Earn Easy Commissions Review – Ponzi Scheme?

“Earn a $100,000 online with this easy done for you system that does all the selling for you, and you don’t need to pay a single cent for it”.

That’s the message you’ve been given.

Honestly, if you are totally new to the internet marketing or the make money online industry, I am certain that you’ll be hooked by this.


The question is, can you truly make $100,000 with this autopilot system? It seems too good to be true.

And, is it 100% free?

That’s what I am going to discuss with you in the Earn Easy Commissions Review.

[NOTE: If you are looking to join this program, read the section on “Is Earn Easy Commissions a Scam” below.]

There’s a lot of exciting discovery that no affiliates of the program will share…

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What is Earn Easy Commissions?

This program is created by Chuck Nugyen, who was the creator of another program called the “Digital Elites Academy”.

Chuck was also the owner of a domain name called chucksaboss.com, but it is now not active anymore.


Earn Easy Commissions is basically an upgrade of the Digital Elites Academy.

It uses the same hyped marketing techniques and bold income claims to get you excited about the program.

The only difference between Digital Elites Academy and Earn Easy Commissions is that the Digital Elites Academy cost $49 to join, while Earn Easy Commissions is “free”.

Similar to the Digital Elites Academy, Earn Easy Commissions is said to provide any beginner a chance to make money online without the hassle of learning or creating anything.

Earn Easy Commissions affiliates are inclined to post ads that looks like this on Facebook:


I bet you’ve seen plenty of similar ads. Doesn’t it make you want to know more?

If I am a total newbie, hell yeah!

It is said that the 90% of the work has already been done, and the only thing you need to do is to drive traffic to it the Earn Easy Commissions sales page, and the rest will be taken care of.


There is a typical saying, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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How much does Earn Easy Commissions actually cost (isn’t it FREE)?

There are 3 levels of membership:

  1. Free Membership
  2. Pro Membership
  3. VIP Partner

What I like is that the free membership is actually free. There’s no catch to this.

But, if you’d like to build an email list (which I am pretty sure you don’t know what is it for if you are totally new to the industry), you’ll need to acquire memberships to GetResponse (an email marketing tool), and Click Magick (a link tracking tool). This will cost a minimum of $32 per month for both tools.

And, if you decide to upgrade your account to the VIP Partner Membership, the cost is $750.

Is Earn Easy Commissions a Scam?

Now, before I get into the details, I want to let you know that I could have made a lot of money promoting the Earn Easy Commissions, but I chose not to, and I’ll give you the reasons below.

Normally I wouldn’t speak negatively about a program just because it has some flaws, but because I truly believe that Earn Easy Commissions is a downright Ponzi scheme in disguise, that’s why I couldn’t help my negative vibe.

I’m sure there will be a lot of Earn Easy Commissions affiliates will start trashing this review, but just let me lay out the facts here.

This is an abstract of what the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the “Government”, claims as a Ponzi scheme:


Source: www.ftc.gov

While Earn Easy Commission is not a textbook Ponzi scheme, it has a lot of similarities. I’ll explain more…

How can Earn Easy Commissions be a Ponzi Scheme?

There’ll be a lot of affiliates who will claim that this program is not a Ponzi Scheme.

Earn Easy Commissions basically has a training program in the VIP Partner Membership that can post as a product.

However, the training program, the “Product”, is geared towards teaching you how to drive traffic to Earn Easy Commissions, which is a self-recruitment platform.

The product doesn’t add much value to its customers.

Moreover, here’s what you need to know…


As I’ve mentioned earlier, Chuck Nyugen was the creator of the Digital Elites Academy and past members pay $47 to get access to the training program.

But now, you are paying an inflated price of $750 for something that could have been purchased for $47.

Does the “Product” worth $750? I honestly don’t think so.

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How Does Earn Easy Commissions Work?



In any scenario, as long as someone is paying for the VIP Partner membership, Earn Easy Commission gets paid.

For the purpose of easy explanation, I’ll leave out the $1 or $1.20 per qualified lead and the affiliate commissions from other programs like Click Magick and Get Response.

Scenario 1

In the first scenario (refer to the image above), your sponsor (the person who introduced you to Earn Easy Commissions) is a VIP Partner, and you are a free member.

You’ve referred someone to the program and that person became a VIP Partner.

If you study the VIP Partner perks carefully, it says that you’ll earn a $100 for your 2nd tier referrals who became VIP Partners.

So, a $100 goes to you because you didn’t purchase the VIP Partner Membership, a $100 goes to your sponsor, $100 goes to the profit sharing pool, and the rest ($450) goes to none other than Chuck Nguyen.

Scenario 2

In this scenario, your sponsor is a free member, and you are a VIP Partner, and you’ve referred a person who became a VIP Partner.

So, out of the $750 your referral paid for the VIP Partner membership, you will earn $500, your sponsor earns nothing, $100 goes to the profit sharing pool, and the remaining $150 goes to Chuck Nguyen.

Scenario 3

Everyone is a VIP Partner.

You’ll get $500, your sponsor will get $100, another $100 goes to the profit sharing pool, and the remaining $50 goes to Chuck Nguyen.

Wonderful! Isn’t it?

You see, these are the things that Chuck failed to share in his presentation, and there is a very good reason why.

He makes the profit without you knowing, and you think that he is such a genuine person for helping people out.

Everyone should be happy because they are getting paid, even for the free members. That’s why it is called the perfect scheme.

Oh, I forgot to add another scenario…

Scenario 4

If everyone is a FREE member, nobody gets paid! Simple as that.

Finding a legitimate online business opportunity is tough. Let me lend you my helping hand.

Is this Model Sustainable?

This model will always require new joiners to become a VIP Partner.

Without VIP Partner sales, the program wouldn’t work.

But, given that the sales videos run automatically, and it has a good sales conversion rate, the program may last.

The way that this could be shut down, is when the authorities step in…

Or, when the hype dies down, like the “Digital Elites Academy”.

If the Digital Elites Academy is so great in the past, why didn’t it continue, right?

Paying for the VIP Partner membership doesn’t give you any value other than the opportunity to earn higher tier commissions.

This is a straight up Ponzi scheme in the books of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

I have no doubt that you can earn money…

Earning money with Earn Easy Commissions is definitely possible.

But, there is a possibility that you won’t too.

So, let me ask you one question…

“What if Earn Easy Commissions gets shut down tomorrow?”

Will you be able to find another way to earn money online?

And what if you are the one who just got into this program with a VIP Partner Membership…

Then, it gets shut down?

All of your investment will go down the drain.

Now that I’ve laid out all the cards on the table, the decision is yours to make.

I’ll be super upfront with you, that I am recommending you to another program called Wealthy Affiliate, because I don’t want you to get hurt with this “opportunity”.

You see, when I do find a legitimate programs like Authority Hacker, Inbox Blueprint, Legendary Marketer, Fizzle, and Wealthy Affiliate, I’ll promote them unconditionally, because those programs put your interest at heart.

Honestly, Earn Easy Commissions is not the first of its kind, there are many other programs similar to it, like YoonlaTotal Funnel System, Easy 1 Up, Guaranteed Sign Ups System and many others.

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My Sincere Advice to You

There’s probably hundreds of ways for you to make money online, and if you are new to this industry, finding a legitimate program could be a horrifying experience.

I’ve been through that stage, and have washed thousands of dollars down the drain.

I hope that doesn’t happen to you.

The reason I set up this website is because I want to prevent anybody from being scammed online, to the best of my ability.

Whether or not you heed my advice, I know I’ve done my best.

The rest is up to you.

If you still want to join Earn Easy Commissions, go ahead, anyway you’ll still earn money without paying anything.

What I Recommend?

If you think you want to learn how to build a sustainable online business, that doesn’t depend on any one program or any guru, then I’ll suggest that you start with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate was the program that saved me from the pool of scams I was involved with in the past, and it is also the program that taught me everything I need to build a sustainable online business that eventually helped me fire my boss. Here’s my story.

Thank you for reading this review!

I wish you all the best in whatever decision you make.

If you think this review has been helpful, I’d be grateful if you share it. This will help to inform others as well.

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