Carvertise Review – Scam or Worth the Drive?

Let me guess, your biggest concerns are (1) if you can really make money while sacrificing the looks of your private car? (2) Will you be taken for a ride? (3) Will you need to spend money removing the Carvertise wraps if they happen to be a scam?

To cut to the chase, Carvertise is not a scam!

For hard working people who drives a lot, it make sense to earn the extra bucks without actually working more.

But while Carvertise is a legitimate money making opportunity, some people actually lose money with Carvertise.

Let’s find out if Carvertise is worth your time.

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What is Carvertise?


In a nutshell, Carvertise (carvertise.com) is a US-based advertising company that pays everyday drivers to place removable ads on their cars. A similar company is Wrapify.

Carvertise is launched in 2012 by Mac Nagaswami. Carvertise offers two kinds of opportunity – for business Advertisers and opportunity seekers (Drivers).

Businesses use Carvertise to get their brand message seen in specific geographic locations while Drivers join hoping to make money with their cars.

I will focus on the Carvertise Driver opportunity in this review.

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How Does Carvertise Work

Once you register as a Driver, Carvertise will find an Advertiser who wants to market their brand on your car.

You will then take your car to Carvertise, and they will wrap your car with advertisements and put you on the road.

The car wraps are over-sized stickers that are made specifically for cars. The adhesive is compatible with a car’s paint job.

Your car will remain wrapped depending on the length of the advertising campaign offer that you get. It can be anywhere from 1 month to 6 months. In rare cases, it could go longer.

Once the campaign period is done, you can take the wraps off the car yourself, or you can ask Carvertise to remove them for you.

What Are Carvertise Wraps

There are different types of Carvertise wraps for various advertising campaigns.


If the campaign is a partial wrap, then the sides of your car and the back window will be wrapped.

If the campaign is a full-wrap, the entire car will be wrapped except for the front window and the side front windows.

How Long Is The Wrapping Process

For partial wrap style, it usually takes anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes to wrap your car. And if the campaign is a full wrap style, it can take anywhere between 6 up to 10 hours.

In the case the campaign is full-wraps, Carvertise will reimburse its drivers up to $30 for an Uber (or Lyft) ride to pick their cars from the Carvertise install shop.

Carvertise Compensation Plan

As a Carvertise Driver, you will get paid base on the campaign offers that you get.

But looking at other people’s experience, the pay is usually around $100 per month. Some campaigns could pay you $200 but are very rare.

You can also bump your income for an additional $30 per hour by parking your wrapped car in certain places at given times.


Your income as a Carvertise Driver will be paid at the beginning of each month through a direct bank deposit.

If your car gets wrapped between the 1st and the 15th day of the month, then you will get paid at the beginning of the very next month.

If your car gets wrapped between the 16th to the end of the month, then you will get paid at the beginning of the subsequent month.

So, do you think being a Carvertise Driver is worth your time? Well, before you decide on that, read the next section of this Carvertise review.

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Other People Experiences with Carvertise

As with any opportunities to make money, it is always wise to see how other people do before you jump in.

For Carvertise, some people are delighted with the company. It turns out that Carvertise does pay its drivers on time, and the whole gig seems pretty straightforward.


On the other hand, some are unhappy with Carvertise. It turns out that some car owners had to pay hundreds of dollars because the wrapping process damaged their cars.


And on other Carvertise reviews, some people claimed that Carvertise scammed them with check fraud.


Unfortunately, this is true. I will explain why below.

What Is the Carvertise Scam

Carvertise may be a legitimate company, but be careful.

There is a scam where crooks pose to be working for Carvertise (or pretends to be Carvertise) and they will promise you a substantial weekly income for signing up to their program.

They will then send you big checks (fake) and would ask you to send the money (minus your supposedly weekly pay) to another person or third party.

But in reality, you are getting involved in a check fraud scam, and by the time the bank discovers the forgery, the scammers will be long gone, and you are left with a bad record and have lost your own money in the process.

To address this issue, the company released a statement on the Carvertise website to warn people about this issue.


Should a similar thing happen to you, keep in mind that Carvertise will not ask you for any money or request that you send money to someone.

How To Join Carvertise

It is free to join and become a Carvertise Driver. However, there are some requirements that you must meet. These are:

  • Drive at least 30 miles/day.
  • Have a clean driving record.
  • Own a 2008 model car or newer.
  • Factory finish paint job.
  • You have to be living in the US.

If you got the things above all check, then you are good to go. You need to complete the signup form at carvertise.com and wait for the campaign offers.

Is It Possible To Earn a Lot with Carvertise

Carvertise is a legitimate opportunity to make money with your car. Unfortunately, you cannot expect to make more than a few hundred dollars per month. On average, Carvertise Drivers only make $100/month.

Also, there is no guarantee that you will get regular offers for advertising campaigns. This is entirely dependent on the partner advertisers of the company and where they are looking to run campaigns.

You will have to wait for a potential match between your driving profile and a company that has the interest to rent your car to advertise their brand.

Completing a Carvertise Driver application does not guarantee that you will be in a campaign; thus, Carvertise might not be a steady source of income.

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What I Like About Carvertise

  • Free to Join.
  • You can add another $100 to $200 to your monthly income.
  • Carvertise have an A-rating in BBB.
  • Good for people who drives a lot.
  • If you happen to park your car at certain spots, you can earn a little more.
  • You don’t need to pick up passengers to make extra money.

What I Don’t Like About Carvertise

  • You’ll sacrifice the look of your private car.
  • You’ll need to drive at least 30 miles a day.
  • Low income potential. Carvertise can only supplement your earnings by a little.
  • You have no control over which ads is placed on your car – what if you hate that brand?
  • You may or may not get a gig.

Verdict – Should You Become A Carvertise Driver

The answer to this question depends on how much do you think is your driving time worth in dollars.

Carvertise is a good gig that could pay you $100 to $200 per month. Maybe a couple of dollars more, but that’s it.You also need to drive at least 30 miles each day.

Can you see yourself as a taxi driver but with a much lesser income rate? On the bright side, you won’t need to pick up strangers to make money.

PS. This opportunity is currently only available in the United States.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this Carvertise review. I sure hope it helped you decide on whether your potential income with Carvertise is worth the hassle.

If you think this is useful, feel free to share this with the people you know so they too would learn more about Carvertise.

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Until here, and I wish you the best of success in your future endeavors.

Your pal,


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