Work At Home University Scam – Similar Scams in the same fashion

Online-home-careers-mainName: Work At Home University

Website(s): www.wahuniversity.com

Price: $97, $77, $47 and many upsells and downsells

Owners: Unknown                

Bare Naked Scam Rating: 4 Thumbs Down


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Work at Home University (WAH University)? Online Home Careers? Stay at Home University? – How many names does this product have?

The scams listed above operates in the exact fashion like any other scams. They all operate in obscurity and do not offer much information about their “Turnkey Home Profit System”.

About a few weeks ago, Scams like Web Fortune Master, Profit Master Academy and Web Profit Authority have been stripped naked by me and now I am going to do the same for the following:




Notice something very similar? The design of the website is exactly the same. It definitely operates in the exact same fashion as this:




I am not sure if Work at Home University and Web Fortune Master belong to the same family because all of them are suspiciously similar in many ways (I’ll discuss it below).

For easy referencing, I will now use Work at Home University (WAH  University) as a reference to all other similar product name like Online Home Careers and Stay at Home University.

Work at Home University – A school of hope?

Let me first say that WAH University is not a school. There’s no degree to be earned, it is not accredited in anyway, basically you are paying money to educate yourself with things that you can learn online for free.

First, you have to pay $97 to register with WAH University, then there is an add-on of $67 and claim that they will teach you how to be an Auction List Agent or a link posting expert, once you are on the hook, they will reel you in to set up a Website for $500 and employ a personal coach for thousands of dollars.

WAH University will not teach you how to be an Auction List Agent or a link posting expert, in fact they will introduce you to a new “strategy” to make money by Drop Shipping.

When you first sign up, you will be lead to call their hotline and this is where all the pushy sales people or “Personal Coach” (this is what they call themselves) comes into play.


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Scam Alert 1: WAH University – Similarities to other scams

Correlation between WAH University and other scams like Web Fortune Master

I have a strong feeling that these scams are related to each other. I believe the web pages and sales pitches are just a forefront to reel you in to the same call centre.

  • WAH-university-videoSimilarity 1 – These scams teaches about Drop Shipping
  • Similarity 2 – Same way they make you employ a “Personal Coach”
  • Similarity 3 – Same price for registering with the program
  • Similarity 4 – Uses the same type of Fake News reporting (As used in Web Fortune Master)
  • Similarity 5 – Uses the same tactics “as featured in popular news room like nbc, cnn, abc, etc”
  • Similarity 6 – Same type of refund policy

The way you are being handled after you join WAH University is exactly the same as Web Fortune Master. You can read my review on Web Fortune Master to see my experiences with these scams.


Scam Alert 2: The creator of WAH University, Michelle Withrow, is NOT REAL

I believe that Michelle Withrow is not a real person but a made up personality who claims that she made a fortune online by posting links.

Michelle Withrow is made up for the sole purpose of marketing WAH University to you as a viable work from home opportunity. She will make you believe that anyone in the world can make a fortune on the internet by signing up with WAH University. 

If Michelle Withrow is real, you probably won’t find her photo in the istock photos. These stock photos can be purchased and used by anyone on the internet.




Why would anyone with a legitimate business use stock photos as their testimonial.  Clearly the story behind Michelle Withrow is made up and the person or people who made this story has something to hide.


Scam Alert 3: A few hundred per day with little work?

It would have been awesome if you can work an hour a day on a 5 day work week and make 3 times more than an average person who works 8 hours a day.

This is the idea WAH university preaches to you. Truth being told, there’s no such thing in life as to making money with little to no effort. It is only possible if you have rich parents who handed over a huge sum of money to you and all you need to do is employ people to work for you.

If you are just an average person who wants to make a living online, you have to buckle down and work really hard. Even Mark Zuckerberg did not create facebook with 1 hour a day, what makes you so special.  


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Back to WAH University. With all the promises made in WAH University to make you hundreds of dollars a day, you would thought that by following the courses you will definitely make at least some money online, but here is a disclaimer to show you exactly what they do not guarantee:




Do not be fooled by all the rosy pictures WAH university paint for you. If you fall for their trick, you are most probably painting a rosy picture for them instead.


Scam Alert 4: Down-Sell Marketing tactics

WAH-university-down-sellDo not be fooled by discounts after discounts and their sense of urgency saying that they will give the opportunity you currently have to someone else who wants it. Why rush to give your money away?

This is just a way to rope you into their program as there will be more upsells right after you sign up with them.

Please be mindful that you will probably never see this money ever again because getting a refund is harder than you thought.


My Final Thoughts

WAH University is an obvious scam similar to Web Fortune Master. Although I am not sure whether these scams are under the same family tree, their scheming techniques of marketing are identical.

If you really wish to start your own online business and make real legitimate money, I would recommend you to read my #1 recommended online business course and oppotunity.

As always, I welcome any comments so long as they are not rude. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me and I will be glad to discuss it with you. Thank you for reading my review, I hope I have saved you some money on this scam.


Your Pal,


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