Turbo Wealth Solution Review – $40K A Week, How?

There are plenty of Turbo Wealth Solution reviews claiming that this program can earn you as much as $40,000 a week!

Well, that comes as no surprises because the name Turbo Wealth Solution (TWS) suggests that this is a way for you to make fast and easy money online

It all sounds good and exciting; however, is it actually true?

  • Is Turbo Wealth Solution worth investing your valuable time and hard-earned money?
  • Why do many people call Turbo Wealth Solution a scam?

Spoiler alert, the truth might shock you!

Read this Turbo Wealth Solution review to find out. 

Review Summary

Name: Turbo Wealth Solution (TWS)

Founder:  Gary Romano? (unverified)

Cost To Join: $1,000 - $20,000


Turbo Wealth Solution Business Opportunity Rating:

Turbo Wealth Solution Product Rating:


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I will say this upfront; Turbo Wealth Solution is a scam. That explains the one star rating above.

Much like how Digital Altitude was halted by the FTC, I'm guessing Turbo Wealth Solution's number might be up soon.

Because although you will get something in return for your investment (I will discuss what they are below), the way the business operates is nothing but a pyramid scheme!

Moreover, the membership cost to join TWS is way too expensive!

I highly recommend that you read this article first before spending your money, or you might regret it in the end.

Let's get started.

What is Turbo Wealth Solution


Turbo Wealth Solutions presents itself as a multi-level marketing company that promises to help you earn as much as $40,000 within a single week!

Turbo Wealth Solution has been around since 2015 and is making a lot of noise recently.


Whoever runs this company is not mentioned on the Turbo Wealth Solution's website "turbowealthsolution.com."

Other Turbo Wealth Solution reviews say that someone named Gary Romano is the founder of this company. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to verify his identity.

Even in the 46-minute Turbo Wealth Solution webinar that I watched, the company's owner was never mentioned.

And what puzzles me is that the so-called top earners also don't reveal their full names.

Even the Turbo Wealth Solution reviews on YouTube (also on the webinar) are nothing but hypes coming from people who don't seem to have a last time. 


Do you think these people are merely trying to protect their identities or is it because of something else?

You can check out the webinar here.

Turbo Wealth Solution Products


Now, this is tricky.

When you say MLM products, you would think of food supplements, slimming shake, meal replacements, coffee, CBD, cosmetics, essential oils, travel packages, and even candles.

Something that you can resell to other people to earn profits.

Turbo Wealth Solutions doesn't have any products that you can sell to earn retailing profits. 

What Turbo Wealth Solution sells to its members are the membership packages itself, which in turn, what you will be selling to other people too.

The packages contain digital products: different online training courses for affiliate marketing and eCommerce (Amazon or Shopify).

Purchasing any of the packages entitles you to participate in the Turbo Wealth Solution compensation plan.


You cannot resell the digital products to your customers.

Your income with TWS will only come from recruiting people by selling the membership packages itself.

I know how bad that sounds, and I will discuss it further in the following sections in this Turbo Wealth Solution review.

Meanwhile, here's what each Turbo Wealth Solution membership package contains.

Note: Each package requires a $247 administration fee.

#1 Bronze Package - $1,000

This is the cheapest package you need to purchase if you want to join Turbo Wealth Solution. This package contains:

  • Your Personal Website
  • A tracking system to organize all your new leads, sales, and products.
  • Professionally written Marketing Letters for use in your Autoresponder system
  • Customer support and hosting for your TWS website.
  • The Turbo Wealth Solution Bronze Package also includes online training courses on:
  • How You Can Protect Your Identity While Surfing Online (10 videos)
  • Step-By-Step Market Research Training (10 videos)
  • How To Set Up Sales Funnels (7 Videos)
  • Internet Marketing Profits (e.g., How To Choose A Profitable Niche)

#2 Silver Package - $2,000

The Silver Package includes everything in the Bronze Package plus online training courses on:

  • How To Effectively Manage Your Time and Plan Your Day Right (9 Videos)
  • How To Change Your Mindset To Take Your Online Business To The Next Level (8 Videos)
  • Downloadable library of over 100 popular Success Seminars, Audio Lectures, and Personal Growth Books

#3 Gold Package - $3,500

The Gold Package includes everything in the Bronze and Silver Packages plus online training courses on:

  • How To Create A Crapload of Content Fast
  • Million Dollar Copy (7 Videos)
  • Curating Other People's Content Correctly and Drive Tons of Super Targeted Traffic to Your Business (9 Videos)
  • How To Setup WordPress (12 Videos)
  • PDF Backlink Traffic (9 Videos)
  • Concept Of Viral Marketing (6 Videos)

#4 Platinum Package - $6,500

Contains everything in Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages plus these training courses:

  • How to Host Files with Amazon S3 (9 Videos)
  • Lead Generation Mastery (12 Videos)
  • How To Build Your Email List (9 Videos)
  • Affiliate Cash Mastery (9 Videos)
  • Promo Video Secrets (6 Videos)
  • Smart Video Salesletters (9 Videos)
  • Mailing List Gold Rush (6 Videos)

#5 Diamond Package - $12,000

The Diamond Package includes everything from Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Packages with the inclusions of the online courses below.

  • Habits Of Highly Successful Internet Marketers (8 Videos)
  • Branding Blueprint Conversions (9 Videos)
  • Webinar Lead Pro (9 Videos)
  • Blogging Paycheck (10 Videos)
  • Mobile Marketing (7 Videos)
  • Facebook Marketing (12 Videos)
  • Social Networking Through Facebook and Twitter (21 Videos)

#6 Elite Package - $20,000

Comes everything on all the other packages plus:

  • The High Ticket Blueprint (3 Modules of Video, MP3 audio, PowerPoint Presentations, and PDF transcript)
  • Conversion Profits (11 Modules of Video, MP3 audio, PowerPoint Presentations, and PDF)
  • Video Marketing For Newbies (6 Videos)
  • Infopreneur Academy (7 Videos)
  • OTO Conversion Strategies
  • Super Fast List Building (12 Videos)
  • List Building Renegade (8 Videos)
  • 27 List Building Tips 'N Tricks

Depending on when you will be able to read this Turbo Wealth Solution review, the package inclusions may have changed so feel free to double-check here.

How Does Turbo Wealth Solution Work

On the Turbo Wealth Solution website, the company states that you only need to follow a 4-step formula to begin earning tons of money, hassle-free!

  1. You only need to watch the Turbo Wealth Solution webinar
  2. Get leads by using the company's secret lead generation strategy
  3. Push a button to get the said leads to signup and become Turbo Wealth Solution members too
  4. Repeat the process

The entire process was further explained in the webinar as follows:


So, do you think you can make easy money with Turbo Wealth Solution?

Am I perhaps wrong for calling Turbo Wealth Solution a scam when this is the business program that could save you from your tedious 9 -5 job?

Well, before you answer that question, let's see how you can make money with Turbo Wealth Solution.

Turbo Wealth Solution Compensation Plan

With Turbo Wealth Solution, all your potential income will come from chain recruitment. None will come from selling products to earn profits.

Harsh, but that's the truth.

Turbo Wealth Solution uses an MLM compensation plan called a 1-Up Pay Plan.


It means that your very first sales, the very first time you convince someone to join Turbo Wealth Solution...

The money will go directly to your sponsor, not to you. You pass it up to the person who recruited you to join Turbo Wealth Solution.

This is called your "Qualification Sale."

After the first sale, you are entitled to earn 100% commissions from all the sales base on the membership package that you purchase.

Say your recruit purchase the Bronze Package that cost $1,000; you will earn $1,000!

Pay To Play System

There are six different packages that you can purchase to join Turbo Wealth Solution.

Your current membership entitles you to earn 100% from the sales of the same or lower-tier packages.

If you wish to get commissions from the sales of higher-tier packages, you must upgrade your membership.

If you are a Platinum Package member, you can earn commissions from all the sales of Platinum and lower-tier packages.

Purchasing the Elite Package that cost $20,000 (Yikes) entitles you to commissions from all package sales.

This 3-minute video below will give you a little more insight into how the Turbo Wealth Solution compensation plan works.

Can You Really Make $40K/week?

Yes, you might make thousands of dollars within a week, that is possible! (Yay)

Unfortunately, you might not like what you need to do to earn money with Turbo Wealth Solution.

The only way you can earn money with this program is through recruitment.

Despite how Turbo Wealth Solution presents itself as a multi-level marketing company, the fact that TWS doesn't have any retailable product gives it all.

I hate to break it to you and get your hopes down, but the FTC made a clear distinction between a legitimate MLM companies from a pyramid schemes

And I am afraid that Turbo Wealth Solution falls on the latter.

Yes, you can earn $40,000 a week if you can recruit 41 people that will purchase the Bronze Package within seven days. 

Is Turbo Wealth Solution A Scam

Yes, Turbo Wealth Solution is a pyramid scheme that uses an illegal compensation plan called a cash gifting scheme.

Meaning, you earn 100% of the payments paid by your direct recruits. The fees will be sent directly to you rather than going to the company first.

No payments are going through PayPal. You are instructed actually to send your recruiter cash in the mail!

You can get a money order or a check in the mail.

And depending on the agreement made between you and your recruits, you can also get paid through bank transfers.

I can only imagine the trouble you have to get through say you recruit people from different countries.

This isn't really how legitimate multi-level marketing company works

Other wanna-be MLM companies that run similar schemes are Global Dream Network and Club Cash Fund.

Should You Join Turbo Wealth Solution

I am in no place to tell you whether or not you should join this business program. 

But I sure hope that this Turbo Wealth Solution review has given you all the information you need to make a wise decision for yourself.

I believe that Turbo Wealth Solution is a pyramid scheme that could get you into a lot of trouble. I cannot recommend this business program to anyone.

But hey, this is my own opinion. 

Do you think Turbo Wealth Solution is a scam and a pyramid scheme? Why or why not?

Let me know in the Comment Section below.

My Humble Advice

As you may have already known by know, making money online could be simple, but it will never be easy.

Turbo Wealth Solution may promise you mouth-watering potential income, but are you willing to risk being involved in a pyramid scheme?

Are you willing to recruit people who will, in turn, also be forced to recruit more people to make money?

You cannot sell any products to earn profits, and there is nothing else to do but recruit people.

What If No People Will Join Turbo Wealth Solution Anymore

When Turbo Wealth Solution cannot get more people to join in, I see no way for you and your recruits to earn an income. 

I sure hope that the training materials included in the Bronze to Elite Packages of Turbo Wealth Solution will provide you with quality education on how to make money online.

Because then, you will be able to start your own online business with your passion and interest.

But if that is the direction you are going to take, I know of a better and more affordable course that will teach you the same.

Because I firmly believe that there is another way to make money online other than recruiting people to the point that its legality is questionable.

If you think so too, you might want to read the next section of this Turbo Wealth Solution review.

Turbo Wealth Solution Best Business Alternative

Instead of getting involved in a chain recruitment scheme like Turbo Wealth Solution, I would humbly suggest that you take a look at my #1 business program recommendation.

With this business program, you won't have to recruit anyone to be able to make money. You won't even need to sell any products at all!

This business involves affiliate marketing, and the good news is, most of the people who joined this program are now making a full-time income at home.

Some of them were able to quit their 9 -5 jobs and enjoy early retirement. Isn't that something you want too?

But the best part? You can join today for free!

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this Turbo Wealth Solution review.

I am sorry if I cannot recommend Turbo Wealth Solution as I see it as a risky investment that isn't worth your time and money.

If you think this could help other people too, kindly share this with them. 

Meanwhile, I know how people like free stuff.

So in case it interests you, there is a signup form below for a FREE online course that will teach you how to turn your passion into profits.

The knowledge you will gain from this course is similar to what Turbo Wealth Solution includes on its packages, but this time, you won't have to pay thousands. Not even a dime!

Until here and I wish you all the success in the future,





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Turbo Wealth Solution Review Summary
  • Overall Turbo Wealth Solution Business Opportunity Rating

More About Turbo Wealth Solution Business Opportunity

Founder: Gary Romano? (unverified) 

Price: $1,000 – $20,000

Summary: Turbo Wealth Solution presents itself as a multi-level marketing company that promises to help you earn as much as $40,000 within a single week. But do not be fooled! Although you will get something in return for your investment (I will discuss what they are below), the way the business operates is nothing but a pyramid scheme and it will be shut down by the FTC sooner or later.

Recommended? No


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