YouTube Marketing

YouTube is a marketing strategy that I personally recommend as well, however, you are not going to learn a whole lot in Easy Cash Code.

For example, Dr. Stinson talked about YouTube SEO (Search Engine Optimization) without telling you what exactly is that and how you can optimize it.

What is taught in Easy Cash Code is that as a newbie, you just need to have common sense when it comes to naming your video title.

You have to think in terms of the prospect, what they are searching for, and what they are going to type in the search box.

And, you use the search term and use it as your video title.

Dr. Stinson claimed that keyword research is advanced stuff, and you’ll only learn about it when you buy the Six Figure Master Course.

To me, keyword research is the most basic and a requirement if you ever want your video to be ranked on YouTube.

A large part of the YouTube training is teaching you how to create videos that talks about Easy Cash Code.

As the training video was done in 2016, there aren’t many ECC members who are on the YouTube platform to promote the opportunity.

So, back then, in 2016, it could be a good opportunity for you to get on YouTube to promote the business.

But, if you search the keyword term “Easy Cash Code” on YouTube now, it is plastered with videos created by tons of ECC members.

#5 Traffic Strategy: Udimi Solo Ads

I have first hand experience with Solo Ads, and I can honestly say that they are not effective anymore (1).

They are typically expensive, and you wouldn’t know where the solo ad seller gets their traffic from.

They can guarantee you the conversion rate, but the leads won’t convert into sales.

Most people whom I know of, including myself, spend money (hundreds, if not thousands of dollars) on solo ads.

And, within a short period of time, they realize that they wasted a ton of money on poor quality traffic.

So, I advise that you avoid this traffic strategy because you are more likely to lose money than to make any.

My 2 Cents on Easy Cash Code…

Phew, Easy Cash isn’t that easy after all, right?

By now, you should know that earning money online is not that easy like most people claim.

If it’s that easy, everybody would have done it.

Product creators who capitalize on the “earn easy money” mentality is more likely to take money away from you, than to help you earn.

However, for what it’s worth, I wouldn’t say that Easy Cash Code is a complete scam.

The program does provide some form of value, and you could possibly earn some money recruiting people.

Why I don’t recommend joining Easy Cash Code?

You see, I’ve literally spent money on this program (there’s a no refund policy).

I could have easily promoted this business opportunity to you to recoup my loss.

But, I chose not to, because of various reasons. So, I really do hope that you’d appreciate what I am doing for you.

The main reason I don’t recommend this program is because most of the training materials are outdated.

And, the marketing strategies that are taught may not be effective now.

Plus, Dr. Stinson and his team make no effort in updating the training materials.

If you join this program back in 2016 when it first launched, it could be a good opportunity, but now, it isn’t.

What I recommend?

If you ever need a shot on earning real money online, I’d recommend that you check out this program.

This is the program that gave me the opportunity to fire my boss and earn a full-time income online.

Plus, all of the training materials in the program I recommend is constantly updated and you can get a ton of support and guidance from other successful entrepreneurs as well.

I hope you can benefit from the program like it did for me.

Thank you so much for reading this Easy Cash Code Scam review!

If you found this review helpful, please share it! It may help someone who is looking for this information.

And, if you’d like to discuss more about this business opportunity, please, feel free to leave a comment below.

Your pal,


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