BestMark Mystery Shopper Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

You’re probably here because (1) you want to know if becoming a BestMark mystery shopper is a good gig or (2) you want to know more about the company.

Truth be told, BestMark is legitimate and a big name in the mystery shopping industry.

It has been around for many decades, and yes, many people have made money as BestMark mystery shoppers.

However, there are some dangers and risks that you have to be aware of if you’re planning to become a BestMark mystery shopper yourself.

In this BestMark mystery shopper review, we will discuss the good and bad of this opportunity, and why some people ended up losing money in BestMark.

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What is BestMark

BestMark ( is named by many as the number one mystery shopping company in the industry.

It has been around since 1986 and is still going strong to date. Other companies that offer the same opportunity and services to BestMark are Sinclair Customer Metrics and IntelliShop.

The leading personalities behind the establishment of BestMark are undisclosed. 

However, as I am writing this BestMark mystery shopper review, the company’s current CEO is Dana Stetzer.

BestMark didn’t issue any statement regarding this mystery, and it appears most people didn’t care about it.

How Does Mystery Shopping For BestMark Work

Mystery shopping is not a new thing.

It has been around for a while now, and many people have made money as a mystery shopper for different companies.

BestMark, like most mystery shopping companies, acts as an intermediary between customers and companies.

Different companies and brands would need honest feedback about their products and services.

BestMark will hire average people like you and me to become these mystery shoppers.

Mystery shoppers will then be tasked to try a product, visit a shop or avail a service from a particular company and then provide honest feedback about their experience.

Once the task is completed, mystery shoppers will be paid.

BestMark will also earn a commission, and the third party company now has acquired valuable information on what’s going on in their stores or how their products and services work from a customer’s point of view.

It’s a win-win-win scenario.

Unfortunately, there are instances when mystery shoppers are not paid adequately after completing a task.

Worse, there are even those who got victimized by a mystery shopping scam and lost a lot of money instead of earning some.

We will discuss these things in detail while you’re reading this BestMark mystery shopper review.

But first, let’s find out…

What Others Say About BestMark Mystery Shopping

Like most gigs and opportunities to make money online and offline, there are varying opinions about BestMark from its mystery shoppers.

Some are incredibly satisfied with BestMark mystery shopping.

Of course, some do not share the same good experience.

On top of the negative BestMark reviews out there, there are also various complaints that you can find against this company.

Why is this the case?

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Is BestMark A Scam

Despite the negative reviews and BestMark complaints out there, I believe that BestMark is not a scam.

BestMark has been an industry leader for over 33 years now and has over 2 million active members.

The company also has Fortune 50, and Global 500 clients with over 1,000 clients served.

Furthermore, BestMark also has an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau.

That being said, you might be shocked to learn that there is indeed a mystery shopping scam going on that involves BestMark.

As you can see in the image above, this scam involves not BestMark but malicious third parties that take advantage of the less suspecting victims and the solid reputation of this company.

The scammers will pretend to offer you a job and then sends a check that usually amounts to thousands of dollars. 

You will then be given a set of instructions which involves you purchasing a product from well-known brands like Target or Wallmart using the check.

The next task will be for you to cash out the check, keep a few hundred dollars for yourself as payment and deposit the remaining thousands of dollars to a specific bank account.

Little did you know that the check is fake, and it will bounce. You will then be held accountable for all the fees and any amount lost during the transactions.

Sneaky, isn’t it?

This issue has gotten the attention of authorities to which BestMark made a statement on their website saying…

How To Avoid Mystery Shopping Scams

There is a chance that not all people interested in becoming a BestMark mystery shopper can read the company alert above.

Due to this, here are some tips so you can protect yourself, your family, and friends from online scammers using the name of BestMark and other mystery shopping companies.

In their own words, BestMark made it clear that the company will never:

  • Require that you cash or deposit a check that we send you as part of a mystery shopping assignment OR for any other service (such as child care, purchase of ANY product/service, etc.)
  • Ask you to transfer funds to an account as part of a mystery shopping assignment
  • Send you a letter via the mail telling you that you have been selected to participate in a paid consumer research program
  • Request that you meet with a BestMark representative in any area of the country to complete an assignment
  • Require you to pay for and complete on-site training to become a mystery shopper
  • Contact you via any email address beside one that ends in

BestMark also urges you to visit the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) website found at for more information on reputable mystery shopping companies.

You can also get helpful tips on becoming a shopper, and updates on the current scams in the industry.

Now that we’re clear about the issue of BestMark mystery shopping scams…

Let’s find out how you can join the company.

Becoming a BestMark Mystery Shopper is Free

It won’t cost you anything to become a BestMark mystery shopper.

You only need to visit the company website and complete a signup form.

These are the requirements to qualify:

  • Must be 19 years old and above
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Keen attention to details
  • A computer or mobile device
  • Have a stable Internet access
  • A reliable means of transportation

There could be other requirements depending on the tasks that you get based on your location and qualifications.

An important note to consider is that BestMark operates and accepts mystery shoppers from the US only.

Should you be reading this BestMark mystery shopper review away from the stateside, you might want to consider other means to make money.

And even if you are currently living in the US, you might not get a single task if you live far from major cities.

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How Much Can You Earn As A BestMark Mystery Shopper

Based on the BestMark reviews from real customers, it appears that the mystery shopping tasks of BestMark usually pays between $5 up to $25 each.

The amount you earn depends on the kind of task that you get. 

BestMark mystery shopping tasks also vary in complexity and time completion so before you participate in one, make sure that you clearly understand what you are getting into.

Nonetheless, these amounts are no ideal if you are looking for a way to make a full-time income.

Getting paid $5 and even $25 for a task that could take hours to complete isn’t going to give you a life-changing income.

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How Will You Get Paid As A BestMark Mystery Shopper

BestMark will not pay you through PayPal or direct bank transfer.

All payments will be made either on spot cash or via a mailed check.

BestMark mystery shoppers say that they sometimes receive the payments between days up to four weeks.


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BestMark Mystery Shopping Pros and Cons


  • An established and reputable company
  • You can join for free
  • Good gig to make extra cash


  • Available in the US only
  • Scammers are rampant
  • No task (depending on your location)
  • Your potential income is low
  • Some job requires you to pay money to earn money

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Conclusion – Should You Do Mystery Shopping For BestMark

I am in no place to tell you how to use your time and how you should make money.

However, I will tell you that being a mystery shopper for BestMark is only useful if you are looking for a gig to make extra cash.

The pay for completing each task is meager, and there are even times when you won’t have any job available for your location.

Besides, you must also be vigilant in screening the jobs that you participate in, or you might fall victim to the scammers.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this BestMark mystery shopper review.

Until next time and whether you join BestMark or look for other alternatives to make money, I wish you the best in the future.

Your pal,


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