The Dotcomsecrets Review – Is it scam? (Truth Revealed)

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The Dotcomsecrets Review – Is it a scam?

You are here because you wanted to know if the products offered by DotComSecrets are any good or if they are a scam.

You’ve come to the right place because I am going to share with you everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

At the time of writing this review, there are several products that were offered within the DotComSecrets brand, namely:

  1. One Funnel Away Challenge, Live Virtual Summit and the 30 Days Dot Com Book – Join the Free Summit Here or Read the Review
  2. DotComSecrets Book – Get FREE Book or Read Book Review
  3. Expert Secrets Book – Get FREE Book or Read Book Review
  4. DotComSecrets Split Test – Get FREE Book
  5. Click Funnels – Sign up for 14 days Free Trial or Read Review
  6. Affiliate Bootcamp – Join to Promote

Let’s dive right in to each of the above…

1. The 30 Day Dot Com Virtual Live Summit, One Funnel Away Challenge and the Book

Yes, so many things happening at one go, so what is it all about?

On 17 September 2018, the Live Virtual Summit will kick off…

If you haven’t heard of the 30days.com story yet…

Russell Brunson has asked one interesting question to 100 successful entrepreneurs who’ve made 7 figures online…

“What would you in the next 30 days to climb back to the top, if you were to start over again?”

This means that these experts have no list, no traffic, no product, no funnel…

And, all they had was an Internet connection and a Click Funnels account.

100 emails were sent, and only 30 experts responded with detailed blueprints on what exactly they would do in the next 30 days to get back to the top.

Join the Free Virtual Summit Before it’s gone!

2. The DotComSecrets Book

I’ll be honest that I was rather skeptical of this book when I first got it.

Dotcomsecrets-BookThis book is only available in hard copy and I was hooked by it because Russell Brunson was giving the book away for FREE.

But, because it is only available offline, you’ll have to pay $7.95 to get it shipped to your doorstep (even if you live in a remote area).

So, I figured that a hard copy book would usually cost at least $15, so I didn’t mind paying for the shipping cost just to see what Russell Brunson has to say.

I wasn’t a fan of his first program called DotComSecrets X, but I gave it a benefit of doubt and took the plunge.

What’s the True Value of this Book?

As I was reading the book, I was utterly shocked, and embarrassed at the same time!

I didn’t know that the person whom I called a scammer turns out to be a hero.

Russell Brunson has proven to be an expert in the online marketing field.

He has shared information in this book that could have easily cost over tens of thousands of dollars. I’m not joking!

You can read the full DotComSecrets Book Review here.

You see I have a close friend who works in an advertising agency as a Brand Strategist, and his company paid $10,000 for him to attend a marketing course.

After I’ve shared the DotComSecrets Book with my friend, he too was shocked that I got it for only $7.95.

So, now you know the value of this Book. Click here to get it.

Get The DotComSecrets Book Now!

3. The Expert Secrets Book

Almost a year later from the launch of the DotComSecrets Book, Russell Brunson is giving away his second book for FREE again.

Dotcomsecrets-Expert-SecretsWithout any hesitation, I paid $12.95 for the shipping fee (You are lucky if you live in the US because the shipping fee only cost $7.95).

So, what’s in this Book?

First off, you are an expert in something.

The knowledge that you have, is an asset if you know how to get people to pay you for your knowledge.

You see, the way people learn things are unlike the old days where people go to school and listen to someone who has a degree or a PhD.

Now, we learn things from people who are a few steps ahead of us. We want to learn from people who has been through what you are going through now.

If you want to slim down, you want to learn from people who were just as fat as you.

If you want to make money online, you want to learn from people who have made money online.

This book is all about helping you to find who you are and what you can offer to this world, because what you know, could change someone’s life.

More than just that, this book will teach you how to package your knowledge and bring it across to as many people whose lives you can change.

If you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, a consultant, etc, this book is for you.

Read the full Expert Secrets Book Review here, and you’ll learn why every business owner wants a copy of the book.

Grab a FREE copy of the Expert Secrets Book

4. DotComSecrets Split Test Book

Russel Brunson is obsess with studying the consumer buying behaviour through building sales funnels.

Dotcomsecrets-split-testHe has done tons of split testing with his own websites to know which type of sales pages are the winners.

The DotComSecrets Split Test Book called “108 Proven Split Test Winners” is packed with all the split test results, and I am pretty sure you already want to know what’s in it.

This book does not only show you the split test winners, Russell tells you in detail why he thinks a Sales Page is the winner, and why the other is the loser.

As an Internet Marketer, having this knowledge can shorten your time spent on finding the best marketing campaign tremendously.

Wouldn’t you agree that this information is worth more a lot of money?

And the best part? Its completely FREE!

You just have to pay $9.95 for the shipping.

Get a FREE Copy of the 108 Proven Split Test Winners here!

5. Click Funnels

Click Here to See How ClickFunnels can Help Your Business

This is not an Info product nor a book, this is an actual web application which can help your business grow tremendously.

If you are looking for a Click Funnels review, you can check it out here.

Click Funnels is an application which allows you to build an entire sales funnel (i.e. the sales page, and offer page, up sell page, down sell page, thank you page, etc) in a matter of minutes.

You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to build a sales funnel with ClickFunnels.

On top of just being a funnel builder, the full suite of ClickFunnel called “the Etison Suite”, gives you a full suite of tools which can literally save you a thousand bucks a month on Internet Marketing Tools.

The Etison Suite consist of “Actionetics” which works like an autoresponder, and “Backpack” which allows you to build an affiliate program for your business.

The picture below shows which products ClickFunnels can replace:


A semi-established business (with big email list) will normally use products like Aweber, infusionsoft, LeadPages, etc, which can easily cost $1,000 per month.

Not saying that those products are not good, in fact, they are amazing, but ClickFunnels has the edge because internet marketers only need one platform to run any kind of online business now.

It’s not only my opinion, many ClickFunnel Members told me that they have saved almost a thousand dollars on tools using ClickFunnels and that they are running their business entirely on it.

To learn more about ClickFunnels, the best way is to try it.

Here’s how you can Try ClickFunnels for free!

6. Want to Earn Commission by Promoting These Great Products?

All the products in DotComSecrets have a high sales conversion rate, not because of the sales videos and marketing messages, but because ClickFunnels and the DotComSecrets info products are amazing.

If you want to earn commission by sharing the ClickFunnels and DotComSecrets products, you can sign up as an affiliate here.

You are not alone after you’ve signed up as an affiliate. Russell Brunson has created a series of video training to teach you how to promote ClickFunnels and the DotComSecrets products.

Best of all, the Affiliate course is again FREE. Sign up to the Affiliate Bootcamp here.DotComSecrets-ClickFunnels-Affiliate-Bootcamp

On top of paying you 40% on the products sold, if you managed to introduced 100 active ClickFunnels members, Russell Brunson will pay for your dream car. No joke!

Join Affiliate Bootcamp Now!

Who is Russell Brunson and Why should You Trust Him?

I should have done this introduction earlier. I apologize.

I was too excited to share with you the knowledge and information I’ve gained through Russell Brunson.

Here’s his story…

If you are a Tony Robbins’ fan, I’m sure you know he will not endorse anyone who has no credibility.

I am so embarrassed to have called Russell Brunson a scammer, but now I truly believe he genuinely wants people to succeed. I know it because he is constantly giving knowledge and information that is worth more than $10k for FREE.

If you are not acquainted with the works of Russell Brunson, and you are still on the fence, I would highly suggest that you start with the DotComSecrets Book.

Get the DotComSecrets Book here!