CB Passive Income Scam? – An in-depth Insider review

cb-passive-income-mainName:  CB Passive Income
Website:  www.cbpassiveincome.com
Price: $47 + Several upsells
Owner: Patric Chan

Bare Naked Scam rating: 3 Thumbs Down


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CB Passive Income – An Introduction

If you are wondering whether you should invest your money on this program, then you come to the right place. In this review, I am going to go deep into the program and share with you what exactly you are getting from CB Passive Income.

Let me first say that I am not here to criticize or promote this program but rather to share my personal experience with you. I bought the program to better understand what it offers so you can make an informed decision. Furthermore, I am not an affiliate of CB Passive Income, so this review is purely unbiased.

What is CB Passive Income?

It is a program that supposedly teach you how to make money online through the methods of Affiliate Marketing. With 3 simple steps, you can start generating income from your CB Passive income business. At least this is what Patric Chan wants you to believe, unfortunately, it is never that easy. If it is that easy, everyone would’ve gotten a piece of CB Passive Income.

For the $47 initial membership fee, you will be getting a bunch of training videos as shown in the picture below plus several more:


But what you do not know is that these videos are not created by Patric Chan, they are basically downloaded from Youtube, complied and uploaded into CB Passive income as part of its training course. I, personally feel that it is a rip off because I can easily get these videos from Youtube, why do I need to pay $47 to get them from CB Passive Income?

Though I understand the general idea of CB Passive Income is sort of like a push button turnkey system, and training is just not its priority, I would at least hope that Patric Chan, given his credibility as a well known internet marketing expert, would put some effort into developing his own video training course rather than amalgamating others as part of its training.

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The Upsells

Right after you purchase CB Passive Income, you will be introduced to two upsells (product upgrade). The upsells are as follow:

  • CB Passive Income Pro Version ($97 one-time)
  • Fast Cash Series ($49 monthly)

Before I dive right into the upsells mentioned above, I would like to share with you what exactly you will get with your basic membership.

CB Passive Income Basic Membership Training

Basically, the training platform guides you through a 2 steps procedure.

Step #1: Setup your “Secret Webpage” to be promoted!

In this step, you will be getting your unique link to promote another program developed by Patric Chan called “Operation Quick Money”. This is a cheap trick to get you to make more money for Patric Chan while you take the time, effort and money to promote his product. You will understand what I mean in the next step I am about to disclose.

Basically, when you promote the unique link provided to you, people who clicks on your link will be directed to a “squeeze page” or some called “landing Page” like this:


The email addresses that people provide in the “squeeze page” will be stored in your CB Passive Income auto-responder mailing list. The auto-responder will send email to those people regularly to entice them to sign up for “Operation Quick Money” or some other products Patric Chan recommends you to promote.

CB Passive Income Pro Version

You will be tempted to upgrade your membership account to the “Pro version” where the emails stored in the mailing list will be added to another mailing list which is suppose to “double your income”. The picture below illustrates the usefulness of the “Pro Version”:


To be honest, this looks more like a spam to me. Imagine the recipient of the emails receives so many offers from you, do you think he or she will sign up to everything you promote, or treat your emails as spam? I will let you decide.

I am just looking at the practical point of view.

Step #2: Promoting your webpage!

cb-passive-income-training-step-2Like I have mentioned, you will be spending time, effort and money to promote your unique link. This step teaches you how to use certain media platforms to get your link out on the internet. The first way is by Soloads.

If you are not familiar with Soloads, it is basically a jargon used by most “Internet Marketing Gurus” to promote their mailing list. These gurus have accumulated huge mailing lists from different niches and are “selling” them to you.  When you engage the “gurus”, they will send emails with your unique link to their mailing list.

The disadvantage of soloads is that it is expensive and if it not used correctly, you may lose money. It is just like gambling, there are no guaranteed success when using soloads.

cb-passive-income-training-facebook-marketingSecond way is by Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. Again this video training series is not created by patric Chan. These video training series is rather neat as it teaches you from how to setup an account with the various social media platforms to promoting products with social media.

But take note that it will take some time before your efforts pay off. You can’t be a superstar overnight.

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Fast Cash Series

Are you familiar with building a WordPress premium theme? Do you want to make money through selling wordpress premium themes? How about creating a wordpress plugin? This upsell is here to guide you through the process of building a wordpress theme and wordpress plugin from scratch and selling them to make a profit.

cb-passive-income-fast-cash-seriesWell, I can’t say much about the profitability of this business as I have not personally tried it, but as a user of wordpress, I would say that the competition for “Free” wordpress theme is very high, let alone the paid ones.

The main reason for anyone to pay for a premium wordpress theme is when your created wordpress theme or plugin is so unique that anyone needs. Unless you already have a “need” in mind, it is really hard to brainstorm something out of the blue because there are so many people (people with more experience than you) who have thought of those ideas before you.

Furthermore, if you are not an expert in coding, you may be sucked at some point down the training and it will be really hard for you to get any support. My advice is to stay away from this business unless you already have a coding background and know what people needs in terms of the theme or the plugin.

My Sincere Advice to You

Though this program do provide you with some valuable information, it is not exactly a conducive place to get your “money making online” training. As an opportunity, CB Passive Income is not exactly a great one.

If you want to know where I got my online business training, Click here. It provides the best online business training on the market. As you may know, I have tried many “money making” products online, and was scammed by most of them. I came through bad experiences and I can differentiate the good ones from the bad. So my recommendation is definitely one that is of quality.

If you have any experience with CB Passive Income, I invite you to share your experience by simply leaving a comment below. I will be more than happy to respond.

Your pal,


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