National Wealth Center Review – Is it worth your time and money?

national-wealth-center-mainName:  National Wealth Center Formerly known as Infinity Downline
Website:  nationalwealthcenter.com
Price: Prices range between $25 a month to $3,500 one-time fee
Owner(s): Peter Wolfing

Income Opportunity rating: 2 / 5 Stars

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National Wealth Center – An Overview

I noticed that the internet is plastered with so called “reviews” of this product. Unfortunately, most of the reviews about this product are not legitimate and are solely designed to encourage people to sign-up to the scheme. There are a few things that you need to know about National Wealth Center which might save you a lot of cash.

national-wealth-center-ownerNational Wealth Center is another product by Peter Wolfing that claims to be the solution to ultimate wealth and location independence.

It’s another Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scheme that pays members to recruit additional members. There are six products, four require a monthly subscription, and the other two only require a one-time fee payment. The products are essentially information packages for various markets.

For instance, the products are called Self Development, Business Development, Wealth Advantage, etc.

These packages are supposed to provide you with all the information that you need to improve various aspects of your life. Of course, the most attractive aspect of this company is the compensation system.

It’s definitely not a unique system, but there are quite a few people that swear by it, and claim it’s an excellent source of income. It’s quite similar to Empower Network (Another Internet MLM Company). Members can become affiliates for the company’s products and earn a monthly subscription commission fee.

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National Wealth Center – The Compensation

National Wealth Center uses a “one-up” model which sends the commission fee for one sale up the ladder to the person who recruited you. Likewise, if you recruit someone, and that person recruits more people, you’ll earn a commission fee on every other sale that they make. For more information check out the official compensation charts.

The affiliate program is decent and members can earn 100% commission fees. On top of that, the commission fees are subscription based which means that you’ll receive re-occurring income.

At least, that’s what the company wants you to think. Most of the time, new recruits will drop out of the program after a few months. But it’s possible to use this program to make some cash. Hold on a second, before you rush over to the website to purchase a membership, there are a few important things that you should know.

What I Don’t Like About National Wealth Center…

I don’t like how the focus is on the affiliate program instead of the products. The products are essentially a collection of information products that can be found online for free. They don’t really fill a need or provide value to people. Legitimate businesses are dedicated to providing top-notch products or services.

national-wealth-center-residualIt seems like the only reason people want to sign-up for National Wealth Center is to participate in the affiliate program. The catch (there’s always a catch) is that if the members want to promote certain products then they’ll have to purchase the products for themselves. Sounds a lot like Empower Network!

It’s a clever trick.

In order to earn money from the affiliate program you’ll have to purchase the products. Then you have to convince other people that they can also earn money if they purchase the products.

But nobody really wants to purchase the products. It’s just something that they have to do in order to become affiliates. The products are basically there to make sure that people keep sending cash back to the creators of the scheme. That’s a sneaky trick, huh?

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National Wealth Center Products…

national-wealth-center-productsThis company currently has six products: Self Development ($25/month), Business Development ($50/month), Wealth Advantage ($100/month), Fitness Advantage ($250 onetime payment), Wealth Advantage Elite ($1,000 onetime payment), and Network Marketing Elite Package ($3,500 onetime payment).

These are all digital products. They’re essentially digital libraries. I mentioned earlier that members don’t really seem to care about the quality of the products as long as they can earn a commission fee.

Keep in mind that free sources such as YouTube often have more than enough video tutorials to build a successful online business.

National Wealth Center is a Scam?

National Wealth Center definitely needs to work on the quality of their products. But the product is not a scam. It might not be the best way to earn money online but at least they are honest and pay on-time.

I don’t like how they require members to purchase products in order to become affiliates. That’s a bit unfair. However, the pay-outs are decent and the company is not completely full of lies. You can request pay-outs via PayPal.

national-wealth-center-claimsWord of advice, don’t fall for the emotional marketing messages. Marketers like to claim that these products make it possible to earn $10,000 a month or $50,000 a month. That might seem like a lot of cash for you at the moment but remember if you make your own business it could be possible to earn millions a month.

Focus on building a real business. The people behind these multi level marketing programs are interested in making fast cash. They’re the people who are making the real cash. Not the members. I don’t mean that you should create your own multi level marketing scheme. Unless, it’s an honest program, and doesn’t force people to spend unnecessarily large amounts of cash.

So even though National Wealth Center is built on a foundation of false promises, it’s not a complete scam. The main problem with this product is that it does not offer anything new. It just seems like an affiliate system that is designed to turn everyone into buyers of junk products. Does it offer a new product or system? Nope. Does it offer quality service? Nope. It’s not unique.

Therefore, I urge people to keep their distance from this program. There are plenty of affiliate programs that don’t require affiliate to purchase the products that they want to promote. Of course, the National Wealth Center products require monthly subscriptions which mean monthly commission fees for the affiliates. You know that there are plenty of other – cheaper – monthly subscription affiliate offers out there?

What I Recommend…

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If you want to build an online business then I highly recommend check out my recommendation here. I’m glad I found this program; otherwise, I would still be losing cash on schemes, and would probably never be able to make cash online.

Remember, it’s not a done-for-you scheme. It’s a training course. You have to study the material and then apply what you learn. It won’t build a business for you. I hope to see you in the member’s area soon!

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  1. Thanks Jack! What an informative write up.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Total scam. What are the products again? Why do I have to buy before selling to find out it is garbage?? They are still taking money from my account!!! That is stealing!! I would shut these guys down and put through investigation. Way too much shadiness.

  3. perry goodrich says:

    I have been getting charge $19.95 & $25.00 from these CROCKS , for @ least (2) months now. They have @ page with my name on it TOO. I don’t know how they did it, I tried to get into my page, put in my web name, and or password. They don’t know either of my, so I couldn’t even get into it……..So I’M PUTTING THEM ON ALL MY SCAM SITES Perry

  4. I am in national wealth center and have been for over 2 years

    No complaints here

  5. networker plus says:

    Great information, thanks!

  6. Just another Empower Network. Recently received
    one of their postcards from an NWC Affiliate, so I
    checked it out before coming onboard here for a
    review. What caught my attention with this postcard
    was the header: Free $1,000 Gift For You. You are
    required to view a 25 minute webinar video and there
    is a code that you Email to the person that sent you
    the postcard. Viewed the webinar video and couldn’t
    find the code, so I Emailed the affiliate and he sent
    it to me via Email for a download for a $1,000 Certificate
    for brand name Grocery & Restaurant Coupons. The catch,
    $15.00 processing fee plus you’re only allowed a limit per

    For the newbie NWC looks like a good opportunity. The
    postcards are quality glossy, the message is good with
    a 24/7 marketing message. Website that explains everything.
    Name of your sponsor and the telephone number. To get
    access to the webinar, you are required to enter your name,
    Email and telephone number. Telephone number might be
    a turnoff. Also having your phone number will take make you
    a sales person with prospects asking you questions and wasting
    your time or followup with prospects. Old School MLM.

    My suggestion: Find a niche that you’re passionate about and
    get yourself a real paid blog, not the freebies that you get from
    wordpress which is good for practice. A real blog that has a paid
    unique domain related to your niche and paid hosting about
    $7 monthly, domain $10.

  7. Thanks Jack I have a few friends in NWC but it’s not for me I can’t stand companies who do the pass up system stuff it’s gets all confusing for me lol.

  8. Emmanuiel says:

    Your article is very informative. I started receiving emails from these group and naturally they sounded too good to be true. I dot want to be part of such a scheme. Keep up the good work

  9. I agree with you that it is better for someone to start his or her business online rather than falling for these mlm schemes. A good way for newbies would be for them to first run a blog.

  10. National Wealth Center is a big scam…I joined them under the $100 leve or membership and sponsored 4 people. Two were passed up to my sponsor and 2 were left to me. I made $200, then I had to pay $20 for a debid card that never reached me. They charged me also $20 for using their program for processing payments. So, $140 was left in my account. I could never get the card despite I paid for it. I told them they could send me the money to my Paypal, their support told me that it was not possible, they asked me if I had a US Bank Account and I told them that I did, so I gave them the information. After that, they blocked my back office. I write to them and they do not answer me back. As for me NWC is a big scam.

  11. Juan Pastás says:

    Great site, content and design are great. Also the name. You nailed it.

    I have seen how many drive traffic from other programs to WA. And that seems tricky. But you are doing it in a honest manner.

    I am also learning about you WA affiliate page. It’s awesome.

    Thanks a lot.

  12. That said, I feel your pain in your message Donna and am sorry that you went through whatever you did…

    In closing I feel that many people go into business online expecting instant results or push button riches, but even with the automatic systems out there, you still need to get customers to the opportunity and ideally take care of the teams you are creating – all work. Good and enjoyable work, but an effort nonetheless…

    If I can put any wisdom out into cyberspace, the moment you offer a product or a service to anyone in exchange for a profit, you are a BUSINESS. Get this and you will – hopefully – change your whole paradigm in the way you perceive yourself, your customers, and your role in life. Oh yeah.

  13. I agree that this is similar to Empower Network. Boy I HATE even saying that name. But for me what makes or breaks the deal is the scruples of the company and your upline.

    I was in Empower (low level) and I quit because of unsrupulous leader Michaelangelo. (Wish I had googled his name before hand. **Warning**)

    Anyway getting off the track here. I agree that you can get just about anything somewhere else cheaper or free (or even more expensive). But most people are just looking at the money to be made, so it doesn’t really matter. So basically it is just by having the product that keeps it (and other businesses) legal.

    Just my 2 cents (and warning)

  14. Serana Patino says:

    Hi Jack thanks for sharing this review. I was just introduced to this program by a friend and reviewed all the information and video about National Wealth Center. It sounded too good to be true but interesting but I thought let me not go into this willy-nilly so I googled to see if it was a scam and yours was the first review that came up. Excellent that you are no#1 in Google. You helped to open my eyes a bit and to take a closer look a this program from all aspects. Thanks so much for that. It will help with my decision making. I appreciate it.

  15. Tomas Bishop says:

    I noticed that your number one business was Wealthy Affiliate and I just wanted to know how well is WA treating you? I’ve seen many people blogging about the opportunity and I’m getting really curious on how successful people are that are in WA.

  16. Anna Fontenelle-Bennett says:

    Benne Clark…..I like your spin on the issue. As you have joined NWC and your perspective or input is that of someone who is in the business already. It’s always good to make informed decisions. It’s not that Jack is saying do NOT join. It’s that he is saying always stay informed. Staying informed means that you make a decision with your eyes WIDE open, not squinting or half asleep. Your comment and Jack’s research balances the scale for all who are interested in joining or NOT joining the business. My take on NWC…. for $25 and $9.95…. much better than 4 Corners LLC. The choice for me would be NWC.

    Anna Fontenelle-Bennett

  17. Benne Clark says:

    Nice review Jack… and nice website too. I enjoyed your read, but I recently joined NWC and I must disagree with you. Why? I’m glad you asked…

    Let’s talk about the product. The truth is you could technically find similar products for just about ANY product for cheaper or even free… even the stuff people buy at local retail stores, but do we call Target a scam if we find the same product for cheaper at Walmart or even free online? I don’t.

    I know you hate scams and you’re a good writer, so could inform your readers about the real scams out here, such as my internet provider company that’s operating a monopoly in my local area, the billion dollar oil companies who’s laughing all the way to the bank or how about big brother, the IRS is pushing millions of elderly people out of their homes?

    Oh yeah, you forgot to mention something very important… you can also find similar NWC products online for hundreds and even thousands of dollars more… but I understand why you didn’t focus on that angle 😉

    Let’s talk about the money… and I’m going to focus on the first level, which is only $25 bucks plus the whopping $9.95. Again, we’re talking about a grand total of $34.95 bucks!! Unlike many other traditional investments from $100,000 real estate deals that flop to $50,000 college cost where graduates are still looking for employment…. you can earn your investment back with only ONE sell and if you only make THREE sells, you can operate your business without ever spending your own money… and then, you can decide to re-invest your ‘profits’ to upgrade to earn enough to pay that college bill or fund that real estate venture. So far, it doesn’t sound like a scam to me personally.

    A scam has many definitions, but the truth is… and you and your readers must agree that a scam is designed to hurt you, to take without any possibility to get anything from it, to trap you….. So, since NWC has a very low entry point, it’s not going to hurt you. Since NWC provide multiple ‘free’ lead generation tools and a very lucrative 100% and 80% compensation plan, you can get something back, like a wagon full of money. Since you don’t have to load your garage with unwanted products and you can quit anytime you want, so you’re not trapped. So, is NWC really a scam?

    Nevertheless, continue adding value to the internet marketing industry Jack.

    Benne Clark

    1. …I would personally say it is in fact a scam…just pulled up the physical address attached to the website…it’s a mobile home…’nuff said…

  18. Good review on national wealth center

    1. Hi Daquarie,

      Thank you for your comment!

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  19. Brad Crymes says:

    Hi Jack. Nice review once again. Once again however, I don’t think that the MLM industry is a scam. I think especially with NWC, that their reps make it look like a scam because of the way that they promote the affiliate program more than the product.

    Yes, the products are there to make the owners money. That is not a scam, that’s called owning a business.

    I think caution should be used when saying certain companies are scams. There’s a difference between a Ponzi Scheme and MLM.

    I’m both a Network and Internet Marketer by the way. Wealthy Affiliate is great, and so is Internet Marketing, but MLM is also just as viable.

  20. E. Alexander says:

    Many thanks for the review. I was on the verge of joining when I came across this review through a Google search. Now considering joining Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. You are welcome! I look forward to communicate with you in Wealthy Affiliate.

      Jack (BareNakedScam)

  21. Another great review Jack!

    These MLM schemes just scream scam to me.

    Putting in the work with affiliate marketing with a great resource like Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go!

    Keep up the great work exposing these products.


    1. Thanks John! It’s my pleasure exposing these products to the public. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the way to get started, it gives anyone, even beginners, a structure to follow to make progress in building a successful business. I am the best testament of WA as I am making residual income online. Check it out here.

    2. Kent Group says:

      ?? He didn’t say it was a scam. In fact he distinctly said it’s not a scam. You didn’t read it?

  22. Hey Jack, Thank you for writing this review. It looks like National Wealth Center is Empower Networks twin brother. Also it seems there is no shortage of scams these days.

    1. Yup! You are right, EN and NWC are similar in many ways. Thank you for your comment.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    2. Kent Group says:

      He didn’t say it was a scam. In fact he distinctly said it’s not a scam. You didn’t read it?

  23. Dan Maxwell Jr says:

    Great Review Jack.

    While I do have a lot of respect and admiration for the Network Marketing Industry, I see most of these Internet MLMs as a complete affront to the industry.

    Keep at it

  24. Hi Jack, glad to hear the National Wealth Center is not a scam. I have read some” genuine” reviews that recommend this program, but I think like you that there are better ways to earn money online. Anyone interested in starting online would certainly profit more from building a legitimate business with the help your recommended course.
    Thanks again for your detailed review, Peter

    1. Hi Peter! Thank you very much for your comment. I’m glad you agree with me on this one.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

  25. This review is an eye-opener, Jack!
    Although I’ve never heard of this program, it seems you’ve done a great amount of research on what it is about.
    People who are having a difficult time gathering the facts will definitely find this website helpful and they can make an informed decision.


    1. Hi Ade, Thanks for your comment! I really hope this article can help readers make an informed decision.

      ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

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