Tube Cash Code – I’m being SCAMMED!

tube-cash-code-mainName:  Tube Cash Code
Website:  www.tubecashcode.com
Price: $49 + Many upsells
Owner(s): Ronnie Montano

Bare Naked Scam rating: 3 Thumbs Down


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Tube Cash Code – Stripped bare naked!!!

Tube Cash Code as it’s name suggest, teaches you how to make money online through Youtube. If you are wondering whether you can really make money with Tube Cash Code, you are in the right place. Let me first declare that I am not those people who will discriminate a product based on its cover, I will purchase the product myself and share my experience with you. Furthermore, I am not in any way trying to promote Tube Cash Code to you.

With that being said I would like to share with you why I feel this product is a scam. But before I get into it, I would like to share with you what I think of the introduction video of the Tube Cash Code.

tube-cash-code-actorsIf you give me one word to describe the video, “Fake” is all I can think about. All the personnel in the video are actors, their facial expressions and body languages are unnatural, it almost seem like watching a 1970s drama show. I believe these actors are somewhat employed to exaggerate how Tube Cash Code can make tons of money for them and for you.

The lead actor of the introduction video is Corey Gates who claims to make multi millions within two years with Tube Cash Code. Now what I have found is that the owner of Tube Cash Code is not Corey Gates, but an Internet Marketer named Ronnie Montano. Ronnie Montano is the creator of a few other products like Mobile Money Code, Easy Cash Code, Commission Cash Code which shares the same scam vibe as Tube Cash Code.

Let me dive in and share my experience with you on Tube Cash Code.

After paying $9, you are doomed for more upsells. You will be forced to watch a total of 6 videos if you decide not to purchase any of the 2 upsell products. This is definitely a drag as I just want to get into the members area.

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My Login Experience – Horrible

Upon purchase of the Tube Cash Code, usually I would expect to receive my login details through email  immediately, however, the only thing that I received was a receipt of purchase from ClickSure (an affiliate marketing platform) and that’s it. I’ve checked my spam folder as well just in case my login details went there but there was nothing.

After a day of waiting, I decided that I should take some action, so I emailed Tube Cash Code through the Clikcsure platform. I received an email from them after 12 hours and they’ve provided me with my login details. However, when I entered my details into the Tube Cash Code login area, it says that my email was not registered as a member.



I’ve sent them another email and yet again, I receive the same email reply telling me the same exact thing. I was running out of patience and so I sent them another email telling them of my frustration and finally, my account was created, after 3 days of probing. Imagine if I sat on it, probably by now I am still not able to login to Tube Cash Code.


Getting Started with Tube Cash Code

I’ve finally logged in to Tube Cash Code after 3 days and I was advised by Corey Gates to go through the SIX “Getting Started videos” and follow exactly the instructions and steps in order to succeed. One thing for sure, if you follow the instructions closely, be prepared to burn another hole in your pocket.

After all the upsells to get into the members area, you will be bombed with yet another round of upsells.


The Getting Started videos

Step 2: Call Corey Gates team of startup specialist

tube-cash-code-stater-step-2Personally, I am not comfortable giving a call to the hotline due to previous bad experiences with other products that will hardsell you to high priced coaching program where you learn basically nothing. Those coaching programs easily cost $2000 – $3000 and it is definitely not worth the money.

However, I am not saying that it will be similar with Tube Cash Code. If you have the experience with the hotline of Tube Cash Code, I would be grateful if you can share it with me.

Step 3: Free Gift for first 100 members

tube-cash-code-claim-free-giftAm I still the first 100 members after Tube Cash Code launched on November 4th, 2013? If I am, then Tube Cash Code is lying. Well this step is basically asking you to sign up a web hosting package with Hostzilla for $268.75. Without prior knowledge to what niche I want to pursue, how would I know what kind of website name I should have.

What if I purchased the website and realise that I do not like the name of it, what then, do I need to purchase another website for $268.75? It do not make sense at all given the “FREE GIFT” where you need to pay so much for. Furthermore, why would I want to buy a website when I can create one for free?

Step 4: Sign up for BONUS weekly webinar

tube-cash-code-step-by-step-training-1This is the only part of the starters area that do not upsell you to any other products. The first webinar video that I watched advised me to go through the step by step training videos, however, when I head over to the “Step by Step Training” tab, I couldn’t watch the videos as it says “Private Video, sorry you don’t have permission to watch”.

I am not sure what the reason is, but I am trying to figure out. Until then, I will provide you with a full detailed review.



I would also like to comment on the number of webinars available in Tube Cash Code. Let me first quote from Tube Cash Code: “As promised, I’m going to do 6 weeks of LIVE hand holding training to ensure your success with making money online. We’ll do these Bi-weekly.. That means TWICE a week!”

tube-cash-code-webinarIf I did my maths correctly, 6 weeks of training with 2 webinars each week I would expect to have 12 webinars, however, from the picture on the right, you can only see 8 webinars. I would not expect a new webinar to come along  as the last webinar uploaded was on December 12th, 2013. Another promise broken with Tube Cash Code.

Step 5: Selling you to Mobile Money Code

Mobile Money Code is another product developed by the same owner. It has the same style of website, same style of videos and the same style of upsells. Basically, Corey is selling you out. If you have spent close to a thousand dollars with Tube Cash Code, braise yourself to another round of frenzy spending.

tube-cash-code-stater-step-5-2The Mobile Money Code’s video features another actor, Greg Anderson, who does the same claims as Corey Gates. They start with the same line “Stop what you are doing right now and pay attention, because I am going to something 100% free”. Ya right, don’t cheat my feelings, I’m a really sensitive guy. Lol!

Mobile Money Code is basically an “automated software” that targets people who buy products online. For the purpose of Tube Cash Code review, I will discuss Mobile Money Code in another review.

To be honest, if I were you, I would not give a thought to Mobile Money Code. It is just another program that suck you into believing that you will be a millionaire overnight.

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Step 6: Money Making Sites in 3 Minutes – Really?

Yet another upsell video. First Corey Gates tells you that you can make extra 300% more profits with zero amount of extra efforts. Then he explains to you that you have to click on the link below the video to watch another jaw dropping video about creating a website that links to your youtube videos.

tube-cash-code-free-cash-appI’ve clicked on the link and it brought me to another product called Free Cash App which is developed by Nathan Grant. A mobile application that piggy backs on mobile phone technology to profit from trading binary options online.

Wait a minute, I thought Corey Gates says I need to setup a website? Now I am suppose to put additional $200 to Free Cash App and trade binary option? Ridiculous! By now, you would have realise how shady Corey Gates is and how he is trying to rip you off with his step by step process.

A break-down of the entire cost structure

If you follow blindly and purchase every singly upsell there is in Tube Cash Code, you will be spending approximately:

  • Tube Cash Code Basic Membership – $49
  • Tube Cash Code Automatic system (1st Upsell) – $298
  • Tube Cash Code Corey’s businesses (2nd Upsell) – $295
  • Start Up Specialist – $1,000 (approximately)
  • Purchase of domain name and web hosting – $268.75
  • Mobile Money Code – $642 (approximately)
  • Free Cash App – $200 to setup a trading account
  • Total – $2,752.75

My Advice to you

Stay far away from Tube Cash Code because it can’t make you any money. You will definitely lose a lot more than you gain. If you really want to learn how to make money online the legitimate way, then read my #1 recommended affiliate marketing course. This is the place where I actually made money. Check it out for yourself.

As always, I invite you to share your experience with me on Tube Cash Code by leaving a comment below. I am more than willing to discuss it with you. If you like this review and would like to prevent your friends and family from falling into the trick of Tube Cash Code, please feel free to click on the social media buttons (i.e. facebook, twitter, google plus) and share it with them.


Your pal,


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