Is Carbon Copy Pro a Scam? – Read this before you get sucked into it!


Name: Carbon Copy Pro or PRO U

Website(s): www.prou.co or www.carboncopypro.com

Price: $25/mth + EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE Upsells

Owners: Jay Kubassek

Bare Naked Scam Rating: 2 Thumbs Down


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Carbon Copy Pro (CCPro) – An Introduction

Carbon Copy Pro or PRO U (Current) is founded by Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson in 2005. Its aim is to provide an internet marketing mentorship platform for individuals, entrepreneurs and small business professionals. CCPro is also a membership based community where you need to pay $25/mth to remain as a member.


I am also a little confused as to the true product or the true intention of CCPro. Firstly, there are mentorship products offered by CCPro and secondly, in order to be a member of CCPro, you have to purchase another product called “Internet Laptop Lifestyle” and join the Six Figure Mentors Membership.

Honestly speaking, if I am a new to making money online, I would not know which product to choose from, should I purchase Internet Laptop Lifestyle and join the membership with Six Figure Mentors or purchase the products of Carbon Copy Pro? There are no clear guideline as to the steps to be taken.


You probably notice that there are many hypes surrounding Carbon Copy Pro and many people claimed they made money with it. Let me do you a BIG favour by erasing all those noise and tell you exactly what you need to know about Carbon Copy Pro.

But before I dive into that, I would like to share with you why are there so many hypes on Carbon Copy Pro. The reason is simply because those people who hypes on CCPro will get a commission (or referral fee) when YOU purchase a product from or through Carbon Copy Pro.

So now you know why are there so many bias reviews for CCPro.

What exactly you need to know – Overpriced program

Carbon Copy Pro provide overpriced mentorship programs that will suck up almost your entire life savings. No doubt you can learn something valuable from the mentorship programs, it is definitely not worth giving up your life savings for that education.

To get the entire mentorship program, you need a total of $39,995, which is almost equivalent to the price of a college degree program. Please take a step back to reconsider, the HUGE sum of money can be used for many other things (Probably buy a new house or a new car or cover many months of your groceries). PLUS, spending so much money does not guarantee your success.

Before you even start making any money from Carbon Copy Pro, you are already on a negative of $39,995. For many people, that sum of money is more than an entire year of salary. How long do you think you need before you can recuperate what was paid for your education.

There is a WAY CHEAPER alternative you can get your education from. It covers everything that Carbon Copy Pro teaches PLUS many more. I personally encourage you to give it a try!

Cost of Carbon Copy Pro Products:

Jay Kubassek’s BlackBOOK: $97

A short description:

The Jay Kubassek’s BlackBOOK is a Online-business Blueprint for beginners who want to start making money online. It acts as a step by step guide for your further advancement to learn more about Internet Marketing.

SILVER Mentorship:

  • SILVER (option 1): $1995
  • SILVER (option 2): $600 + 6 monthly payments of $250

A short description:

The Silver Mentorship program is the first program you NEED to purchase before you can purchase any other levels of the Mentorship program.

The Silver Mentorship program consists of 6 courses (30+ modules) covering topics on core competencies, skill-sets and mind frame required to be a successful Internet Marketer.

Basically, this course is all about changing your mindset. There are NO solid contents about being an Online Marketer.

GOLD Mentorship:

To purchase GOLD, you have to first purchase SILVER Mentorship Program

  • GOLD:$7,995 (Upgrading from SILVER)
  • GOLD Package:$9,995 (Everything in GOLD and SILVER)

A short description:

The GOLD Mentorship program builds on the foundation set at the SILVER level. The GOLD Mentorship entitles you to ONE year of coaching (NOT Lifetime) by the gurus and trainers in CCPro In this Mentorship level, you will learn more about Internet Marketing (Strategies, tips, tricks, drive traffic, etc).

By forking out such a huge sum of money I would expect to have the mentorship program for a lifetime but NO, you only get it for a year. What happens if I have more questions to ask after a year, do I need to pay another $7,995 to purchase another year of coaching?

Platinum Mentorship:

To purchase PLATINUM, you have to first purchase SILVER Mentorship Program

  • PLATINUM:$9,995 (Upgrading from GOLD)
  • PLATINUM Package:$19,995 (Everything in PLATINUM, GOLD and SILVER)

A short description:

This part of the Mentorship program is probably the most valuable out of all other programs. It teaches you to create your own product instead of selling other people’s product. Similar to other Mentorship levels, it only last for a year.

Black Mentorship:

To purchase BLACK, you have to first purchase SILVER Mentorship Program.

  • BLACK: $19,995 (Upgrading from PLATINUM)
  • BLACK Package: $39,995 (Everything in BLACK, PLATINUM, GOLD and SILVER)

A short description:

This part of the program provides you with an opportunity to joint venture with CCPro to use its brand to distribute your own product line.

I think “Internet Laptop Lifestyle” and the Six Figure Mentors is a great example when you sign up for the BLACK Mentorship program.

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Is Carbon Copy Pro a SCAM?

Well, it is NOT exactly a Scam, however, I would advise against joining CCPro or purchasing any product from it simply because CCPro does not look out for your interest.

Firstly, the EXTREMELY high cost products makes me wonder if they spare a thought for YOU as an individual who do not have the capability to fork out with the hefty initial investment.


Secondly, there are no clear direction for any individual to browse (or trial) through the CCPro. In order to take a 30-day trial run of CCPro or Pro U, you have to first  be CCPro member and in order to become a CCPro member, you have to purchase a video series called “Internet Laptop Lifestyle”  which cost $29.95 and join the Six Figure Membership for $25/mth.

Thirdly, there are no exact guide as to which product should be bought first, “Internet Laptop Lifestyle” or the CCPro Mentorship Program.

Price, usability and navigation are the most important factors to judge if a product is suitable for an individual like YOU. And for those reasons above, Carbon Copy Pro or PRO U is given a “TWO Thumbs down”.

My Final Take on Carbon Copy Pro or PRO U

While you are still contemplating on whether you buy any products from CCPro, I urge you to think twice and re-consider. No doubt you can learn something from CCPro, however it is not worth the ridiculously enormous sum of money for the course.

There are other courses out there which are a thousand times cheaper than CCPro and of the same quality or even better. If you would like to find out a better and cheaper alternative, I would suggest you to read my #1 Recommended Internet Marketing Course and opportunity.

I am not a person who would hype on any products so I would leave it to you to decide if my recommendation is suitable to you.

As always, I welcome you to leave a comment below to share with me your thoughts on CCPro.

Your Pal,


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  1. Barbara Ransom says:

    Unfortunately, I fell for this Carbon Copy Pro scam and lost several thousands of dollars, considering that I am a single parent of 5 and Breast Cancer Survivor who was dealing with tons of medical bills I was really hoping that this would have been my ticket to financial freedom. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Wish I would have vetted them out before flushing all of my money down the toilet.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      It’s sad to see that you’ve fallen deep into this program, and I’m glad that you’ve shared your insights here.

      Thank you so much!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  2. I was one of those who lost money due to ProU and their lack of interest in how your business is developing. They are very good at getting you to purchase the products but not mentoring. I’m out $20,000.00 and since the product is online marketing there is no physical product that you can even say you purchased. They have also been telling prospective buyers of the product to tap into life insurance policies or borrow money to buy the product since it is a good business opportunity. When you sign up you are promised mentor based training but left totally on your own to flounder through tbe material and when you need help no one responds to your requests. You feel like you have been scammed and out a whole lot of money. From what I have heard Jay Kubassek has declared bankruptcy and owes lots of money to lots of people, including me. He has also moved from the US to England where he will more than likely continue this under a different company name. All I can say is buyer beware and entrepreneurs be smart and don’t buy into the hype….B.

  3. I didnt know such high priced products exist on the internet. It almost seem like a scam. Thanks for this review.

    1. Although it is not a scam but the price of the product is just ridiculous. There’s no way anyone can afford such kind of education. Thanks for your comment Lai Kuan!


  4. Its crazy to pay such a high price for education. Almost the price getting a college degree. I will stay away from this definitely.

    1. Thanks for your comment Peck Wan! You can probably buy a house with that money in some countries.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  5. 40k for an online marketing business? That is insane Jack! I really don’t know anyone who would pay for anything online that costs even half the price. Thanks for your thorough review on this product and introducing me to different alternatives.

    1. Hi John, I was as shock as you when I saw the price of Carbon Copy Pro. Moreover, the amount spent does not justify the usefulness of the course and it definitely do not guarantee your success in online business world. Thank you so much for reading my review and for your comment as well!

      ~ Jack Cao (BareNakedScam)

  6. Hi Jack

    Thank You for sharing your insightful review of the carbon copy pro which I think I’ve never seen until visiting this cool blog post. The products are well expensive and think I’ll be staying away from this. Thanks for the advice too 🙂


    1. Hi Neil, thank you for your cool comment! 🙂

      ~Jack Cao (BareNakedScam)

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