What is Crazy Cash Club? – Do you think it is really FREE?

Crazy Cash Club-mainName:  Crazy Cash Club
Website:  www.crazycashclub.com
Price: $157+$97+$54+$17
Owners: Martin Morse and Roger McIntyre

Bare Naked Scam rating: 3 Thumbs Down

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Crazy Cash Club-free-member I’m pretty sure that you are finding ways to make money online and you want to know if Crazy Cash Club can live up to their promise, to make you more than $16,000 on your very first day or a million bucks in a year.

Created by Martin Morse and Roger McIntyre in Mid 2014, they have recruited more than a hundred thousand members till today in September 2015, but did they really pay a million bucks a year to its members?

I urge you to take a step back and consider this.

If Crazy Cash Club has 100,000 members and they pay a million to each member, that would be $100,000,000,000 (One hundred Billion), which is one-third of the total debt of Greece.

You can literally buy a country with that money.

Crazy Cash Club has made a bold statement here, and in this review, I am going to share with you what this program really is, and if it can really make you a million bucks.

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Is Crazy Cash Club a scam or for real?

Join Crazy Cash Club for FREE and you may make more than $16,000 a day. Seriously? What is the catch?

As much as they want to hide their true agenda or motive, one look into the program and I can figure out what exactly it is trying to do. Which is to sell you products.

Nothing comes for FREE and you can never make money with no money down, let’s face the fact.

I have been in this industry for a long time and I’ve seen make money opportunities just like this.

Even in the real world, in order to make money, there MUST be a transaction, an exchange of goods or service has to happen, there is no escape to this logic.

So, let’s cut the chase and take a look at this screenshot in the “About us” page in Crazy Cash Club:

Crazy Cash Club-make-money

What it really means is that in order to make money from Crazy Cash Club, you have to buy the following 4 “Exciting” programs:

  1. Monster Cash Mini-Webinar System ($157)
  2. CrazySplash Click Thru Pages ($97)
  3. 20,000 Laser Targeted Visitors ($54)
  4. 5,000 Laser Targeted Visitors ($17)

In general, these products do not help with your knowledge on building an online business.

These products are just tools to help you get more referral or member signups under you.

You might argue that it is a good buy, but to me, I focus on the fundamental, the education that can lead you to build a strong business model.

Even when you lose every penny, you will know how to make it back.

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Like any Multi-Level Marketing Company, Crazy Cash Club focuses on recruiting members (downlines), sponsoring other members, etc.

The more people you’ve recruited, the higher chance you will make more money.

In the Crazy Cash Club, you get matching bonuses but the compensation plan is never clear.

In other MLM companies, it is clear that when your recruit made a sale, you get a certain percentage from that sale.

But in Crazy Cash Club, how much can you make? I have been trying to dig out that information, but it is no where to be found.

If you know it, please share it below by leaving a comment.

The only compensation plan I can find in the program is in the product “Monster Cash Mini-Webinar”.

Firstly, you have to purchase the product yourself in order to make any commission from it.

You will get $50 for each purchase from your recruit.

Crazy Cash Club-commission

Let us take a deep look into what all these products actually do for you.

Crazy Cash Club Products

Monster Cash Mini-Webinar System

This system is just a sales page that includes a sales video.

Honestly, does this page worth $157? And, look at this BS below:

Crazy Cash Club-BS

What do they mean by hand-made?

It is just creating a new unique link when you buy the system.

All the content and videos on the page are exactly the same, so what are they trying to pull here?

You must note that any program which has not been upfront and honest will not lead you to success.

CrazySplash Click Thru Pages

Once again, is it worth paying $97 for a sales page that links back to Crazy Cash Club?

Shouldn’t they provide you with this sales page for free like they promised to help you get more signups?

What are you exactly paying for? For the paycheck of your upline or sponsor? Here is what you are paying for:

Crazy Cash Club-sales-page

To be honest, these kind of sales pages can be easily created through wordpress without paying a dime.

I can create a sales page like this, and input my “Unqiue Link” so that the person who clicks through it will be my recruit.

But the catch is, if you don’t purchase this CrazySplash Click Thru Pages, you can’t earn a commission on the sale.

So, technically this program forces you to purchase this product even though you can create your own sales page. Does it make any sense to you?

20,000 Laser Targeted Visitors and 5,000 Laser Targeted Visitors

I am not sure where Crazy Cash Club generates the leads from but I am pretty certain that the traffic is of low quality.

For your knowledge, High Convertibility (high rate of sales) equates to quality traffic and a quality offer.

I have seen many programs like 5 Minute Mogul, offering this kind of “Traffic Generating” service and most of them failed to deliver, and that is why there is a “No refund policy” on this kind of service (Crazy Cash Club is not discounted from this).

Yet again, if you do not purchase this product, you will not make any commission from this product.

What is New in Crazy Cash Club?

Crazy Cash Club is joining “Business Blasters”.

Business Blasters is an advertising and marketing company which sells products that supposedly help an individual become a better online marketer.

So, basically the person who recruited you will make a commission when you purchase a product from Business Blasters.

Crazy Cash Club’s products by itself do not provide any value to its members, and hence the integration with Business Blasters.

To be honest, if you are a newbie to the make money online industry, and you buy products from Business Blasters to “enrich” yourself, you will feel even more confused.

From my experience, a newbie needs to get a proper step-by-step and structural learning platform in order to succeed.

Buying products like e-books or videos from Business Blasters will not help at all because you will be overwhelmed with information.

If you are a newbie, I would suggest that you check out this link below:

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My Sincere Advice to You

Take it from a guy who have followed tonnes of self-proclaimed gurus and scam artists.

Crazy Cash Club may not be the right path for you to learn or make money online.

It has not been upfront with its compensation plan and hasn’t live up to its promises.

I’ve went through hell and scoured the internet to find proper opportunities, but there wasn’t any till I found this program.

This is the best place that has coached me into a seasoned Online Marketer.

Step-by-step it took me by the hand and taught me all the essential things that no one will ever teach you, and I am so thankful for it.

If you are totally new to the Make Money Online industry, then I would suggest that you give this program a try. You can come back and yell at me if you think it is a lousy program.

To me, I feel that Crazy Cash Club is a waste of time, but if you think differently, please share your opinion.

If you are still curious on what Crazy Cash Club is all about, feel free to share it as well.

If you find my article useful, please, help to share it with your friends and family by clicking on the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus). Thank you so much for your time and interest on this article.



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  1. limerick lady says:

    John Barrett from Ireland -but recently relocated to Portugal has been recommending this scam along with past associations with Banner Brokers and other very dubious schemes

    If he has approached you post here and we can see how he explains this additional unwise scheme

    1. Thanks for your tip! I hope he sees this comment and replies to it.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  2. sure is a scam I was in it from the start (purchased their splash pages, advertising), while waiting for it to launch officially. Big promises of anyone in the top 5% & 10% would make big money was promised when business blasters launched. They continued to revamp the system repeatedly, & while I’m not technical it was probably to move people around to get the money. My big money at launch was a little over $3 & after revamping they took that! I was in the middle of the top 5%! When questioning them as to why they would simply get defensive & angry

    Roger and Martin made a lot of promises about how much money a person can make with their program. I sponsored people into Crazy Cash Club and never made a cent , it as just a lot of BS and broken promises. After they had a few thousand members they joined Ingreso Cybernetico and again Roger and Martin told the members they where going to make money because we where going into this program as a team and will make good money. This was nothing but BS and I know a lot of people who paid into this and never made any money. After IC Roger and Martin opened their Business Blasters website and asked the member for more money promising everyone they would make thousands of dollars. My advice to anyone looking to join these programs Roger and Martin are involved with is to think very carefully and to do your homework yourself or you could get scammed too

  3. rino ingenito says:

    Biggest scammers out there along with Tracy Davison the 60 second millionaire…LOL

  4. I have been with CCC for two years, and have not made a nickel. They are forever talking about ‘launches’ 60 or 90 days from now. Well is it 60 or 90? You are supposed to tell everyone you can find that they will make $17,000 their first day. They told me that two years ago, and I am still waiting. I paid for a subscription a year ago, but let it lapse because I didn’t see the point in paying for something that wasn’t making a dime. Then they started advertising again this past August. I figured Ill join for free again. Still the same thing, with some sub group that is ‘launching’ where you make all the money. Of course right before the launch you pay $25 to secure your place. It sounds great. I mean who couldn’t pay a chunk of debt with $17,000? Even if that’s all the money you make? But I would feel silly promising my friends who are struggling this dream and they are still waiting around 6 months from now paying fees, and being promised they will make money. I mean if they have recruited 100 million people and everyone pays $25, they have made quite a bit of money. Why wouldn’t they keep promising ‘launches’ and collecting cash? I want to believe them, but two years have passed and nothing.

  5. Thank you for your detailed account of this business. I had never heard of it before, but now I know that it really is a scam. Too many price points here, and you’re right. They are only tools. Glad you gave everyone a heads up.

    We know there is only one place to be, and that’s WA. Love the training and community there.

    Have a great day!

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