Anik Singal’s Copywriting Academy – An Unbiased Insider’s Review

I’ve bought many Copywriting courses over the years, and have paid thousands of dollars for each.

In fact, the price tag for almost every “legitimate” copywriting course cost between $1,500 to $3,000.

To learn this craft is definitely not cheap, and I noticed that some courses out there do not realize the big shift in the consumer behavior and they are still teaching outdated copywriting techniques.

Aniks Copywriting Academy ReviewAniks Copywriting Academy Review

In the past, copywriting techniques are mainly used in newspaper ads, infomercials, sales pamphlets, print materials and etc., and today, it is a totally different ball game.

While some of the old techniques work, many of them don’t.

I’m surprised that people are still willing to pay thousands of dollars to learn outdated stuff. Maybe they don’t know what to expect.

When I first come across Anik Singal’s Copywriting Academy (CA), I was intrigued because I am already a customer of his other programs, and I knew he was a good copywriter.

What’s more is that he understands the “modern” style of copywriting.

And, he uses that skill to skyrocket his business. He is the living proof of his own copywriting methods.

You would have thought that he would charge thousands for his course, but he didn’t. The course don’t even cost more than a thousand dollars (at least for now). Grab the founder member discount now before it is too late.

I’ve personally bought this program, and in this Copywriting Academy Review, I hope to share with you the information you need to make an informed decision.

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A Sneak Peek into Anik’s Copywriting Academy

Here’s a screenshot of the members area.

Aniks Copywriting Academy Members Area

There’s a total of 8 core modules in this course with a final exam.

Members who passed the exam will be awarded a Copywriting Certificate presented by the Copywriting Academy.

On top of the core modules, there are other relevant modules that will give you an edge as an online entrepreneur. I’ll discuss more below.

At the end of each module, there will be a quiz that you have to pass before you can unlock the next set of module.

This is a great way to keep you on track of your progress and to prevent you from skipping ahead or going astray.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the modules.

Introduction: The Copywriting Business

Aniks Copywriting Academy Course 1

This is an introduction to the entire course where Anik will share with you what you can expect as a professional copywriter, and the fact that copywriters are in high demand, especially webinar copywriters.

You will also learn the different kinds of copywriting, and how modern copywriting is so much different from the past.

Right off the bat, you’ll gain a lot of knowledge from this module itself.

This module also covers the “Magic 5 step Formula of copywriting”. It is the formula that dictates whatever copy that you write.

Basically, Anik’s CA is unlike any other courses that will teach you how to structure and write direct sales letters.

It teaches you how to write sales copy for almost every digital avenue, like emails, videos, blogs, opt-in or capture pages, sales letters, and webinars.

It is a complete Copywriting course for the digital age.

Module #1: Direct Marketing vs. Interactive Marketing

Aniks Copywriting Academy Course 2

Anik has made a bold statement that direct marketing is dying.

Direct Marketing, if you are not familiar with it, is marketing through infomercials, direct mail, postcards, cold call, billboards, magazines, etc.

Anik is so right about his claim.

Gone were the days where you need to spend a lot of money on “getting the word out” without knowing if the marketing effort is successful. This is what Anik calls the “Shotgun Copywriting Method”, where you write a copy that tries to draw the masses’ attention.

Today’s society is full of noises, and people have so many options that they will literally ignore any sales promotions or content that are not relevant to them.

The Shotgun Copywriting Method doesn’t work anymore. In this day and age, the majority of the people only respond to ads that speaks to them on an emotional level. This is what Anik calls the “Sniper Copywriting Method”.

As you progress through the lessons, Anik will also share some successful copywriting examples that will work today.

Plus, you’ll be introduced to the “Yes” Funnel, which is said to be the core of modern style Copywriting.

Module 2: Copywriting Foundation

Aniks Copywriting Academy Course 3

The #1 element that every copywriter has to have is discussed in this module.

The role of a copywriter is to understand the path of a consumer’s buying journey, and to relate to the customers on a psychological level.

The customer’s emotions, the triggers that makes the customers take action, are part of what’s discussed in this module.

You’ll also understand why storytelling is the best way to connect with the buyers on a subconscious level, and why you need to take advantage of both the conscious and the subconscious mind to sell a product.

And, you’ll also learn the secrets of how to become a story teller quickly.

Module 3: Researching Your Market

Aniks Copywriting Academy Course 4

Research is probably one of the most important steps for a copywriter.

Without research, copywriters will find it difficult to relate to the consumers on an emotional level, thus making the sales copy unappealing.

It is through understanding the consumers, “getting into their mind”, that compels them to consume the sales copy.

So, in this module, you’ll learn about the tools Anik uses do research, and you’ll also learn how to (1) create your customer avatar – you gotta know who you are talking to your sales copy, (2) determine the trigger points of your customers, (3) structure a sales offer, and (4) crafting the blueprint of your sales funnel.

This module is jam packed with a lot of information to consume.

I have a friend who works in the marketing field, and he said that his company pays thousands of dollars for their employees to learn stuff that are in this module.

I am not trying to exaggerate, but this is a fact that people in the marketing field know about.

Module 4: Building Action Pages (Opt-in & Registration Pages)

Aniks Copywriting Academy Course 5

It’s time to do the actual work.

At this point, you’d have passed the initiation stage, and you are ready to take action on your sales copy.

Getting people to opt-in or register to your email list, webinar or sales funnel is the first touch point for any marketing campaign, other than your advertisement.

So, getting the action page done right is super important!

In this module, you’ll learn the 5 elements that ALL action pages must have, and you’ll also learn how to use a “Segway Page” to multiply your sales conversion rate.

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Module 5: Writing High-Converting Emails

Aniks Copywriting Academy Course 6

Anik is best known for one thing, which is writing emails that sells.

So, in this module, which consist of 11 lessons, Anik will teach you how to write emails that people can’t help but to open your email and take action.

To be honest, it is not only about writing emails, it is about writing a sequence of emails, or some experts call it the “soap opera emails”, that constantly creates the touch points with the consumer.

As most experts say, a person needs to see a product for at least 7 times before they make the purchase.

So, writing a sequence of emails doesn’t only serve as a sales tool, it is also about building trust and relationship with your consumers.

The more you show up in front of their inbox, the more your consumers will remember you (of course you don’t spam their inbox, you need to give them value), and they will trust you because you seemed to know what you are talking about.

Module 6: Written Sales Letters

Aniks Copywriting Academy Course 7

The people in the new age do not like to consume written content, but if your written content is visually appealing, then that’s a different story.

It is advised that written sales letters are meant for products that cost between $1 to $30.

I fully agree with that because a written sales letter is harder to consume and digest as compared to a video sales letter, and that’s why selling higher priced products with written sales letters may not be effective.

This module consists of 10 lessons and the most important lesson of all is the 9 step formula for writing a lengthy sales copy.

Module 7: Video Sales Letters

Aniks Copywriting Academy Course 8

You would have thought that people who creates videos did them in an impromptu manner, in fact, do you know that successful videos are mostly scripted.

Yes, you heard it right.

And, there’s a step-by-step formula to create successful sales videos.

So, whatever products you are trying to sell, there is a structured manner to write your video scripts.

It will take some time for you to complete this module because there’s really a lot to cover in the 16 lessons, and there are actions to be taken after each lesson.

After completing this module, you will have a deep understanding of how other successful copywriters create sales video scripts , and you’ll probably end up with a script for your video as well.

Module 8: Webinars

If you can master the skill of webinar copywriting, you are literally going to print yourself unlimited stacks of cash.

This skill is highly sought in the market, and people don’t really provide this service to others, because they can earn even more by applying that skill to their own promotions.

Just like Anik mentioned, he turned down a client who would pay $150k just to write a webinar copy. Instead, he wrote a webinar copy for himself  that made him 10 times the amount of the client’s offer.

To be honest, I haven’t seen any copywriting courses on the market that is teaching people how to write Webinar copy.

Learn Webinar Copywriting Now! Give yourself an edge in this Digital Economy.

The Value of the Bonuses is through the Roof…

In addition to the core copywriting modules, you’ll gain access to Anik’s other courses called “Email Mastery”, “Event Based Marketing”, and “Webinar Jedi”.

Plus, you get to download (1) a Copywriting checklist which is super useful for any copywriter, and (2) the swipe files (templates) that will aid your writing.

If you are interested in building a copywriting business (agency), there’s a module itself that teaches you how to do just that.

Here’s a complete list of bonuses you will get when you sign up to the Copywriting Academy through this link:

  • Weekly Coaching Call Replays – At the time of this writing (29 March 2018), there are 21 coaching call replays. Each video is approximately an hour long.
  • A course that teaches you how to build a $400k Copywriting Agency (6 lessons)
  • Blog Copywriting course (5 lessons)
  • Email Mastery course (7 lessons)
  • Webinar Jedi course (3 lessons)
  • Exact Model System – Hundreds of sales copy and email templates that spans across different niches.
  • Copywriting Workshop (5 hour long videos)

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My Sincere Advice

Whether you are a business owner, a newbie in the digital marketing industry, an aspiring internet entrepreneur, or you are seeking for a job in the copywriting field, as long as you are trying to sell something online, you need the skill of copywriting.

You can pay thousands of dollars to hire copywriters, but if you don’t know the craft of copywriting, you wouldn’t know if your hired staffs are doing a good job.

Hence, I highly recommend that you personally master this skill.

Anik’s Copywriting Academy is one of the cheapest, yet one of the most valuable course on the market, that’s my opinion (as you know I’ve bought many copywriting courses over the years).

If you are ready to learn this craft, you can join the Copywriting Academy here.

Thank you so much for reading this review!

I hope I have given you everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

If you’d like to discuss more about this program, please, feel free to leave a comment below.

And, if you think that this review is helpful, I’d be grateful if you can share it by clicking on the social media buttons.

Your pal,