What is Unison Wealth? – An uncut truth revealed!!!

unison-wealth-mainName:  Unison WealthWebsite:  www.unisonwealth.comPrice: $5 + $50 per SubscriptionOwners: Unknown

Bare Naked Scam rating: 5 Thumbs Down


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Unison Wealth – An Overview

I am sure you are curious as to whether Unison Wealth can really be your ticket out of the rat race. Unison Wealth has been highly recommended by many people who claimed that they made money with the program, but they do not share with you the downside of the program. In this review, I am going to cover from top to bottom, every single thing you need to know about Unison Wealth so you can make an informed decision. So let us get straight to the point on what Unison Wealth exactly is.

What is Unison Wealth?

If you go to the Unison Wealth and click on the “FAQ”, it will tell you that Unison Wealth is an advertising platform that will cater to the advertising needs of members to market their businesses or affiliate links on their website. To me that sentence do not hold a single truth.

I will share with you in detail below but just note that Unison Wealth is not an advertising platform, it is a “Business Opportunity” that isn’t based on selling any kinds of product but based upon members’ subscription. Wait a minute, does it sound like a ponsi scheme to you? To me, it sounds just like one.

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How does it work and how to participate in the Compensation Plan?

In order to join Unison Wealth, a member has to deposit a $5 for registration fee plus $50 to participate in the Compensation Plan (to make money). Only an upgraded member (paying $55 in total) get to buy Subscriptions, by subscription, they mean a subscription to join the Compensation Plan.

Each Subscription to the Compensation Plan will cost you $50 and it will only last you for 15 days. Once the 15 days has passed, you have to pump in another $50 to join the Compensation Plan again. Each member can purchase a maximum of 20 subscriptions at one-time ($1000 max at one-time). The more subscriptions you have, the higher chance for you to make more money.

Here’s how the Compensation Plan works.  There are a total of 5 levels, from Level A to Level E. Each subscription will entitle you to participate in these 5 levels of compensation plan. So, the more subscription you have, the higher chance for you to maximize your earnings:


Let me first explain what the 2×1, 3×1…. really is. Once you purchase a subscription, you will automatically be put into Level A, 2×1 simply means that if there are 2 other members who subscribe to the compensation plan later than you, and was put under your subscription, you will make $1.50 and you will qualify for Level B. A 2×1 matrix will look like this:


So now you understand the matrix system, let us talk about how your $50 is used. Divided into 15 days, the system will purchase a subscription for you at $3 each on a daily basis ($15 x 3 = $45), the remaining $5 will be a renewal of your membership (I guess).

This is something that doesn’t adds up, my question to Unison Wealth is “When does the Compensation Plan stops for each daily subscription?”. Within 15 days? After Level E is reached? Will the subscription stay there forever if Level E is never realised? This are the questions that are not explained in the Compensation plan.

After looking at the Compensation plan where I am some confused on, I truly believe that the more complicated the Compensation Plan, the further you should get away with it. As you can see, the compensation plan is based solely on the membership subscriptions and do not involve in form of products. It is totally like a ponsi scam and I believe sooner or later, the authorities will catch up to this.

Look, at this moment, you can’t even join as a member. Try clicking the “Join Now” button and you will realise that it leads you to a page that cannot be found. Maybe this will change after I post this article but let me jot down the date of writing this article so that you know that there was a point of time that no one can join as a member. My biggest guest for this incident is that the authorities already catch up with Unison Wealth and which has caused a brake in this program. I have helped many people find their path to success online. Let me help you now! Click here.

 What do you get when you subscribe to Unison Wealth?

Here is a list of products that you will get if you become a paid member and qualify in the Compensation Plan:

  • List Building Profits PLR
  • Email Marketing Mastery PLR
  • Online Income Kickstart PLR
  • Tube Rank Rocket PLR
  • Facebook Fast Ads PLR
  • List Building Excellence PLR
  • Google Plus for Business PLR
  • Google Plus Exposed PLR

Looks like a good deal since you are getting so many products in return? Think again. Do you know what PLR means? PLR is Private Labelled Rights, and it simply means that the creator of the product has sold their rights to the product to anyone who wants to buy them for re-distribution. Usually these PLR products are of low quality and most of the content within it are outdated, because since the rights to the product has already been given up, it is not commercially wise to update the content.


What Unison Wealth did is truly unethical. They have no product of their own (i.e. created by themselves), they bought these PLR products and re-distribute them, charging a membership fee for it. My guess is that Unison Wealth purchased these PLR products for a few hundred dollars in total and they mark it up for every member in Unison Wealth to pay $5 each to enjoy the products.

To be honest, you could have paid a few dollars for all these PLR products yourself. It is really easy to find a PLR product by typing the product name and ending with a “PLR” in the search engines (i.e. Google, etc) and you will find it.

My Sincere Advice to You

Trying to make money online is not a simple task as it seemed, and being in an opportunity like Unison Wealth will definitely tie you in a ponsi scheme. At this moment where no new members can join Unison Wealth, my only thought is that the authorities have already caught up with it and sooner or later, this program will be shut down permanently.

Since you are here, I would guess that you still want to make money online, and I know just the legitimate way to do it. You see, I am in the make money online industry for a long time and I know what works and what doesn’t. I know how to differentiate a good program from a bad one, and I know how to spot a scam. I have personally helped hundreds of people to find their path to online success and I want to help you too.

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As always, I invite you to share your thoughts on Unison Wealth. If you are a current member of Unison Wealth, could you please share your insights as to what is happening with the program now? However, if you are researching on this program and you have some queries you would like to ask, feel free to leave a comment below. Please help to share this article and warn the many people who may fall for this ponsi scheme by clicking on the social media buttons (i.e. facebook, twitter, google plus, etc) below. Thank you!

Your pal,Jack



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