Is MWR Life a Scam? – Is it worth Pre-Paying for Services?

MWR Life is not a scam. It is a relatively new multi-level marketing company based on various consumer services.

There are a lot of people talking about this program so I decided to take a look at see what it’s all about.

MWR Life is quite similar to most multi-level marketing companies; matching bonuses, fancy cars, multi-level deep commissions, and a lot of promises of wealth.

mwr-life-opportunityMWR Life is all about how to position yourself as a life-coach and offer your services to people. The company partners with many different consumer service professionals and you’ll be offering those services to people.

Like most multi-level marketing opportunities, the core source of income is based on recruiting new people to join your team.

Once you have a team, there are a lot of bonuses that you can reach, including a 25% matching commission bonus and team bonus commissions. Members earn $25 for each person they refer to the business.

The idea is to join the company and purchase the products, then promote the company and recruit as many affiliates as possible to earn maximum revenue.

The problem with most of this opportunity is that it’s a lot harder to make money with them than it looks.

In order to sign-up you’ll need to be introduced to the program by a qualified member.

It’s impossible to join the program unless you sign-up underneath someone, this makes it possible for everyone to stay within the ladder system.

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There are three main packages to choose from: silver ($99 one-time), gold ($299 one-time), and platinum ($599 one-time).

These packages grant you access to a wide range of services, ranging from tech-support to legal counsel to roadside assistance.

There are over 9 services for members to choose from. These are all subscription based services that require a monthly fee, but as an MWR Life member you’ll be able to promote these services for commissions.

Essentially, the member’s duty is to recruit new members to promote various consumer services, and members have the chance to use some free services. For instance, if you refer three people you’ll be able to choose one free service to use for your own needs.

MWR Life Pros:

I like that MWR Life has a list of interesting consumer services that you can use. Check out the video below:

This also makes it easier to promote the opportunity because you have more “hooks” to advertise.

There are services for pretty much every niche so you can always have something to promote.

But the main product that you’ll be promoting is the opportunity!

MWR has a lot of bonuses. There are over 10 different ways that you can make money with the system. Obviously the most lucrative method comes from collecting referrals and building a team.

But there are many other bonuses too, that can bring in some supplemental income.

We already mentioned two in this article (25% matching bonus and 3 & Free) but there are many more, such as Freedom Bonus, Luxury Vehicle Club, Monthly Pay, and more.

There’s also a Daily Guarantee fund that is based on a percentage of the total that you and your team earns over a certain period. This amount will be sent to everyone on a daily basis.

So there’s always some cash coming in, no matter what you do.

Here is a video that explains the compensation plan of MWR Life:

This all sound nice, however….

MWR Life Cons:

Here’s what I didn’t like about this opportunity:

For starters, there’s too much hype!

You’ll see a lot of promises of wealth and luxury vehicles. I don’t really like relying on hype to sell a product because a product should sell itself based on value.

Secondly, in order to remain active with the business you’ll need to earn a certain amount of customer points every month. In other words, the members must spend money on the products in order to continue with the program.

Most of these services require a monthly fee so you’ll need to spend cash each month to remain a member. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, but when you add these fees on top of the original package that you purchased, it comes to a lot.

There’s also not much training material and you’re kind of left on your own to figure out how to sell products and services.

You can also choose to purchase a custom-made website that’s essentially a sales page for MWR Life but with your affiliate links. This is what most people do, but it also leads to saturation because everyone promotes the same pages in the same places.

I also didn’t like how the training encourages you to chase after friends and family members.

In my opinion, these are the last people that you would want on your team (unless you happen to have a family of experienced marketers) because they rarely know what it takes to work online.

I also think that some of these services are rather difficult to promote. For example, there’s a service dedicated to computer health and safety, but that’s an already saturated niche, and all you really need to keep your computer safe is a basic anti-virus program.


So is MWR a scam?

In my opinion, it’s not a scam, it’s a legitimate opportunity based on promoting various services.

But I wouldn’t recommend it to people who are new to working online and looking for a way to make some consistent income.

It’s a little too expensive for my tastes and there’s too much hype and requirements. I would much prefer to setup my own online business and focus on promoting a product as an affiliate instead of spending all my cash to join an opportunity that may or may not work.

I’m also not a fan of multi-level marketing businesses because most people are aware of the scams in the industry and are not interested in joining more opportunities. In other words, it’s difficult to get people to join the opportunities.

Instead, why not build your own website that you can use to promote whatever you want, whether that’s your own products or affiliate products. I think that’s a much better alternative and you can learn all about how to do that in this online business training course. This program has helped thousands of people like you and me to find success with their online business. You should absolutely check it out here.

Your pal,