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Report a scam here! If you ever feel cheated over a "work at home opportunity" or you have found something similar you would like to share, please do so here. I am providing a product review service here for anyone who wants to build a sustainable income online.

I can't do it alone! I need your help! There are so many existing scams out there and new ones being created every single day.

With me alone, I can't possibly detect every single scam online. If you have chance across an "opportunity" which looks like a scam or you have been cheated by a scam yourself, I need your help to share it below.

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  • Price you paid for the product
  • Why you think the product is a scam
  • Website of the product

After reviewing your email, I will start my investigation and write a review on the product.

And, upon completion of the product review, I will send you an email to notify you.

Thank you once again for your feedback and for participating in this journey with me to fight scams online and to make the Internet a SCAM FREE ZONE!

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37 thoughts on “Report a Scam”

  1. Hi Jack, I’ve come across another e commerce training course which seems to be relatively new, Ecom Warrior Academy. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  2. Kelvin Han, the notorious scammer who scammed millions from students back in Zone Financial from 2004 – 2006 is back scamming people with his ‘Phoenix system’ as a front, with someone call Yong Chin Hiong as the main person behind it, PGL Oriental Pte Ltd.
    With a big investor name Sammi Goh Seow Mooi, Three charged over pyramid selling scheme of Maxim Trader.

    Heres another link i found, basically just google ‘Kelvin Han scam’, you can find all information.

  3. SCAM ALERT IN BITCOIN INVESTMENT – There is a brand new BitCoin Investment scheme calle COINMINEPOT.ORG who promise to return your 0.1 BTC or 0.5 BTC Investment into a 200% ROI and when you deposit it into their wallet – Boom! Your Bitcoin is Gone forever. When you contact them in their Online chat, they will start blocking your messages and they will not respond to your e-mails. They have no official telephone contact number, no official address and their website is a crafty tricky simulation of transactions that does not exist. Please don’t fall into it as my friends deposited 0.1 BTC and the promise return of 0.3 BTC had completely gone into thin air forever!

    • Hi Frederick,

      Thank you for notifying me on this program.

      I’ll look into it and will update you.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  4. I am almost certain I have the answer to this question many may have on FACEBOOK ON FIRE.Its A Scam.If proven wrong,I will gladly take my words and eat them,digitally .While I paid them nothing,and feel “Joe”the made up person owes me 500dollars,it didnt take long to see they have no connection to Facebook.It is the normal case of saying they will pay you money only to watch their speil and be told your money is what they “saved”you off there supposed valueable system.And while you will never see the money promised to you for what they required that you do to get it,they offer you a system for 47dollars instead of 547dollars that is said “value.”Beware of any site offering “free”money .It is not any way to connect to systems that earn money for work,and you never will be given anything worth value for free when jumping there hoops.The fact that false advertisement has no real regulation in this global arena,and no court system that you can take your case to in attempt to collect from the wrongdoers or even expose them as criminals.It is my hope that there will be a day in the near future where hard working people trying to earn a living on the internet will be able to hold liable these money for nothing sites that have gotten the information you gave them to sell it on some platform where your info goes to anyone willing to pay one cent for it.This is my point,if you think your not being hurt by these companies that you have looked up the site and researched without giving them money,or any conformation of your particapation,think again.They have a habit of putting the cookies and non cookie methods to work on your device to profit in any way they can from you.

    • Thanks so much for sharing this Eric!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  5. Allison J. Prince purports to be the owner. I listened to her webinar today. She will sign you up into her classes where she will reveal all her online business secrets for $997 or 4 payments of $299. She claims even her young kids are using her system. It seems to be a new company but I cannot find much information about the actual program. I found one bad review at: I don’t know if it is a “one-off” or this is typical. I would appreciate any insight into whether or not this is a legitimate program.

    • Hi Rhonda,

      I’ve checked it out. The program in entirety seems legit, but I am not sure who was at fault in the bad review.

      It could be a term or condition that the member violates that got her kicked out, but it could also be the owner’s attitude towards handling tough comments.

      But, overall, its legit.

      Hope this helps.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  6. A total scam but I keep running into people who think this is real….and who are spending money on it.

    • The site seems to be down. I guess this is the end of it?

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  7. Ambit Energy 2018. In New York, there is a guaranteed Savings of 1% (You’ll receive a check for the difference + 1% if Ambits rates end up higher than incumbent’s). Ambit Energy is the ONLY company NYS endorses and allows for government programs. There is no longer a re-enrollment, so customers don’t have to worry about it expiring every year or get shocked at rates jumping back to providers rates. It costs only $75 to enroll as a consultant now, instead of $429. Alot has changed, Ambit has grown tremendously, and with dozens of JD Power awards it is far from a scam. I suggest you reevaluate!

    • Thanks for your information! I will definitely look into it again.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      • I did not approve of payments os $49.00/month THEY SAID IT WAS FREE TO START Then they just went and charged my card I want a credit to my card and I will never believe comments like free Please confirm I am getting the credit and no more payments Thanks Louis P Bona

        • Hi Louis,

          Thank you for your comment!

          Could you let me know which program are you referring to so that I can investigate?

          Thank you!
          ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  8. Hello,

    • Hey Terra,

      Thank you for your report!

      I think I have done a review on this program and you can access it here.

      It is unfortunate that you are experiencing this from Empowr. I hope the authorities will take action on this company as well, given that there are a lot of complaints on them.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  9. Emirates & Sung (E & S) is a company that is operating series of Scams across the length and breadth of Africa, Middle East and parts of Europe.
    The scams caused by this company is led by two con men Mr Kwamina Rasaki Springer and Mr Craig Tucker. Both are British Citizens claiming to be multi-millionaires at the age of 24. Their passports are attached here to pre warn you before you become a victim.
    They claim E&S is a venture capitalist company and financiers of various projects globally. It is all Scam, their story is well crafted to deceive unsuspecting potential clients. Kwamina Rasaki Springer who’s popularly called Kwame claims he lives 3 houses away from David Beckam in Hertfordshire.
    Their usual approach is as follows:
    1. They will first of all send series of emails with dubious documents detailing procedures with terms & conditions.
    2. They will then request for detailed project documents and financials.
    3. This will be followed by an Investment Indicative Offer, they use different fake companies from Dubai and china to present the offer. Some of these companies are Blue Dot Wealth Ltd, and many more
    3. They follow this step up quickly by asking innocent clients to sign the indicative offer and return it immediately.
    4. When the offer is signed by the client, they will then demand for an administration fee of £15,000 (fifteen thousand pounds sterling) and £5,000 (five thousand legal fees). This money is usually sent by electronic transfer or internet banking into an E&S account in the UK.
    5. Once the money is paid, then the story begins, the client will struggle with them before they’ll agree on a date to visit the client in his country for due diligence. The client will have to pay for flight tickets and hotel and all expenses whilst these two Scum-burgs are having their holidays in the name of due diligence.
    6. More trouble comes up when the due diligence is about to end. Because Kwame and Craig are not highly educated and find it difficult to write good sentences and put reports together, they start requesting for unnecessary documentations from the clients. This is because at this stage the client is expecting the due diligence report and the only way to avoid that is to come up with extra demands.
    7. From this point onwards they will bring fake RWA and other funding documentations claiming their capacity in funding other projects. Some of these documentations are attached to againalert innocent clients
    8. These requests for further project documents goes on and on until they will come to a conclusion that the client has not been able to provide all the necessary documentations, therefore they cannot fund the project.
    A recent check from TS Imperial Bank where they’ve falsified the signature of the bank officers has proven to be true. The bank is currently considering to alert Europol to arrest them for fraudulently using their old letterhead and falsifying the signature of the MD.

    Kwame and Craig are very dangerous people and I would warn anyone dealing with them to watch their back. Craig is a lame dog and takes full instruction from Kwame who’s the master conman and seasoned criminal.
    Next time you hear about E&S, Kwamina Rasaki Springer and Craig Tucker just call the police, otherwise, you will lose your money

  10. Fenikfx is a total scam the so called useless man that called him self a professional forex trader just did away with my $1000 USD please be warned so u can’t victim like meme

  11. Dixon Golf started out with a few criminals that lured investors in with promises of large returns and then has “changed” their corporate mission to a company that claims to do charitable work with schools and the public. Meanwhile there are no returns or investments for the investors and when you try to cash in your stocks (private) they tell you that they are not cashing out any stock. They claimed to have numerous partnerships with golf stores and manufactures, none of whom carry their golf balls or products any more and all of who claim that Dixon is NOT legitimate. When you look online you can see that there are tons of unhappy investors that cannot get anywhere with calling Dixon. Moreover, there are even more unhappy employees who claim that they are not a legitimate company but more of a scam.

    • Hi Mary,

      Thanks for your heads up!

      However, this is a site that exposes online opportunity scams. Anyway, I will post this so that people who have any interest with Dixon Golf would know.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  12. hwww dot fenikfx dot org is a big big big scam ooo… fraud fraud fraud sterrrrrrrrrrrr….

    • Thanks for reporting this! I will do a review on this soon but in the meantime, anybody who sees this, please steer clear.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  13. I and my wife joined World Ventures in October 2014. We were promised a hell lot of dream trips etc. We paid the USD 500 joining fee and have been remitting USD 100 every month since then.
    However last month we requested for a dreamtrip as we were told we would use the USD 400 immediately. The story changed. We were told that we cannot use the USD 200 for flight tickets etc etc.
    We have written severally to World Ventures without any response either in the USA or the office in Kenya. We want back our money as now we have realized this was a Ponzi scheme/scam.
    So far we are unable to get our money back.

  14. Awaiting moderation
    Hello Jack,
    Can you tell me more about Emobile scam, i think i get scammed by Bill Mcknight, he promised only $49 end up paying him more then $575.
    Some people destroying online business just Bill Mcknight did. I try to contact him unfortunately there is no contact details. Please advice me what do i do to get my money back.

    • Hi Joy,

      There is no point contacting bill mcknight because he is just an actor (front person) for the product. The real owner is ronnie montano and you can never get hold of him.

      Luckily the program is managed by clicksure where they gaurantee your refund within 60days.

      I beleieve you did receive an email receipt when you first purchase the program. If you find the email, check it at your junk mail.

      Once you have found the mail, click on the link to find your purchase and then look for support and send a refund ticket.

      Let me know if you still need any help.


  15. DHGate first promises free access, but then on the next page asks for a few Rand to access their information. You can then decide if you want to sign-up with them for an extra income working from home. We are looking for a work from home opportunity for my sisters’ son for sometime now since he has been declared unfit to work due to heart disease. I read their so-called money making method and decided against it because it will take too much time and energy to start getting somewhere and he does not have this luxury due to his health. I did not sign up but 2 months in a row they simply stole more than R700 from my credit card. I sent them an unsavoury email and they then promised to refund me in August in full within 2 weeks. This has never happened. They are definitely thieves. I have all the mail communication I have had with them. My sisters’ son received a donor heart a week ago and I am still looking for a work from home opportunity for him. Please investigate DHGate. I can forward all communications to you, should you require this.

    • Hi Sandra,

      I’m glad that your sister’s son found a donor and hope he is well now. In situation like this with DHGate, the first thing you need to do is to notify your credit card company and cancel/block any future payments with them. If necessary, you need to ask them to replace a new credit card for you. I think the best way to get a refund is probably to get your credit card company involve in this to dispute with DHGate. Most Credit Card companies can help to dispute fraudulent transactions and I believe they can help you. Let me know the outcome.

      If you are looking for online opportunities, I would suggest your Sister’s son to look into affiliate marketing. Basically to build a Business revolving his interest. The way it works is to promote other people’s product and make a commission upon each successful sale. Beginners will probably be lost and would not know what to do, so I would suggest that he get step-by-step training from the best place I know. Read my recommendation here.

      Let me know if you need any help. I will be glad to assist.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      • Good Day Jack,

        Thank you for the response. I have tried as you advised, but since I purchased the tutorial, they had my credit card information, I never subscribed since I did not like their model. DHGate / PrecisionWebTools is the same thing. I will have to replace by credit card. Here their message to me which they never honoured:
        “Your account has been cancelled per your request.
        As per your request, your refund in the amount of your purchase has been issued to your credit card on 7-10-2014. Please allow up to 2 weeks for the refund to appear on your account. Some banks it can take up to 3-4 weeks to see your funds deposited back in your account. Now that we have processed your refund you will be waiting on your bank. Please note some cards are voided therefore your credit card transaction was never posted so you would not see the charge or a refund on your bank statement. Please double check your bank account.
        We appreciate your interest in our company and hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future. If you want to earn some money and start working from home, we are offering you limited one month offer at an incredible one time low price. Just to show you how good our product is. Please go to

        Kind Regards,

        • Hi Sandra,

          Replacing your credit card is the best option. To get a refund, if your credit card company can help to dispute your case with the company that will be the best solution. Alternatively, you may also want to seek your local police to help you out if the amount is substantial.

          ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  16. Internet Lifestyle Network has been disabled by ScamForce. Order links have been disabled by their processing company pending an investigation.

    • Hi John! Thanks for your heads up. Can I ask how did you get that information. Please share it with me so I can further warn people about this.

      Thank you so much in advance!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  17. I would like you to look into claims fenikfx of 200% return on investment. Fenikfx is an online forex trading company. Please are their claims true or is it just a scam?

    • Hi Harry! Sure. Will take a look at it and send you an email once the review is done.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    • Hi Harry! Apologies for my late reply on this. Unfortunately, I can’t look into detail on this. I’ve sent the forex trader an email but till now I have not receive a reply. All the information on the website is vague and I couldn’t find further information. All I can find is the company is a subsidiary of a Nigerian trading company, fenik real trust intercontinental limited.

      I do not know if this is link to any of these scams:

      You should be wary of any companies that make claims like these. Most of the time is just a marketing gimmick. I will soon be reviewing on Binary Forex Option Products and will inform you once I have done one.

      Thank you for your heads up on this scam! Hope you will report more to me in future!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    • FenikFX – is he a scam, well hard to say but obviously his claim is not true. Well, he will tell you that to realize such profit you would need to invest $10,000 as a start for a standard lot account – which sort of makes sense but then the question is do you want to gamble your $10k with someone just off from the street.

      I tried him with little amount ($800) to see how he trades – he started off not making profit until when I told him I was going to move my business to another account. Two days after he made some decent profit after convincing me to add more funds to the account the more, I did to make up a total of $2500 and definitely not the $10 k he was asking for. But then, the ugly came immediately after collecting his commission and after I was able to withdraw $500 from the account. He opened a trade which resulted in a margin call and wiped off the balance in the account. When I analyzed the position, I saw that the volume size he chose was too high essentially using the entire balance in the trade – may be that is deliberate or reckless, I don’t know what to call it.

      So whatever the case is, whether it is FenikFX or any other scheme don’t believe the hype…the question to ask is why would someone you’ve never seen before be so nice to help you make so much money and they will be happy to just take a little – it is not human nature, it doesn’t make sense. Even your own family, if they are truly engaged in some profitable venture will most likely not show you the secret, they can share a little bit of the proceeds with you by buying you nice lunch or dinner but they most likely will not show you the secret of their success – that is true human nature, anything else sounds too good to be true and there most likely is an element of scam in it.

      So any category that falls into this subtle scam schemes in what I see has flooded the internet these days is someone who has a 3 step or x-step program that will help you to be “financially free”….hmmm…. don’t believe the hype, it may just be another scheme to free your finances from your pocket. Don’t get me wrong, some could actually be legit but most aren’t and they all make it look so easy to implement and so for the legit ones you may end up just being stuck at some point or having to buy more products that you will never use. The webinars server is the entry point of their funnel to suck you in to their other higher priced recycled BS content.

      Here is my takeaway, it is not just human nature to make money for someone else or to show someone how to make money while you stand as the nice guy that is content with little. So be careful of these “self-help” programs that have flooded the internet – you are just being sold, in most cases, recycled content that they know you will never use.

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