National Wealth Center Review: 7 Facts to Know Before Joining

I noticed that the internet is plastered with so-called “National Wealth Center reviews”. Unfortunately, most of the reviews about this product are not legitimate and are solely designed to encourage people to sign-up for the scheme.

So, the next time you become interested in joining a business opportunity, we encourage you to check and verify with our site first. We review lots of business opportunities as we are run by a team of knowledgeable business owners.

Reading digital guides and e-books towards personal development and financial freedom. All that while earning a 100% commission rate and up to $7500 for every successful new recruit.

Sounds interesting right? Well, that is how another MLM, National Wealth Center markets its company.

In this review, I’m gonna talk about seven facts you need to know about National Wealth Center, its digital products, and how you can earn money. These facts might save you a lot of cash.

National Wealth Center Review - Is it a scam
Snapshot from National Wealth Center Official Site
  • About: National Wealth Center is an MLM company that sells digital products on Self Development, Health, Wellness, and Financial Independence. The company also offers an affiliate program requiring new recruits to purchase any of their digital products.
  • Price to join opportunity: Prices range from $25 a month (with a $9.95 monthly admin fee) to $7,500 in a one-time fee (with a 10% admin fee)
  • Pros: The company offers 100% residual commission on the sale of their digital products, and tout that you can earn money without solely depending on your effort.
  • Cons: $7,500 worth of digital products is pretty expensive considering you can find FREE and similar resources on the Internet.
  • National Wealth Center Founder & CEO: Peter Wolfing
  • Quick summary: Unlike most MLM, National Wealth Center sells digital products instead of tangible products. Their products are rather expensive considering you can find vast similar and FREE resources online. But if you are good at selling, and you don’t mind selling overpriced personal development eBooks, then feel free to try it out.
  • Verdict: We do not recommend promoting personal development eBooks written by unknown writers. There isn’t any lack of information in this space. By becoming a distributor, you are promoting overpriced products that may be useless to other people. For conscience’s sake, we recommend not becoming a part of this company.



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1. National Wealth Center evolved from Infinity100, another MLM company

National Wealth Center was founded by Peter Wolfing in July 2014. Currently, its headquarter is located in New York, USA. National Wealth Center evolved from another MLM, Infinity100 which collapsed in 2014.

Peter Wolfing is also the current president of Multiplex Systems, a global software consulting & digital agency. This company has created innovations to solve problems in the web and mobile industry for over 20 years. 

Wolfing was known for founding many other MLM companies over the years. These MLM companies include Turbo Cycler, Ultimate Cycler, Business Toolbox, Daily Digital Club and Pay Me Forward. Most of these companies made some pretty bad rep as they are being linked to illegal Ponzi and pyramid schemes. 

Wolfing also claimed that the company offers a solution to ultimate wealth and location independence. The company promotes affiliate marketing to recruit more new members to buy their digital products.

What is affiliate marketing
What is Affiliate Marketing

Just like any other Multi-Level Marketing companies, massive recruitment is the key to being successful in this business. Their digital products offer promising keys toward a healthy and financially-free life.

2. The company sells digital products instead of tangible products

What makes National Wealth Center different from other MLM is that it sells digital products. The products are essentially information packages for various markets. 

For instance, the products are called Self Development, Fitness Advantage, Digital Entrepreneur, etc. These packages are supposed to provide you with all the information that you need to improve various aspects of your life. 

There are seven products, three require a monthly subscription, and the other four only require a one-time 10% admin fee.

For monthly subscriptions, an admin fee of $9.95 per month is required. You just have to pay for the product fees and log in to their website to get access to it.


Self Development ($25/month)

This digital package offers self-development audio that you can listen to. The package states the importance of pursuing personal development for a successful financial life.

Think about it, if you spend the same amount on Amazon buying legit self-development audiobooks (i.e. from Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, etc.), wouldn’t that be more credible that listening to audio from unknown authors? Food for thought.

Fitness Advantage ($50/month)

This digital package promotes motivational solutions against obesity, especially in America.

The package contains life-essential complete fitness and lifestyle healthy meal plans, workout plans, fitness empowerment, and motivation to help you in your health journey.

Digital Entrepreneur ($110/month)

This package contains lessons on how to add another stream of revenue using the power of the Internet. 

The package includes e-books, audio, videos, affiliate programs, membership sites, and more, thousands of people around the globe have learned how to leverage the power of the Internet and generate the income necessary to create a better life.

You definitely do not need to spend $110 per month to learn this skill. YouTube by itself has provided a ton of knowledge on this topic and if you find the need for a structured course, there are quite a number of legit ones out there, like this.

You best chance of promoting this product is to people who are not on YouTube, if you do so, you’ll be asked “why would I need to pay when you can learn a ton on YouTube.”

National Wealth Center Membership packages

One-time payment packages

Relationship Edge ($250)

Healthy relationships are essential to leading lives of impact and influence. Unhealthy relationships negatively affect an individual’s quality of life.

Inside Relationship Edge, you’ll learn how to shift your operating system and get the training you need to reinvent and elevate your understanding and performance today.

Our instructors are passionate about relationships and exceptionally relevant. Get the edge on relationships with our Relationship Edge Course and Content.

Lifestyle Mastery ($1000)

This package contains teachings from Peter Wolfing and Marcus Taylor. They discuss how to lead a purposeful, powerful, healthy, and successful life both personally and professionally.

Peter and Marcus provide a powerful, passionate, transparent, message that will unlock the unlimited possibilities available to you.

Network Marketing ($3500)

This package contains powerful messages from Peter Wolfing and other NWC leaders that teaches how to achieve massive success on and offline in the network marketing industry.

This includes audio and videos on learning the mindset of a millionaire, list building, prospecting, postcard marketing, email marketing, lead generation, webinars and so much more. 

The Vault ($7500)

The Vault contains access to e-books, software, and hundreds of hours of audio and video training modules on Self Development, Finances, Network Marketing, Health & Fitness, Building Your Credit, The Stock Market, Investing, Real Estate and so much more. Basically, it is an all-in package.

They’re essentially digital libraries. I mentioned earlier that members don’t really seem to care about the quality of the products as long as they can earn a commission fee.

For $7,500, let me share something with you. You could have joined a legitimate training program for a couple of hundreds, and spend the remaining amount on advertising and promotion of affiliate products and you could have made back a sum of money.

Going all-in on National Wealth Center, you lose that entire amount.

3. National Wealth Center compensation plan promises a proven path to financial independence

The company promises ways to be financially free that are not solely based on your efforts. 

That’s why the most attractive aspect of this company is the compensation system.

It’s definitely not a unique system, but there are quite a few people that swear by it and claim it’s an excellent source of income.

It’s quite similar to Empower Network, a failed MLM company that also sells digital products.

Members can become affiliates for the company’s products and earn a monthly subscription commission fee.

The NWC offers a compensation plan based on the power of 4. In this way, every new member gives their 2nd and 4th sale to their inviting sponsor. You can then keep the 1st and 3rd sales. So if you recruit more people, you can have 50% of their sales. 

And your commission will grow ever larger when your team recruits its own members. 

For more information on their compensation plan, check this video:

This compensation plan was similar to their partner affiliate marketing company, Leverage Lifestyle Academy

The affiliate program is decent and members can earn 100% commission fees. On top of that, the commission fees are subscription-based which means that you’ll receive recurring income.

However, new recruits drop out of the program after a few months. But it’s possible to use this program to make some cash as long as you are great at selling their product to other people.

4. It is a Pay-to-Play system

Pay to play means you have to purchase their products before joining the affiliate program.

From what we have shared earlier, the company seems to offer great compensation right?

Hold on a second, before you purchase a membership, there are a few important things that you should know.

It seems like the only reason people want to sign-up for National Wealth Center is to participate in the affiliate marketing program. 

The catch (there’s always a catch) is that if the members want to promote certain products then they’ll have to purchase the products for themselves.

For example, if you want to earn commissions from their product “The Vault”, you will have to own it, otherwise you will not get the commission.

It’s a clever trick!

So, to make money from National Wealth Center, you’ll have to purchase the products. Then you have to convince other people to do the same.

The problem is, nobody really need the products. It’s just something that they have to do in order to become affiliates. 

The products are basically there to make sure that people keep sending cash back to the creators of the scheme. That’s a sneaky trick, huh?

5. Is National Wealth Center a Scam?

From the customer reviews and from comments of various websites I’ve read, their opinions on the legitimacy of NWC are pretty mixed.

National Wealth Center scam? Some say it is legit while others claimed it is a complete scam.

But objectively, it boils down to the quality of the product. They don’t seem to provide any value to anyone. Oh wait, let me correct myself, they provide value to people who are not well-informed.

So, it is kind of a border-line pyramid scheme that some actually benefited from their purchased products.

Most of the new recruits will not consume to their purchased digital products, at least religiously. It will just rot in their hard drives or cloud drives.

All they care about is the potential income, but members are “forced” to purchase the products to make money from it.

On the other hand, the company provides a good compensation plan and is known to pay on time to their members. 

So, what is your opinion? Is NWC a legitimate MLM or just a pyramid scheme in disguise? I’ll leave it for you to decide.

Write a comment below so we can start a discussion.

Personally, I think National Wealth Center strides on a thin line of a pyramid scheme, but on legal terms, it is still legitimate as their products do provide some “un-informed” people with value.

6. Pros and Cons of joining National Wealth Center


  • You can get 100% commission residually
  • Your income partially rely on other people’s efforts
  • You can earn $25 to $7500 for every successful sale of the product to a new member
  • On-time payment


  • It is a pay to play system
  • Their products are pretty expensive up to $7500.
  • You can find the same knowledge and information from other digital mediums such as YouTube and other websites, like this, where it allows you to download eBooks from renowned writers for free.
  • You need to recruit a lot of new members to gain a decent amount of money.
  • The company does not offer any refunds

7. Who is it for?

If you have a talent for selling products and recruiting people, and you are comfortable promoting expensive products to the uninformed, knowing that there are better options out there, then NWC might be a good business opportunity for you.

The company focuses more on recruitment than its products thus, you can find better success when you can build a network team.

But first, you’ll have to “invest” quite a sum to make the most out of the program.

National Wealth Center Review: Final Verdict

Word of advice, unless you can get pass your conscience selling expensive products to the uninformed and coaxing them to join you to do the same, otherwise you shouldn’t be a part of the National Wealth Center Team.

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Word of advice, don’t fall for the emotional marketing messages. Marketers like to claim that these products make it possible to earn $10,000 a month or $50,000 a month. 

But if you are certain that you can recruit many people into your team, then you can give it a try. Just make sure that you do not invest all your money into it. Just try a portion of your money, so even if all things don’t go well, you will not end up in misery.

On the other hand, you can focus on building your own business, instead. Put enough effort and the right strategy into your business. Surround yourself with the right people. It is gonna be risky! But it’s going to be worth it.

The people behind these multi-level marketing programs are interested in making fast cash. They’re the people who are making the real cash. Not the members. I don’t mean that you should create your own multi-level marketing scheme. 

Unless, it’s an honest program, and doesn’t force people to spend unnecessarily large amounts of cash.

Thank you for taking the time to read this National Wealth Center review. I do hope you have been enlightened in making a decision on whether to join the company or not.